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Extra 765 West DVD
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Extra 765 West DVD Hopewell Productions HV-765
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Blasting by in full stride in the flat lands of Western Ohio on one of her first excursion trips, Nickel Plate Road Berkshire No. 765 puts on a dazzling display of Lima "Super Power."

You'll see dozens of runbys plus some smooth, side-by-side pacing scenes at 65 mph. If you have never seen an NKP Berk at speed, you have missed seeing one of the steam era's most impressive sights!

45 minutes.

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DVD Item#:HV-765
Runtime:45 Mins ($0.30/min)
Producer:Hopewell Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

  • This producer has been known to change the cover design, so the cover image you see here may differ from the actual product.
Extra 765 West DVD
MP_37 (Southeastern US) on 2015-02-08 15:04:42.

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NKP # 765 is one of my favorite restored mainline steam locomotive and I was happy to see it available on DVD as my old VHS version video quality leaves much to be desired by today's standards. This is probably the earliest footage available since its restoration in 1979, and considering this program was originally shot and produced in 1980, the quality is surprisingly good. The cameraman must have had the best camcorder available at the time.

There is some stationary scenes at roundhouses and during servicing as details are explained, but the bulk of this program is chasing the 765 pulling various trains, with lots of visceral stack-talk and whistle blowing. Pacing scenes are great too. It's a short-ish program ( less than 1 hr ) that is over all too soon and an enjoyable one at that.

Additional remarks by MP_37:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Extra 765 West DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-05-17 12:17:23.

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In this recently turned 40 year old program on a recently turned 15 year old DVD, it starts with 765 backing into the turntable and also on the mainline being paced with a Norfolk & western hooter whistle during the title sequence. Multiple black and white photographs are used during the history of the Berkshire itself, as well as the first restoration of 765.

With the history of 765 finished, it's early morning on May 1st 1980 (Amtrak's 9th birthday) as 765 is getting ready for some early runs in Bellevue Ohio. The sun is out as the Berkshire backs up and heads for the turntable and roundhouse for some refueling with coal, water & sand. Not only was the Hopewell crew there for the return of 765 but also Jim Boyd of railfan magazine & the scholl brothers Greg & Randy before the launch of their business 4 years later. With service completed, 765 is back on the turntable. Keep in mind that these footages were recorded before the Norfolk southern as many diesels from Norfolk & Western, Toledo Peoria & Western, and some others are mentioned. After the turntable spin, the wheels are greased and lubricated, then it's out on the mainline with a passenger train to fort Wayne. The first excursion of the 1980 season. In some scenes during the chase, the panning sequence is almost blocked by other people as they were trying to film the locomotive. With only 4 coaches (1 for each road name) 765 performed flawlessly well without any diesel helpers. Later it passes by the grain elevators at McCoon Ohio, then it crosses the double track diamond at Leipsic while taking slow orders. Afterwards, there is some 30 mile per hour pacing as 765 heads for KN tower while crossing the Detroit Toledo & ironton. At the tower, the Berkshire stops as everyone wanted to get a good look at the locomotive. Even preschoolers & mothers with their relatives. With a yellow signal activated, 765 whistles off as it crosses the diamond. More pacing is included as 765 highballs through every green signal as it continues West through northern Ohio and into Indiana. Sometimes it meets with freights. At last 765 arrives in New Haven while a mechanical problem occurred from The feedwater heater. At the same time, the Berkshire is picking up 4 more coaches. With switching & repairs completed, there is more pacing with 765. Listen to that early whistle. Back in fort Wayne, the Berkshire is on the turntable, then it faces the roundhouse door as everyone wanted to get a good look at the locomotive.

A couple months later on July 28, the 765 operates the independence limited. Here it heads from Bellevue Ohio to Muncie Indiana. Before that happens, more service scenes of the Berkshire are shown even a look in the cab. Out of Bellevue, 765 whistles through the crossing with 3 diesels: a pair of GP9 units from the N&W & streamlined southern F unit 6141. At Finley ohio, the special passes by a concrete maintenance marker. West of Finley, all signals are green as 765 highballs with a Norfolk and western hooter whistle as well as its own early whistle. Plus there is more pacing. Hundreds of people are waiting under threatening skies as they wait for 765 to arrive at its birthplace: lima ohio. Not only are people welcoming the Berkshire back to its birthplace from the ground, but there are also some greetings from the brick built office building. At last, 765 used its 2 whistles to greet the fans and residents who remembers the debut of the locomotive during the second world war. More service is included as a cherry picker truck equipped with a hose from the lima fire department known as a snorkel truck, blasts 22,000 gallons of water into the tender, as well as a clamshell crane loading coal. We are back on the mainline, as 765 is making a rare treat: blowing 2 whistles at the same time. Using the hooter whistle, the Berkshire makes another passenger stop in Selina ohio. With the special stopped, the crew did some more service on the traction rods. A few miles east of fort recovery, 765 highballs under the bridge as black smoke billows from The funnel, then it's pacing time again as the locomotive uses both whistles on different occasions. At the state line, 765is taking some slow orders at 35 to 45 miles per hour. With pacing completed, 765 is in Indiana as it passes by more chasers and arrives at Muncie Indiana where it'll be cut off, and also be serviced with some switching underway. The independence limited is now led by the since retired/scrapped N&W U-Boats as they head for Roanoke Virginia. Listen to the horn on lead unit 8080. Using 2 whistles, the Berkshire crosses over the white river as it heads to lima with only 3 coaches. This scene concludes the July 28th excursion.

The following day July 29th, finds 765 being serviced in lima as a fireman shovels coal into the fire box while the sun is rising. Extreme close up looks at the parts of the locomotive are shown, and there is a cab ride around the lima yard limits. Before being refilled with coal, the locomotive must do some switching first as it tries to go into the storage tracks to uncouple it's coaches. After service and also recoupling to the coaches, it's out on the mainline as 765 goes under the interstate 75 bridges while heading east. Moments later, the locomotive is taking some slow orders and crawls to a stop at the blue pigeon crossing near the grain elevators. Some kids want to get a great look at the smoke billowing giant back when their fathers and grandparents worked for the railroad, and it did as 765 whistles through the crossing after a mechanical problem. More people and grain elevators are shown at Fostoria. In old fort, the whistle is activated as children want to witness 765 crossing the diamond. Then it's time to roll through the fields, as well as making a whistle meet with the track gang about 2 miles east of green spring as well as a farm silo.

It's hard to imagine that it's been 40 years since 765 was restored to its first excursion career. No matter if it's on the new river train in West Virginia, the Norfolk southern 21st century steam program, the Cuyahoga valley line, and multiple tourist museums that invite the Berkshire over, 765 would be dubbed as one of the iconic steam giants of the Midwest.

In the closing credits, a crewmember for SP 4449 Jack Wheelihan worked on 765 during the inaugural runs for 1979 & 1980.

Overall, another future famous crew member of 765 itself: Rich Melvin did an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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