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Superior Railroading on DVD
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Superior Railroading on DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions SUPERIOR
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There is no more desolate place on the Canadian Pacific Railway Mainline that the section along the north shore of Lake Superior. Regardless of the season, rock cuts, sheer cliffs, tunnels and sharp curves make this area one challenging piece of railroading.

In this show you will go beyond trackside, as we ride the trains, see the dispatch center, ride in the roadmaster's hi-rail truck and even get an aerial look at one of the most remote areas during the harsh winter season. This is nonstop mainline action with a great variety of power including a few ALCOS which are seen as well as the normal SD40-2's.

A side note is that I personally viewed this North of Superior show many years ago when it first came out, and was impressed by the production then. When I had the opportunity to purchase Rail Innovations programs this was the one that I remembered seeing and got me interested in the idea of owning it and several others. The helicopter footage is quite nice in this Winter program as you glide over the lake looking north broadside at the train running through tunnels, along cliffs and over bridges. This is quite scenic indeed.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 27 Mins ($0.26/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Superior Railroading on DVD
rrvideoman on 2007-10-31 10:10:40.

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You drive on a main highway (# 17, the Trans Canada) for 100km (60 miles) in between small towns and see nothing but trees, hills, lakes and streams. Throw in the occassional bear and moose as well. One highway and one mainline railroad follow close to Lake Superior, and what spectacular sights you will see. Railroading at it's most difficult. This stretch of line was the most difficult in all Canada to build, even more difficult than through the Rocky Mountains.
Rail Innovations show the finest of this desolate, yet fascinating wonderland. Watch CPR trains travel through tunnels cut through the hardest rock in the world, and along the largest, deepest lake on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway system. From the snow and cold at -40 C to the black flies and summer at + 30 C (+ 86 F) and higher, you will witness it all. The CPR travels more than 1300 km (800 miles) of Northern Ontario wilderness, and this movie covers only a small portion of it.
Sit back and enjoy one of the best movies/videos on railroading ever made. You'll be happy you did.

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Superior Railroading on DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-02-16 18:14:26.

