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The Rio Grande Today Memories of the Denver & Rio Grande Western
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The Rio Grande Today Memories of the Denver & Rio Grande Western WB Video Productions WB022
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Memories of the DENVER & RIO GRANDE WESTERN in the 80's. Video taped 1982-1986.

* Rio Grande trains on the Moffat Tunnel Route.
* Multiple unit trains over Tennessee Pass.
* Rio Grande Ski Train - 1915 era coaches, F-9 units.
* Amtrak "California Zephyr" - On board and trackside.
* "Rio Grande Zephyr" passenger train with F-9 units.
* Luxury trip on board private car "Yerba Buena" from Salt Lake City to Denver.
* Snow Plow train Winter Park to Kremmling, Colorado.

112 minutes

TVD NOTE: Titles that have the words "Today" or "Now" in them can be misleading. Please check the description carefully as this video could have been made decades ago and may not reflect the railroad as it is now.

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DVD Item#:WB022
Runtime:1 Hour, 52 Mins ($0.24/min)
Producer:WB Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

  • This producer has been known to change the cover design, so the cover image you see here may differ from the actual product.
The Rio Grande Today Memories of the Denver & Rio Grande Western
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-08-14 19:36:52.

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In this nearly 2 hour program from 1986, it starts with a 5 unit powered mixed freight led by engine 3089. The majority of this program was filmed by bill brown and narrated by Rege Cordic. Next up is a 2 unit mayor�s special heading to winter park over the range of big 10 loop west of Denver. Note the B unit behind the diesels. At the east switch of rocky flat siding, a 2 unit coal train heads east. It is powered by engines 5513, and 5501. Keep in mind that the 80s were the final full decade for cabooses on mainline freight. Next a 4 unit coal train led by 5381 heads through the crossing in the early morning light. It ain�t a typical ordinary day at Denver union station as the final run of the Rio Grande Zephyr heads for the moffat tunnel route on April 23, 1983. The lead unit is none other than F unit 5771 which is thankfully preserved at the Colorado railroad museum in nearby golden. The orders are picked up at prospect junction as 5771 arrives. Note the Burlington Northern switchers, as well as business/private car Wilson McCarthy on the rear. For several weeks, Amtrak�s California Zephyr has to be detoured on Union Pacific tracks in Denver. Number 9000 (not the 4-12-2), helps the Amtrak F40s. Numbers 354 and 294. Back on the mainline, we are at plainview as a 4 unit mixed train is shown. Note the first generation of auto carriers, as well as a helper on the rear. Next, a different 2 unit coal train comes into view. Further down the line, a 3 unit coal train comes rolling by. It is led by engine 3106. All of the Rio Grande mainline tracks are owned by Union Pacific. In a snowy scene, a 4 unit mixed freight pops in and out of various tunnels. It is led by engine 3102. This freight has 2 helpers on the rear. A blizzard starts to howl as a 2 unit trailer train is at Pinecliff. Listen to the horn on engine 5315. The ski train is operated between Denver and winter park, as it is led by 5771 once again but we are not sure. Next up is a 3 car business train which is approaching the west portal of the moffat tunnel. Afterwards a mixed freight led by GP40-2 3115 is shown, which includes a little bit of caboose pacing, as it heads for the east portal of the tunnel. An eastbound piggyback is approaching Byers canyon. Listen to the horn on engine 3026. Deep in the heart of Byers canyon, a different 5 unit piggyback trailer train is shown. At tabernash Colorado, a pair of SD40T-2 tunnel motors, numbers 5410 and 5342 are waiting to help a coal train at the west portal of the moffat tunnel. The 2 helpers are going to be sandwiched between the coal train and the caboose. Approaching the West Portal of the moffat tunnel, the same 4 unit coal train is at winter park. Listen to the horn on lead unit 5506. It also has engines 5511(Not the Union Pacific 2-10-2), 5504, and 3070. On a different day, a westbound Rio Grande Zephyr led by 5771 heads into winter park. Listen to the horn on this covered wagon. 