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Vintage Rail Journey DVD
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Vintage Rail Journey DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-108 604435000897
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The majority of this footage was shot by Victor Shattock beginning with a June 1953 trip on the California Zephyr riding the dome cars from Oakland to Denver aboard the Western Pacific and D&RGW. Then its on to Chicago, and we ride the New York Central to New York, and eventually Atlantic City. Ride in the cab of a NYC E- unit along the hudson and then a NYC electric. Next we take the B&O to St. Louis and see railroads in that area. More midwest trips are seen with more visits to the St. Louis region, including many railroads from that area, where we ride and see trackside views all sorts of variety. We see gas-electrics, and a Burlington Zephyr, the Silver Charger. Also there is a brief visit to the National Museum of Transport in St. Louis early in its existence. We also see electric railways including Chicago and South Shore, and Illinois Terminal.

Next we move back to the west and ride a Santa Fe train over the Tehachapi Mountains, and eventually to the Grand Canyon. Next we see another trip over the Tehachapi mountains with a trip to Arizona on the Southern Pacific. While these are diesel trips we do see the odd steam engine on some trips during these films, but 95% of this is vintage diesels.

Later we ride the C&O from Hinton to Washington and see other railroads in that area. Next we ride the Southern to Bristol, and take the N&W to Roanoke and beyond in former Wabash dome car. The last segment was made just before Amtrak took over with a Ken Shattock trip to Chicago where we see a lot of action, including at Englewood, Illinois. Next we are in St. Paul, and ride the last North Coast Limited on the NP before Amtrak. This train is ridden to Seattle where the show ends. There are some really rare trains here, including the Missouri-Illinois Ferry operation with a steamboat connection. We counted easily 33 different railroads including the following. WP, D&RGW, CB&Q, NYC, PRR, B&O, GM&O,MP, Wabash, Rutland, Illinois Terminal, C&NW, Litchfield, Chicago & South Shore, TRRA, Alton and Southern, Katy, Nickel Plate, Frisco, Santa Fe, SP, IC, Rock Island, Erie, C&O, RF&P, SCL, Southern, N&W, GN, NP, Milwaukee, and more. There is a wealth of material here, so that anyone who likes vintage passenger trains, and early diesel power will love this show. A lot of different regions and railroads are covered in this all-color DVD shot on 8mm films Music and narration guides you along this fast- paced show.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-108
Runtime:1 Hour, 35 Mins ($0.28/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:604435000897
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Vintage Rail Journey DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-04 20:38:05.

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In this recently turned 10 year old DVD from 2010 which is the Longest in Greg's Vintage Diesel category, the program starts with riding on the eastbound California Zephyr with Western Pacific FP7 number 804 built in 1950 on Altamont Pass, climbing through the Feather River Canyon, Transferred to the Rio Grande led by a set of ALCO built FA's from Salt Lake City to Denver through the Book Cliffs of Utah, Battling through the Rockies especially the Moffatt Tunnel while passing by a Steam powered freight led by a 3800 series 2-8-8-2 heading for the Craig Branch, & transferred on the CB&Q by crossing over the Mississippi river at Burlington Iowa in 1953. At Chicago, there are lots of early diesels hard at work in the once capital city of US Railroading. Which includes a CB&Q E7A & E5B, and a CB&Q E8A with a cabless EMC power unit. From Chicago, a ride on the New York Central's Lake Shore Limited to Grand Central is shown which includes a cab ride along the hudson river from Albany to Harmon, as well as meeting other E & F7's with ALCO built locomotives on a freight, plus a passenger train that is led by a 4-8-4 niagra which that clip was later shown in Vintage Steam in the East from 2017. Note the workmen & various boats on the river along the way. The Chicago to Harmon portion is led by a set of ABBA F7's. There is also a power transfer at Harmon NY as a box shaped electric takes the passengers to NYC, followed by a look at Atlantic City NJ with a beach & the atlantic ocean from the hotel, as well as a panning shot of the general motors exhibit, & a brief look at the city itself. At the station, a Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin built diesel is leading the Reading Seashore line commuter, followed by a GG1 arriving in Philadelphia. This scene concludes the west to east trip.

Before heading back to the Midwest, a ride on the B&O from Cincinnati to St. Louis is shown as it crosses over the McArthur Bridge into Downtown St. Louis. The bridge was built in 1917, & was named after General Douglas McArthur in 1942. Near Union Station, the National Limited arrives on time with E-5 number 90 leading. The main station itself at one time has 32 stub end tracks. Next up is the GM&O Ann Rutlidge that is leaving union station as it heads east for Chicago. Its led by EMD E8M number 100A that was built in 1953. This diesel was originally built in 1936 As B&O number 52, & later sold to the Alton in 1947. The NYC units are waiting for a clear signal to go to Union Station. 101 & 101A are passing by College ave station in Alton IL. Meanwhile, a short Ride on the Ann Rutlidge is shown which includes some meets, & even passing by the river. 880A was later Mass Bay Transit Authority FP10, 1152. At Chicago, the arrival of the GM&O at union station ends the 1953 films.