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In north of Superior, the program starts with a bird�s eye view of the lake itself, as well as the trees and rocks. During the opening titles a 2 unit lash up led by engines 6037 and 6 motor alco 4725 enter one of the short tunnels of the line. Next an animated map of the line is included, followed by a look inside and out of mink tunnel. Plus a waterfall is shown as well as more tracks, and some workmen fixing the track. The town of Schreiber is included with a Bird�s eye view and the popular sign. A close look at the downtown district is shown, followed by a plaque of Canadian Pacific Chief Engineer Collingwood schreiber. Next a sign of the algoma subdivision is shown, followed by the control switches inside the station. From the Quebec border to Thunder Bay, CP is still operated by the Ontario traffic control center. As a female dispatcher is shown as well as the video display of the switch positions and track occupancy. Outside the station, there are 10 trains per day each way. The crew is waiting outside, as well as inside the offices. The train action resumes as 2 freights are shown: one with 5742 passing a waiting freight on the siding, the other with 5729 making a crew change point. An extreme close up of the freight wheels are shown, then a cab ride aboard 5729 is shown heading for white river. Next a 2 unit lash up makes a bend with 5676 and 5405 leading. At Jack fish, the cab ride is shown as 5729 enters and exits the tunnel, followed by a horseshoe curve showing the entire consist of the freight. Beyond Middleton, there is a steep rock bluff overlooking the lake, as well as crossing the bridge over the little pick river. From the top of the rocks, 5675 and 5405 is shown, followed by a 3 unit lash up making an S curve. Back in the cab, 5729 will be climbing Nayes hill. From the ground at Coldwell siding, 5676 and 5405 pass by the cameraman. At a different S curve the same freight with 5562, 5527, and 5522 pass by a lone boxcar. Next a different 2 unit lash up is shown this time with 5728 and 5631. Back in the cab, 5729 heads to mink tunnel first then comes Red sucker tunnel. Back at the dispatchers office, there is a rockslide between Middleton and coldwell. Out of Mink tunnel, another horseshoe curve is shown. Next a long string of empties led by 3038 and 3039 leaves the tunnel followed by the same scene from the opening of the program. Approaching red sucker tunnel, an eastbound pulls away from a slow order. We missed the identity of the first unit. But at least Middle unit 5597 is shown as well as 5511. Union Pacific has its own Steam engine number 5511 a 2-10-2 still on display at the Cheyenne shops, so seeing a CP 5511 is quite an unexpected surprise. Next a double unit with 5775 and 6 motor alco 4726 passes by Heron Bay. Next a fast freight is shown with 5792 and 5552. Back at schreiber, a 5 unit lash up is passing by the siding, followed by 6040 making a crew change point in the dark, then it leaves the yard. As rain is falling from the sky, 5907 makes its own crew change stop at the station. Morning came and a freight is flying west of schreiber. Next a 2 track siding is shown as 5688 is going to be parked there to let an inspection vehicle pass by. A look at the truck is shown at the yard, followed by a ride onboard, just like an everyday automobile, but it�s on iron rails. At cavers, the TIV short for track inspection vehicle it encounters rock cuts, rock shelves above the lake and 2 tunnels . It then passes by some workmen. More maintenance of way machines are shown as the driver of the TIV removes the railroad wheels, and then drives on a gravel road. At Red Rock, Canadian National power is shown as 5206 and 5013 arrives hauling boxcars. While the caboose leaves the yard, some switching chores are included as the brakeman throws the switches, then the short freight rolls backwards. This is being performed by 3038. 3038 is still doing some switching chores as it got its flashing rear end device removed as it is installed to the last car of the train. A cab ride aboard 3038 is included. At cama bay, a birds eye view is shown as a 3 unit lash up passes by the lake and the rocks. More cab ride action continues. Next a fast freight is shown with 5785, 5639, and 5575. Back at Cavers, a beautiful look at the lake and tunnels are included. In the cab again, the freight squeezes through the cut, then enters one of the tunnels down the line. A 2 camera comparison shows the cab ride in the smaller screen, followed by a 3 car local with 3038 leaving the tunnel. Another beautiful shot of the lake is shown, as in the next scene, 5901 and 5744 enters the cut. From the main front of the diesel, a look inside and out of the short tunnel is shown. More action continues as 5901 and 5744 leaves the cut, followed by 3038 inside it. Back in the cab, we pass by the workmen with a hot show followed by some curves at the rocks. A going away shot of a 3 unit lash up is shown at Rossport. Another similar shot is shown, this time it is after the triple track siding as the camera fades back to the cab ride. We arrive back in Schreiber. A couple up with 3065 is shown, the. 3085 makes a crew change stop. At sunset, a westbound leaves the siding. Next 3065 and 3085 make a meet with a freight in the opposite direction with 6041, and 5659. This concludes North of Superior. Like CP Rail�s Big alcos, this Ran for 35 minutes and it was released in 1992.

