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Tinplate Legends in Action 5 DVD
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Tinplate Legends in Action 5 DVD TM Books and Video TINPLATE5 780484961409
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His 3000 square foot basement house 6 layouts and the oldest operating toy train layout in America. James Hall's multi-level standard gauge layout features a 9 stall roundhouse, sixteen 155 freight stations, and operates seven trains. If you visit either, bring a tent. You won't want to leave. Over one hour of great tinplate action, history and fun.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 00 Mins ($0.15/min)
Producer:TM Books and Video
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DVD UPC:780484961409
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Tinplate Legends in Action 5 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-02-02 10:56:07.

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In Part 5/The Final Show Of The Nearly 10 Year Old Series From 2013, It starts with Producer Tom McComas talking about what headlines are included in this program.

The First Layout In Part 5/The Final Show is Russell McFall from Maryland. Prior to his layout, he was at one time the President of Commercial Satellites, and later for the Lockhead Martin Telecommunications. Russell sold many Satellites all over the world. In 1998, He changed his life from a satellite president to a model railroader. During the Satellite Presidency, Russell used to have an Automobile collection, but they have since been sold to other owners. Some of the trains for Russell's collection are Both O & Standard Gauge Tinplate Trains from the prewar era. The First Layout is powered by 2 275 Watt AWs, and a Quartet of 250 Watt Z transformers.The 4437 towers have fully functional switches. They are used to power 27 switches, and also for the roundhouse & sidings. Look Carefully for the Billboard that Has a picture of Pere Marquette 1225 which is located 2.5 to 3 hours apart from the TMBV Studios to Owosso. The original Standard Gauge switches were too big for the 6 axle coaches and could easily derail. On the second layout, The MTH Versions are much easier to use. The Second layout is powered by an MTH Z-4000 Transformer, 1 Lionel ZW, and a pair of Lionel Z Transformers. It was measured 25 by 20 in a different room. There are 18 Switches on the New layout, and 22 switches on the old layout. Under the Switch controllers, and the MTH Z-4000 transformer, Look Carefully for the Photograph of Southern Pacific Daylight 4449 on a Night Photo session. On the Second layout, Russell ran a Boucher 4-6-2 on a freight, the Lionel Union Pacific City of Denver, The Custom made Challenger Using Parts from a Black 400E, and installed Small wheels, The Brown 408E State Set, the American Flyer 4-4-2 with red and blue coaches, The Union Pacific M-10000, and other sets along the walls. Many more custom Standard Gauge engines are on the Walls like the Southern Pacific Daylight Number 4454, the Pennsylvania GG1 number 4986, The Virginia & Truckee Motorcar number 22 in red, The Illinois Terminal Freight Electric number 95, and the CB&Q Pioneer Zephyr. Plus there is another Pennsy GG1 Number 4935, the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha, The Electric New haven number 4, a Blue Pennsy 4935, Reading 1093, A Burro Crane, The B&O Number 1, and ran a custom made mining train with 3 red hoppers loaded with coal. Russell also has the Carlisle & Finch Mining train which was first shown in Great Toy Train Layouts of America part 4 from 1991, and was originally owned by Elsbridge Russell then to Lionel 1986-1993 Photographer Fritz Von Tagen, and now to Russell McFall. The Carlisle & Finch Layout has 7 switches, 5 crossovers, and 2 45 degree crossovers. Over the Years, McFall has collected variations of the early 20th century train sets. Under the top, is another 8 by 12 layout. Here it contains the General trains version of the Union Pacific M10000, The suburban 2210 Known as the Voltamp, and a Milwaukee road Standard Gauge electric parked on a siding. Next to the Carlisle & Finch Layout, is another layout with every locomotive, rolling stock, track, and accessory made by Boucher. Here a Pennsylvania 4-6-0 number 2222 is on a small freight, and a Delkor Spiral located on top of the Boucher layout. It was Originally from Macy's in Philadelphia. The trolley on the Spiral is a Custom made Lionel 300 Pullman coach. The Basement is 3000 Square foot. Besides the Trains, Russell has a Buddy L Airplane in the ceiling, while under one of the layouts, the Buddy L outdoor trains collection is on display. Other Trains on the layouts include an MTH reproduction of the Olympian. He also has 3 versions of the Blue comet: One copper, one nickel trimmed, and one in the 390E. Russell also has a White Ives Set and since 2007, He collected European 1 gauge Trains & Stations by Bing, Marklin, Carette, and Fandor. The most highly prized set of the European 1 gauge, is the 4-4-2 10-20 set with 5 flatbeds carrying 1881 airplanes. In addition to Buddy L, there are other toy companies that made pressed steel toys: Keystone, Dabkey, Son-ny, All-American Toy Company, and others. The Automobiles are on ceilings in both the Dining room and Sun Room. Other trains are located in Corner Curio Cabinets on the first floor, and in 2 rooms on the second floor. A Musical montage of other trains and other things that Russell collected is included.

