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Riding the RGS DVD
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Riding the RGS DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-221A 604435022996
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In 1949 photographer Ted Collins made a trip to Colorado to see steam in action particularly the Rio Grande Southern which was in bad shape financially. This video begins with footage taken in Durango in either 1950 or 1951, as we ride Galloping Goose motor car #5. In 1949 there was a washout, and he could not start in Durango. The 1949 trip is intermingled starting in Rico, which was north of the washout in 1949. The 1949 trip was a scheduled daily trip on the Goose, but the second trip was the tourist version of the Goose which operated in the final year of Rio Grande operations. The Galloping Geese were constructed to provide some means of lower cost passenger and less than carload freight service as the money-strapped railroad tried to hang on in the final years of operation.

In the video we will see most of the stations, as well as water tanks, breathtaking wooden trestles and loops, and pristine mountain and lakes in this remote portion of Colorado. There were some trackside scenes, mostly from the later trip, which really breaks up all the riding footage. In the 1949 trip we see mail and baggage being taken off the train at one location, and taken to the Post Office. In another scene the motorman hooks up the telegraphone connecting to the telegraph wire. This was at Dallas Divide as they waited in the siding for a southbound freight. This was steam powered with a mid-train helper. There is also some steam action at Ridgway in 1949 with Rio Grande 2-8-0 number 340 arriving, switching and leaving town with it's freight train.

All the important locations are scene, such as Delores, Rico, Ophir, Trout Lake, Water tanks, Vance Junction, and much more. There is even some footage of the later trip headed south on its return trip toward Durango, and features some runbys on some of the famous trestles. Informative narration, and scene locations keep you informed along the way. At the end are a few slides related to the Geese and some of the steam engines we see in the footage. The show is from 8mm silent movies, thus no train sounds exist. There is tasteful music and narration for this rare show.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-221A
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Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435022996
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Riding the RGS DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-25 08:23:41.

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In this recent Sequel to RGS memories from 2014, which some clips from that title is shown throughout the program, it starts with a map of the Rio Grande Southern as well as Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) talking about the main star of the show: future famous surviving Galloping Goose motorcar number 5.

