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Vintage Diesel Cab Units DVD
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Vintage Diesel Cab Units DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-VCAB
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Vintage Cab Units is a collection of films gathered over the years from various sources. We begin with some pre-Amtrak footage around Washington, D.C, and Richmond, Virginia. This is mostly passenger trains including B&O, RF&P, ACL, SAL, and a couple of GG1's. We then ride a C&O excursion from Cincinnati to Huntington with a pair of F-units, likely in the 1960's also. After a couple of scenes in Cincinnati, we head for Chicago and a variety of railroads and mostly passenger trains, with E-units, and F-units mostly, including N&W, B&O, PRR, NYC, CNW, Burlington, Santa Fe, and more.

Our next segment is footage around Chicago by different sources, and includes the Upper Mid-West segment to Minnesota, including Illinois and Wisconsin. We see a lot of nice Burlington including the Shovel-Nose E-units, and other power, including Fairbanks-Morse, Milwaukee Road Hiawatha's, Burlington Zephyrs, and much more. Some of this is shot in 1947. We also see Northern Pacific, Great Northern, and a few surprises in this neat segment.

Next we venture west for a few Union Pacific scenes in Nebraska and on Sherman Hill west of Cheyenne. Then we see F-units on the Rio Grande's "Royal Gorge" headed west through the Royal Gorge from a passenger who shot a couple of meets.

The last and biggest segment is the Western Region. This is mostly in California, but also includes a bit in Oregon, and Washington, as well as a bit in a couple of other states. There is a wide variety of early E-units on the Union Pacific on Cajon Pass, and other Southern Pacific, and Santa Fe trains in the area, and in the Los Angeles area as well as the Bay Area and others. There is a lot of Western Pacific including a rare B&W 1952 segment of Truman's Campaign Train with F-units. Lots of scenes of the California Zephyr, and some WP at Keddie Wye, including freights with NP and Great northern, some utilizing F-units as helpers mid-train.

There are a lot of SP trains in California mostly passenger, and each is identified in most cases. Most all this material is new to our shows, except perhaps an accidental duplicate here or there. There is a variety of SP power including F-units in Black Widow, Daylight and red-nose paint schemes, as well as Alco PA's in passenger service in Daylight schemes. Santa Fe is represented by name passenger trains in the famous Warbonet paint scheme.

There is way too much to mention here, so you will just have to wait and be amazed by the variety of material in this show from several sources.

Music and informative narration takes you along this journey of early diesel power. 73 minutes

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Vintage Diesel Cab Units DVD
Bill S (Houston TX US) on 2021-03-09 20:06:10.

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Great coverage of early diesels as you'd expect. There's some narration, but not enough in my opinion. What there is too much of is music. l'd rather have train sounds dubbed in instead. I watched it at a reduced volume level. This is my first Greg Scholl video and l'm hesitant to buy more from this publisher.

Additional remarks by Bill S:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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Vintage Diesel Cab Units DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-25 15:52:54.

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In this Recent Sequel to 2010's Vintage Rail Journey, the program starts with a Mixed variety of railroading in the Eastern region of America beginning with the Boston & Maine at Greenfield Massachusetts. The Lead unit is F3 number 4228 as it is leading the Day white Mountain from Berlin to New York City's Grand Central terminal. At the Same time a Westbound with an E7 is waiting at the Platform, then this short Black & White Coverage Ends with a Local Alco Road Switcher.

In 1948 or 1949, the original American Freedom Train Called the Spirit of 1776 was on tour of all 48 states. This Train with an Alco PA-1 Built in 1947 is visiting Pennsylvania. The Lead unit was later worked for the Gulf Mobile & Ohio as 292.