5771 rolls into Byers canyon, and also east of Kremling on a snowy day, as flames are still falling from the sky. Afterwards, a 5 unit coal train heads for the Colorado Springs power plant. Note that Union Pacific SD40-2 number 3273 is in the consist. The same train is in the heart of Byers canyon, which includes a Little bit of pacing. Next it heads for Granby, and Tabernash. Several miles from the moffat tunnel, it passes by 2 helper units numbers 3090, and 3114. These 2 diesels are coupling to the rear of the coal train. The train passes through Fraser Colorado. Listen to the horn on 3099. The final shot of the coal train is from the winter park ski area, as it approaches the east portal of the moffat tunnel. With the coal train already inside the tunnel, 3114 and 3090 heads back to Tabernash. On a more pleasant day in 1984, an eastbound 5 unit coal train approaches winter park near the west portal of the moffat tunnel. It is led by engine 5405. The helpers on the rear are engines 3117, and 3111. Following behind is the ski train led by 5771. It has been turned at Tabernash, will depart at 4:15, and arrives back at Denver at 6:30 in pure darkness. The 1984 ski train is operated by a pair of GP40-2s Numbers 3127, and 3125 goes into the first 3 tunnels as well as Tobin valley. Plus passing the siding at plainview, as well as various locations along the way. Heavy snow falls from the sky as the ski train arrives at winter park. The empty ski train heads for Tabernash. Here the train is already turned and heads back to winter park. Waiting for the ski train is Amtrak�s California Zephyr heading west. On the return trip the ski train is approaching winter park. It�s always a winter wonderland in Colorado. The winter park ski slopes can be seen in the going away shot. Facing the west portal of the moffat tunnel, another ski train led by engines 3086 and 3117 leaves the park and heads back to Denver. On a different day, snowplow 042 is used to clear the snow on all sides of the track, with diesels 3076 and 3024 and a caboose on its way to Kremmling. Listen to the horn of the snowplow as it highballs through a different crossing. At kremmling, and inspection had to be made before it enters gore canyon. Back at Denver Union station, Amtrak�s California Zephyr departs the depot as it heads west to Oakland or San Francisco. Power for this train are F40s 235 and 307, with 2 baggage cars, and 11 superliner coaches. Passing by the highway bridges, another Zephyr is shown. This time it is pulled by engines 353 and 383 crossing the diamond. Note the sun reflecting on the superliner coaches. The tail of another Amtrak Zephyr is shown. Yet another California Zephyr is seen on big 10 loop as it heads for moffat tunnel. It has 2 baggage cars, 2 F40s, and 10 superliner coaches. The same train approaches tunnel 1, then cuts to crescent siding. The Zephyr is about a mile west of pine cliff. It has 2 f40s, 2 baggage cars, and 11 superliner coaches. Below the east portal of the moffat tunnel is a snow slide. At the halfway point of this program, the Zephyr exists the west portal of the moffat tunnel and makes an unscheduled stop at winter park. The F40s on Amtrak are a thing of the past for mainline cross country service. Leaving winter park, as well as the west portal of the moffat tunnel, one of the private cars Otto Kuhler named after the designer for The Milwaukee road is on the rear of this train. Approaching Glenwood springs, there is a ton of onboard footage from mostly the lounge car. A look at Glenwood springs station is shown, as a 3 unit lash up arrives for a regular stop. An eastbound freight with a Union Pacific unit waits on the siding to let the Zephyr pass. Union Pacific 5046 is standing by as well as a different Zephyr led by 310. With the signal giving an all clear mode, 310, and 400 departs Glenwood springs, leaving the moffat tunnel route behind as it heads for Utah Nevada and California. 