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Wrecks and Clean-Up Trains DVD
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Wrecks and Clean-Up Trains DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-228 604435022899
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Wrecks And Clean-up Trains is a collection of mishaps and incidents mostly from the 50's and 60's, but includes a few earlier than that.

We begin with the New Haven Railroad with 2 freight train wrecks, and RDC incident, and another freight or two. In some of these we see the big Derricks at work hauling wheel sets, or lifting freight cars or coaches out of the way, or back on the rails. We also see bull dozers at work at one scene and Derricks working as well. These are all steam-powered cranes, but these were filmed in the 60's during the diesel era. In some cases we see the work trains with the cranes or a GP9 or other diesel power moving the train around. There is a lot to enjoy in this segment shot by one photographer in the 1960's.

Next we see the aftermath of 3 different steam-era incidents on the Denver & Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in Colorado. This material has some still images including a movie wreck around 1950, but shows one of the engine before the wreck in service. Then we see some still shots of engine 485 which fell into the Salida Turntable pit in 1953, followed by engines 497 and 498 wrecked sitting at Cumbres in 1960. This is movie footage of them sitting as the photographer had chased a freight to Cumbres. Both were later repaired and saw service after 1960.

Next is a black and white segment showing film while riding a passenger train in 1946 on the Union Pacific. We see a wrecked 4-8-4 in the siding with a challenger 3838 in steam, and another one as well at Thayer Junction, Wyoming. This is short, but we have some information about the incident.

Another Union Pacific derailment follows in 1955 at Dodd, Colorado. The west bound "Challenger" streamliner was detoured off the mainline due to high water and washouts on the mainline near Julesburg, and took the line from Julesburg to connect to the Denver-Cheyenne line to bypass the bad area. Unfortunately it hit another washout at speed and derailed. We see some of the train aftermath, and 2 cranes working to clean-up some of the mess the next day, as well as the work train.

Next is a Pennsylvania Railroad Black and White film during the steam-era which shows a derailed steam engine which appears to be from a land-slide. Not much is known, though there are a few neat scenes of other trains, and work on the wreck site.

A pair of Derrick Cranes are seen working a derailment on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway somewhere in Kentucky along the Ohio River. A pair of F-units are seen on one work train, and an Alco on the other one.

Another Pennsylvania Railroad derailment is seen at Convoy, Ohio in 60's with 2 E-units on a passenger train that hit a heavy truck trailer.

Last but surely not least is a 1958 wreck at Sardinia, Ohio on the Norfolk and Western Railroad where two freight trains hit head-on in the early morning hours of Easter. We see 2 camera coverage(this was about 20 miles from where we lived), including the two sets of overturned GP-9's and freight cars mangled. We also see a N&W crane at work. A special bonus is the passing of passenger train #26, the eastbound Powhatan Arrow, powered by Steam engine Class J 4-8-4 number 611, which survives today. This was 3 months before this train was dieselized.

There is a lot of interesting material in this one-of-a-kind show you won't find in any other video presentations. Music and narration guide you along in this show made from converted films to video. No sound of course with these old films. Lots of info though.

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Wrecks and Clean-Up Trains DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-25 10:27:57.

