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Toy Train Revue Part 3 DVD
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Toy Train Revue Part 3 DVD TM Books and Video TTRDVD3 780484000184
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Here is a brief rundown of what you will see in Toy Train Revue Part 3. Greg Arnett's hi-rail layout - weathered buildings and trains influenced by Norm Charboneau. Terry Johnson was in our first Toy Train Revue 3 in 1993, and its amazing how things change in 21 years. American Flyer's prewar 3/16th O gauge trains, the precursor for the Postwar American Flyer S gauge trains. Restoring Eden Spring in St Joseph, Michigan, a 106-year old amusement park featuring 15-inch scale live-steam trains. Scale S gauge with postwar accessories and modern era S-gauge trains. Bob Olsen's scale trolley captures the Brooklyn of his youth. Bonus - highlights from the 1993 Toy Train Revue 3 include Carl Burkhart's Postwar Lionel layout, a visit with Bob Weaver, Bruce Lorence's AF S gauge, and the Marx Tronic Set.

60-minutes of all-new video acquired in hi-definition and wide-screen, plus 30-minutes of highlights from our original Toy Train Revue Part 3 released in 1993.

Running time 90 minutes

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Runtime:1 Hour, 30 Mins ($0.10/min)
Producer:TM Books and Video
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DVD UPC:780484000184
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Toy Train Revue Part 3 DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2015-08-16 17:35:31.

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just got done watching this this is probably the best one of the new toy train revue series it takes the icing of the cake some of the highlights include terry Johnson's new layout how it looked when tm first did the story a look at the American flyer prewar 3/16th scale o gauge trains a s gauge layout that combines modern era s scale locomotives and American flyer post war accessories a custom built o scale trolley layout as well as 30 minutes of highlights from the first toy train revue3 that was made back in 1991 and a lot more I've watched all three parts saving to watch part 4 witch is the special Christmas edition so I'll wait to watch that when Christmas comes that's the best time to watch the Christmas videos by tm

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Toy Train Revue Part 3 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-11-24 17:11:26.

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In volume 3 of the short lived reboot, it starts with a 3rd but updated visit to Terence johnson, the man of a million hats, which includes clips from the original TTR part 3 from 1991 and was also reused in the magic of lionel part 1 from 1992 or 1993. Tom McComas does the narration. For the updated layout in 2014, Terence has canyon walls, scratched built bridges, and a service yard. For trains in 2014, he has a Union Pacific heritage unit number 1996 in southern Pacific colors, a union Pacific turbine, E unit 949, a wide cab freight, and a 2 tone gray challenger. Terence also has a hidden military portion inside the canyon, a fog machine, special lights, and recorded sound effects. More trains on his layout includes the phantom, a southern Pacific F unit in black widow paint, a Shay hauling lumber, and even an 0-8-0 steam switcher. The lift bridge was made out of erector sets. He also has a decent collection of lionel accessories. Which includes the oil drum loader, the sawmil, the troublesome culvert loader, and the ice depot. Not to mention the ever popular despite troublesome milk car. In the roundhouse area, a union Pacific NW2 is taking a spin on the turntable. As the union Pacific 6900 series centennial unit hauls freight, listen for the real crossing bells. Besides the trains, Terence also has slot cars, and re-purchased Tonka trucks and farm tractors. On days when Terence isn't operating his layout, he is a drummer in a band. Terence also has a ton of hats, and a military mask during the war.

Next, Jeff McComas talks about American flyer in its prewar 3 rail o gauge mode. A photo of one of the CEOs of American flyer is shown as well as a vintage black and white film clip of a man playing golf. Catalog pages of erector sets are shown, as well as HO trains. The first American flyer steam engines of the 3/16th scale line was a union Pacific northern, and a new York central J3A hudson. A cover of the 1941 AF catalog is shown, as well as mentions of WWII. After the war was over, AF switched to 2 rail S gauge track. The differences of the O gauge and S gauge steam engines are shown. The golden years of model railroading was also the war of American flyer vs lionel. Throughout 1953, lionel sold its trains at $33 million, while American flyer sold its trains at $19 Million. An interview with Bob Bubeck is shown. A 4-4-2 streamliner is used in the green screen special effects. Fact alert: the boiler and tender was later used in the Baltimore & Ohio P5 class 4-6-2. Also a resemblance to Caitlin from.Thomas the tank engine. There is also the new York central hudson number 531. The prewar American flyer model of the union Pacific FEF-1 was the very first 4-8-4 to be made in O gauge mode. Plus there is a Pennsylvania K5 class 4-6-2. And unique operating cars. There is also a 2-4-4 number 401 hauling tinplate cars, and a reading 4-4-2 Atlantic type. Moore catalog pages are shown. Which includes a short lived nickel plate road 0-8-0 number 575. During the close up of bob, look carefully for Vinnie the puppet from the I love toy trains videos in the background. For accessories, there is the track gang. Like the nickel plate road 0-8-0, this was only released in 1941, as well as an eBay page of the accessory itself, that was sold for $2959.09 plus $15.18 for the shipping. The listing ended on June 10, 2014, which is the day that I (Yours truly) graduated from high school. Jeff also talks about the other AF accessories, and mentions of post-war AF. There is also an updated face reveal of Jeff himself. He also talks about the move to denver, and does a well known quotation/slogan from one of the most popular videos for kids that have since been forgotten in present months.