310 and 400 are carrying 2 baggage cars, and 11 superliner coaches. As the other Zephyr led by 284 departs, a Chicago & Northwestern business train on its way from Oakland to Chicago. It is a 3 unit lash up led by 7000, 7001, and 7002. Like the Rio Grande, The C&NW is also owned by Union Pacific. The consist on 284 & 285�s train are 2 baggage cars and 11 superliner coaches. As snow is still on the ground, a ride on private car: Yerba Buena between Salt Lake City and Denver through soldier summit. There is some footage from the kitchen portion on the private car included, as photographer Rick Kindig is onboard the same trip as the WB camera crew. Some of the important passengers eating breakfast are shown. Passing by Helper Utah, the Zephyr passes by empty hoppers alongside the castle gate rock. At grand junction, a look at the exterior of the private car is shown. It came from the C&NW. Leaving grand junction, more onboard footage is shown. Later it passes by Glenwood springs, and alongside the Colorado River through Glenwood canyon which contains a meet with a 5 unit coal train. As night falls, the Zephyr snakes through the canyon until it arrives at Denver. Moving onto the still gone but not forgotten Tennessee pass line, an overhead shot of the mixed freight is shown along the eagle river near red cliff. A 4 unit lash up with a pair of Southern pacific units arrives at pando siding. This freight has 2 helpers on the rear. Mitchell is at 3% which is near the summit of the pass, as the same train crawls by the camera crew. Next a 6 unit lash up with 5 helpers in the middle are west of pando in eagle canyon. This 6 unit train has a Southern pacific unit in the consist. Near minturn, a coal grain passes by with 13 units! 5 in the lead, and 8 in the middle. It is seen again at pando Colorado, and at the west portal from overhead. The helpers are at Mitchell, and are heading back to help another coal grain at minturn. With the same helpers in the middle once again, a different 5 unit coal train passes pando junction. Near red cliff, is highway 24 crosses over eagle river and the railroad as a 6 car local goes by,Then following behind are the 8 helpers. They are entering the minturn yard once again to await their assignment. The lead unit is 3113. The rear unit is 3125. Afterwards, The same local crosses under I-70. Another ski resort is a few miles to the left. Winter on Tennessee pass is extremely deep, and back at Mitchell, a 7 unit coal train with 9 helpers in the middle, negotiates an S curve, after another. A close up look at the coal grain is included as it is being led by 3120, 3057, 3103, 3101and a couple of unidentified units with 5342. The continental divide is in the going away shot. A 3 unit mixed train is descending the grade at Mitchell. An extreme close up look at the Highway 24 bridge over red cliff is shown as a different mixed freight goes underneath. Next, there is some pacing going on, as the train arrives for the crew change at minturn. The 3116 couples up to 3003, then the diesels heads for its assigned job with 5392 leading. The freight left the yard, and passes under the I-70 bridge. The units are backing down to couple to a coal train, then leaves with 16 units in tow. Above minturn, a set of light helpers with 9 units are shown. It�s springtime as a 3 unit freight is at red cliff. A 4 unit coal train pulls out of belvin siding. Afterwards it rolls by pando on its way to Mitchell. Maintenance equipment is shown as the coal train makes a meet. A 3 unit lash up drops the brakes at pando. The final 10 minutes of this video shows the same train arriving at minturn. Followed by more freight action on the Tennessee pass line. The Rio Grande standard Gauge legacy will live on forever especially the entire Tennessee pass line and the Rio Grande Zephyr with 5771.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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The Rio Grande Today Memories of the Denver & Rio Grande Western
joe (denver) on 2010-09-30 19:30:51.

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I ordered this DVD because finding Rio Grande videos is tough. The DVD itself has good coverage of the Rio Grande in Colorado , but the video looks to be poorly converted from VHS to DVD.It would be in my opinion a DVD that should cost about 1/2 what it does. But I did enjoy it and don't regret the purchase. I have other WB videos and their quality is better, but it's Pentrex & Green Frog that's still the best.

Additional remarks by joe:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Poor.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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