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Wisconsin Central - A Pentrex Classic Presentation DVD
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Wisconsin Central - A Pentrex Classic Presentation DVD Pentrex WISC-DVD 634972958863
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The Wisconsin Central. From the pages of history an old railroad name is resurrected. The Wisconsin Central is one of the new regional railroads and it comes to life on your TV screen as we explore its operations. Tour the system with Pentrex and view many of the scenic areas of the upper Midwest.

We follow trains across the railroad's network of track to discover just where they go. You'll see plenty of mainline action as the railroad's fleet of diesels move train after train. A long freight nearly stalls on Byron Hill as one of its three engines fails. The engineer skillfully keeps the train moving and makes the grade. The rare SDL-39's are featured on many runs, and we chase a train powered by two of these curious engines across the upper peninsular of Michigan.

1 Hour, 30 minutes
Beautiful Sound and Narration

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Runtime:1 Hour, 30 Mins ($0.27/min)
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DVD UPC:634972958863
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Wisconsin Central - A Pentrex Classic Presentation DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-31 18:40:35.

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In this 1991 videotape, the program starts with a 3 unit freight led by engines 3022, 3004, and 3006 as they crossed the diamond heading to Milwaukee. This is known as T46. A sign for the storck brewery is shown. The original WC was formed in 1871. The WC and the SOO line has since been sold to Canadian Pacific or Canadian national. Next engine 723 is switching around the fond du lac yard. The WC has 2 terminals: fond du lac, and Steven's point. A look at the map from the new WC is shown. Back to the action however, a pair of SW1 switcher units 1236 and 1237 are going backwards, as they push the freight. Meanwhile 723 is still switching as a pair of mainline freight trains from Burlington northern arrives at the same time. The one with the pair of BN units and engine 6534 departs for Chicago on T40. On the mainline, another Burlington northern 3 unit freight is shown. This time they're descending the grade. Listen to the horn on lead unit 6527. Midway up the grade, the same train is at Byron hill. The rear unit number 6532 is having some mechanical problems and is in shut down mode. The middle engine is number 6498. 6532 has been dropped off, leaving only 6527 and 6498 to do the rest. On a different day, the same train which arrives at Fond Du Lac yard is at marsh siding. The lead unit is BN 6560. The rear unit is BN 6539. The siding is at milepost 134. Train T47 arrives with engines 3006, 3004, and 3022. The same diesels that appears in the opening of the program. With the all WC painted train gone, the BN freight finally gets the right of way. Listen to the horn on 6560. Moments later, the T47 with 3006 in the lead blares it's horn. At north marsh, train T41 rolls by. The lead units are BN 6532, WC 6417, and BN 6504. Back at Fond Du Lac, the same train arrives. Meanwhile at Stevens point, SW1500 number 1550 is still switching cars around the yard. 4 westbound trains leave Steven's point every afternoon from 2:30 to 5:00. First is the number 17 local. It's led by number 3025 which is a reference to the valley railroad of Connecticut after purchasing and restoring Knox and Kane 58 to operational condition. The second unit is number 587 also a reference to a nickel plate road mikado, and the third is engine 4002 a reference to the scrapped union Pacific big boy. Listen to the horn on 3025. A trio of Burlington northern SD45s leave Steven's point heading for the twin cities on train 5. The units are 6543, 6535, and 6502. Train 3 is crossing the bridge over the Wisconsin river. It is led by BN 6529, and BN 6560. Some fishers are fishing near the bridge. At the Nekoosa paper plant, alco S6 number 19 is waiting. Meanwhile engine 3007 is to finished for the day with a load of freight. 3007 arrives at Wisconsin rapids. Note the open doors on the boxcars. Meanwhile 3025 is finished interchanging with the C&NW, as it carries only a covered hopper. Later both 3007 and 3025 will be coupled up together for Steven's point. Wisconsin rapids also serves the green bay and western. Alco 314 is in the lead, as it crosses the diamond. The second unit is engine 319. Bay window caboose 114 is on the rear. Train T14 is approaching the diamond at junction city. It's led by 3024 and 3003, which is a reference to the CB&Q hudsons. Next it backs up crossing U.S. Highway 10 on the north leg of the wye. With the freight cleared, all the automobiles have the right of way. Local 7170 is running Longwood forward. It's led by engine 731. With the local gone, 3024 and 3003 heads for Steven's point. In the late afternoon, it can be a hot spot. Train 6 from the twin cities will meet with train 5 that is led by BN 6510 and 6511. Train 6 is led by engine 6534 once again. Listen to that incredible horn. The second unit is BN 6494. Moments later, train 3 to superior with BN 6504 is shown racing uphill. The second unit is BN 6660. At owen, the same train is shown. The