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A Day in Portage La Prairie DVD
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A Day in Portage La Prairie DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-015 604435001597
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Travel to the Canadian provence of Manitoba where we spend time watching a variety of Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific trains and motive power. This show was shot in June of 1999, and we purposely went on a day where we could see the Churchill passenger train, which indeed had an FP9 as power on this eastbound section of the run to Winnipeg. During our day we see some older power on CN, and get some special bonuses with some unexpected activity on the CP. In addition to the train action, we also see some track work being done, as well as some neat comparison shots with some steam trains shot at the same spots 40 years earlier. The 1958 and 1958 Canadian Steam tapes were our first look at this spot, and inspired us to visit in more modern times to see for ourselves. Already our program is historic since the lone grain elevator we saw along the CP tracks is now but a memory. We end our Portage visit with a neat sunset, but thats not where the DVD ends. After Portage we shot some more CP action as we headed west. That footage was not in the original tapes we had out years ago. However, we did include extra footage in the dvd in 2010. This footage contains CPR switching and trains at Bredenbury and Wynyard, Saskatchewan, with one train using a pair of GP38-2's. There are several grain trains seen, including one that we chase for awhile. This Sask. section is not narrated. Everything in this video has natural train sounds, and some narration to guide you along our Canadian visit. In one of the first scenes at Portage the night before you will see Train number 1, the westbound "Canadian" departing town as well. This is a pretty fast paced show with good lighting and interesting variety. 68 minutes

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DVD Item#:GSVP-015
Runtime:1 Hour, 08 Mins ($0.33/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:604435001597
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
A Day in Portage La Prairie DVD
m (San Diego, Ca) on 2013-12-24 13:49:40.

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A rough DVD, most of this DVD appears to be converted from ether super 8 sound movies or an older cassette tape, image quality is not that great most of it is grainy and shot in bad overhead sun light, the camera work also suffers with shacking, rough zooming, filming that's too close to the train and swinging the camera back and fourth through various scenes, people are also seen walking right in front of the camera and people are also talking in the back ground, all go to make this a "Skip It" DVD. Unfortunately the best part of this DVD is the additional footage that was added at the end when this was converted to DVD, its with out narration but is shot in good sun with good camera work and has some nice SD40-2s and GP-38 action, still I would skip this DVD and look for a better one on the CP and CN.

John Schmeling
SP/UP Railroad (Retired)

Additional remarks by m:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Poor.
DVD Value: Overpriced for the amount of enjoyment I got out of it.
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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A Day in Portage La Prairie DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-06 20:56:32.

