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Best of the Midwest Vol 2 DVD
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Best of the Midwest Vol 2 DVD Pentrex BMW2-DVD 748268004544
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Pentrex takes you to South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin for more of the best in Midwestern railroading!

We visit several shortlines including the Minnesota Central, Dakota Southern, and Nebkota. Pentrex captured Nebkota's beautiful A-B-A set of F-units just days before it was sold to Canadian Pacific for use on executive trains.

Class I railroads create an abundance of action in the Midwest. Union Pacific is one of the busiest on its ex-Chicago & North Western mainline through Iowa. Burlington Northern Santa Fe is not far behind on its transcontinental mainline between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. Canadian Pacific makes an appearance on its former Soo Line trackage with a variety of power from "Red Barn" SD40-2Fs to newly delivered AC4400s.

From jointed rail to ribbon rail, the Midwest offers a great variety of shortline and mainline action. It's all here for you in The Best of the Midwest Volume II!

DVD Special Features:

  • Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.

  • Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour 37 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-171-2
UPC: 7-48268-00454-4

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Runtime:1 Hour, 37 Mins ($0.25/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268004544
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Disc Type:DVD
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Best of the Midwest Vol 2 DVD
rrvideoman on 2008-03-15 06:47:44.

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Best of the Midwest, Vol. # 2 is a continuation of Vol. # 1.
Starting with some classic F-Units on the Nebkota Railway, we see some excellent shortline action at low speeds. A very interesting railway indeed in some picturesque landscape.
On to the Dakota Southern and Minnesota Central. The action continues to get better with the old engines that have survived on shortlines. Then on to some Class 1's, as we see BNSF, UP, and the Canadian Pacific.
Everything the midwest can offer is here. High speed mainline to the shortlines who run just twice the speed of a good jogger. The regions covered are scenic, full of the agricultural services that feed the railroads. There is plenty of variety for power lashups.
A really great addition to anyone's collection.

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Best of the Midwest Vol 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-25 10:43:51.

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In volume 2 from 1999 which is the longest program in the trilogy, it starts with the Nebkota railway which operates in the northwest corner of Nebraska, to the south Dakota state line. This shortline operates on the Chicago & northwestern cowboy line. Where it connects to BNSF at Crawford. It's early morning as C&NW GP7 number 47, a bay window caboose from the Milwaukee road, F unit 55 from Canadian Pacific, F9 54 & B unit 66 from Canadian national are in the yard waiting for service & engine start ups. Keep in mind that this visit was made in 1998 due to the F units leaving the short line in June of that year. The F units are heading to the east end of the yard for its assigned train while carrying a quartet of hoppers. The cows are grazing in the field as the diesels have picked up more freight cars (mostly hoppers). Listen to that incredible horn on number 55. For a few miles, the line snakes around the bend at Bordeaux Nebraska through various hills. 30 miles west of here is Crawford hill. West of hay springs, the F units cross over a small wooden bridge. Next, the diesels make a head on shot for the camera crew then it jumpcuts alongside the track as it crawls through bumpy rails at 10 miles per hour. The next town on the line is Rushville. Here a look at the water tower, and the town itself is shown. Plus the F units are blaring its horn for the crossing near a Grain elevator. Shortly further down the line, it's viewed from the hill with the town in the background. At Clinton, the train passes by an old School which stood here for over 80 years. In Gordon, the F units arrive at the tallest Grain elevators for some switching. With switching completed, the F units are back on the 10 mile per hour bumpy track to its assigned destination, which includes a cab ride. Along the way, there are horses and other animals alongside the tracks. Plus sand hills and lakes as well. While the cows are chasing the train, notice how one of them landed in the water. Arriving at Merriman, the F units added more hoppers as a workman dispatches them from an inspection vehicle. This concludes the Nebkota.

Moving onto the Dakota southern, this short line operates on the Milwaukee road line between Kadota to the BNSF connection at Mitchell. The railroad is headquartered in Chamberlain. Resting in the yard is union pacific centennial unit 6925. It was used for fuel storage. Also in the yard is some track maintenance equipment. Manager Alex Huff inspects the operating diesels: Alco C-420 number 213 & southern Pacific SD9 4427. Engineer Richard Bower backs up to the hoppers. Following behind is the maintenance ballast tamper, & the chase tamper. A rusty Milwaukee road boxcar is used for part storage. At last, the diesels have got their cars & leave the yard with a long string of hoppers. A couple of miles from the headquarters is the Missouri river bridge. Another cab ride is included, this time it's onboard 4427. Like the Nebkota, the Dakota southern runs on 10 mile per hour speed restrictions. Listen to the horn on 4427. The Missouri river bridge built in 1953 is the longest bridge in south Dakota. Another camera crew captures the same train from the other side of the bridge. Then it's back & forth to the cab again. This concludes the Dakota southern.

The final short line in part 2 before we get to the mainline freight action is the Minnesota central located in Morton. It connects with BNSF at Hanley falls, & the TC&W at Norwood. Arriving at Morton is a 30 car freight train loaded with clay as it tried to climb uphill with engines 911, 1616, & 291 in the lead. With the clay train gone, number 804 leaves the shed, & switches tracks. 804 is a chopped nosed GP8. With 804 in place, the clay train gained some speed as it climbs uphill. Unfortunately due to the weight of the clay, the train stalls about 200 feet. Another eastbound pushes the first train up the hill. The second train is led by 805 & 803 as it goes over the Minnesota river on a wooden bridge. Arriving in morton, 805 & 803 heads for the stalled clay train to add more power and more muscle. At last, the clay train finally climbs over the steep grade With more helpers on the rear. The destination is the twin cities & western connection at Norwood.

