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Toy Train Revue Part 4 DVD Special Christmas Edition
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Toy Train Revue Part 4 DVD Special Christmas Edition TM Books and Video TTRDVD4 780484000276
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We visit Brian Vaill's all-passenger car, 36x23-foot layout which includes a giant Christmas display featuring over 200 Dept. 56 buildings.
Ken Schamberger's raises the bar for around-the-tree layouts, and we discover the world's smallest O gauge Christmas layout.
New Christmas songs by James Coffey.
Mr. Muffin's hi-rail scale layout.
Plus much more. Grab some eggnog and gather the family for a magical toy train holiday adventure.

60-minutes of all-new video acquired in hi-definition and wide-screen, plus 30-minutes of highlights from our original Toy Train Revue Part 3 released in 1993.

Running time 90 minutes

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Runtime:1 Hour, 30 Mins ($0.10/min)
Producer:TM Books and Video
Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
DVD UPC:780484000276
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Toy Train Revue Part 4 DVD Special Christmas Edition
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2015-11-27 20:00:02.

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part 4 of the new toy train by tm this time the special Christmas edition I just finished watching this and all 4 parts of the new toy train revue were defiantly worth the money (they're coming out with a part 5 as a special Christmas edition as well) this has everything mr muffin's hi-rail scale layout a impressive around the tree layout the world's smallest o gauge layout a look at the hallmark lionel ornaments Christmas songs by james coffey and highlights from the orginal toy train revue part released in the spring of 1992 this was great tm made this to celebrate they're 40th anniversary last year now part 5 is now available I'll be waiting for that to come this is a must have as well as the other Christmas videos from tm (my recommendations were always defiantly on the others I reviewed but all the Christmas videos from tm are all must haves)

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Toy Train Revue Part 4 DVD Special Christmas Edition
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-03 20:08:11.

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In volume 4 of the short lived toy train revue reboot, Jim Coffey sings a rearrangement version of magical Christmas train, which features not only TM�s new sparking mountain Christmas layout that is now part of the updated I love toy trains store, but also Lionel�s model of the Santa Fe F-3 set with bi-level coaches getting most of the screen time for the opening song, plus there are action and animated cars around the TM studio mountain circle.

Then comes part 1 of Brian Vaill of Maine which is narrated by Joe Stachler. Of course Brian did most of the talking. For trains, he has a present century Santa Fe A-B-B-A set with coaches, multiple passenger trains on the Alaska railroad, Southern pacific, Union Pacific with a model of the two tone gray version of 4-8-4 number 844 which the real engine wore from 1987-1991, western pacific, Milwaukee road, Chicago and northwestern, Norfolk southern, The legacy version of the Texas special, and much more. The room is measured 40x36 ft, while the layout itself comes at 36x23 ft. The Christmas portion of the layout is measured at 9.5ft by 23 feet long. Brian also has a model of grand central station. You won�t believe how many department 56 buildings Brian has. Not to mention his Charles dickens display room. Brian also has 2 different variations of the Lionel store. Joe talks about the differences. Besides the giant layout, a smaller Christmas layout with a Hudson in department 56 lettering, a gray hopper, a red gondola, 2 boxcars (one blue and one green), a silver 3 dome tank car, and a little red caboose. An interview with Brian�s wife Elizabeth is included. The small layout itself, also has a North Pole inspiration of the department 56 buildings.

Between the 2 parts of The Vaills, Jim sings welcome to Christmas town. Throughout the song, a modern prewar tinplate freight set with a 2-4-2 is shown, followed by a 3 coach set led by a British 10 wheeler, a silver version of the city of Denver, and a custom made silver pained steam engine hauling flatbeds.

Part 2 of the Vaills includes Brian talking about the track he used on the giant layout, which is all Lionel old school tubular track. He also talks about the scratch built electric cantanary system. For power, Brian uses a quartet of MTH Z-4000 transformers, a Lionel ZW, and A Lionel Z transformer. Brian talks about the water portion of the layout, which includes Lionel tugboats from the early to mid 2000s. There is also the beach portion of the giant layout. Plus there is an oil refinery near the roundhouse. Look carefully, and count how many steamers, diesels, and electrics this area has separately. Brian also has Alco FPA4s: the Santa Fe and Rio Grande. Plus he has a two tone gray challenger, and surprisingly enough, he has the Lionel legacy powered standard O scale version of the polar express. Which is led by a model of Pere Marquette 1225. Thankfully enough, the real 1225 is still operational on occasional use at the steam railroading institute in Owosso Michigan. Fact alert: the Hesston steam museum and the steam railroading institute are nearly 3 hours apart.