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In this recently turned 20 year old videotape on a recently turned 10 year old DVD, the program starts with SD40-2F number 9021 that it you look closely under the cab window, an extra 0 has been applied to reference the 1990-2000 Fox drama starring the late luke Perry, & Kelly from Saved by the bell's Tiffani-Amber theisen. At the same time, CN 5714 arrives on a doublestack followed by a map of the area. The action begins on the evening of Sunday June 13, 1999 as a pair of CN diesels on a mixed freight make a meet with Via rail's Canadian. Surprisingly enough, this is the same spot where Maynard laing photographed Class U-1-F 4-8-2 number 6066 on an eastbound freight in June of 1958. Keep in mind that some clips from both Canadian steam 1958 & 1959 were used for this program. With the freight gone, the westbound Canadian finally gets the right of way as it leaves the hot spot at 9:45. The Canadian operates 3 days a week in each direction. This train is led by a pair of F40s. The following Monday, June 14 1999, the clock strikes 6:15 AM as an eastbound CP freight with a pair of SD40-2S roll through the station as it carries automobiles up front, with more containers on the rear. Following behind the freight is the parade of maintenance of way machines as they head for their work site. Meanwhile, a westbound CN freight with 4 units arrived on time. The 4 units on this freight are: a General electric 4400 horsepower unit number 2508, a General motors SD70 number 5525, a GP9 number 7238 & a GMD1 switcher number 1407. Afterwards, the weather releases raindrops as it is 5 minutes before 8:00 AM while an eastbound CP rail freight goes under the tupper street overpass. This 3 unit doublestack with more containers on flatbeds is led by a trip of SD40-2S: 5790, 5952, & an unidentified locomotive. The sun briefly pops out as a look around the CN depot is included. The east end of the station serves as a greyhound bus stop, While the West end still used on occasion by the railroad. 35 minutes later, via train 692 the hudson bay heads West with FP9 number 6308. The hudson bay operates from Winnipeg to Churchill about 3 days a week. The portage la prairie depot is used as a flag stop for Via passengers trains. 6308 is running 90 minutes late. With the early diesel gone, more automobiles are crossing the multi-track line, While some workmen are inspecting the tracks at West tower. Another look at the map is shown and we see a CN westbound on the rivers subdivision at 9:30 AM. It's a doublestack that's led by 2 engines: 2551, & 5329. Keep in mind that this town is in a quiet zone. With the doublestack out of sight, the workmen are taking care of the tracks on the diamond. On the minnedosa subdivision, a westbound empty grain train is shown that is led by 5 units at 9:47. 4 of them are SD40-2S, While 1 number 9100 is a brand new wide cab unit. At the same time, a westbound CN mixed freight with 5543 rolls alongside the CP rail freight. With both freights gone, more track maintenance had to be performed. Afterwards, another look at 9021 is shown as it handles the portage turn while facing West at 10:40 AM. This is a local that operates from Winnipeg to portage. Behind the 9021 is SD40-2 number 5955 and a single freight car as it makes a stop at the station. Meanwhile, a flashback to Mr. Laing's films show 4-6-2 number 1214 arriving at portage la prairie on the day before the fourth of July 1959 celebration while handling the local. Back to the modern era, the 9021 & 5955 heads for 8th street while an eastbound doublestack with 5714 makes a meet with the local at 5 minutes before 11:00. 5714 is one of the newer CN SD75I units built in 1996. The sky begins to clear as a westbound 4 unit CN doublestack arrives at 12:30 PM on the rivers subdivision near West tower which is led by engines 5322, 5313, 5518, & 5720. At 2:22, we are at the yard, where a pair of brand new wide cab units are doing some switching. Back at the depot, the maintenance crew arrives back As it clears the mainline on CP tracks. Here they pass 5955 & 9021. At the same time, the twin wide cab units on CN are still switching as they drop off some cars of ballast. The portage turn is still waiting for the track crew to clear the line, While the twin CN diesels are still switching in the yard. At last, the clock strikes 2:40 PM as the portage turn with 5955 & 9021 finally gets the right of way. A flashback to Mr. Laing's films are shown once again as Class G3 Pacific number 2362 rolls through the station on a westbound freight during May 31, 1958. Back in the modern era, a hi-rail inspection vehicle is shown on CN rails heading east, While some still images of Mr. Laing's films show a red Plymouth idling near the depot in 1959. Once again we are back in the modern era as more maintenance machines roll by the station, While at the same time, the twin CN diesels are finished with their switching as well as the arrival of a westbound mixed freight at 2:50 pm. This is led by engines 5718, & 5072. 30 minutes later at 3:20, the twin diesels have recoupled up to the freight as it rolls by West tower while heading west on the rivers subdivision. It's led by engines 2562 & 2560. Afterwards, a westbound Empty grain train is on CP tracks at 3:45 PM. It's led by 8562 which the driver of the locomotive gives a horn show to the crew. In the going away shot, 8562 passes by the workmen. As the clock stroke 4:00 in the afternoon, another westbound is shown at West tower on the Cadbury subdivision. This 3 unit freight had a SOO line unit in the middle. One SD40-2is placed on each end with 5723 in the lead & 5946 between the SOO line 8081 & The freight. 45 minutes later, there is more track work to be done, As the metal is transferred from the truck to the maintenance machine in rails. Moments later, the tail of an eastbound CN freight is shown as it crosses a gravel road at 6:05 PM. The lead locomotives weren't filmed due to the camera's battery issue. A flashback to Mr. Laing's films are shown with 2-8-2 number 3553 crosses The same gravel road on the first day of July 1959. Back to the modern era, a 3 unit westbound arrives about 20 minutes later at 6:25. It's led by 2511, 2582, & 2571. This is the crossing where all trains could whistle. At 6:37 PM, a rail hauling train heads West on the rivers subdivision. It's led by 6018. At the same time, a bug tries to block the lens as 6018 heads for the crossing. Moments later at 6:54, a 2 unit mixed freight is on the Gladstone subdivision which is led by engines 5360 & 5352. Next up is a 2 coach inspection train crossing the diamond as it heads east with chopped nosed GP9 number 8217 in charge. Moments later, a westbound arrives as the clock stroke 7:18 while it heads for the Cadbury subdivision on the double diamonds which had a steam era coach near the end of this freight. It's led by 5918, 5727, & 5752. All 3 of them are SD40-2S. Another flashback to Mr. Laing's films snow some steam at the junction with 2-8-2 number 3535 on the Gladstone subdivision heading west on July 1, 1959, followed by an eastbound with another 2-8-2 number 3599 on the rivers subdivision. Back to the modern era, an auto carrier with some mixed cars on the rear, is on the rivers subdivision at West tower at 7:25. It's led by engines 5307, & 5418. Afterwards, a last look at the twin depots are shown at 8:40 PM. 50 minutes later at 9:30, a westbound is on CN rails with a new wide cab unit up front followed by 2 more older engines in the middle. The main 2000 feature comes to a close as the sun is setting for the last time as an eastbound Canadian Pacific grain train rolls by West tower at 9:47 pm.

