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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 4 DVD
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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 4 DVD TM Books and Video TINPLATE4 780484961829
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Caryl Pettijohn thinks big. His train room is 3,000 square feet, with a 2,500 square foot Standard Gauge layout with 76 switches, 2,500 feet of track, the longest straight-a-ways you will ever see, and 20 trains can run simultaneously. Dimitri Economides used his skills as an architect/engineer and built a spectacular two-level layout featuring European and American Standard and O gauge trains, with over 100 illuminated stations on the layout. Clyde Easterly collects trains and Erector sets. "I love to build things", says Clyde. And he does, like a six-foot tall animated Structo robot magician who does sleigh-of-hand tricks. Clyde's layout features Standard, O, and One gauge trains all running at once. Not to be missed.

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DVD UPC:780484961829
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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 4 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-01-30 08:23:56.

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In part 4 of the Nearly 10 year old series from 2012, it starts with Tom McComas talking about what headlines are included for this volume.

The first layout in Part 4 is Dimitri Economides of East Lansing Michigan which is located just less than 20 miles away from the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso that TMBV would yet make a segment on Pere Marquette 1225 in a future title. Dimitri has an incredible amount of trains & accessories both european and American Such as Lionel, American Fyer, Ives, Dorfan, Bing, Boucher, Marklin, MTH, and others. The Table layout is powered by a trio of MTH Z-4000 Transformers, and a quarter of Lionel Z transformers. In addition to the Tinplate material, Dimitri also has several more trains from both the Postwar and Modern eras on the display cases. He has the 840 power house, and a bing OO gauge three rail circus train from 1920. The European sets from MTH have a foreign Language announcer on one of the sets. Many of the coaches on Dimitri's layout are the Elettren coaches by a company called Fulgurex. For track he uses gargraves track. Under the main table, a Lionel 408E apple green electric is carrying coaches. Other European engines that Dimitri has is the 4-6-2 (2-3-1 by europeans) number 6232 named the Dutches on Montrose, and one of his all time favorites, is the bing or markin 4-2-2 number 650. The real johnson single operated for Britian's midland railway in the late 1880s. Yellow painted engine number 063 is a resemblance to Emily in the Thomas the Tank Engine TV series. Dimitri could run 12 trains at once. The ceiling train at the south end is european one gauge. The one on the north end has a loop of special gargraves track that could run either standard gauge or O gauge. Dimitri knows how to repair trains except for rewinding an armature. Ever since the Debut of Both Amazon & eBay, it changed the way he searched for trains. In the early part of the 20th century, the accessories from europe are more colorful, ornate and fun to look at. A Montage of the accessories are shown such as the stations bridges & tunnels. Many of them are Reproductions by Marklin while others are originals. The music in this program is amazing to hear. The most rare and valuable of the original stations is the Marklin 2140 station from 1900. Emile Volker is the owner of a company called Santheon which is located in Hungary. Dimitri's oldest item in his layout and collection is the 1880 castle made out of plaster & wood by marklin. The real Borsic set a high speed record at 124.5 MPH in 1936. Then Tom McComas talks about the MTH European Locomotives. One of France's larger engines is the 4-8-2 or 2-4-1A if according to European designers. He also talks about the other european engines and also a short montage of these unique engines. Dimitri also has some clockwork engines, and also talks about the originals and reproductions. More footage from the new TMBV Standard Gauge Studio layout is shown which includes some steam powered accessories. In addition to the Trains, Dimitri also has a red 1954 F100 Pick-up by ford, and a dodge power wagon troop carrier which was used for the Korean war.

Near the 24 minute mark, its time for part 1 of the TMBV Studio Standard gauge layout where a 3 minute musical montage is shown. Some stop motion animation is included. The Blue comet, National Limited, Prosperity limited, olympian and the state set loops around the layout with colorful accessories in action. Near the End of the Montage, the Standard Gauge Blue Comet had an Oh No Blooper itself.