At the 21 Minute mark, there is another layout to visit: James Hall of Virginia. This segment was Narrated by Joe Stachler. Jim has plenty of trains on the wall. As a Kid, Jim used to Play with American Flyer S Gauge. Most of the Modern Standard Gauge trains are from McCoy, while there are others by Lionel, American Flyer, & Ives. The room is measured at 1024 square feet. There is a TMCC New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt, The Pennsylvania GG1 by Hendrich pulling coaches by Randall, the Olympian, 2 versions of The Milwaukee Road Hiawatha: one led by an Atlantic built in 1974 by John Daniels, the other by a Lionel TMCC Hudson, a Black Crackle 400E, the red cascade E-2 by McCoy, the Union Pacific M-10000 from John Daniels, a Blue 4-4-0 on a passenger run, some motorcars, a 4-6-0 on a freight by McCoy, Pacific Electric 3867 on a freight from McCoy, the Southern Pacific Daylight 4454 on a short freight by Lee Lines, a Pennsylvania GP9 from red forney, a Reading Alco FPA4 by Glenn Toys, A reading 4-6-0 camelback, the Santa Fe F-3 from DeHines, the Milwaukee Road Bi-Polar from Rich Art, and more steam engines at the roundhouse with a custom made turntable. Look carefully for one of the Streamers that include Percy &James from Thomas the Tank Engine. For Track, Jim used Gargraves and original standard gauge track. Also on Jim's Layout there is a circus. You Won't believe how many trees are on the layout. The layout is powered by a pair of American Flyer 30Ds, a trio MTH Z-4000 Transformers, and a trio of Lionel ZW transformers. Afterwards, Jim took the crew on a tour of the display walls. There's over a Baker's Dozen Manufacturers in Jim's collection. If Jim had to choose a favorite from modern standard gauge companies, the answer would be McCoy. One one of the McCoy items, there is a TTOS Baggage car designed by Walt Disney Cartoonist & Fellow friend of TMBV: Ward Kimball in 1976, Dating back to the 60s, McCoy made Christmas cars. In addition to Ward Kimball, Jim also has a couple of cars from Talk show host and also a fellow friend to TMBV: Tom Snyder in Early August of 1978. Jim's first McCoy set was a two tone blue electric 4 car passenger set from 1965. McCoy also made Multiple hand painted hand cars. Over the years, Jim also has a collection of Toonerville trolleys, and Various automobiles by Roberts lines of Rochester NY. The McCoy Trolleys on the top shelf is actually replicas of the San Francisco Cable Cars. To Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the TCA in 1979, is the Jerry Williams set. Which is a reskin version of the Lionel 408E State set. There are also more ten wheelers on the shelves including one that was painted in the colors of the Strasburg Railroad. Like the 1225 segment, There are unannounced plans from TM to make an I Love Big Trains Reboot. The articulated 4-8-8-4 big boy is made by Bob LeDuke. It weighs in at 30 pounds and at 37 inches long. Back to the layout itself, the original Lionel Tinplate roundhouse with a turntable was used to store trolleys. The roundhouse by Smith Metal works is at 30 inches deep and the lionel 444 roundhouse is 20 inches deep. In addition to the trans, Jim also has a collection of current Standard Gauge Accessories from MTH, Lionel, and T-Reproductions. The cranes on Jim's layout was made for the 2010 Convention in Baltimore. He has 5 standard gauge cranes, including the one from Dorfan, a total of 16 155 station platforms, 32 double lighted Floodlight towers, 24 dead end buffers, and plenty of switch towers and stations. The Billboards were handcrafted by Jim. A more Detailed look of the Circus portion of the layout is included. A rare item that Jim owns in the circus category is the McCoy Carousel. Jim's Granddaughter Destiny also helps out with the layout and also operates them.

With the 2 layouts complete at the 52 minute mark, John Potter talks about the past and present comparisons of the Amercian Flyer 4696 Full Piper set. The original was made in 1928. The tender is marked 4692. The 1928 Model came with its original instruction book, and a pocket catalog. Fact Alert: before Lionel invented the steam whistle in 1935, and the bell for the Pennsylvania B6 0-6-0 in 1939, the 4696 was the very first American flyer steam locomotive to be equipped with a mechanical bell. When it was first released, the american flyer Engines came with a small 2 chant tin Whistle. The MTH Model Looks the same, except that its equipped with the Proto-Sound 2.0, and synchronized smoke. On the TMBV Studio Layout, The original 1928 Model is pulling passengers, while the MTH reproduction hauls freight. Note the Green & Yellow Cars with an electric in the lead that was used on one of TM's since discontinued/rare/Hard to Find/Out Of Print John Deere Titles, Not to mention the special effects on the airplane in the sky. A musical montage is used to close out the segment, and also for the entire 5 part series.

Like Part 4 of TLIA, The Producer's Son Jeff McComas is one of the camera operators for this program.

Overall, this is a good sequel to enjoy again and again, and its still available to watch for free on Amazon Instant Prime Video.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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