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Santa Fe 3751 Return to Steam DVD
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Santa Fe 3751 Return to Steam DVD Pentrex 3751-DVD 748268005862
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It's December 1991 and former AT&SF steam locomotive #3751 has returned to the Santa Fe mainline. She's heading up a 4-day maiden excursion after years of restoration effort. Her journey is going to take her from Los Angeles to Bakersfield via Cajon and Tehachapi Passes and Pentrex is with her to capture the thrill of big steam on the rails!

The San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society had purchased the Baldwin-built 3751 in order to restore and operate the oldest surviving example of Santa Fe's 4-8-4 fleet. So before we begin our California Limited adventure, we'll take you back to 1986 to show you the move from the 3751's resting place at Viaduct Park in San Bernardino to the California Steel Industries site in Fontana where SBRRHS volunteers performed the majority of the restoration. Following that historic move, we'll fast forward to the successful break-in runs of August 1991 and show what countless man-hours and dedication had achieved.

The December 27 maiden voyage of this restored locomotive was a fabulous success. The engine powered a recreation of the California Limited passenger train, celebrating the 99th anniversary of the original train's debut. Leading the excursion from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and back via the stiff grades of both Cajon and Tehachapi Passes, the 3751 performed flawlessly. Two FP-45 diesel locomotives, #97 and #95, in dazzling Warbonnet paint scheme, were coupled behind the steam engine as helpers. They were a beautiful sight but it was the 3751 that thrilled the spectators lining the route. Pentrex brings you trackside to experience all the excitement of this momentous event. You're bound to enjoy every minute!

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1 Hour
In Color with Hi-Fe Sound and Narration
Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format
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Santa Fe 3751 Return to Steam DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-24 10:52:44.

