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Tifft Street Afternoon - Busy yard action with CSX Conrail South Buffalo Buffalo & Pittsburgh DVD
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Tifft Street Afternoon - Busy yard action with CSX  Conrail  South Buffalo  Buffalo & Pittsburgh  DVD Highball Productions TISA-DVD
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The famous Tifft Street Bridge in Buffalo NY, now sadly rebuilt with wire screens. We saw 40+ trains throughout the afternoon sometimes these were so many trains we didn't know which way to run. Conrail, CSX, NS, GATX, BN, UP, B&P and South Buffalo all make an appearance, lost of variety and lots of action.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 00 Mins ($0.30/min)
Producer:Highball Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Tifft Street Afternoon - Busy yard action with CSX Conrail South Buffalo Buffalo & Pittsburgh DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-07-30 10:13:44.

  •  4 of 5

In this 1994 videotape, the program starts with a 2 unit auto rack led by Dash 8 number 5074 and SD40-2 number 6336. Next, a panning shot of the yard is included as well as a meet with a piggyback train led by 6570. Some Norfolk Southern power is shown at the yard which includes a drawbridge. A 2 unit lash up of light movements goes next to the open bridge, as well as crossing the diamond. Not to mention meeting with the auto rack. It is revealed that a pair of high hood units numbers 7534 and 7531 are running light, heading for somewhere in the area. Next, a 5 unit Lash up of GP40s heads for Pittsburgh as it not only leaves the yard, but it is being led by 3001 in its orange black and yellow paint scheme. Conrail is the second unit. The third unit is in the B&P dark blue and white paint, and the last 2 units are in the same colors as 3001. With the freight heading westbound out of the way, a 4 unit Conrail piggyback highballs through the yard and the junction as it heads for the drawbridges. Afterwards, a 5 unit lash up of more conrail units are shown, as the first unit is a wide cab, the second comes a Dash 8, the third is 5002, and the last 2 units are switchers numbers 9556 and 9576. Note the blinking green light. Meanwhile the same Pittsburgh bound freight is taking some slow orders as it is trying to clear the switches. At the same time, a mixed train arrives. It is being led by 6778 and 6753. Later, a meet with a different mixed freight is shown. This time it is led by 6750. Note the sounds of the automobiles picking up speed as a woman�s voice is heard offscreen, not to mention a pair of I Love New York Boxcars waiting for a locomotive to be picked up. Later on, a 4 unit container train (Both doublestacks and piggyback trailers) arrives with 6823 in the lead. Crossing over the bridges and junctions, a pair of MP15 switchers are shown. It is revealed that they were originally built for the mid-Louisiana rail corporation. Meanwhile, a 3 unit doublestack leaves the yard. It is being led by engine 5534. Next, the MP15s are waiting for orders, as a trio of Norfolk Southern power led by high hood unit 7067 is about to do a ton of switching movements back and forwards around the yard. At the 20 minute mark of the program, a 2 unit Conrail local waits on a different track while the NS train heads for its assigned destination. The Conrail local is being pulled by engines 1953 and 1952. Meanwhile, a meet with a different doublestack arrives, with a CSX unit in the middle. Not to mention a 2 unit mixed train with a Union Pacific SD40-2. This scene was a perfect 3 way meet where 3 moving trains are in 1 scene. It is also an example of how busy an American freight railroad operates. Next, Buffalo & Pittsburgh 207 goes under the bridge, as the camera pans to the NS units pushing cars. Then 207 switched tracks and runs light once again to its assigned spot in the yard area. At the same time, another doublestack arrives. This time it is led by Burlington Northern units with Engines 6371 and 6802. Not all trains in tifft street yard have to be Conrail, B&P, and NS. Afterwards, the 207 couples up to its cars and heads for the sidings. Again, tifft street yard is one of the busiest railroad yards in the northeast section of America. Later on, a 3 unit Conrail doublestack rolls by. The NS units are still switching cars back and forth. Not only is 7067 doing the hard work, but so is 8074 and 3515 together. Next up is a 3 unit mixed freight with Conrail units. At the same time, a 2 unit autorack makes a meet with the mixed freight. Meanwhile 207 comes to a complete stop as the Second half of the mixed freight rolls by with the autorack meet continues, then 207 resumes its chores around the yard. The 2 unit train with autoracks in front must come to a stop as another doublestack arrives. It is led by 4 units. Another 3 train meet is shown as a trailer train arrives. Note the birds swooping through the scene. This train had 3 units which contains Conrail 6762, Conrail 6766, and Union Pacific 3156. A little race between the trailer train and the mixed train is shown as moments later, a 3 unit container train arrives. It is led by 5059, 5540, and 3333. Next a 2 unit mixed freight leaves the yard. It is led by 5023 and 6825. Meanwhile at Norfolk Southern�s side of the yard, a Short doublestack is slowly passing the yard with 6101 by itself. Note the crew member on one of the footsteps of the diesel as it collects orders for both the engineer and the assistant. As it leaves, a different 3 unit lash up of Conrail power is shown, as it is on the piggyback train, while making a meet with a mixed freight. Following behind is another Conrail mixed train, this time it has 2 wide cab units. A trio of different diesels from different road names (GATX, SOO line, & Union Pacific) arrives with a trailer train. Meanwhile, a 3 unit Conrail mixed train is shown with engine 5563 in the lead but we are not sure. Following behind is a coal train with 4 units. It is led by 5525. Next, A really wide meet with an NS trailer train and a Conrail mixed train is shown. A Conrail switcher is shown behind the freight as NS 6197 is slowly leaving the yard, with a Conrail local arriving in the background, as well as another shot of the switchers waiting for the main freight to clear. Switcher 9573 is carrying a bay window caboose, 2 boxcars and 4 tank cars. The program comes to a close as a meet with a mixed freight arrives. It is led by 5526 as it honks its horn to the cameraman. The closing shots show NS and Conrail switching in the yard, as well as a 2 unit lash up of NS Dash 8s arrives with a mixed freight. Overall this is a great hot spot in the Buffalo area showing how many trains arrive, depart, switch cars, and also making meets.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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