Afterwards, producer Tom McComas talks about the smallest Christmas train layout in the world with stock footage from Christmas toy train stories on Ned Holzer. The owner of the smaller store layout is Dan Gura. Dan has a department 56 Hudson, a trolley, a pair of mini Geeps, and an NW2. For power, Dan uses an MTH Z-4000 transformer. He also has a collection of other model trains such as the pioneer zephyr, the Texas special, and multiple C&NW freights. On Dan�s small Christmas tree, look carefully for some of the cabooses and a San Francisco cable car. He also has a male smooth dachshund.

An intermission shows characters from looney tunes and Disney playing deck the halls.

Then Joe narrated the layout of Ken Schamberger. For trains, ken has a model of Chesapeake & Ohio 2716 in its 1981-1982 Southern livery, which initially enough, the real 2716 used to be on display at the Kentucky railway museum in new haven, but now waiting to be restored for its 4th life at Ravenna. Ken also has a model of Milwaukee road 261, which thankfully enough, the real engine is at the Minnesota twin cities. Plus other engines and cars from the southern, such as a 2-8-8-2 mallet number 4022, a heritage unit number 8099, a GE demonstration unit number 2012, an 0-8-0 number 6536, and an 0-6-0 number 1697. Plus there is a Charlie Brown and Lucy van pelt handcar. Speaking of which, Ken is a huge fan of the Charlie Brown specials and shows. He also has some department 56 buildings. For track, Ken uses present century Lionel fastrack. For power Ken uses a pair of the ready to run CW 80 transformers, and a trio of 180 watt power bricks. Plus he uses the Lionel legacy and MTH DCS for the locomotives. On the flatbed, note the snoopy and Woodstock handcar. To close the segment, Jim sings my little Choo Choo Train. Which was previously used on toy train Christmas memories from 2002. Plus it�s also available on the lots & lots of Christmas songs for kids album by Marshall publishing. Ken also has a doubleheader led by a pair of Pacifics.

The final layout in this program is Mr. Muffins trains, narrated by the producer (Tom). You won�t believe how many locomotives and rolling stock this big layout has in an Indiana town. Mr. Muffins real name is Steve Nelson. The layout also has a subway system, the New York central streamliner Empire State express, a shay, as well as still photos of the giant layout being built. Mr. Muffin is a huge dealer for MTH, atlas & Lionel. The big layout also has scratched built bridges. A map of the layout is shown as the layout is on all Atlas track, with ballast by woodland scenics. Best advice: Never use glue. Each loop is operated by an MTH Z-4000 transformer, and a Lionel 180 watt power brick. These 2 systems are hooked up to the MTH track interface unit, which allowed the trains to be operated by Lionel legacy and the MTH DCS. Mr. Muffin also has an articulated Erie 0-8-8-0 camelback, and one of the steamers on the layout is another model of 1225, which is idling in the main yard, plus another realistic model from Lionel: NKP 765. The real 1944 built Berkshire is owned by the Fort Wayne railroad historical society in new haven Indiana. Mr. Muffin also has more modern era equipment on the display walls. Plus he has a lot of background buildings on the wall. To close out the segment, Jim sings one more train. Which was used on toy trains and Christmas part 2 from 1998, and I love toy trains Oh No from 2002. You can also visit the layout as well. It�s open from Wednesday to Saturday.

Finally, Joe talks about the Lionel hallmark ornaments, while at the same time, Jim sings his version of the 12 days of Christmas from Toy Trains & Christmas part 2.

The bonus highlights from the original part 4 of TTR from 1992, includes Michael Salnick of Florida (which the full version is also shown in the magic of Lionel part 1), part 2 of how the 1991-1992 showroom layout was built which has since been moved to river head New York, as well as Lou Palumbo�s Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania which was unfortunately, only on this program as a bonus feature, Donald Varda�s lines were removed as it was only shown in the original TTR 4 from 1992, as well as the magic of Lionel part 2. Plus a short segment on how to restore and/or custom create a Lionel F-3.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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