Ed Berger filmed a huge collection of Pre-Amtrak Footages beginning with the Seaboard Coast Line E8's in Richmond Virginia on a mail train from Washington DC to Florida, A trio of Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac E8s at the same location which is leading the Silver Star from New York City to Florida, Note the Pennsylvania Car on the Rear, More Seaboard Coast Line E units leading the Silver Star in the Opposite direction at the same location, Again Note the Pennsylvania Car in the Consist, And moved to the Northeast Corridor near Washington DC beginning with a trio of 6 car set Penn Central Metroliners as one of them heads for New York City, Plus there is a Lone Penn Central GG1 in the background, followed by Another Penn Central GG1 which is also heading for New York City, & another Penn Central GG1 that is heading in the Opposite Direction. Returning to Richmond, we witnessed a lone Chesapeake & Ohio E8 leading the George Washington. Note that one of the Coaches is carrying the American Railroads Paint scheme. Next we see the same train going in the opposite direction, followed by a short look at the Newport News section of the George Washington. Next we see some More E units on the Seaboard Coast line with a trio of E8s & a Lone E7 in the middle. It's leading the Silver star. Here it makes a passenger stop, then it departs. Moments later, we witnessed an Excursion on the C&O, that is lead by E8 number 4028 which is making a photo runby. This special was alongside the Ohio River. Note the Norfolk & Western Gondola Carrying passengers who Booked this special. Afterwards, We took a Ride between Charleston West Virginia, & Cincinnati. Along the way, we passed by the coal plant in Ashland Kentucky, & even pass by the Steam service yard at Russell Kentucky which includes a brief shot of C&O 4-8-4 Greenbrier type locomotive number 614 as 611 when the RF&P took over the C&O Steamers. Today 614 is still standing silent. Leaving Russell, we pass by some SW diesel Switchers 3 & 4 on the RF&P. Between Russell, & Limeville, We passed by a Couple of Diesel powered Freights, both of which are heading east. The first freight is led by number 6138 with 3 cabooses on the rear, the other being pulled by 5 units. At Limeville Junction, there is a photo runby as 4028 puts on another show for the people who booked this event. Afterwards, we're back onboard as these scenes were from the N&W Gondola. Next we passed by another freight follow by a brief shot of silver grove yard, which ended the 4028 excursion. We now focused on the collision site near the Ohio River that was filmed by Mr. Donald Jaimeson which was also shown in one of Greg's Newest titles: "Wrecks & Clean Up Trains". One Crane is pushed by an Alco Switcher, the other crane being carried by F7s 7076, & an unknown lead locomotive. Both of the Steam Powered cranes are rescuing a tank car. Returning to Mr. Berger's films, we witnessed a pair of Southern E7s on a passenger run which is south of Cincinnati, followed by a look at the Pennsylvania Railroad's Cincinnati Limited at Winton Place. Its led by a pair of E8s. Following behind at the same location, is New York Central's Ohio State Limited that is also led by E8s 4145 & 4146 & also heading for Cincinnati.

Moving onto the Chicago Area, We first see a CB&Q E8 leading a short commuter train at Cicero, followed by the CB&Q Afternoon Zephyr which is a combination of the Empire Builder & the North Coast Limited as it heads to the Minnesota Twin Cities. They're lead by a Quartet of E8s & were also filmed by Ed Berger. Making an On time arrival in Chicago is the Pennsylvania Local Train 65 from Cincinnati with Engines 4224 & 4272. Next we see Penn Central E8s & an E7B leading the Broadway Limited to New York City. Also Leaving Chicago is Erie Lackawanna's Lake Cities that is bound for the east coast. Its led by a pair of E8s. Meanwhile we head to Rondout Illinois as we see the Milwaukee Road's Morning Hiawatha with a pair of F7s in charge, then we witnessed an opposite bound Morning Hiawatha, followed by some Unknown diesels on unknown dates. Returning to Chicago, we see the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Danville Flyer being pulled by an E7 with 3 coaches, then we see the Santa Fe F7's leading the San Francisco chief. Moments later, a pair of Grand Trunk GP9's Numbers 4134 & 4914 are leading the Maple Leaf. At Chicago's union station area, we see the GM&O Abe Lincoln backing out of the Terminal for the preparations to St. Louis. Next up is a trio of more CB&Q E8s arriving in Chicago with the Morning Zephyr. Afterwards, we see the Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Limited with E8s in charge as they head for Washington DC Via Cleveland & Pittsburgh, then we see the Penn Central Broadway Limited Backing into the Terminal then waits for an Hour while heading to Harrisburg, Philadelphia, & New York City. Arriving in Chicago comes the CB&Q portion of the Iconic California Zephyr. It's led by a pair of E8's. Moments later, a Lone N&W GP9 number 3494 operates the Wabash Bluebird as it leaves Dearborn station for St. Louis. This train made its final run in 1971. A total of 6 Erie Lackawanna E8s operates the Lake Cities after its long trip from Hoboken NJ. Next up is the Santa Fe Texas Chief with F7s in charge as they leave for Oklahoma & of course Texas. Also Leaving Union Station is the C&EI Danville Flyer with Missouri Pacific power. Meanwhile we moved to the Chicago & Northwestern as the Intercity 400 is on its way from Milwaukee & Green Bay Wisconsin. Its led by an E8 which is carrying 2 Bi-level coaches & a Dining Car. This clip concludes the Ed Berger Films.

