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The Pride of Altoona Pennsylvania 1361 DVD
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The Pride of Altoona Pennsylvania 1361 DVD Mark I Video M1TPOA
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In October 1987, the restored Pennsylvania Railroad Class K4s 4-6-2 Pacific-type locomotive 1361 made a series of crew-training runs on the Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad. Mark I Video is proud to offer exclusive passenger coverage of this exciting event.

Opening with a capsule history of the Pennsy K4s and the restoration of the 1361, this fine program presents dramatic highlights of these special trips, which were not announced to the general public.

Included are beautifully-photographed trackside sequences staged especially for this presentation, pacing runs with no motorcade, and the first commercially-available cab ride footage showing this famous locomotive from the engineer's point of view. A great portrait of the famous K4 in action!

60 Minutes *DVD* Full Color * Stereo Sound
Produced by Marc S. Balkin
Narrated by Bill Zagorski

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The Pride of Altoona Pennsylvania 1361 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-07-15 08:11:13.

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In this sequel from late 1987 or early 1988 which was originally released as volume 10 of the railfan video classics line, the program starts with 1361 whistling through the night. Afterwards, the locomotive idles at Vail Pennsylvania, which is The southern terminal for The nittany & bald eagle. The date is October 26 1987. During the history of the K-4s, vintage films of the Camden New Jersey engine terminal is shown. On one scene, a toner diesel sits in the background behind 0-6-0 number 1678. Another k-4 number 5022 takes a spin on the turntable, while a different locomotive passes by the tower at South Amboy in 1956. There are some more films of these beauties in commuter service on the new York & long branch, as well as a ride behind a diesel powered passenger train on horseshoe curve passing by one of the 2 surviving Pacifics: 1361. With the vintage films finished, clips from K-4 the restoration is included which includes a different orchestra soundtrack, as well as the April 12 1987 test run. Not only was Mark 1 video there, but also Berkshire productions for Juniata's jewel which some scenes from that program was shown in multiple I love toy trains videos by TM books & video, & future famous America by rail producer Greg Scholl which his angles were shown in American steam from 1989 & later Pennsy steam in 2009.

With the history segment finished, 1361 operates a one day special from Altoona to Duncansville on May 16 1987 (3 years to the exact day before 2 celebrities: jazz singer Sammy Davis Jr, & Muppet creator & actor Jim Henson). First The K-4 leaves the Altoona shops & conrail yard, as it switches tracks while going under the pedestrian bridge as well as carrying only 2 Lackawanna coaches. Moments later, 1361 faces south at cove secondary. In no time at all, 1361 whistles for the arrival at Duncansville while passing by the interstate highway. Afterwards, the K-4 backs up on the wye to be turned for the return trip to Altoona. Some people are chatting as they want see get a close up look at the engine itself in action. After rejoining the 2 Lackawanna commuter coaches that were lettered for the horseshoe curve chapter of the NRHS, 1361 created a nice whistle up as it heads for home. Back in Altoona, multiple conrail diesels are stored in the spots on where the roundhouse used to be while 1361 takes a spin on the turntable. Then it is put back to it's storage spot at the railroaders memorial museum.

The following October, the engine is on a crew training session as a local Nittany & bald eagle freight led by Santa Fe 2427 passes by the locomotive in Vail. On a different day, 2427 handles the freight longhood forward. In no time at all, 1361 created a smoke show as it backs up due to no turning locations in Vail. For the rest of this program, it'll be un-narrated with on-screen graphics showing the locomotive on where it's at. This 3 day visit was a mark 1 video exclusive. Next, it switches tracks to the mainline. On a different day as evidenced by the clouds, 1361 greets the freight with the blue and yellow Santa Fe unit as it idles on the siding. Then the crew moved the locomotive from the cab as it backs up. The driver tugs on the whistle cord as 1361 backs into a bend & also for the 30 mile trip to the destination West of Vail. On one scene, 1361 goes under the highway bridge while going over the small bridge & under the next highway bridge, then it features some pacing action as the locomotive whistles through. Afterwards, the locomotive has since been switched to the forward position as it heads for vail. A cab ride is shown at the 30 minute mark of this program. Throughout the return to Vail, the camera zig zags back & forth from the cab ride to the pacing & vice versa. Afterwards, it whistles for the crossing under wet skies then we are back to pacing the locomotive again as well as zig-zagging to the cab ride & vice versa. On another day in late October 1987, 1361 starts the pacing sequence once again, which includes a nice whistle show. The sun is finally in the sky but also starting to set as 1361 arrives at port Matilda with some multi-colored leaves on the trees as the locomotive whistles for the crossing. Afterwards, the K-4 backs up for a complete stop, then it switches directions once again While taking some slow orders, as well as more scenes from the cab. At last, the signal is clear as 1361 increases speed While the sun is still setting. Moments later, there is some more pacing of the Pacific itself. Then the camera zig zags to the cab once again & vice versa. The engineer applies the brakes as 1361 comes to a complete stop. Then the engine whistles for the crossing as a trackside scene is shown from a grassy field. Afterwards, the K-4 backs up for a complete stop, then it resumes speed While going backwards. The best thing about this 3 day visit is that there are no diesel helpers on the consist. Later, 1361 switched directions as it whistles for a runby. Back in the cab, the sun is still setting as the K-4 whistles for the crossing While negotiating a bend. Then the camera zig zags from the cab ride to trackside as 1361 whistles for another crossing. On one scene during the pacing sequence, an extreme close up look at the engine's pistons in action is included. Leaves are flying everywhere as 1361 pounds the iron rails. In no time at all, 1361 whistles for the arrival back in Vail. The program comes to a close as 1361 backs into the siding in Vail as night falls While the credits roll.

While most of the Pennsylvania steam engines still stands with us today, the only locomotive from that railroad which is in operating condition nowadays is 0-6-0 number 643 built in 1901 at Mechanicsburg near Williams grove. Not only is 1361 with us today, but so is sister engine 3750 at the railroad museum of Pennsylvania which is located across the street from the Strasburg railroad.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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