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Texas & Pacific 610 on Southern Rails
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Texas & Pacific 610 on Southern Rails Main Line Motion Pictures ML610
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T&P 610 is a monster steam engine: a 2-10-4 that invaded the Southern Railway in 1977 and 1978. This is rare color/sound film of those trips now transferred to DVD. The Southern Railway leased T&P 610 in the late 70s to help with excursion trains. You'll not only see this monster steam engine on the main line, but wait with it in the hole as a Southern freight passes by. We see the pre-Amtrak Southern Crescent run past too.

You'll be in the cab and on the top of the cab. The 610 has her original T&P whistle on these trips. Color, Sound. No narration.

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DVD Item#:ML610
Runtime:45 Mins ($0.22/min)
Producer:Main Line Motion Pictures
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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Texas & Pacific 610 on Southern Rails
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-07-21 16:48:12.

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In this program that was originally released in 1993, & reissued in 2000 it starts with the 2-10-4 itself whistling through one of the crossings, followed by a short pace, another crossing at the bends with some elevators in the going away shot, & also whistling at the diamond. Next, the 610 keeps whistling at another crossing, then comes the cab ride on the non-articulated giant itself. Some scenes of these films were also shown in silver steam. Later, the oil burning 2-10-4 must wait for a freight with Southern F units to take the right of way, then we are back on the mainline once again with some footage from the top of the tender. Along the way, there are wooden ties alongside the tracks. Just Listen to that deep toned steamboat whistle. Moments later, it passes by another freight train that is parked on a siding. Once 610 passes by the station at a bend, it passes by another freight train with Geeps concluding the cab ride. Back on the ground, 610 is starting up the grade. Note the tank car for extra water in the consist. This is done to eliminate diesel helpers, & more water stops. 610 keeps whistling along the line, especially when it is going under the overpass. On the left side of the screen, an animal gets startled by the whistle of a smoke billowing beast, then the 610 whistles through the crossing on a single track line. Afterwards, the 2-10-4 takes some slow orders While passing by the sidings with fewer freight cars, then it highballs down the line. Moments later, 610 whistles on the double track mainline, then it passes by a switch that splits to an abandoned branch line. Afterwards, the non-articulated giant takes some slow orders while passing by more photographers, then the engine performs a photo runby after the passengers who booked one of the trips got of the coaches to see 610 in action. With the photo runby finisned, everyone got back onboard, & the 610 makes a decent departure. Along the way, 610 whistles under the pedestrian bridge, then it stops for service. Note the southern bay window caboose on the left side of the exact front of 610. With service finished, the 2-10-4 backs up, & rejoins the mainline once again. From the pedestrian bridge, 610 passes by another freight. Moments later, the locomotive runs alongside the road as it whistles by with a rotating businesses clock in the going away shot. Then it's back to pacing the engine, followed by another cab ride from the tender. While leaving the yard, it passes by some early diesels on assigned freight trains. Then it whistles for the pedestrian bridge. With the cab ride finished, some F units handle the entire special with some Amtrak coaches up front While 610 is on a siding. As soon As the diesels are gone, there is more pacing scenes of the 2-10-4 itself, followed by a shot at a bend while whistling for the crossing. Moments later, the 610 whistles through some tall tress. Then it's back to pacing the non-articulated giant before passing by a yellow truck at another crossing. Afterwards, it whistles by A line before approaching at yet another crossing. Then it departs the station with a GP9 on a siding before Highballing uphill as a dog barks offscreen. Next it highballs uphill while whistling for the crossing. Moments later, 610 whistles by some businesses areas, & even whistling at a bend before it backs up for a photo runby. With everyone back onboard, the 2-10-4 whistles for the pedestrian bridge as some kids are heard offscreen. Afterwards, 610 passes by the depot while going under the overpass & crossing the diamond at the same time before stopping for a while, then it leaves the junction with no problems at all. At milepost 621, the 2-10-4 whistles for another crossing while the track on the right of the screen goes to a small siding. The weather is different as 610 whistles for another crossing. Afterwards it passes by another crossing with a coaling tower in the background. The gate lowers & the dog barks offscreen as 610 rolls by, then there is some more pacing as the whistle is starting to act up. Afterwards, it rolls under the pedestrian bridge, then it chugs through the crossing. Moments later, it whistles for another crossing, & another While crossing the diamond & going under the overpass at the same time. More wooden ties are placed alongside the rails as 610 whistles for the chasers as it goes under the pedestrian bridge & passing by A freight. Afterwards, there is some more pacing, before the 2-10-4 is at another crossing while taking slow orders & stops on a siding to let a pair of GP9 units with 6 coaches have the right of way. With the diesels gone, 610 is back on the mainline. As the non-articulated leaves the siding, note the word Birmingham under the cab window. Some final pacing scenes are shown before 610 takes some slow orders again. The program comes to a close as the 2-10-4 creates a smoke & whistle show, followed by A nice departure with some wheel slipping, & a bonus pacing sequence.

Prior to the trips on the southern steam program, the 2-10-4 was also one of the official steam stars of the American freedom train with a pair of 4-8-4 northern type engines: Reading T1 2101, & SP GS4 daylight 4449. Today, the non-articulated giant is standing silent at the Texas state railroad.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: There was no narration.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Yes.

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