On an Unknown date in the 50's, Mr. Shattock traveled to the Northeast to film a New York Central Alco RS3 idling at the station, Cornwall Street Light & Power Electric freight railway in Cornwall Ontario in Canada, An Idling Delaware & Hudson Alco RS3 with a caboose, a Rutland Alco RS1, & a Boston & Maine BL-2 (BL is short for Branch line) on a freight.

Returning to the Midwest, We're at Edwardsville IL, as an Illinois Terminal Streamlined Combination car arrives at the depot as a little girl (Probably the Filmmaker's Daughter, but we aren't sure) waits at the platform with her mother. Next, there is some onboard footage from one of the cars. One scene shows a combo car waiting in the siding with stored freight cars that it'll have to wait for us to clear, then backs out of the siding, & heads in the opposite direction on the single track line. Note the man at the switch. Pararelling the line is a Wabash freight with F units in the lead. The ride ends as the motorcar passes by a Class D electric number 71 that was built by the railroad itself in 1940, & retired in 1957. Back in St. Louis the Wabash E7's are carrying Union Pacific Coaches on the City of St. Louis, followed by the Pennsylvania E8A's on the Spirit of St. Louis that is making a long journey to New York City. Next up is the B&O National Limited that makes an on time arrival from Washington DC, Followed by a Departure of New York Central Train number 24: the Knickerbocker which id following behind the Pennsy train. Afterwards, GM&O 102 & 102A arrives on the Ann Rutlidge. These diesels were built in 1945. Meanwhilwe, Wabash E8A number 1014 departs on the Banner Blue for Chicago. A brief shot of the NYC passenger train arriving is included followed by some riding footage from the rear as we make a meet with the Southwestern Limited. The destination for our train is obviously St. Louis. Returning to Edwardsville, C&NW 4067C passes by the Litchfield & Madison Railway Building which was since been sold to the C&NW. 4067C is leading a freight. This diesel was built by EMD as an E7 in 1949. North of Edwardsville, a pair of Wabash Geeps are on a passenger run, followed by a set of ABA F7's on a Wabash freight, 2 more E7's operating on the Bluebird for Chicago as it makes passes by the curved depot, & later under the North main street overpass, plus E8A number 1005 leading the Wabash Cannonball as it heads for Detroit. Another Look at the Wabash Cannonball is Shown, This time its led by 1007 as it arrives & departs Litchfield IL with a Mail & express stop. Another Brief look at steam is included on the Chicago, & Illinois Midland as we're at the Taylorsville Scrap line. Up front is class H2 2-10-2 number 758 built in 1926, & retired in 1955. Also gone for scrap is Class F44 2-8-2 number 550 that was built by lima in 1928. Returning to the diesels, a Wabash E8A is leading the Wabash Cannonball, followed by E7's on the westbound city of St. Louis with Union Pacific coaches that are heading for Los Angeles. Meanwhile, we are at the Brighton Diamond as 100 & 100A are leading the Abraham Lincoln, followed by a CB&Q E7A leading train 47: a local from St. Louis to Beardstown, Galesburg, & Savanna IL. Another Trolley is shown as IT 25 is passing by us. it was built in 1916, & scrapped 40 years later. Next up is a freight that is led by C&NW F7 number 4070A, which was built in 1949. At Troy Road in Edwardsville, the interurban stops & we enjoy a nice ride on an electric railway. Car 302 is doing some street Running. It was built in 1948, & sadly never operated that long. It was scrapped in 1956. Back in Edwardsville, the electric car is passing by a Freight with C&NW Power. At the Bellfountaine bridge over the Mississippi River, it pararells Us route 67. Crossing the 1893 bridge is another CB&Q E7 that is operating train 48 the local opposite counterpart to train 47. Back in St. Louis, the CB&Q is on the High line with the Eads bridge in the background as well as the MLK Bridge. A TRRA SW1 transports railroad workers on coach 25, followed by a TRRA SW1200 on a freight. Meanwhile, CB&Q Doodlebug type Motorcar 9844 that was built in 1928 & scrapped in 1960 while rolling for a bit. On the Illinois State Side of St. Louis, Pennsylvania 5810 & 5762 are leading the Pan-Texas. Another Pennsy train is passing by the NYC yard with steam power still at work. This segment comes to a close as an Alton & Southern Alco RS2 number 42 is leading a freight. It was built in 1948, & Renumbered to 1042.