At the 27 Minute mark, its time to head east to Macungie Pennsylvania for the layout and Collection of Caryl Pettijohn located in the Hollyberry farm's train barn. Caryl has the Lionel Standard Gauge Hiawatha, the Pennsylvania GG1 by designer John Daniels carrying the coaches used for the Ives Black Diamond, the Blue Comet, the American Flyer Burlington Zephyr which was Caryl's very first train set he received that runs on a 60 foot wooden trestle helix that is the only O gauge train on the layout, a monorail, a Black 400E on a freight, the Light brown 408E, a Gray 400E on a freight, a 392E on a really long freight, the Olympian, the original Pocahontas set, a pair of the number 2 trolleys around the park, the gold Mayflower, and a green state set. Tom Also Mentioned one of the TMBV titles on Chuck Brasher's layout. Caryl also has a pair of Dorfan Cranes, a trolley, a coal train, a big roundhouse with a small turntable, and plenty of stations, bridges, signals, and tunnels. The display case is measured at 7 feet high by 36 feet long. Caryl has a trio or a quarter of 4 Macy's special sets which are very rare. The 352E is on the top that's painted brown and was made in 1932. The green number 2 set is in the middle and was also from 1932, and on the bottom is the blue 392E from either 1929 or 1930 which at the time was made during the begginnig of the great depression. Caryl is a huge collector of both Lionel & American Flyer Standard Gauge. The renovation began in 1995, and the construction of the layout began in 2001. Traveling on a 180 foot loop on a ceiling is a freight train led by a 4-6-2. The main layout is 2500 square feet. 20 trains run on 17 loops. For track, Caryl uses Gargraves. 56 of the 78 switches are from Gargraves, while others are from Rhyden. For curves, the largest is 20 feet, and the smallest is 36 inches. You won't believe how many Department 56 buildings are on the layout, plus there are other accessories by both Lionel & American Flyer. The switches and lights are powered by separate transformers. There are 3 control panels on the layout. One piece of the big layout that still needs to be installed is the mountain. Also in 1995, Caryl created a book on the variations of Lionel's standard gauge freight cars. He also has 5 work trains which includes an uncatalogued set pulled by a 381. The main yard is measured 12 feet wide by 60 feet long, has 700 feet of track, 40 switches, and stores more than 150 cars. The longest straightaway is 50 feet. In addition to the trains, Caryl also had some of the die-cast vehicles. The ferris wheel is an erector set, and the roller coaster is from Coaster dynamics of Elkton Virginia. Hollyberry farm was home to an active mine. The real mine was operated by the Carlyle and Folgelsberg railroad. The coal tipple was scratched built. Caryl's open house was on a Sunday between Christmas & New Years.

At the 48 Minute mark, its time for another Musical Montage of the TMBV Standard Gauge Studio layout, which concludes with special effects of the fireworks in the background.

At the 52 Minute mark, there is one more layout to visit: Clyde Easterly of Grass Valley California. First there are some images of vintage flyers and catalogs. Clyde has a Meccano helicopter, paddle boat, steam tractor, and Mr. Magic the Robot, a Die-cast 226E pulling green coaches, More trains on the display walls, and still owns his first Lionel Train set. It was A Commodore Vanderbilt with a tank car, a boxcar and a caboose. On the Layout, A rusty Ives Black diamond is on a passenger run but it still works. Another Ives black steamer hauling Blue passenger cars, and there are smaller sized trains running on the top loop with a circus. The layout has 2 loops of standard gauge, 2 loops of O gauge, and 2 loops of 1 gauge. A pair of Ives Electrics are on the 1 gauge loops. Which are set numbers 3240 and 3249. And An Ives 1764 electric with an ives lionel transition set that was uncatalogued. In 1921, Ives dropped their 1 gauge line and switched to Lionel Track. As always, Clyde has a huge heart of collecting Prewar trains. The layout is measured at 26 by 33 feet. For power he uses Lionel Z transformers. Of course he still has the Dorfan Crane, as well as the American Flyer Union Station which is a reproduction model. An erector Zepplin is on the Ceiling. Clyde has a Lionel 1916/17 suspension bridge, as well as different bridges by the 4 companies. The rarest piece of Clyde's collection is the 1888 Ives Cast Iron 2-4-0. Clyde's favorite is a Boucher 2222 blue comet. Another rare piece is the Ives coca cola display from 1928 which was an add-on accessory for the ives circus train. More of Clyde's favorite trains are in a pair of Showcases. One for Dorfan, the other for Lionel American Flyer & Ives together. Also on the display walls, there are lots of signals that Clyde collected.

In the Closing Credits, the Producer's son Jeff McComas was one of the Camera Operators in this program.

Overall, good sequel to enjoy for both young and old and it is still available to watch for free on Amazon Instant Prime Video.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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