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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 2 DVD
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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 2 DVD TM Books and Video TINPLATE2 780484961591
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If you love colorful, classic tinplate trains in action on elaborate layouts - this DVD is for you.

We visit Chuck Brasher in Grass Valley, CA to get an update on his fine layout and collection. Chuck is adamant about his trains being original, and he has some of the finest examples of tinplate trains and accessories on the planet - the State Set, Blue Comet, President's Special, the Ives Circus Set, Lionel Airplane, Lionel Race Cars, and many more.

Dave Corbett started collecting Postwar Lionel - then he fell in love with American Flyer Standard Gauge. Dave built a fabulous layout, and he is not shy about telling us why he loves American Flyer Standard Gauge.

Then to Reno to see Jim McCarthy's layout featuring the Brute, National Limited, Olympian, Black Diamond, and other reproductions of Standard Gauge classics.

We also show, from start-to-finish, the building of our 46-foot long tinplate layout built right here at TM. Prepare to be amazed - you've never seen a layout like this.

Plus more highly entertaining and informative Talking Tinplate segments with Ron and John.

Bonus - Slide Show of Standard Gauge Classics

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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-01-27 07:37:41.

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In Part 2 from 2012, it starts with a musical montage as Tom McComas talks about what headlines are featured in this program.

The first layout in part 2 of the nearly 10 year old series, is the third visit to Chuck Brasher in Grass Valley California. Chuck Appeared in Great Toy Train Layouts of America Part 2 from 1989, and also on Lionel Nation Part 1 from 2008. He still has the same Standard Gauge locomotives, sets, accessories, and tracks, even though he still extended his room over the years. A response from MTH President Mike Wolf is included. As always, Brasher cares about the original original models from the Prewar years. One of the new additions to Chuck's layout is the Ives Circus set. The set with its original backdrop not only appeared in I Love Toy Trains part 8 from 2000, But the Value of the Backdrop itself was sold for only $20,000. Brasher's Own backdrop was cut out, and also photoshopped. If there's one Standard Gauge train set that Chuck is still Looking for, is the American Flyer Mayflower. The trains that are running on the layout are the Lionel 400E Blue Comet, the brown 408E state set, and the President's special. The accessories on the layout includes a lionel 55 airplane from 1936-1939 with the original base, The spirit of Saint Louis tower with 2 planes, the 85 race car set from 1912-1916, the 140L tunnel from 1927-1933, An extremely rare 120 tunnel with its own liners from 1920-1927, a number 917 Two-hump Mountain, the 840 power station, the American Flyer Union Station made out of cardboard, a pair of Ives Union Stations, The same tooling for the Lionel & Ives city stations except for the outdoor lamps,signs, and different paint, and various bungalows, buildings, signals, bridges, and crossings.

Halfway between the 16 to 17 minute mark of the program, John Potter & Ronald Grossman are still talking tinplate. Here they talk about the controversy between the originals and reproductions, as well as signs of dents and rust, plus mentioning the love and charm of these toys. John has a set from JC Penny called the empire express. The cars were named Knickerbocker & Henry Hudson. This set was led by a 4753 electric.

At the 20 minute Mark of this program, It's time to visit Jim McCarthy of Reno Nevada Near the California State line, and also the Donner Pass Area. Jim has a Doubleheaded Ives Uncatalogued Black & chrome Passenger set, The Ives Black Diamond, The Green Olympian, the blue comet, and also the Brutte. Jim Has stations, a roundhouse, a monorail, A Black 400E on a freight train, The Uncatalogued Lionel Milwaukee Road Hiawatha in Different Colors that was recently made by MTH, the Blue 408E set, the WWI set, random Bungalows, Buildings, Crossings, signals, A Modern Era Lionel Electric Toy Trains warehouse from the 90s, A dorfan Crane, The Lionel 55 Airplane set with a base, The McCoy Circus Set with a Tent, and multiple Gauges on different walls. Jim also has original Tunnels. Some trains on the layout are originals, while others are reproductions. The 56 feet long layout has shelves to store McCarthy's book collection. It was Revealed that Jim's wife Kathy has a huge heart of Tinplate material. For Power, Jim Uses a Quartet of MTH Z-4000 Transformers.