At the 37 Minute mark of this 10 year old program, more variety of power is included as this musical piece with a female choir was also used in Greg's other titles: Western Steam Loggers, Rio Grande Vintage Steam, & German Steam 72 & 75. First up is a 44 Toner Which is number 440 leading 2 boxcars on the Smoky Mountain railroad in Severeville Tennessee. This switcher was built in 1940 as Great Northern 5201. Back in the Midwest, CB&Q 9908 is stopping at the depot so that the cameraman can board from the rear. Here the Zephyr passes by an MKT freight near West Alton led by Baldwin AS16 1579 & 1576. They're built in 1950 & 1951. Sadly these 2 diesels are gone for scrap. 9908 the silver charger was built in 1939, as we bid farewell to the streamlined diesel. Here the cameraman is transferred to local 48 for St. Louis. Meanwhile, a short visit to the early years of The Museum of Transport in Kirkwood was made as the Cameraman's wife & daughter is examining the locomotives. More riding footage is shown. This time its on the NKP behind an Alco PA-1 on train number 9 from Cleveland to St. Louis. Back in St. Louis, Frisco Power is included as it arrives on train 4 from Oklahoma City on the Will Rogers, followed by Wabash 1015 arriving on train 18 the midnight limited as it makes a meet with Pennsy on the St. Louison from NYC. Frisco 2017 backs into the Depot as Missouri Pacific power arrives from Texas on the sunshine special. GM&O leaves St. Louis on the Abe Lincoln. Returning to the onboard segment, we pass by a local freight with a Frisco GP7 in charge. We're on the Sunnyland bound for St. Genneveve. One scene shows our train passing by a loading dock on the Mississippi river. Another shot of 2017 is included & we see Missouri Illinois RS3 Number 68 switching cars onto the coal burning ferry boats. At Roothouse IL, GM&O power is shown as train 9 arrives with a doodlebug number 25 leading. 40 minutes later, the cameraman heads back to Illinois on Train 10. A brief shot of the Texas Special is shown as we are onboard the rear of the train once again. At Dallas Texas, we see some more steam action as Dallas Union Terminal 0-6-0 number 7 moves around the depot area. Thankfully the switcher itself is on display at the Museum of the American Railroads. Meanwhile, Houston belt & Terminal SW9 number 29 is moving a baggage car, followed by a departure of the CB&Q San Houston Zephyr. as well as the AT&SF California Special led by F7 number 332. Next up is the Rock Island Twin Star Rocket but it has to wait for the MOPAC 122 with 7007 in charge. A quick ride on the causeway is shown followed by a look at the gulf coast. Meanwhile, a ride on the Texas Eagle is shown as it is led by a pair of Alco PA's. This scene ends the Texas Segment.

Returning to California, We're riding on the AT&SF in December of 1952 as we're heading for the Grand Canyon. This is train 124 with 5 units up front. 2 are in blue & yellow, & 3 more are in the iconic red & silver warbonets. Note the Construction on the mountains during the aftermath of the Earthquake. The SP Cab Forwards are shown which these clips can also be found in SP Steam Variety from 2013. The big loop between tunnels 9 & 10 are one of the most popular hotspots in Southern California. There are still Semaphore Signals along the way. After the riding segment, there is a short segment for a winter wonderland in the Most Iconic Landmark of Arizona with Some Deer. While this relaxing clip ends our look at the Santa Fe, the SP is also on the Tehachapi Route. One scene shows our train passing by 4-6-2 number 2480 on train 54: the Sacramento Section of the San Joaquin Daylight. A dog wanders around the station as we take the south leg of the wye in Leithra as it heads for Fresno. Its led by Alco PA's. In Bakersfield, PA-2 number 6027 is getting its windows washed. Coupling up to our train is another PA-2, & an ALCO RSD5 as we head for the Tehachapi mountains especially the big loop. The Station at the Tehachapi Summit was destroyed by fire in 2008. On the Sunset Limited while heading for Chandler, AZ, there are lots of WWII Aircrafts on display. Train 1 the westbound counterpart makes a meet with us, followed by a go away shot of our train & concludes with an airplane takeoff as Mr. Shattock boards American Airlines N90737. The plane is Identified as Douglas DC6 which was built in 1947.

Throughout the Chicago segment of this program with the South Shore Line Electrics & Diesels Arriving & Departing LaSalle Street Station, it has an emotional song which was used in Greg's Other titles: UP Steam Classics Volume 1 from 2005, & the Last Streamliners Through the Rockies from 2007.

Returning to the Northeast, we're at Hinton WV as C&O train 4 the Sportsman heads for our Nation's Capitol. Before we leave the depot, A westbound freight is shown with GP9 number 5954 in charge. Our train is led by 4002. The Mountains look well. At Charolettesville, the train is split, 1 train heads for DC, the other heads for Newport News VA. Norfolk & Western is Shown with Onboard footage that includes one scene of our train going under the Vicker Coaling tower from the Steam Years. On the Pennsy in DC, Electric E44s are leading a freight as well a Richmond Fredericksburg & potomac freight. This was filmed in the 1960s.

The final segment in this Program is a ride on the Final Run of the North Coast Limited from St. Paul to Seattle which includes a meet with a Milwaukee Road Freight that has a Little Joe in Charge. The date was April 30, 1971, Exactly one day before Railroad Passenger trains in America changed Forever in other words: the Actual Debut of Amtrak. There are still Plenty of Semaphores as well.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the listing of the Running time. Greg Thought that this program was 95, but its actually a 75 minute show.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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