With 3 shortlines completed, it time for some fast mainline freight action beginning with the BNSF Mendota subdivision between Chicago & the hot spot of Galesburg Illinois. The action begins in sandwich as Amtrak's Illinois Zephyr racing at 70 miles per hour which is led by a Pepsi can unit that was commonly used on the coast starlight. Moments later, Burlington northern 1407 handles a lumber car & a boxcar on a local. As the 2 car local goes away, note the library playing God bless America as the clock stroke 12:00. Next up is a 3 unit Burlington northern coal train at Princeton. It's led by 5568, 7062, & 9266. At the hot spot of Galesburg, it's railroad days as a freight rolls by the spectators as BN 2770 leads 9527 on a mixed freight with a pair of caterpillar D11 bulldozers on flatbeds. Sitting silent is CB&Q 4003. These 2 diesels have no trouble hauling this heavy freight.

Another BNSF subdivision is the saint Croix subdivision in Wisconsin, near the Minnesota state line. The action begins at bay city as train Z-CHCSTP9 heads from Chicago to saint Paul. It's led by BN 8612 with a booster unit. Next up is a loaded grain train on G-MEMPAS1 From Memphis Tennessee to Pasco Washington. It's led by BN 7171. Moments later, a manifest is shown on train H-NTWBRC meaning that it's heading from northtown to Chicago's belt railway. It's led by BN 8079, booster unit 4034, & Santa Fe warbonet 923. Afterwards, Canadian national train 341 is shown as it's led by C40-8M cowl unit 2438.

The final BNSF subdivision for volume 2 is the staple subdivision in Minnesota. The action begins in Anoka, as a Chicago to Seattle doublestack is shown crossing the Rum river bridge. This is known as S-CHCSEA1. It's a 3 unit doublestack with 2 from Burlington northern up front, & a blue and yellow Santa Fe unit as the third. Moments later, Amtrak's empire builder roars through Ramsey running 3 hours late. Note the baggage car on the rear. East of elk river, a mixed freight approaches on train H-NTWLAU1 meaning that it's heading from northtown to laurel Montana. A blue & yellow Santa Fe unit is in second while BN 2579 is the fourth unit on the freight. The first and third units are leased GATX diesels. At big lake, train M-DILNTW From dilworth to northtown is shown. It's led by BN 7847 & 4093. Cutting through becker, Train V-CHCTAC from Chicago to Tacoma is shown as it's led by BN 6907. At the 60 minute mark of the program, a double crossover is at milepost 66 east of saint cloud. Here we see BNSF G1 unit 982 waiting. First up is train M-NTWGFD1 from northtown to grand forks north Dakota with BN 2768 & 2773 plus Santa Fe 2715. With the first train cleared, Train Z-CHCSSE1 from Chicago to the south end of Seattle is shown as it's led by warbonet 8231, BN 8066 and 7121. With the traffic gone, 982 gets the right of way. Here it is on train H-NTWEVE from northtown to Everett Washington. Between the BNSF units are GM 6314 & 6301. Behind 1067 is BN 8146 & 3141. BN 6906 leads a booster unit & a warbonet on train H-PASMEM From Pasco to Memphis east of saint cloud. The NP depot is still operated by Amtrak as train H-NTWPAS is shown with BN 6843 & 9224. Next up is train M-NTWGFD from northtown to grand forks ND. This 4 unit freight has flatbeds of caterpillar construction machines & John Deere tractors.

Leaving the BNSF subdivisions, it time for some CP action on the Paynesville line. First we see train 565 at medina. It's led by 5731 with 5475. In Loretto, the same train takes the siding to meet a trio of eastbound trains. The 1st eastbound is led by 5735 With HLCX 6226 on train 580. The 2nd eastbound is SD40-2F 9024 on train 372 to saint Paul. Behind it is engines 5559 & 5492. The 3rd & final eastbound is train 630 from Winnipeg to the twin cities. It's led by 5999 With Soo line 6031. With the eastbound freight trains gone, Train 565 gets the right of way. At buffalo, there is a rail grinder waiting for the job tomorrow that is parked on a siding. Note the cat machines as the tail of the train rolls by. East of Annadale, Train 636 is headed for Louisville. It's led by a pair of wide cab units. The sun is setting as the same train is at Watkins. Not to mention being invaded by mosquitoes. On a different day, 5514 is on train 149.

The final subdivision in this program takes us to iowa, on the Union Pacific Boone subdivision. First we see some in Ames as the C&NW depot is shown with SD60M 6178 leading this 4 unit doublestack that had a Rio Grande unit in the middle, plus C40-8 9289. Next up is a local with C&NW 4706 & 4711 to Boone. The last train is a Bailey yard bound freight with 2917 & C&NW 5512. Moving on to the final 10 minutes of this program, there are highway workers at colo. The work train is led by C&NW 6856. Here it takes the spur for the night. The workman on the Missouri Pacific bay window caboose have some words for the camera crew. In Lamoille, there are slow orders as the Chicago bound doublestack with 6279 & C40-8 9232 roll by. The Marshalltown clock tower is in the background as C&NW 6871 with UP 3698 arrives at the yard. The program comes to a close as the same doublestack has a new crew, followed by another Chicago bound freight with C&NW 8620 & UP 9726.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Narration CAN be turned off in special features.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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