For the Saskatchewan bonus, the action begins on Tuesday June 15, 1999 as a pair of SD40-2S numbers 5909 & 6039 are switching in bredenbury, near the grain elevator & The original depot. A girl is working on the railroad as she carefully removed herself from the train while switching tracks so that the diesels could back the cars up after she climbed back onto the ladder of a hopper on the rear. Some more wide cab/modern power is seen beside the grain elevator. While the SD40-2S continue to go backwards, a 4 door GMC pick up truck arrives. With the freight dropped off at the yard, 5909 & 6039 are stopping temporarily, before a brief visit to the yard was included. There are lots of SD40-2S in the service yard as 5702 leads 3 more diesels out of the yard. 5702 is carrying 5874, 5847, & 6607. The first 2 units are in the old paint, While the rest units are in the new paint. Then quartet of SD40-2S backs into it's assigned freight as the workman adjust the brake pipes after coupling to the freight. Then it's down the line as the 5702 heads for the crossing with an almost perfect reflection shot, as well as leaving the east end of bredenbury yard. Moments later, a visit to churchbridge was made As the grain train continues east with more bugs flying near the camera lens. An old horse cart sits on display as a pair of big rigs pass by the vintage piece of transportation history while 5702 & it's sister engines roll through Langenburg. This scene concludes the June 15 footage. On Wednesday June 16, 1999, a visit to Wynyard Saskatchewan was made As a loaded grain train is shown with a pair of GP38-2S: 3098 & 3116. Here they leave the loading area as they roll back to the mainline. The station at Wynyard serves as a crew change & yard office. With the switch thrown, a brief look at the small yard is shown as 3 more diesels are parked on a bend. With a clear signal, the 3098 & 3116 heads for it's destination of Kelvington. The same train is seen again at Elfros as it continues east while 3098 does a horn show, followed by the foam lake grain elevators. The final train of the June 16 1999 coverage shows AC4400CW number 9551 on an eastbound freight which is somewhere West of Langdon. This scene concludes the Saskatchewan bonus.

After visiting portage la prairie & Saskatchewan, Greg took the girls (his wife & daughter) for a variety of steam on the Alberta prairie with former mississippian 2-8-0 number 41, & Canadian national class U-1-F 4-8-2 number 6060. Those trips are shown in Greg's other titles: riding the Alberta prairie from 2011, & CN 6060 steam special from 2012.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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