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Canadian Rails in the 1950s DVD
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Canadian Rails in the 1950s DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-401
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Canadian Rails In The 1950's combines films from several collection. These primarily are Canadian Pacific from the western provinces, but there is more than just riding some trains. The first part is a 1952 journey from Vancouver aboard Train #2, behind steam as far as Revelstoke. We will pass other steam and diesel trains along the route. Of note are 2 trains that have Selkirk 2-10-4's in the mountain regions. Before that there is a side trip to Jasper to ride a CN diesel powered mixed train or two, then we rejoin the CPR to continue east to Calgary. Our return to Vancouver is a steam powered trip along the CPR's southern mainline through Nelson and rejoining the mainline at Odlum, near Hope. Lots of rare footage in this region.

Our next segment begins riding behind and in 2-8-2 5469, including a meet with a diesel freight. Then we are riding in the cab of an F-unit on train #1, the "Canadian", and meet 5469 in the same area near Kamloops. We ride westbound, and enjoy scenes from the cab of #1 including a CN freight across the Thompson River that has 2-10-2 number 4301. We later meet a passenger train with 2861 (Royal Hudson), as our coverage ends at Boston Bar, B.C.

Next is a winter trip eastbound beginning on Rogers Pass the first day. These shots are from the dome car of "The Dominion". The next morning we see more shots from the dome car in the prairies on a clear day. The lead unit is F-unit 1400, with a B-unit, and behind that is Royal Hudson 2837. We ride the cab of the diesel and see several train meets, mostly steam, and continue later with more dome shots on an incredible journey.

The following day we are in the dome car and continue along Lake Superior with our final destination of Parry Sound, Ontario, where se see a few shots off the train.

Another winter trip is scene starting at Glacier, heading east then the next morning ending at Sunset near Portage La Prairie. This trip like the other one is shot from the center dome car of the Dominion. The final scenes show the train passing through White River and on to Parry Sound once again. While the riding is all diesel powered, there are a couple of CPR steam trains seen at Parry Sound. We also included a few scenes of some ski boats, which were flat bottomed boats with what looked like airplane motors on the rear. These fly across the frozen waterways.

Next is a variety segment with a lot of different subjects. This includes some Canadian National around Edmonton, and some Northern Alberta footage of 2-10-0 number 57 on a freight. Then we move to eastern Canada with some footage outside Montreal including some CN and CPR, with steam and diesel, followed by some scenes of 2823 getting coaled. Montreal streetcars are seen as well as a CN electric emerge from the Mount Royal Tunnel.

Our variety segment continues with a nice visit to the roundhouse near Calgary for footage of Selkirk class 2-10-4 number 5931 at the roundhouse and service area. This engine was saved, so its nice to see it in steam here with 2 minutes of coverage. Then we see more odd shots like coverage of a CPR mixed train, some chasing of a Royal Hudson, and a few other scenes.

The last section is Vancouver Island, where we see shortline logging operations with Comox, McMillan & Bloedel #1044, Hillcrest Lumber Climax #10 from two visits, and some ferry rides to and from the mainline. In addition we ride the Esquimalt and Nanaimo RDC from Victoria to Courtnay, BC. Then we finish up some diesel footage of Comox Logging and Lumber and a ferry ride.

As you can see this show has a lot to offer. The scenes riding the cab of the diesel passing steam in the winter are truly amazing to enjoy!

There is a great deal of interesting material in this one.

Color scenes with music and informative narration.

70 Minutes plus additional previews of other Canadian videos

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Canadian Rails in the 1950s DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-09-11 17:18:36.

