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Vintage Steam in the West DVD
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Vintage Steam in the West DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-101A 604435010193
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Listed in alphabetical order we have Great Northern 2-8-2's and an 0-8-0 in Minnesota, Great Western Railroad #90 in freight service in Colorado, Milwaukee Road 2-8-0 on the Port Angeles, WA branch, Northern Pacific 2-8-2's switching, plus one 4-8-4 number 2600 is seen. Santa Fe includes a couple of 4-8-4's and a little yard action. Southern Pacific includes a couple of 2-10-2, and 4-8-2's.

Union Pacific has some nice rare footage on the Encampment Branch south of Rawlins with 4-6-0 number 1243, plus some rare shots of steam rotary 099 on the Coalmont branch south of Laramie.

Western Pacific has some short segments including Challenger type (4-6-6-4's) 403 and 404 on a freight, with one being a rear helper, plus some other regular service engines. WP number 94 is seen in special service, including leading the California Zephyr for a special anniversary and WP leased it for movie work and a few scenes are shown of that as well. Its all regular work by their respective owners. All Color with music and narration.

39 Minutes

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DVD Item#:GSVP-101A
Runtime:39 Mins ($0.69/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:604435010193
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Vintage Steam in the West DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-11-22 18:08:25.

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In this 2017 DVD, we start with the great northern railroad by Clarence Becker in 1951, as 2-8-2 number 3375 on an eastbound freight east of Wilmar that has a coach and a caboose on the rear. Next we see sister engine 3384 idling at the yard in 1957, plus the other engines are idling, and see 0-8-0 number 813 doing some switching chores followed by 3379 arriving at the yard, and see 3384 leaving the yard to the twin cities which includes some pacing action that had a split second blooper in it. At St. Cloud Minnesota in 1959, all good things must come to an end as most of the GN engines are sadly gone for scrap. Moving to Colorado, we witnessed the future famous engine that still operates at the Strasburg railroad in Lancaster county Pennsylvania. The engine is none other than great western 90 during October of 1959 shot by Perry Becker. We see the survivor switching at Windsor, which includes a flying switch move then heads to Eaton with some scenes at Severance, And Hurick. Then the chores are performed at Eaton starting with A caboose hop, crossing the Union Pacific diamond, connects its freight, and heads to Loveland. At Hurick, the decapod drops some empties off a siding, then heads on its way again. We see the engine with a full train, as it approaches Windsor. More switching is performed there, and the decapod leaves town with a different freight. On a different day we see the engine leaving Loveland with a loaded train as it heads on its way to the plant. Finally we see the decapod on a September 1962 excursion leaving Longmont, then for a runby near Mead on the I-25 overpass. The chase continues at Johnstown, and the engine runs light at Loveland. Moving on to the Milwaukee road segment, we start with some scenes by Victor Shattock as 2-8-0 number 1232 operates a freight on the Port Angeles branch in July of 1953. Some overhead looks are shown around the lake, and then we see some closer looks at the consolidation from a ground level themed angle and close the segment with a 2 second scene of 1232 crossing over the water. On the northern pacific, we see a fast freight, followed by 2-8-2 1837 idling the yard, and see the firebox on fire in this unknown engine. Plus a pair of prairie type engines number 2386 and 2484 on the deadline. These clips were shot by Clarence Becker. Everett Roher shot 4-8-4 number 2600 on a freight. At Duluth we see 2-8-2 number 1578 doing some switching chores. Next we see 2-6-2 2457 also doing some switching chores with 1578. On the AT&SF, we start with some diesel action as a switcher arrives at the platform, followed by f units idling and ride onboard for a bit passing the red and silver Warbonets. For steam, we passed 4-8-4 number 2923, and 2-8-0 number 940. We also see some service shots of 2923, and our journey continues as we witnessed a steam crane doing some work, and see some freight being sorted out at the yard. Next we see some blue and yellow f units helping a steamer. Random quickes are shown as diesel powered switchers do some shunting, ride behind an unknown steamer, and pass a freight with 2-10-2 3896. Finally we close the segment with 8mm films of northerns in California. Moving on to the southern pacific, photographer Jack Alexander made a 1948 visit to the railroad, as we start off with class F3 2-10-2 number 3656 waiting for an unidentified GS class 4-8-4 on a passenger train. Next we see an unknown mountain class 4-8-2 on a mail train, a random freight, and doubleheaded engines on pusher service. On the Union Pacific, Jack filmed 4-6-0 number 1243 on the Encampment branch at Saratoga Wyoming. Thankfully 1243 survived with us today. We see some pacing scenes going south, and see the inside look at the photographers automobile. Then we see some scenes of 1243 at unknown locations until it is turned on the wye at encampment. We bid farewell to the little engine as we looked at a 2-8-2 on a freight at an unknown location. On January 26, 1957, Everett Roher made a wintry visit to the coalmont branch to see rotary snowplow 099 at Laramie Wyoming. The segment becomes with driving in the car and our first location is at Kings crossing both on the mountain slope and along one of the many level crossings on the line. The next crossing is located at Camp Colorado, as we witnessed 2 tenders behind the plow and a GP9 pushing. Next the plow digs through the mountain home overpass. Finally we conclude the segment with more automobile riding footage in the heavy snowfall. On the Western pacific, we start with Victor Shattock footage as mountain class 4-8-2 number 171 powers a freight west of Fruitvale in the east side of Oakland, then comes 4-6-0 number 78 on the feather river express between Fruitvale and San Leandro. Then the Jack Alexander segment begins with 2-8-2 number 321 on a freight with a pair of cabooses on the rear. Next we see a westbound near Arnold�s loop in Proctor Nevada. Engine 404 is powering the freight, And sister engine 403 is on pusher service that has 2 coaches and a caboose. It�s sad to see these 1938 built giants gone for scrap after operating for only 12 years until 1950. 4-6-0 number 94 made 2 trips in this presentation. Which includes the August 1959 filming of Walt Disney�s Polyhanna. Some behind the scenes footage of the motion picture is included at St. Helena. Finally we see the ten wheeler on the 50th anniversary of the California Zephyr from Oakland to Fremont and return. We see a wide shot at union city over the southern pacific�s hayward line. Then the locomotive crosses chestnut junction crossing over the southern pacific. Finally the orange and silver f units hauled the ten wheeler to the roundhouse. Like most of Greg�s 2017 titles minus the original 1987 editing of N&W 1218 rebuilt and Roanoke bound, this was narrated by Brian Sellers.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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