At the 34 Minute Mark of the program, Its time for Part 2 of Talking Tinplate with Ron & John. Here they talk about their lifetime passions of Collecting Tinplate. One of the rare sets to be ever released is the Lionel 256 set in orange with twin motors. Late models have brass plates, early versions are rubber stamped. A detailed look at the Electric 381 state set is shown. Depending on the Condition, It was sold from $12,000 to $25,000.

Getting close to the 39 Minute Mark, The TMBV Crew Heads east to Burlington, Wisconsin for Dave Corbett's layout. Dave has a Bouche Pennsylvania K-4 pacific number 2500 pulling red coaches, as well as a monorail, the American Flyer 4-4-2 number 4693 with light blue coaches known as the minute man set, the Ives President Washington set that has since been restored by some boys in California, the Flying Colonel with an activated bell by American Flyer, the original Hamiltonian with a really rare dining car, the Mountaineer set led by an electric on a freight, the 4677 chief set from 1927, the empire express set from JC Penny, the Ives 2343 Mustard orange set, the 3243 ives set that was repainted by somebody else, and the Ives Posperity special by MTH. He has more trains on the wall. For Postwar Lionel, he has a Jersey Central FM Trainmaster, A Norfolk & Western J number 746, and the Baltimore & Ohio F-3 Number 2368. In 1995, Dave was invited to various tinplate clubs. His first Tinplate accessory was an ives 116 station from 1926-1930. Dave's Standard Gauge Layout measured at 28 by 12 feet long. Other Trains that Corbett has is the Lionel 384E, a 390E, a 392E, and a 400E. He also has some reproductions by MTH, but still cares about the original original models. Other accessories on the Layout includes an 840 powerhouse, Ives Union Station, And different Bungalows, Buildings, Crossings, Bridges & Signals, such as the American Flyer 2042 Crossing gate for example, as well as the Lionel gate man. One of American flyer's planned models for their 1928 catalog was the red version of the President's special, but it was canceled due to money issues, management issues and also for the countdown to the Great Depression. However, Dave Decided to build his version of the cancelled set which was led by a 4689 electric, and a red 4630 steam locomotive. Dave also has more trains stored on shelves under the layout. McComas calls the 20's the golden age of standard gauge. a Montage of the Lionel & American Flyer catalog covers and pages are shown. Since the MPC era of the 70s & Early 80s, Lionel owns and operates American Flyer. Dave has a huge amount of 250 Light bulbs on the layout.

Halfway between the 54 and 55 minute marks of the program, its time for part 3 of Talking Tinplate With Ron & John. Here they Talk About the past and present models of both realism and fantasy toys using the Santa Fe Genset Swithcer for example. Stock Footage from TLIA part 1 is shown, as well as Lionel Nation 8. Here's a Question that wants to be answered: What kind of toy trains would you use on your layout-Realism or Tinplate? The Answer: It Depends on both the Operators & Collectors. In the closing scene, Ron Throws away a Lionel Blue & Yellow Santa Fe GP38. We hope it still works.

Near the 55 Minute Mark of the program, the TM Crew Builds a Brand New Tinplate Layout in the studio with 6 for Standard Gauge at the Bottom, and One for O gauge on the Top crossing 3 hell gate bridges. The Attic is measured 50 feet long by 30 feet wide. The builder is RJ Walpole. Here he started using a Quartet of 4 by 8 tables. Each section is painted at its own different color. New lights are added to the ceiling. When Finished, This will be one of the Longest TM Studio Layouts ever built. A Map of the Track Plan is shown. Each Train has its own Independent loops. Tom Helps out with the dogbone portion of the layout. The Lionel arches are custom built. Over the years, the crew has acquired the live steam engines and erector sets. The windmill on the layout is in John Deere Colors that was powered by steam and used real oil. The big finish was shown after the credits: one normal, and a replay in slow motion.

In the Closing Credits Both Ron & John Talks about the knowledge and the love of tinplate.

As an added bonus, there is a slideshow montage of the building kits, and rare variations, and other uncatalogued items. Again the music is really cool in this program.

Overall, this an enjoyable sequel to enjoy again & again. Plus it's still available to stream for free on Amazon Instant Prime Video.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Tinplate Legends in Action Volume 2 DVD
jolem (Wisconsin) on 2015-03-19 15:46:21.

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A super DVD on Bailey's yard. A must for any train enthusiast. Not to mention the fast shipping.

Additional remarks by jolem:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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