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First the program starts with an opening clip montage, followed by a start of the big July 1952 trip by an unidentified photographer who is riding on the Great Northern International between Seattle and Vancouver. It's led by an unidentified E-7 as it travels along pugent sound while heading for the tunnel. Arriving at Vancouver B.C., Canadian Pacific class G4A 4-6-2 number 2707 is arriving on train 3 the dominion after making a cross country trip from Toronto. Afterwards, we leave the depot on train number 2 as it heads for Montreal. From the rear of the passenger train, it travels along the Burrard Inlet while some people are waiting for a clearance. Afterwards, a meet with royal hudson 2864 on train 7 the dominion is shown, followed by a look along the Fraser river between Harrison mills & Mission city. Odlum B.C. Is the location for the junction to the kettle valley line as our train passes by a semaphore signal. Moments later, the train leaves the east switch siding at Haig while approaching for the Fraser river canyon. Along the way, a meet with a westbound freight at choate siding is shown which is led by class P2B 2-8-2 number 5310, then it passes by the Alexandra suspension bridge which was built for the old cariboo road. Afterwards, it passes over spuzzum siding which is 15 miles from North bend BC. Next, the same train is at milepost 9 while crossing over the William Creek bridge & tunnel which is one of the 26 tunnels on the CP Rail side of the Fraser river canyon. Then it passes by the gate gorge while a work train is near hicks on the CN line. Trackside now, a brief look at the roundhouse & yard at north bend is included while there is a crew change at the same time. Back onboard, a ride to kamloops on the Thompson subdivision is shown as we leave the station. Along the way, the CN freight is at Conrad siding on the Ashcroft subdivision. Moments after leaving the tunnel & bridges at Casio while crossing over the river, it meets with a pair of freights at Lytton: one is led by 5327, the other being 5349. Near Gladwin siding, the train is along the Thompson river in an area known as white canyon. Afterwards, the riding footage switched over to the Schuswap subdivision as train 14 the mountaineer rolls through eagle pass, then crossing over the Columbia river bridge at Revelstoke where the power is going to be replaced with a trio of F units on the mountain subdivision. Moments later, a meet with a freight is shown at Greeley siding that is led by FP7A number 4035 which was built in London Ontario in October of 1950. The mountaineer operates between Vancouver BC, & The Minnesota twin cities. Between twin butte & Albert canyon, the Diesels are climbing over the illecillewaet valley. At the siding in Albert canyon, the train makes a meet with Selkirk class T1C 2-10-4 number 5933 in charge as it leads the dominion. Next the mountaineer enters the 5 mile connaught tunnel that was opened in 1916. The diesels enter & exit the tunnel while battling over the original Rogers pass line before the relocation in 1989. Moments later, the mountaineer crosses over the stony creek bridge that was measured at 484 feet long. It was built in 1898, & additional arches were installed in 1929 shortly before the great depression.East of Rogers station, the train is descending the 2% grade for beavermouth as it rolls through the beaver river canyon. Here it makes a meet with train 7 the dominion which is running behind schedule. It's led by an unidentified T1C 2-10-4, then another meet is shown with its counterpart number 13 that's led by FP7A number 4037. 4031 is waiting on the siding at Donald B.C.. On another day, the dominion crosses the upper kicking horse river & enters the bottom portal of the lower spiral tunnel while climbing kicking horse pass. A maintenance speeder follows behind. At Yoho BC, the diesels are at the West switch followed by the entrance at cathedral as it heads for the upper spiral tunnel. While passing by partridge siding on cathedral mountain, the lower spiral tunnel is down below. Taking a break from riding onboard, train 18 is along Wapta lake at Hector near the summit of kicking horse pass. It's led by a pair of Alco RS10s. Next up is a trio of GP9S on an eastbound freight as it heads for the lower spiral tunnel through Mt. Ogden while negotiating an S curve on the Laggan subdivision. Also on the Laggan subdivision, train 14 heads east from field. A look at train 4 is West of Banff as it heads from Vancouver to Toronto on the dominion. Meanwhile at Banff station, a pair of Fairbanks Morse experimental diesels 7005 & 7006 (later 4064 & 4065) are leading a freight as it picks up some orders from the stationmaster.

Taking a break from CP Rail, the Canadian national is included as GP9 number 4357 leads mixed freight train number 356 between Jasper & edson. Note the miniature front loader on the flatbed. At jasper yard, 4366 is backing up to train 391 which includes a flatbed carrying a unique construction machine. Once coupled up, there is riding footage behind the GP9 as a man is looking out of the coupola of the caboose, While another workman lines the switch as the local clears the siding. Here the 4366 would do some switching at the former grand trunk Pacific station at Lucerne at milepost 21.8 on the albreda subdivision. Moments later, a brief cab ride is included. Grant brook station is located at milepost 31.7. The camera man is riding on the front of 4366, as the diesel approaches the road crossing, followed by moose lake. Mt. Robson is at an elevation of 12,982 feet above sea level. It is the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.