The coverage begins in Durango during the month of August. Here we see goose 5 passing by the D&RGW Roundhouse, as well as stopping at the depot. After looking at the timetable, we're on our way to Ridgeway as we are west of Hesperus, passing by lots of trees, bushes, & even some rocks on the side. This is from the rear of goose 5. South of Mancos Colorado, A photo runby was held there, which includes the Rockies appearing in the background, followed by a station stop in Dolores. Afterwards, we pass by some sheep along the way, as well as chasing 3 horses. During 1949, there was a washout as well as an automobile trip to Rico. Along the way, we see Goose 4 being stranded from the June 28, flood. During that time, Bridge 75A was washed out. For the remainder of the segment, one of the America By Rail Songs from Mike Lynch was used: Las Vegas New Mexico from route of the southwest chief in 1997, which was also used in the Recently Released Railway Productions Title: Semaphores, Searchlights, & the Southwest Chief. At Rico we see the Depot itself, plus there is some men on horses as we continue north to Ridgeway. North of Rico, we pass by Burns Canyon, Cross over Bridge 64A, Cuts the angle to a cab ride on Goose 5 while heading through Lizard Head pass over bridge 58B that goes over slate creek, Cross over bridge 58A at meadow creek from the front & rear of Goose 5, Going over the Gallagher Trestles 57A & 57B while the songs fades to another Mike Lynch Score which was also used in both Route of the Southwest Chief & Semaphores, Searchlights & the Southwest Chief: the second song from Las Vegas New Mexico to Lamy New Mexico. Next we're Passing by the Gallagher siding in 1949, & view the summit of the pass from both below, & also arriving at the Snowshed which is at an Elevation of 10,500 feet above sea level. The Scenery from the Summit is splendid especially in all 4 seasons of the year. Another Look at the map is included, & we are riding to trout lake from the cab of Goose 5 once again during 1949. From here we crossed over Bridge 51A known as the Trout lake Trestle, Passing by the Water Tower & siding next to the lake, a panning shot of the lake from a later trip, Descending the Grade to Matterhorn from the Rear of Goose 5, Riding to the Illium Power plant in 1949, passing by the Matterhorn Mill from the San Bernardo Mine, Going over Bridges 46E & 46F at Ophir, Looking down at the small town of Ophir itself, Performing a photo runby at Bridge 46C, Resume the onboard coverage as the Goose 5 Descends into town, passed by a Siding, as well as curving into the Depot Before a map of the Ophir Loop was included. Some more passengers are boarding Goose 5, as we resume our Journey over this long gone but not forgotten railroad of the Colorado Rockies. Here we cross over Bridge 45A as a dog is waiting for us to clear the way, followed by a Photo Runby on a later trip which was used in RGS Memories, Cuts back to the cab ride over the Lowline in 1949, Cross the Butterfly Trestle known as Bridge 44A, Negotiating through more trees & bushes, Cross over Bridge 43A known as Ames Trestle which was the final bridge on the Rio Grande Southern to be Demolished in 1980, Pass by the Ames Water Tower, & approaching Vance Junction where the Telluride Branch can be seen on the right. Moments later, we're passing by the Stock Pens at Bilk, & even witness the Ruins at Vanadium, before arriving at Placerville Colorado. Here we see some mail bags being unloaded as Jim Cooper hands the bags to an unidentified Woman who takes them to the post office. Back onboard once again, we are passing by the Placerville Wye, Over Dallas Divide to the Water Tower at Brown, Cross over Bridge 22A known as the Green Mountain Ranch Trestle, Rolling through Bridge 19A Known as the Dead Horse Gulch Trestle, Seeing the motorman throwing the switch, & a panning shot of the Summit of the Grade known as Peake, before we see Mr. Cooper using a long extension pole to hook up a wire for a call to the Dispatcher. Afterwards, we witnessed a Steam powered freight train with one engine up front, & one pushing in the middle. Sadly the lead engine is Unidentified from far away, but at least the Middle engine is identified: 452. With caboose 0400 passing by the goose, the Brakeman throws the switch for Goose 5 to get a clear signal for Ridgeway which is mostly on the 4% grade while rolling the final miles into the Station itself. Before arriving at the depot, we pass by Hagen where a lone D&RGW Gondola is parked on a siding that its waiting for a locomotive to be picked up as well as Low side Gondola 01515 on the north end of the siding. In no time at all, we arrived at Ridgeway, as another Galloping goose motor car is upfront. It was assigned to Dolores but unfortunately due to the Flood, It'll go as far as Rico. This scene ended the Mostly Northbound trip.

Meanwhile, we're at Illium Colorado as Goose 5 is being turned on the Wye which is near the Telluride Branch. For the Remainder of the segment, another Song from America By Rail is Included Which is Mostly from Winter Wonderland in 1996 but aren't Sure. The Return trip is underway as We are leaving Illium, Performing a photo Runby at Bridge 45A on the Ophir High line to Rico, a brief look at the local General Store, see goose 5 arriving at the station, Note the Pepsi Sign at the Ophir Depot, Riding over Bridges 46B & 46C, Making more Photo Runbys at the Gallagher Trestles/Bridges 57A & 57B, Having a Picnic lunch stop at the Coke Ovens Water Tower North of Rico, & concludes with Goose 5 chasing some cows on the line.

Back at Ridgeway, we see one of the future famous surviving D&RGW consolidations arriving with a Short freight: 1881 Baldwin built 2-8-0 Number 340 which is thankfully Preserved at the Ghost Town & Calico Railroad which is at Knott's Berry Farm in California. Here we see 340 arriving from the Uraide branch with 2 Gondolas & a caboose, then see the locomotive switching some more cars, as well as departing for Montrose Colorado. At Montrose, we see a still image of D&RGW Standard Gauge Steam locomotive 784, a a Class T29 10 wheeler that is waiting at the depot, then we get to ride on the Dual gauge which ended at a dead end of the narrow gauge on dual rail, & also the films.

The final 5 minutes of this sequel to RGS Memories, Contains Tons of Still Images with more information from Kovacs which includes a Mention of Greg's Newly Released Durango & Silverton Railfest 2010.

In the Closing Credits, Mike Lynch Wasn't Credited for his scores in the America By Rail Collection.

All in all, this is a Really good Addition to Greg's Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Titles.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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