Moving onto the Upper Midwest segment, there are more early diesels to be discovered in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, & Minnesota. The first section was filmed by an unknown cameraman with barely any info on the locations. First comes the CB&Q E7s on a Westbound mail train as it rolls through western springs Illinois, then we see the Milwaukee Road FTs on a freight, a Quartet of CB&Q FTs on a westbound freight, a Pair of Santa Fe E8s on a streamliner as the semaphore signal goes down, a Pair of CB&Q FT's on a westbound Freight at Brookfield, a brief shot of the CB&Q Shovelnosed Zephyr, CB&Q E-5s on the Aristocrat heading for Omaha & Denver, A Union Pacific & C&NW Joint train with E6s as it is getting closer for Chicago, Milwaukee Road E6s on the Hiawatha from the twin cities to Chicago, the Union Pacific City of Denver with its 1936 equipment making a meet with a Steam Powered Commuter train on the C&NW, a brief shot of the C&NW FT following behind, A Union Pacific & C&NW city of Los Angeles with E2s in charge, C&NW E3s on a streamliner heading for Chicago, A C&NW Twin Cities 400 with E3s approaching Evanston while heading for Minnesota.

These next set of films were recorded by Clarence & Perry Becker. First we see The CB&Q Chicago Bound Afternoon Zephyr on Train 24 with an E5 in Nelson Wisconsin during June of 1947, followed by an Overhead shot of Fairbanks Morse built Milwaukee Road units on the Olympian Hiawatha at Wabasha Minnesota. Next we see the Milwaukee Road Pioneer Limited with E7As heading for St. Paul, Rock Island's Mid-Continental Special from Kansas City with an Alco DL-109 & EMD E6 At Newport bound for St. Paul, Great Northern Number 31 the westbound Empire Builder with a Pair of CB&Q E7s in charge, Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited to Either Portland or Seattle with CB&Q E7s, The Olympian Hiawatha with FM Erie Built units on Milwaukee Road, CB&Q E7s on the Combined Blackhawk Oriental Limited as it'll arrive at St Paul, Milwaukee Road Train ^ the Twin Cities Morning Hiawatha to Chicago with E6As, The CB&Q Twin Cities Morning Zephyr with a Shovelnosed E5 upfront, and a lone CB&Q E5A on a Mail train concluding the June 1947 films at Newport. On September 29, 1957, We're riding on a Steam powered excursion as we are overtaken by the CB&Q Zephyr. Next we see an E5 & an E7A on the Run to Chicago leading the Afternoon Zephyr, Followed by the C&NW Dakota 400 North of Onalaska Wisconsin, as well as another Dakota 400 with an E7A in charge west of Cobden MN while crossing over the Sleepy eye creek Bridge in June of 1957, Another Eastbound Dakota 400 east of Essig MN, Pacing a Minneapolis & St. Louis Doodlebug to the twin cities Near Fairfax in the spring of 1957, see a black & white shot of a Great Northern Passenger train led by number 502, a still image of 112, & pace another GN Empire Builder. Afterwards, we see a GN Doodlebug leaving the depot, followed by a winter scene of the Empire Builder, A GN SDP-45 number 327 & an F7B leading the Western star from the Twin Cities to Seattle, a Northern Pacific Passenger train in July of 1957, A pair of E8s on the CB&Q Twin cities Zephyr, both on different days, Milwaukee Road FM Erie built units leading the Hiawatha, see some E7s & E8s at the Great Northern Service Yard in St. Paul, Moved to Prescot Wisconsin to See the CB&Q Empire Builder on July 18, 1959 while waiting for either Hudson 3003 or 4-8-4 5632, A westbound Morning Hiawatha on the Milwaukee Road with E units & an F7B bound for the twin cities, see the same train at Red Wayne Station but facing south, Northern Pacific F9's on the North Coast Limited arriving in St Paul, while the GN Empire Builder with CB&Q E8s in charge follows behind concluding our look in the Upper Midwest.

Heading West, We're in Nebraska as the Father & Son Duo of the Becker Clan heads for Union Pacific Territory Beginning with 2 E7's & An E8 leading train 28 the eastbound Overland Limited as it leaves Columbus NE in September of 1957. Next We see a trio of F3s with number 1445 in charge as it heads for Sherman Hill on a Freight with engines 1498 & & 1483, a 5 unit ABBBA set leading an eastbound freight on Sherman Hill Through Dale Junction, In September of 1959, we see a Westbound set of E units leading the City of San Francisco as it leaves Hermosa Tunnel, followed by the City of Los Angeles with E units on the same track, see a mail train at Dale Junction which operates from Omaha to Los Angeles in September of 1960, and the streamlined Challenger with E units leaving track 3 concluding the Becker Films.