West of Calgary, we're back on Canadian Pacific tracks as a trio of F units lead the dominion while following the bow river valley near Morley falls. At medicine hat, train 11 is led by a 2-8-2 on the crows nest subdivision near paigan Alberta. It's West of Lethbridge while carrying the Kootenay express. Along the way, it's between brocket & pincher. Pincher is located in the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Near lundbreck, the train descends the grade, then it passes by a seldom seen landmark known as Frank Slide which in April of 1903, a rock slide Burried the town of Frank. A passenger stop was made in Coleman, & The train gets underway again. Another close up look at Frank Slide is shown, before the train makes a meet with class P1D 2-8-2 number 5105 at blairmore. At Morrissey BC, it meets with train 12 the kettle valley express, then we pass by class N2B 2-8-0 number 901 built in 1912 at elko. In Jaffery, a pair of freights clear the way for our train. These 3700 series N2B 2-8-0s were also built in 1912. West of wardner, the train climbs out of the Kootenay river valley, then it makes a meet at rampart east of Cranbrook. Next to moyie lake, we're westbound on the Nelson subdivision. After crossing the long trestle at Kootenay landing, the train heads for one of the 4 tunnels between the bridge & tye siding. A look at Kootenay lake is shown, and we made a meet with class G3A 4-6-2 number 2379 at proctor, before the sun sets at Penticton. The next day, the train is at west Summerland. A mixed freight climbs for osprey lake on the Princeton subdivision. A mention of the kettle valley scenic railroad with 3716 is heard. Next the train passes by coquihalla station on the top of the pass. This line to hold was closed in 1959 due to rockslides & washouts & The rails were gone a year later. Along the since been ripped up line, the train crosses over the Bridal veil falls creek trestle. At lago siding, the mixed train stops for train 46 with 5258 to clear the line. After 5258 is gone, the train heads for Portia while crossing over the bridge. Back on the double track mainline, the train is at hatzic while heading for Vancouver. From the rear, 2-8-2 number 3611 follows behind at mission city where it connects with northern pacific at sumas. At New Westminster BC, the GN international crosses over the Fraser river bridge. This segment concludes with a look at pugent sound.

Near the 19 minute mark of this program, winter came to Canada as a cab ride aboard 5469 is shown in the early morning at before the sun comes up at kamloops. The camera zig zags from the ride to the ground and vice versa. In Tranquille on the Thompson sub, 5469 meets with an eastbound freight with F units. Meanwhile at Revelstoke, the ski games are shown. Afterwards, a cab ride on the Canadian is shown as we pass by 5469. A look at the Thompson river bridge is shown as we arrive at Ashcroft. Winter in Canada is beautiful & for the 6th time, the train crosses The river near Epsom West of Basque. 68 miles West of kamloops, the martel tunnels are on the CN line which is about 5 miles east of spences bridge. At Toketic some horses are looking for food. Near spences bridge, a freight with 5466 waits for us to make a stop. Along the way, CN 2-10-2 number 4301 is shown on a westbound freight as it heads for the skoonka tunnels & rock sheds. At North bend near Thompson, the diesels approach the semaphore signals, While royal hudson 2861 passes by 4-6-2 number 2373 on the rear.

Back on the Rogers pass line & also Albert canyon, we're on the dominion once again as more snow has fallen in Canada. A look at the log built glacier station is shown on the mountain sub. Moments later, the train enters connaught tunnel before crossing over the stony creek bridge. Beavermouth is where the beaver river meets the Columbia river. Here a winged snow plow number 400862 waiting for its locomotive. Back at Donald, a look at the Selkirk spruce mill is shown. Near golden, the Purcell mountain range is on the West side of the valley. The next morning, there is riding footage on the dome car as we're on the Indian head subdivision. It's on train 8 the dominion. Grand coulee is at milepost 101.8. Coverage begins east of moose jaw, & ends at Perry sound Ontario. A station stop was made at Regina where one locomotive with a slopeback tender handled the coaches. Underway again, the scenery is beautiful even in the snow As we pass by the Balgonie Saskatchewan grain elevators in milepost 77, a meet at McLean on milepost 68.3, passing by Qu'appelle station at milepost 59.4, the Indian head grain elevators at milepost 50.3, & see royal hudson 2837 being serviced at Broadview in milepost 130.9 on the Broadview sub. F unit 1400 is in charge as the unidentified cameraman gets a cab ride. Whitewood is at milepost 116.5. At Fleming near milepost 77.7 a meet with 2342 is shown on a freight. Already in Manitoba, 1272 operates the local at elk horn. A brief close up look at 2837 is shown, & another meet with another hudson is shown on train 5. Hargrave is at milepost 55.4. At homestead, a meet with a pair of Alco FPA2s lead train 7 the dominion, then we arrive at oak lake in milepost 32. Again, winter in Canada is beautiful as the 1400 with 2837 makes some meets with other trains. At the hot spot of Portage la prairie, the cameraman is back in the dome car. Once at Winnipeg, 2837 would be removed leaving the diesels in charge. Next day, the train is at Ft. William, followed by the grain elevators at port Arthur. At hurkett, we're on the nipigon sub at milepost 80.5 while the red rock paper mill is in the background. We moved to the heron bay sub east of Schreiber while heading for Toronto. There are many bridges & tunnels along lake superior, as well as marathon, picking up more cars at white river, through the station at amyot Ontario, & concludes with the arrival of parry sound. Back on the ground, a pair of MLW diesels 4021 & B unit 4417 are crossing the bridge at milepost 23. Next a steam powered freight is along lake Huron, While we witnessed some footage of the cameraman taking his kids out of the house & into the car.

