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Vintage Steam in the East DVD
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Vintage Steam in the East DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-100 604435010094
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Vintage Steam In The East covers a great number of subjects. Some railroads have just a couple of scenes, while others have 5-14 minutes apiece. Subjects include the following: Burlington 4-8-4's and 2-8-2's, Chicago and Northwestern 4-6-2's mainly around Chicago, Grand Trunk Western 4-6-2's, 2-8-2's, and 4-8-4's. Includes a nice 3 steam engine meet at Durand, riding a train, Detroit 6405, and 6323 among others. Illinois Central is included with a parade of 2-10-2's and 4-8-2's on mainline freight trains plus a switcher.

One of the better length segments is the Long Island Railroad, as we follow a local freight with 2-8-0 number 107 on the Port Jefferson Branch. Along the way we have a three train meet at Smithtown, as two passenger trains meet the local. The passenger trains have a Pennsy K4s, and a Long Island G5. This is a unique sequence and there are plenty of nice scenes of the 107 as we follow it and enjoy some switching and shots between stops.

Next we have a great segment of Louisville and Nashville which is nearly all M class 2-8-4's on the northern end from DeCoursey Yard south toward Corbin. There is some stuff shot in cold weather here and several overall visits were shot by Warren Scholl. We see engines being serviced, and backing to their trains and nice plumes of smoke as the hotshot manifest heads for Atlanta. We also chase a couple of trains and there is a bit of pacing. A couple of New York Central 2-8-2's show up on transfer freights, plus some early RS-3 diesel switchers. This is one of the longer segments and like the Long Island is pretty rare material. Of all the 2-8-4's built during this time, these were among the nicest looking of the bunch in our opinion, but none were saved.

Next is Milwaukee road with a variety of things, including a nice selection of 4-8-4 action, in an engine terminal, and departing the yard. Also see some 2-8-2's and a streamlined 4-6-4. There is a very early(maybe 1930's or 40's) scene in Waukesha with a caboose hop crossing the Milwaukee Electric line in downtown. This is a good segment with variety and a good selection of 4-8-4's in an engine terminal and on trains.

Warren Scholl shot three different Nickel Plate Road trains, two of which were at Van Wert, Ohio with two different 2-8-4's, and another location with a 2-8-2. We see some switching with these trains, before they depart town. Nice close-ups of these 2-8-4's in this short segment.

Norfolk and Western is represented with 3-4 different trains on Blue Ridge Grade, three of which are coal trains with 1200 series class A 2-6-6-4's on the front and Y6 class 2100 series 2-8-8-2 on the rear. There are several nice locations as these trains go eastbound up the Grade with loaded Coal trains bound for export at Norfolk. There is also one J Class 4-8-4 downgrade in the same area.

There is also a very short Rock Island segment, and Mississippian #77 on that shortline with their 2-8-0. Tank engines are seen on the Ohio River Coal company near Cleves, Ohio around 1960, and early 60's 0-6-0 action with engine #12 on the Morehead and North Fork in Kentucky.

This show has something for everyone, and some rare footage found in one show. Lots of surprises in this all-color presentation.

All color with music and informative narration. 84 Minutes

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DVD Item#:GSVP-100
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Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435010094
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Vintage Steam in the East DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-04-13 10:23:44.

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In this recent program, there are various road names shown in alphabetical order. This was one of the longest vintage GSVP titles ever made. Here�s how it goes: first comes the cb&q, Chicago & Northwestern commuters with some early diesels in Chicago are shown, plus the Detroit Toledo and ironton quickie as well as the Illinois Central with some farming equipment shown in the beginning of this segment. Quite interesting about the synthesizer though. First steamer in the IC segment is 1589 doing some freight work. Next the farmers are going to set up the red water tank. A semi-time lapse of the setting up the tank was eventually included, plus 2-8-2 number 1225 (Not the future famous Pete Marquette Berkshire) also doing some freight work as well. Plus some scenes in the east St. Louis roundhouse and mainlines. In Michigan, we witnessed Grand Trunk Western action in 1957 by the producer�s father. Eventually the streamlined northern 6405 was a resemblance to Vinnie from Thomas the tank engine�s great race movie. Finally the segment was finished as we see future famous survivor 4-8-4 6323 in Grand Rapids, as well as a brief cab ride. Heading closer to the Atlantic, we witnessed one of the Long Island Railroad�s consolidations as 107 is doing some chores. Plus Pennsylvania K4 5406 is also shown in this segment, as the Long Island is surprisingly owned by the Pennsylvania. Our next segment shows one of Greg�s favorite steamers that are long gone forever, which were the Louisville and Nashville 1800 & 1900 series 2-8-4s by the producer�s father. Some scenes with the NYC took place during the filming of NYC Steam finale from 2004. Pacing 1986 is also included, as well as some action in decoursey yard. On the Milwaukee road, we see something that we don�t see everyday, as an inter urban streetcar is stopped or wait for engine 941 to pass by with a caboose. Next we see some 4-8-4s starting with 269 in the yard idling, as well as in and out of the cab of 207, plus some yard scenes, freights, and also a damaged 260 going backwards, plus a long scrapped Hiawatha, as well as some clear quality quickies. Moving on to the NYC we see some supplements by Victor Shattock during filming of the vintage rail journey from 2010. On the NKP, we witnessed some Berkshires shot by the producer�s father in 1957 and 1958 only. As 753 is doing some chores first, followed by a local with 2-8-2 525, 1958 action with Berkshire 764 doing chores, as it wore a mars light. Moving on to the Norfolk and western we see 1233 on a coal train with helper engine 2166, as well as more articulated action on the grade. Plus J class Northern 604 on passenger service, and z class 2-6-6-2 1462 in the siding. The final 10 minutes of this program takes us to some action on the Rock island with a decent variety of mikados in the 40s, as well as 3 different shorelines beginning with none other than future famous Mississippian railway 77 now Alberta prairie 41 which some clips were shown in the riding the Alberta prairie DVD in 2011, next comes the Ohio river coal company, with 4 wheeled tank engines, and this program came to a close as we see the Morehead and North Fork Shortline, in Kentucky by the producer�s father. Like many of Greg�s vintage programs, this was composed by gene Michael productions. And like many of Greg�s 2017 programs minus the original 1987 editing of the 1218 rebuilding show, this was narrated by Brian sellers.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Overpriced for the amount of enjoyment I got out of it.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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