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In this Collection of these aftermaths of Accidents & Incidents, We begin with the New Haven in Canton Junction Massachusetts during June of 1965 that was Filmed by Mr. A.J. Crocket which his steam excursion films can be shown in Both Canadian Vintage Steam from 2008, & Eastern Steam Trips from 2017. This footage as well as the location itself was filmed many years before Amtrak Extended the Electrified Northeast Corridor To Boston's South Station. Some freight cars Mostly Hoppers with coal have derailed. Power for the Work train is GP9 Number 1228. A Steam locomotive Tender was used to power up the Crane car. The Wreck train was dispatched from Providence Rhode Island. There was a much bigger wreck at the same location in 1968. Next the Workmen tried their best to repair some things here & there as well as the switches. A year later in 1966, Mr. Crocket Filmed another New Haven Crash in Massachusetts, This time its on the Needham Branch which is now Operated by the Mass Bay Transit Authority Commuter Rail. Here we see an RDC Budd Car Laying on its side. It Turns out that the problem had to be coming from some Naughty Children who cuts the Lock & Throw the Switch. While a Local News Helicopter (Probably WBZ Channel 4, but aren't sure) arrives, another GP9 pulls into the scene carrying coaches with first responders. The News crew gets the preparations ready for today's Breaking News. We see the Evidence of the Damaged Switch & Lock that was caused by Misbehaving Kids. On an Unidentified Year, Mr. Crocket was on the Boston & Albany line as there was a special load of grain that was destined for going halfway around the world to Russia but was canceled to a Crash west of Boston. A Bulldozer pushes the debris, while a New York Central Crane waits for the load to be picked up. One NYC Crane was sent from Worcester Or Springfield, the other came from Beacon Hill. Lots of freight cars have since been tumbled on the sides. An unknown Alco Road Switcher is the primary locomotive for this rescue train. The pieces of track has to be replaced & repaired. Nowadays the former B&A Route Serves as the Boston Line for Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited to Chicago as well as some CSX freights out of Framingham, Worcester, & Springfield since the Former Beacon Park Yard at Boston's West Side was abandoned after early 2013. The Same Bulldozer pushes not only the wheels & axels from the freight cars, but also pushing some damaged boxcars out of the way. Next we head to Attleboro near the Rhode Island State Line as the depot is not only damaged as evidenced by a hole in the wall of a brick built station, but also more Cars have toppled on the sides as well. This Song for this Segment was also used in NYC Steam Finale from 2004, Big Boys & Challengers from 2008, & N&W in Transition from 2014, Not to Mention the Main Menu for Rayonier the Last Steam Loggers. Again this scene was filmed by Mr. Crocket. 2 cranes moved one of the coaches back onto the line. The next coach to be placed back onto the track is Pennsylvania Parlor car 7126 the Benjamin Franklin. With the coach on the rails once again, the work train with another NH GP9 heads off. Next we see some shots of the Damaged rails, signals, & even frame trucks being put back onto the rails by cranes. Meanwhile, a passenger train that is led by the FL9s are taking slow orders while passing by the mess, then we see Crane D-5 being turned around. Afterwards, we see the hook being lowered so it can pick up the next set of trucks, and place it on a flatbed with the others. A father with a sibling & his daughter walked pass the process of the aftermath as the workmen are still repairing the tracks. Next we see GP9 number 1208 pushing crane D-4 "Boston" while passing by the Caterpillar Front Loader 955H, concluding our look at the New Haven. The New York, New Haven, & Hartford RR is the longest segment in this recent program.

Before we head west to another state, we see a short segment of the Boston & Maine which includes a rear of the Freight with a bay window caboose in the consist as well as a Damaged boxcar with a sign that says "Handle Carefully, Glass, Don't Hump". Then we see a boxcar that was ripped open, as well as more freight cars that are ripped open, & bent up so bad. For this Segment, the Portland to Seattle Portion from America By Rail The West Coast Route by Mike Lynch in 1995 was used. This short Segment Ends the Mr. AJ Crocket Films.

From Massachusetts, we head to the Colorado Rockies on the Rio Grande beginning with 1881 built 2-8-0 number 345 at Durango in 1950, followed by a still image of 319 in black and white, & 268 in the bumblebee scheme. During the filming for "Denver & Rio Grande", 345, & 319 were staged for a head on collision because the railroad & the Movie makers want to keep 268 for good. Thus the 345 & 319 were later gone for scrap after filming was over. In July of 1951, 473 is wearing the bumblebee colors while backing onto the Turntable. This Segment was also shown in Rio Grande's 4th Division or Steam Passenger Trains from 2018. While 473 backs into the roundhouse, 319 is getting a special make-up for the preparation of the movie. On December 7, 1953 (12 years after the bombing of pearl harbor that got America into the Second World War), 485 fell into the turntable pit & was never recovered. The problem had something to do with a leak in the throttle area. After seeing some Black & White Stills as well as a June 1954 film clip by the Producer's father Warren W. Scholl, which was also shown in Riding the Narrow Gauge in the 1950s from 2003. It was the only 480 series Mikado on the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge That was Gone for Scrap. To Wrap Up the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge, the Date is May 25, 1960 as 497 & 498 are Standing silent at the 10,015 Feet Cumbres Depot. Months earlier on February 10, of that same year, 497, & 498 were doubleheading while hauling freight when they hit a snowbank causing the 2 locomotives to Not only Derail, but also Topple over. Thankfully, the 2 engines were rebuilt in Alamosa during much warmer weather & were returned to service shortly thereafter. Here's 498 Hauling Freight at La Jara Colorado in 1967, while at the same time, 497 is pushing on the rear while leaving Chama.

