When will I receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending upon the type of shipping service you select, where you're located, weather, and delivery delays.

USPS First Class Mail

USA - Northern California - 2 Days*
USA - Southern California, Nevada, parts of Oregon - 3 Days*
USA - All other areas including Alaska and Hawaii - 3-5 Days*
Canada - Approximately 9-30 Days*
International - Approximately 10-45 Days*

Priority Mail

Exactly the same for all areas except some areas near major metropolitan areas may get delivery 1 day sooner than listed above.

FedEx Saver

3-5 work days depending on location. So if shipped Friday, and it's 5 days, it would actually arrive the following Thursday (weekends not included in estimate). FedEx is only recommended when you want an absolute definite date as they are much more reliable than USPS. Also, FedEx has an earlier pickup date, so we recommend orders to be placed before NOON PST to be shipped the same day when using FedEx.

Media Mail

USA - Northern California - 3-5 Days*
USA - Southern California, Nevada, parts of Oregon - 4-6 Days*
USA - All other areas- 5 - 14 Days*
Canada - Not Available
International - Not Available

All delivery times listed are approximate. Delays are common during major holidays, bad weather and light breezes.

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