In a Superior winter, the program starts with some clips of the previous program, north of Superior. Then all of a sudden, the same line and locations are covered with a blanket of snow. A 3 unit freight passes by Rossport, then another one is shown at a faster speed. Followed by a diesel at night, a TIV in the cut, and Some snow equipment on display. An animated map is shown followed by 3026 arriving and leaving the yard. Next a wide shot is shown at the lake, followed by 5581, 5728, and alco 4727 on a fast freight. Next 3045 is on a long hood forward freight. Afterwards the same freight from the bridge passes by, then comes 5826 and 5722 on a doublestack train. It is shown again passing by gravel siding. Where the TIV leaves as well as the little speeder. Next 3046 is hauling boxcars as it blares its horn for the crossing. East of cavers, the thick of ice is heard offscreen as a 2 unit freight led by 5619 and 5502 is shown from 4 miles across the lake then comes closer and closer. Next 3045 is making a bend at red rock. From the cab of 3046, a look at the line with snow on the ground is included, which contains rock cuts and short tunnels. At Rossport, a 3 unit lash up is shown with 6425, 5562, and a strange all black engine number 3248 is shown. Next a 3 unit lash up is shown passing by the Rossport fishing village. Afterwards 3026 is hauling boxcars long hood forward. Back at Rossport, a 2 unit lash up is shown. Approaching Schreiber, more cab footage of 3046 is shown as it arrives at the yard. Next 5827 is blaring its horn through the siding and the crossing. At Schreiber station, a crew change stop is shown as 5615 and 5795 waits for its fresh crew, then it leaves the yard. Next the same freight from the Rossport fishing village with 5783 and 5560 arrives at the yard. As night falls, 5659 makes a crew change stop. 10 minutes after 4:00 in the morning, VIA rail passenger train number 2 the Canadian leaves the station with an F40 on the front. The sun is starting to pop up as a freight leaves the yard, then when it�s fully up, some onboard footage is included and then a fast freight is shown with mostly auto racks. The 3046 cab segment continues as it passes by the sidings. At Tarrifs bay yard, Alcos 4223, 4728 and 4210 are assigned for switching chores. We resume the cab sequence as it is squeezing through some rock cuts. At milepost 102.7, there is a monument commemorating the last Spike between Montreal and Winnipeg. The date was May 16 1885. It was re-enacted in July of 1981 to commemorate Canadian Pacific�s 100th birthday. The monument is west of Jack Fish. At Jack Fish, a helicopter shot is shown, then cuts back to the cab as it enters and exits the tunnel, followed by a horseshoe curve, and the helicopter angles are shown as A 4 unit lash up is entering and exiting the tunnel, followed by some icy glaciers on the rock cut. More helicopter footage is shown at various curves in Jack Fish, then the cab ride segment crosses the bridge and through the rock cuts, bends, and tunnels. Next a freight with a black CP unit is shown, then the cab ride feature would have to wait on the siding to let 5565 and 5509 pass by. More helicopter angles continued as it is making a curve, followed by 5945, 5734, 5657, and 5643 on a Freight. A lower ground shot of the freight from the helicopter closer to the lake is shown, followed by a meet at milepost 82.4 in Middleton with 5632, 5936, and 5655. Am extreme elevated helicopter shot is shown with the freight passing by another one in the siding. Next the cab ride continues as it rolls between the rocks and the lake. More helicopter shots are shown as the freight passes by. Next a 3 unit lash up is shown making an unusual S curve from the top of the rocks. Back inside, the diesel crosses the curved bridge, followed by a helicopter shot at milepost 81.5, and then at an unknown location. From the ground, a freight led by 5935 is shown at Nayes, Then comes the cab ride, followed by a freight with 5841, 5502, and 5564 through the crossing. Next a 2 unit lash up passes by coldwell siding, then comes a helicopter shot with 5797 leading. At mink tunnel, a cab ride onboard 5635 is included. Followed by a horseshoe curve leaving the tunnel, and then comes the helicopter angles. Afterwards the cab ride continues crossing red sucker tunnel, followed by a helicopter shot. At heron bay, we bid farewell to the lake, as a 3 unit train passes by making some blind snow dust for the cameraman. Back inside the cab of 5635, a ride through the snow is included. Followed by the same freight rolling by. At Struthers Junction, there are 3 lines: the white river line to the east, Lake Superior to the west, and Manitouwadge to the north. From the cab of 5635, we pass by the Wye, then we have to wait for a freight with 5595 leading. Beyond the junction, 5935 is passing by the cameraman. At white river, a look at the station is shown, as a switcher isles in the sidings, as the freight arrives. During the taping of the program, 2-8-2 number 5468 is heading for a transcontinental journey to its new home in British Columbia. 5935 leaves the station. A grain train is shown at Nayes hill with 5825, 5907, 5913, alco 4555 and 5584 leading. A cab ride onboard one of the Grain trains are included. In the siding a fast meet with a horn salute is included. Afterwards the grain train leaves the siding, and passes by the shores. Next a quick look at the grain train is shown from trackside, then back inside, it goes under the transcanada highway, followed by a stop at the station with a crew change. At the station, the grain train leaves he yard heading for its continuous journey down the line. Next another one led by 5732, 5824, 5735, and a pair of alcos blares its horn for the crossing. The same train crosses the little bridge, and also at another crossing. As night falls, ice and fog made winter railroading a bit more challenging as alco 4223 assembles it�s train. The program comes to a close as 5785 arrives for a crew change point, then leaves the station into the dark. When first released on VHS, it ran for 51 minutes and was released in 1993.

Both of these programs on this combo DVD was acquired by Greg Scholl in 2011.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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