From Here we Focused on the Rio Grande as F7 Number 5674 is at the Royal Gorge In Colorado, as it is parked on the Hanging Bridge. The Gorge itself was also Nicknamed: The Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River. Prior to this film segment, there was an excursion that was on September 21-23 1967 as people from Southern California rode the Steam powered Narrow Gauge which was before a ride on the Royal Gorge. Today the Portion of the route between Canon City & Parkdale is owned by a Tourist Railroad called the Canon City & Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad. Out on the Mainline, 5674 is waiting for a 4 unit diesel powered freight to pass. The D&RGW segment ends with another passing of a different freight, this time its onboard the coaches.

Our Next segment takes us to the Western Pacific as an FT leads a Freight on the South side of the great salt lake west of the namesake city in either 1947 or 1948, Then we see a huge variety of Early Diesels in California on Santa Fe, Union Pacific & Southern Pacific. For the remainder of the Segment, the Prince West Virginia to Hinton West Virginia Portion on Amtrak's Cardinal From America By Rail Winter Wonderland in 1996 by Mike Lynch was used. First we see some E7s leading a passenger run on the SP, an underneath shot of An SP E unit, Union Pacific Alco PA's on Cajon Pass in the Winter, AT&SF Super Chief with F7s meeting a Caboose of the freight on its way to Chicago, Southern Pacific E7's leading the Golden State, Union Pacific's City of Los Angeles bound for Chicago while climbing over Cajon Pass that is led by an E8 with a Pair of E7's, Another Eastbound City of Los Angeles but with Early E2s in charge, AT&SF Alco PA's on Cajon Pass, A mix of Alco & Erie Built Union Pacific Units powering the Westbound Los Angeles Limited on Cajon Pass, SP's Sunset Limited with E8's & an E7 East of Indio CA with Salton Sea in the background, SP powering the Golden State on a joint with Rock Island for Los Angeles, AT&SF Super chief with F7 number 314 Arriving & Departing Pasadena for Los Angeles, & while this isn't in California, the Northern Pacific Mainstreeter is included which ended this reel.

Now we Focused on the Ken Shattock Films Beginning with a Black & White reel of AT&SF E1s leading the Golden gate at San Pablo California while going under the Semaphore Signal, SP City of San Francisco with PA's leaving Richmond, Back to color films as a WP Freight With FTs at Radum CA, The WP Portion of the California Zephyr heading east which is led by FP7 number 804 at Pleasanton, a GN Freight with a Quartet of Geeps Leading while the F units are pushing in the Middle through Cascade Tunnel in Washington State, Note the Baggage car on the rear, Riding the WP Excursion in May of 1959 while heading for the McCloud & Yreka Western railroads with F7s in charge, one of them being 920A, Making a Photo runby at the Pitt River bridge south of Beber, Resuming our onboard coverage with a freight in the background, And made a short visit to Vancouver BC in Canada while the GN International led by an F3 would later depart for Seattle, A trio of PA's leading SP's Cascade in Berkley, CA, followed by an arrival of train 57 the Owl which is led by FP7 number 6447 then departs, & continues with more SP Action with San Pablo Bay at Pinole while a westbound freight is led by a pair of F units, a westbound Sacramento to Oakland Mail train, Moved to Lathrop CA with the San Joaquin daylight led by an F7, & 2 F7Bs, leaving for Bakersfield, a quick shot of the Sacramento Daylight with a GP9 carrying a coach to Tracy CA, Moved to Empire CA where the AT&SF San Francisco Chief arrives & departs with PA's upfront, An unknown Western Pacific Passenger Extra with F units, Another AT&SF San Francisco Chief, this time its led by F7s while heading for Chicago, The SP city of San Francisco at Giant CA with a Quartet of F7s in charge, An on time arrival for the Westbound AT&SF San Francisco Chief with F3 ending our look in California.