On the mountain sub, riding footage on train 8 the dominion begins at glacier while Mt. Avalanche is in the Selkirks above Rogers pass. Next we go into connaught tunnel once again. Rogers pass has over 600 inches of snow. The train passes by stony creek station at milepost 77.6, followed by the bridge, & another bridge known as Mt creek trestle, followed by beaver canyon east of Rogers siding. Approaching Beavermouth, the train is at milepost 63.8. Calamity tunnel is at milepost 58 & measuring at 1100 feet long. Afterwards it enters the since demolished redgrave tunnel at milepost 56.5 which is at 450 feet long. There's plenty of locations left until we arrive at field. Here there are plenty of diesels & cabooses in the yard before we pass by more locations while heading for golden. Next day finds the train at Virden Manitoba where it passes by the 1899 built station, & The neudorf sub. This location is at milepost 47.2. Next it passes by the semaphore signals at Brandon on the carberry sub heading for Winnipeg. There are more locations along the way especially Portage la prairie, which concludes with a sunset. Next morning finds the train on the heron sub passing by milepost 109.9 near the Terrace bay paper mill. Again, there are more locations along the way. Until the people are doing their jobs at white river such as the workmen removing an air compressor while the kids are off for a game of hockey. The trip ends at chapleau Ontario. On the ground, 2468 leads a freight as it crosses the 875 feet parry sound bridge while 1259 follows behind, as well as the Canadian. The segment concludes with airboats, ice fishers, & an aircraft arriving.

Multiple footage from more unknown railfans are shown beginning with CN 0-8-0 number 8411 north of Edmonton, followed by 2-8-2 number 3556 idling as well as 2-8-0 number 2766 ready for work, 2-8-2 number 3545 with a Vanderbilt tender, & 2766 on a freight. On the northern Alberta railway, a pace of 2-10-0 number 57 is shown on the Edmonton sub. A quick shot of an unknown engine is shown, followed by a consolation on a freight, a diesel powered freight at Dorian, alco FPA2 number 4097 heading east, 4-6-2 2471 following behind, royal hudson 2823 waiting for some coal at Montreal, then moves around the area, a look at several trolleys on the highway, a CN boxcab leaving the tunnel & Arriving at the depot, & concludes with a brief look at the city.

Moving on to the roundhouse & turntable, Selkirk 5931 leaves the Alyth shops in Calgary. Note the words safety first on the turntable. Next, it runs light around the service area as it passes by some out of service locomotives. Today since 1981, 5931 is on display at heritage park. On the okanagan subdivision, 10 wheeler number 983 is north of Armstrong BC. In the Fraser river canyon, a freight is shown followed by 2863 at the yard tracks of the drake street roundhouse in Vancouver. On train number 2, a cab ride on one of the royal hudsons are shown. One scene shows the hudson meeting with a westbound. At mission BC, class D10 2-8-0 number 3628 is switching then it leaves for the U.S. Border of Sumas WA on a mixed train. Onboard the caboose of a mixed train, we head for coquitham yard, followed by A westbound at savona, as well as 2864 on train 1 which includes pacing while heading for Vancouver.

Speaking of Vancouver, a visit to the namesake island is shown beginning with a ferry boat ride from The mainland. At the island, we see a yellow Plymouth switcher next to Elk falls lumber 2 truck Shay number 1 at Duncan BC, followed by some motor cars & steamers from the Comox logging & railway company which have since been out of service. Next, MacMillan & Bloedel 2-6-2T number 1044 is switching some cars around the area. Followed by carrying a pair of gondolas of equipment bunker first on a switchback. Thankfully, the engine is on display. Meanwhile, 2-8-2T number 1055 is at ladysmith, hauling a tank car for extra water to put out fire along the way. Moments later, 1055 is carrying some empty cars while crossing the bridge. Next up is a Baldwin diesel running cab forward. This is former U.S. Army 7128. Afterwards, one of the future famous survivors that later worked on the Since been gone Mt. Rainier scenic railroad in Elbe WA: Hillcrest lumber climax 10, is shown at the engine house. We see the climax running back & forth while assembling a freight, then it heads for the CP interchange. At lake cowichan, the climax drops the cars off & ran tender first. We're back at mesachie lake, followed by A different visit on the 10 mile line as number 10 handles the freight chores. The final 10 minutes of this program features Osbourne bay wharf shay 1 at the boardwalk in Crofton, multiple boats on the water, autos loading & unloading, people of all ages on a nice day at sea, various seagulls flying, a look at the empress hotel, and even a ride on an RDC Budd car from Victoria after visiting the railway & forestry museum at Duncan which includes a ride behind the motor car.

This program is a nice companion to vintage rail journey from 2010, & like many of Greg's 2018 titles minus the original 1988 editing of 819 Arkansas steam, & The un-narrated return to deshler on Blu-Ray, this was narrated by Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844).

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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