The next segment in part 3 of the short lived reboot is a visit to the Eden springs live steam rides. Pictures of one of the lionel books by TM is shown, as well as some flashback photographs of the operator in 1978 with his lionel layout. The kiddie land sign is shown, as well as some modern action at the Hesston steam museum, which is 5 minutes or 5 miles away from the I love toy trains store on the same road. Vintage photographs of Eden springs are shown. It opened in 1908. The structures were purchased and restored in 2009. Cary operates the 4-4-0 steam locomotive around the park. The grand re-opening of the park was opened 2 days before Halloween 2011. More vintage photographs are shown. All.of the steam locomotives are built in Niagara falls. The trestles are still there, but they are still waiting for some TLC. The park was sadly closed in 1973. The present rides around the loop includes $2 for adults, and kids are free. Plus it's open every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5:00. Lots of trees were removed with a chainsaw. Cary's own steam engine was built in 1904. It took 90 minutes for the steam engine to get ready, and also warm up its own boiler. A full tour of the present loop is included. Listen to the high pitched whistle. Photos of the hotel structure are shown. The park also has gasoline powered diesels. They were built in florida. Kids love cranking up the handcars. A tour of the workshop is included. The park used to have a racecar track. Only 2 cars are restored. The cars were built in 1934.

Another American flyer segment is shown, this time it's on the layout of Tom Robinson as he uses post-war accessories with modern era locomotives. Again, Tom McComas does the narration for this segment. For locomotives, Robinson has a clinchfield challenger hauling hopper cars of coal, a 2-8-2 on a mixed freight, an alco RS3 on a passenger run, an old 0-8-0 from the postwar years, the southern crescent, and tons of realistic scratched built buildings. For power, Robinson uses 8 transformers from the late 40s. Other trains includes an alco FPA4 on a passenger train, and a set of southern F units on a passenger train.

Next Joe Stachler talks about the layout of Greg Annett which is inspired by noteworthy layout designer and operator Norm Charbonneau. In the opening scene, a new York central hudson number 5324 is passing by the Pennsylvania railroad GG1. There are also scratched built and store bought buildings on the layout. For power, Greg uses The MTH DCS. The layout itself is inspired by a famous artwork called Night hawks. Greg also has The Baldwin built shark nosed diesels in NYC colors. Stock footage clips of world class Hi-Rail layouts part 4 is used. Greg also has a Canadian national SD70MAC, a pair Pennsylvania railroad electric boxcabs, the California Zephyr, an NYC T motor and a NYC Mikado hauling freight. Plus there are a pair of NYC alco RS3s hauling freight. Most of the engines and rolling stock are weathered. For track, Greg uses MTH realtrack.

The final layout in part 3 of the short lived reboot is Bob Olson's trolley layout. Again Joe stachler does the narration. The track is 2 rail from scratch, as well as the buildings, bridges, electric poles, and the trollies themselves. Bob's layout is inspired by the Brooklyn section of New York city. One of the models of the Brooklyn Manhattan sand street station is shown. The real terminal was built in 1888 and demolished in 1944. Bob also created The fall scenery for The layout. The other far end of the layout is inspired by a small village in Pennsylvania.

The bonus highlights from the original part 3 from 1991, includes the original Terence Johnson layout, and the postwar lionel layout of Carl burkhart. The full versions of these 2 are shown in the magic of lionel part 1, and the original TTR part 3 from 1991. Plus there is Bruce Lorence which was also shown in Fun & thrills with American flyer part 1, and All about America's best model trains by goodtimes. Plus Bob weaver, and a look at the tronic set by Marx.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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