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World Class HiRail Layouts Part 2 DVD
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World Class HiRail Layouts Part 2 DVD TM Books and Video HIRAIL2 780484961362
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These are not your daddy's layouts. These are layouts where everything is in scale - the trains, buildings, people, scenery, everything - except the track because it is a little higher than it should be. That's why they're called "Hi-Rail" layouts.

In Part 2 we feature four exquisite examples of this new phenomenon which has rocked the world of O gauge railroading.

Bob Irmscher used his background in landscaping to create a magnificent multilevel layout that uses real rocks.

Ron Zweig's impressive layout includes a scratch-built catenary system, subway, superb scenery, and prototypical train operation.

Dennis Peffer uses MTH's DCS system to run lashed-up motive power for longer prototypical freight and passenger trains.

Carl Tuveson's S-Gauge layout boasts the most realistic looking track you'll ever see on a high-rail layout...there's no third rail.

60 minutes of colorful scale trains running through accurately detailed towns, yards, bridges, mountains and country sides. Prepare to be amazed.

Get ideas. Tips. Inspiration. Then get busy. Build your own layout.

New Jersey Hi-Railers Update We cover all the changes made since our last visit over a year and a half ago.

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DVD UPC:780484961362
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World Class HiRail Layouts Part 2 DVD
Ron J (Fallbrook, CA) on 2012-03-23 18:14:00.

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If you enjoy toy trains this is a must see.

Additional remarks by Ron J:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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World Class HiRail Layouts Part 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-01-03 15:24:57.

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In part 2 of this recently turned 10 year old series, it starts with producer Tom McComas talking about more details of hi-rail.

The first layout in part 2 is Bob Irmscher. Which is narrated by Joe stachler. The trains on Bob's layout includes a lionel legacy southern Pacific daylight number 4436 from 2007, an HO or N scale Plymouth switcher, a garden railroad layout outside which includes a union Pacific two tone gray challenger number 3977 pulling the red and orange Daylight coaches, and a Santa Fe ABA hauling freight. The Hi-rail layout is located inside the 27 by 36 feet garage where photos of the construction is included. Bob also has a Rio Grande southern galloping goose, the Santa Fe ABBA hauling passengers, the black painted version of the union Pacific 844 which is fully weathered to realism, the CB&Q zephyr, and plenty of On30 and HO scale locomotives for background purposes. For accessories, there is a weathered Lionel gantry crane, tons of bridges and buildings, crossings by right of way industries, a scratched built coal tower, a baseball field, A new haven version of the scrap torch, and the scenery is done by woodland scenics. Bob also has a VHS/DVD combo player for the drive in theater portion of the layout, as well as a televised cable box. He also uses real rocks for the scenery. On the lower portion of the layout, Bob has A container ship standing on the water, as well as a coal barge, a steamboat, and a highway with big rigs. He's also has an MTH fire department, rubber strings for use on the utility poles, some diners, and a campsite in the narrow gauge portion of the layout. The Texaco gas station was originally A railroad depot. Bob uses A humidifier to create realistic smoke coming out of the chimneys. This is the longest segment in that video.

A revisit to Ronald Zweig from Great toy train layouts of America part 5 in 1992 is included. This time it's narrated by Tom McComas. The trains on Ronald's layout includes a C&O hudson, the New York central subway by MTH, A western Maryland shay, Lackawanna commuter cars, A trolley, an NYC mohawk, A union Pacific challenger on a military train, A camelback, A K line NYC hudson, and an Amtrak E60. For power he uses a lionel Z transformer, and a trio of MTH Z-4000 transformers with gargraves track. The updates on Ronald's layout includes New York city, A carnival with a Z or N scale train, the oil refinery, and road construction. The L shaped layout is measured by 13 by 21 by 31 feet. There are more trains that are sitting on the shelves. Accessories include the culvert loader and unloader, A 456 coal ramp, A turntable, animated buildings, and uses electric wires for the Amtrak and Lackawanna. Ronald grew up in Scranton Pennsylvania which is not far from Steamtown. A clip montage from juniata's jewel by Berkshire productions is used with special film effects, as 1361 makes a test run in 1987. Many of these clips were also shown in the original I love toy trains videos. The lionel 115 and 156 stations have been replaced with scratched built depots. Ronald has a time period of The 50s all over the layout, as well as work going on downtown. There is also a fire on maple street. Some scenes of Ronald's layout also appeared in i love toy trains ticket to ride. There are also operating tips on how to operate electric powered trains with realistic overhead wires. Ronald also has special colored lights on The ceiling for sunset and nighttime use only. The roundhouse is a building kit by Korber, and the turntable is designed by diamond structure at 105 scale feet.

The third layout in part 2 is Carl Tuveson of South bend Indiana which is narrated by Joe Stachler. The trains on Carl's 2 rail layout includes an NYC F unit, A Pennsylvania mikado, A Pennsylvania SW1 swithcer, A union Pacific FEF-1, alco FPA4s on display walls, and more mikados and other engines and cars on display walls. Carl sold his entire American flyer collection. The layout measures 39 feet long by 9 feet wide. Other trains on Carl's layout includes a Santa Fe northern, A Pennsylvania FM train master, another UP FEF-1 but it's in black paint with the number 800 hauling freight, and a union Pacific GP9. He has a kit built double crossover track, as well as a roundhouse with a turntable, and signal bridges. The basement is at 1300 square feet. Carl also has a mountain, and more locomotives in the yard area. Over the scratched built trestle, Carl also has a Union Pacific big boy number 4014, and realistic railroad crossings. On the roundhouse, A Santa Fe F3 took a short spin on The turntable. A map of the layout is shown on the control booth. There are 4 trains on 2 loops. For power, Carl uses The lionel legacy control system. Carl got a plaque from MTH, and lionel, and there is some maintenance on The big boy. Comparison between The original tooling and The modified version of the tender is shown.

The 4th and final layout for part 2 is Dennis Peffer of independence Ohio which is narrated by Tom McComas. The trains on Dennis' layout includes a new York central mohawk doubleheader, A new York central E unit on a passenger run, A Pennsylvania mikado, A Pennsylvania duplex, A trio of Virginian railway rectifiers with an FM trainmaster on the rear, the NYC streamlined empire state express, and everything else that Dennis has On display. Accessories includes the lionel oil derrick, A horse barn, light towers, and his wife Kay also has a layout of her own. Which is 100% marx. There is also a Bangor and aristook geep, modern diesels by CN and chessie system, a Virginian triplex, A new York central alco RS3 with an SW1500 and a blue and yellow Santa fe F unit. Dennis also has a real railroad crossing sign outside his house. All the track on the layout is atlas or gargraves. For power, Dennis uses The MTH Z-4000 transformers with The DCS remotes, and Lionel TMCC. Other accessories on the layout includes plasticville buildings, MTH buildings, A coal tower, A station with a lionel pedestrian bridge, A scratched built ice depot, and a storage yard. Dennis' father was a Marx employee.

The bonus segment of part 2 is an update on the NJ hi railers club. A cameo shot of former GMA meteorologist and tracks ahead host Spencer Christian is shown. Initially, TM appeared on a season 1 episode of tracks ahead with Jim tuohy and Tom McComas talking about the values of lionel trains.

The main feature is only 70 minutes with the bonus segment at about 15 to 20 minutes.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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