Returning to the Standard Gauge routes, we see some more Black & while reels this time its on the Union Pacific in August of 1946. Here we are at Thayer Junction Wyoming while riding on a passenger train as we pass by an Unidentified but Tenderless FEF 4-8-4, 4-6-6-4 Challenger type locomotive number 3983 Elephant Ear Smoke Deflectors, & another Challenger number 3988. A Repeat is shown, but it's slowed down to 70%. It turns out that the problem has something to do with the Broken rails. The Driver of the Mail train Sadly Died while 7 more were taken to the Hospital. Returning to Color films once again, We're at Dodd Colorado in June of 1955 as a Washout occurred on the Streamlined Challenger. During that time, there were washouts between Julesburg Colorado & Cheyenne Wyoming. The Lead diesels for this Streamliner were E9A number 945, & a pair of Cabless Booster Units 955 & 961. Everyone came from their automobiles to see what was going on at a Swollen River. Moments later we see 2 Derrick Cranes lifting one of the coaches: one crane came from North Platte Near Bailey Yard in Nebraska, & the other came from Cheyenne. The Derricks were painted Silver in Later Years. A Union Pacific GP9 is sandwiched between the work coaches & the Crane. 1 person was killed, & 7 more were taken to the hospital. This scene ended the Union Pacific Segment.

Returning east, we're on the Pennsylvania Railroad, this time its at Convoy Ohio Between Crestline OH, & Fort Wayne, IN. A westbound passenger train stroke a lowboy trailer in foggy weather. The truck driver: Mr. William McKinnley Meadows got hung up on the main street crossing. All 3 EMD Diesels, an Express car, a Baggage Car, A Lounge Car, & 4 Coaches were toppled off the tracks. The date was July 5, 1961. 10 passengers were injured & were sent To Van Wurt. 8 coaches on the rear were pulled back & were resent to Fort Wayne.

These Next set of films were recorded By Mr. Donald Jaimeson who was a fellow friend to the Scholl family. First we're at the Chesapeake & Ohio along the Ohio River in Kentucky, Which is somewhere between Limeville & Silver Grove. Here we see 2 cranes moving a Tank car without its trucks. An Alco Built Diesel powers one side of the Work train, while a pair of Covered wagons one of them being numbered 7076 powers the other crane. Throughout the C&O segment, the extended Theme song to N&W in Transition & Rio Grande Vintage Steam was used.

Before we get to see more films from Mr. Jaimeson, Here's another Black & white segment from the Pennsylvania This time, as there is a landslide occured there which includes either an 0-4-0 or an 0-6-0 helping out. Next we see a 2-8-0 on a freight train, followed by some close up scenes of the boulders themselves, as well as re-railing another locomotive back to the tracks. This was filmed in the 30s.

Back to Mr. Jaimeson's Films, We're at Sardinia Ohio During the Aftermath of the Easter Sunday 1958 freight Wreck on the Norfolk & Western's Peavine route, which were filmed by both Donald & Warren. Some of These angles from that Collision were also Shown in N&W in Transition, 611 the Early Years from 2014, & the 2016 Update of N&W Steam Passenger Trains. Speaking of 611, the future famous J Class Surviving 4-8-4 itself is the first locomotive to go through the wreck site while taking slow orders. One of the Cracked open Freight Cars were Carrying Boxes of Schlitz Beer.

Besides the Films from Mr. Crocket, Mr. Jaimeson, & Mr. Scholl, there were 3 more filmmakers listed in the Closing Credits: Russ Ahrnke, Ted Collins, & Fritz Klinke.

Overall, Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) did an incredible Job Narrating this collection of these dramatic footages from a bygone era.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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