bend in the foreground is the line to the twin cities. On the state line, a bridge over the St. Croix river. The bridge was built in 1910, measured at 180 feet high, and spans 2682 feet across the gorge. Crossing the state line bridge is T006 with 2 BN units numbers 6499 and 6508, and a WC unit number 4706. Afterwards, it works up the grade and past farms. This location is at New Richmond. Moments later, the same train is seen again as it blares it's horn for the crossing. Another T006 is shown along Sandy creek. It had only 2 BN units. At Albertsville, the same train goes under the camera crew. It's led by engines 6511 and 6533. Along the banks of wissota lake, the same train rolls down the single track line. Back at Owen, it curves into the multi track area as it heads to Chicago. Back at Steven's point, a tour of the dispatchers office at the west end of the yard is shown, as well as the east side of the yard. Halfway through the program, a trio of BN units comes to a crawling departure at the east side of Steven's point. The destination is the north side of Fond Du lac on train T2. It consists of engines 6502, 6533 and 6511. Listen to the horn on 6502. Afterwards, the same train arrives at Neenah. A look at the roundhouse and turntable from the steam years are shown, as well as SDL39 number 588 idling. GP35M number 4013 is switching while the rear of the mainline freight leaves town at the same time. 4013 is switching longhood forward. Meanwhile SW1200 number 1235 arrives at the gelco bathroom tissue plant. The Griswold crossing signals are still active as 1235 is doing some back and forth movements. The tour of the transportation control system is included as well as the customer service center. Back outside, train 2 with the same BN trio heads for Fond Du Lac. At the same time, train 207 arrives. It's led by BN 6508 and 6499. Oshkosh Wisconsin is one of the locations in America where mainline trains do some street running. Here 6535 and 6543 are cautiously going carefully down the street. Later train 2 is crossing the swing bridge at wolf river. Afterwards the bridge is activated in the open position. Meanwhile, a small speedboat crosses the open bridge. Train 1 meets train 8 at the Oshkosh airport. Train 1 with BN 6537 leaves, followed by BN 6560, and WC 589. Back at Fond du lac yard, a tour of the locomotive and car shops are shown. Look carefully for the Milwaukee road SD40-2s. Back outside, it's revealed that the WC uses western Pacific SD40s. The WC also uses engines from the soo line, Missouri pacific, and of course Burlington northern. A look at the original Soo line colors are shown. The one spot was dedicated to WC Fan Francis J. Wiener after he passed away. Back on the mainline, train 219 is north of Appleton. The intermodal trains are from Chicago to green bay and vice versa. At black creek, the same train passes by the depot, and heads for the green bay and western. They are led by engines 3012 and 3017. The other route is the Milwaukee road valley line. Train 219 arrives at green bay. Up north, train 11 years for Gladstone. It's led by BN 6524 on a 4 unit mixed train. Many of the cars are heading for the Canadian border. At pembine, the railroad crosses the former Soo and Milwaukee road. Train 11 with Bn 6524 crosses the diamond. The WC engines are 6677, 584 and 583. The same train is seen again at the highway bridge as it heads for the Michigan border. Moments later, it crosses the C&NW at hermansville Michigan to iron mountain. Near Gladstone, it crosses over the escanaba river at wells. At gladstone, there is a turntable, and Sd45 number 6655 is on the number 12 train to Fond du lac. Sitting near the depot is soo line 4-6-2 number 730, as well as a snowplow. Train T34 is heading for the Soo line. It's led by engines 585 and 583. It crosses the white fish river. Then it passes by the station used for only office work. Further down the line, it rolls through the countryside. At trout lake, the station serves both lines through here. Train T34 arrives, and would have to do some switching first, then it's out on the mainline with empty flat beds in the lead. At Sault saint marie, engine 582 is moving a bay window caboose. Train T34 arrives. 2 bridges are open: a lift bridge, and a drawbridge as a cargo ship goes under the lift bridge. With all boats gone, the 2 big bridges are in the closed position. 582 crosses both bridges after leaving the Canadian border. After assembling, it leaves the yard area as Train T35. Joining behind 582 is 585. The final 10 minutes of the soon to be 30 year old program includes, the same train crossing the bridge at Rudyard, Train T11 with 4002 and 587 at junction city, the Wausau station which is the local boy scout office, that includes a different T11, with the rear unit being a reference to the lionel post-war Berkshire, brokaw which is the front cover shot for this program, the backyards of Merrill, and a storm in tomahawk with a rainbow in the sky. 726 is the lead unit for the new assembled train. Switcher 83 is shown heading for the yard cab forward. As train 910, engine 4004 a reference to the surviving union Pacific big boys heads down the line long hood forward. The program comes to a close as a 3 unit freight number T012 is under a storm cloud.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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