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In the pentrex version of the 3751 revival, it starts with the oldest operating northern itself in San Bernardino about 5 days before Christmas 1991 (December 20) with 3 private cars and caboose 999784 rolling into the station near the freight yard. During the ceremony, a speech from the AT&SF public relations manager of San Bernardino Mike Martin is shown as well as mayor Bob Holcomb, President of the San Bernardino railroad historical society Scott Brittin, vice President of operations of the Santa Fe in California Tom Shalin, and doing the honors of the champagne bottle breaking is Scott's daughter Lanny. Next a flashback using deleted and extended clips from the best of 1986 is shown. The date is April 29th to the 30th of that year, and the dead northern is leaving the display site as it's due to be towed to Fontana by southern Pacific SD9 diesels 4435 and 4450 on May 3rd. This segment was also used as the beginning of part 2 of Today's steam across America. The only part On 3751 that works while sitting silent is the bell. With the SP diesels gone, the California steel industries plant Switchers move the dead engine to its restoration headquarters. Only pentrex and video rails were there for the restoration of the 1927 Baldwin built 4-8-4. On Saturday September 12, 1987, the front Firebox door is open as the workmen are removing the super heated units to the truck. Fast forward to almost 4 years later on August 13, 1991 (2 days after the conclusion of the NRHS convention in Huntington West Virginia), the test run has officially begun. While 3751 is waiting for a roll on the test track, some diesels on the California steel industries and the Santa Fe roll by in the background crossing the diamond. At last with the adjusted peanut whistle, the oldest operating northern is back in action. Back to December 20th, 3751 hauls a freight train with the same private cars as it leaves San Bernardino for Hobart yard in Los Angeles. Even though the wind is wild, the northern itself performed flawlessly well. Afterwards, it rolls through a cut in grand Terrace. At riverside depot, the palm trees are swaying as 3751 whistles by. Next, it whistles through corona. Look how long this piggyback train is. Moments later, 3751 is at Santa Ana canyon. Here it passes by the green river golf course. About 2 days after Christmas, and 4 days before New year's eve on December 27, the first excursion with 3751 arrives at Pasadena, which is obviously the original headquarters for Pentrex. Kids and adults are excited for the arrival of the northern with a pair of warbonet FP45 diesels 95 & 97. Next the engine used the peanut whistle at South Pasadena as it goes under the bridge. Before arriving at Los Angeles union station, the special passes by mission tower. Listen carefully to the Amtrak horn as 3751 whistles for an echo, and also does a wheel slip, then it backs into the station. Note the horn on the rear of the special. Like the December 20th test run, both pentrex and video rails were there for the return of the northern. Many people have gathered from far and near to be either board the special, or chase it to Bakersfield. Crew members are having conversations of their own before the departure. One crewmember is being interviewed by a local channel 7 station for ABC, as the cameraman itself from the local news station is using a Sony Betacam just like noteworthy railroad producer Greg Scholl in 1992. Amtrak is also standing by for its regular service in the background while Bob Holton does some comments on the engine. With everyone onboard, day 1 of the 4 day round trip begins. Again, listen to that lovely peanut whistle that the engine used in 1991 and 1992 only before it was replaced with a 6 chime whistle in 1995 and 3751 uses that one even to this day. Leaving LAUPT, it passes by some Amtrak superliner coaches along the los Angeles river. Next, it rolls by the Amtrak Redondo junction yard and roundhouse with the brand new Dash 8-40 BWs in their unique Pepsi can colors that was used on the coast starlight. Since 1999, the Redondo junction yard and roundhouse is the new home to 3751. Listen carefully for a helicopter off screen. East of los Angeles, the northern is back at Santa Ana canyon. Again note the helicopter. Next it highballs through corona. At last the engine arrives for service at San Bernardino where some blue and yellow units are in the background. Everyone wanted to get a great angle of the northern. After a water stop and picking up more passengers, the climb over Cajon pass begins. North of San Bernardino, there is some pacing. People got out of their cars, and want to get an interesting look at 3751 rolling by. Many of the private cars came from other road names and fallen flags. During the shot of the coaches, a meet with Amtrak's since been discontinued dessert wind rolls by as it heads to los Angeles from salt lake city. Also note the motorcycle during the pacing of the locomotive. Before the pacing portion was finished, a meet with an SW diesel switcher loading hoppers are shown. Then it goes over the highway. More people have joined in the fun as 3751 is at Cajon. Here it approaches Sullivan's curve. It was named after photographer Herb Sullivan. The Santa Fe line uses the lower track, while the southern Pacific used the upper track. Plus union pacific. Other people chased the special as 3751 arrives at the summit of Cajon pass. As night falls, 3751 arrives at Barstow. Lots of people joined the fun during Christmas break as 3751 uses the peanut whistle for the arrival. On day 2 of the excursion(Saturday December 28), the locomotive has been turned around for the trip to Bakersfield over the tehachapi loop. While 3751 is waiting for a green signal, a 3 unit union pacific freight passes by the special that has a pair of the standard cab C40-8 units, with a GP40 in the lead. Everyone wanted to get a great angle of the northern. Leaving Barstow, the speed limit to Mojave is 70 miles per hour. Here it whistles for the Lynwood grade crossing. Next it highballs through Hinkley. The only photo runby of the second day is at Edwards California near the air base. A blue and yellow unit is parked on a siding. Numbers 95 and 97 have ran around the coaches, while 3751 was turned on the wye. At Warren, a southern Pacific 3 unit mixed train is shown. The lead unit has missing paint, while the second unit uses a brand new script lettered logo. At the same time, 3751 makes a meet with the freight on the 2.2% grade. Note the wind turbines in the background. In the town of tehachapi near the summit, 3751 is being serviced as more people wanted to see the locomotive close up. With service complete, the next stop on the list is tunnel 10 at the big loop. First The special negotiates an S curve, then it winds around the big loop with more people joining the chase. Like the Cajon pass portion, and the Test run in August, this was also shown on tape 2 of Today's steam across America. After going through tunnel 9 under the loop, the destination is Bakersfield. At Woodford, an eastbound freight with blue and yellow units wait for 3751 to pass. GP20 number 3055 is in the consist of the freight. High above the loop, the special approaches the waiting freight. In caliente, the oldest operating northern negotiates the horse shoe curve in the triple track line. Marching up the grade 3751 tackles the 1% hill between Beena & sand cut as it passes by another freight. Spectators are everywhere as 3751 arrives at its destination of Bakersfield. The locomotive has been turned around on Sunday December 29, and the trip home to los Angeles begins. East of Bakersfield, the train is at Edison, which is 10 miles east. This is also a potato plant, where they'll be harvested in the spring. A light rain is falling as 3751 is at Caliente. Note the water drops on the camera lens. Next, it whistles at Bealville. Again note the water drop on the lens. At the east end of Woodford, heavy rain is falling as 3751 stops at a red signal to wait for a westbound freight at the Tehachapi loop. It's led by a quartet of red and silver Wide cab warbonets. The destination is Richmond California after Chicago. With the freight cleared, 3751 finally gets the right of way as it heads for the loop. Look how dirty the tender and the diesels have been going through. Also note the wheel slip. At last the special leaves tunnel 9 as it passes by a waiting southern Pacific freight at the Tehachapi loop in waylong. Near Warren 3751 approaches Mojave. At sansoro, the red signals are activated due to the lousy weather as 3751 passes by milepost 810. Next stop Barstow, and also turned around once again for the trip Back to los Angeles Via Cajon pass and San Bernardino. Monday December 30 1991 (the second to last day of 1991 going into 1992), finds 3751 departing Barstow heading home at 8:30. Prior to the departure, the diesels have since been cleaned for a wash down. West of Barstow, the locomotive whistles at top speed. Moments later, the engine approaches the summit of Cajon pass out of Victorville. Next it negotiates through the narrows at Victorville, then it passes by a speed limit sign of 40 to 45 miles per hour. Afterwards, 3751 whistles for the summit of Cajon pass. Decending the grade, the special is at summit valley, then it negotiates the bend at Sullivan's curve, crosses the bridge at blue cut, and arrives at San Bernardino. As we say goodbye to 1991, it's also time to say so long to the very first excursion of 3751 as it arrives back in Los Angeles while switching back and forth at mission tower. The credits roll as the special backs up.

Back when this was released, pentrex thought that this was an hour video, when it should've been 85 minutes. Oh well. Still a good program to watch.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Santa Fe 3751 Return to Steam DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2014-11-30 21:32:28.

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this was a excellent video by pentrex nice to see the 3751 in action and how these people took the effort to bring this engine back in services also the California limited express was brilliant definitely recommend this to your library of train videos

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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