Moving North, We're in Butte Montana as NP's North Coast Limited arrives that is east for Chicago with FP9 number 6700C, followed by the Butte Special With Union Pacific GP9s & was led by an F3, another shot of the North Coast Limited that is also heading for Chicago, but its led by 6707A, The Mainstreeter that is led by F9s at Cheney Washington, the GN Empire Builder lead by F7s as it heads for Chicago while rolling along pugent sound, & we are back in California as the SP Cascade is led by an SDP-45 & an F7B along San Pablo Bay in Rodeo CA. Moments Later, we witnessed an Eastbound freight on the SP that is led by a Quartet of F7s, followed by the San Joaquin Daylight heading west for Oakland, an interesting Caboose hop with 4 diesels pulling 2 cabooses on the rear, AT&SF's San Francisco Chief near Christie as it leaves Tunnel 3 in Franklin Canyon, & get to enjoy a ride in May of 1968 on Donner Pass. This excursion was led by Alco number 9151 to Truckee. These Scenes are on the westbound trip. East of Colfax, we passed by some F Units pushing a freight, then we enjoy a mixed variety of SP action in the towns of Colfax, Magra, Blue Canyon, Towle, Norden, & Andover. One scene shows Rio Grande B units in the middle of the Mid-train helper set. Returning to WP territory, this next segment shows a GN F7 leading a mix of Geeps on the WP Freight north on the Highline at Spanish Creek Trestle near Keddie Wye & the Feather River Canyon. Next we witnessed some F7s on the Feather River near Rock Creek Trestle, then on October 24, 1966, Ken Recorded the WP F7s heading North on the Keddie Wye, followed by a Northbound on the Spanish Creek Trestle, & see another freight with the California Zephyr at Keddie Wye. Away from the Canyon, we see the SP Cascade at Albany California in 1952, followed by a ride from Portland to Oakland on the Shasta Daylight that was filmed in July of 1952. Afterwards, we are riding through the area of Mt. Shasta. In Oakland's 16th street depot, a trio of Alco PA's are leading the city of San Francisco as it is making its long departure for Chicago. More Black & white films are shown as the WP California Zephyr arrives in Niles While Heading for Salt Lake City to Change power with the Rio Grande. This train is Led by FP7 804A. Following behind is the Harry S. Truman Presidential Train that is led by 803A. A brief look at the former President himself is included, & we see the Presidential Car called the Ferdinand Magellian that is placed on the rear of 803A. Returning to the Color films, we see an RDC Budd Car at San Pablo bay to Sacramento, followed by the introduction trip of the AT&SF San Francisco Chief in 1954, See F& number 307 at Emeryville CA Leading the California Limited while stopping for service, then makes a nice departure. Meanwhile, We are at Oakland as number 37 is on the first run of the San Francisco Zephyr. Here we see Some Natives & Indians Greeting the Passengers for the Innagural Run. Next we see the Debut train leaving Richmond on June 6, Followed by the SP Cascade with Alco PA's leaving the Oakland Mole as it passes right Between the Semaphores. Near Oakland, 804 leads the California Zephyr at Fruitvale, then we see a set of Alco PA's leading the San Joaquin Daylight as it heads for Los Angeles, Witnessed Black Widow Painted F7s on a freight, followed by more Black Widow painted F7s as it leads train 52 while a WP RDC Budd Car known as the Zephyrette arriving from Salt Lake City. Afterwards we see some AT&SF Alco PA's at Richmond while Coupling to its train as it'll head for Chicago with a nice departure and also ending the Shattock Films. Before we leave the west, here are a couple of scenes that were filmed by Carl Koenig: One being SP Coast Daylight with an E8 & E7s to San Francisco, the other being another train with Red Nosed F units on the SP at an unknown location.

The Final set of films were known as Odd Stuff units. First we see a Steam powered Cab Forward number 4219 leading a brand new FP7 with SD9s pushing on the rear while arriving at Beaumont after Climbing the hill, Then we see the Westbound Sunset Limited on Beaumont Hill as it passes by the Wig Wag Signals that is led by a set of PA's. In the Going away shot, you can see a steam powered freight on the left. Next up is a trio of F7s in Black widow colors that is leading the freight as it arrives at Beaumont. The rear helpers are due for being removed after battling through Beaumont hill. Afterwards, we see E8 number 6047 with 2 B Units powering the Golden State as it rolls through Beaumont on its way to Chicago. While this scene ended the American Units, we made a quick visit to Mexico in 1966 that was Filmed by Jim Vale as he recorded an FP9A number 7029 on the N de M. Returning to America, we're back in Chicago as this shot in 1955 or 1956 by Mr. Warren W. Scholl was filmed During Production of Vintage Steam in the East from 2017, Then we end our coverage and also this program as a Teenage Greg filmed a C&NW E-7 number 5015A at Sterling IL in 1969 as it makes a nice arrival & Departure.

There are lots of Well Known Cinematographers that are listed in the Closing Credits.

Overall, Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) did an outstanding Job Narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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