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Sunrise Sunset - A Day at Gibbon Junction DVD
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Sunrise Sunset - A Day at Gibbon Junction DVD Pentrex SUN1-DVD 748268004896
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73 Trains in 73 Minutes!
Here"s your opportunity to sit back and enjoy an entire day"s activity at what some say is the busiest all-freight railroad junction in the world, Union Pacific"s Gibbon Junction. Fifteen hours of incredible train watching have been condensed into 73 action-packed minutes featuring 73 different trains!

Located twenty-nine miles west of Grand Island, Nebraska, and fourteen miles east of Kearney, Gibbon Junction is the meeting point for Union Pacific"s Marysville Subdivision and the east/west Nebraska Division mainline. Pentrex arrived on the scene before sunrise on a long summer"s day in 1997. The first movement was captured 6:10 AM and our day ended at 9:00 PM... seventy-three trains later! Freight, coal, and intermodal trains and local freights all make an appearance. Great weather, a fantastic mix of equipment, and the sheer volume of trains combine to bring you a remarkable video experience. Train symbols with origins and destinations are shown for most movements, as well as the time of day and other statistics. Join us at Gibbon Junction, from sunrise to sunset!

DVD Special Features:

  • Chapter Menu provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour 13 Minutes
In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-206-9
UPC: 7-48268-00489-6

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Runtime:1 Hour, 13 Mins ($0.33/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268004896
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Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Sunrise Sunset - A Day at Gibbon Junction DVD
razorback rails on 2008-01-19 19:56:24.

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Pentrex hit the mark with this DVD. Shot in one day it shows every train the passes through Gibbon Junction. Though a few are masked by other trains, the parade of trains across this mid-west hot spot is nearly constant. Outstanding color and sound with less naration than most Pentrex videos.

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Sunrise Sunset - A Day at Gibbon Junction DVD
rrvideoman (Delisle Saskatchewan) on 2020-03-31 11:04:58.

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Gibbon Junction Nebraska.... I have been there 2 times and love the action. This video show 15 hours of daylight with over 70 trains. On screen graphics show the time of day, place of origin & where the final stop is, etc... along with some narration. A great video.

Additional remarks by rrvideoman:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Sunrise Sunset - A Day at Gibbon Junction DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-01-04 09:21:09.

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In this 1997 video, the program itself has an incredible mix of mainline freight trains on union Pacific with appearances by other road names on the entire day of Tuesday July 9, 1996. A map of the area is included. Gibbon is at milepost 175. The trains with locomotives shown in this program includes:

1. A westbound coal train with lead unit 8023 and an unidentified C40-8 at 6:10

2. Train CJRWB-08 heading east from Jacobs ranch mine to white bluff Arkansas led by Chicago and northwestern C40-8 number 8507 in the Kansas division at 6:24. With union Pacific C40-8 number 9227 and wide cab unit 6813.

3. 9 minutes later at 6:33, C&NW 8647 is running light towing an unidentified union Pacific unit.

4. 15 minutes later at 6:48, train CBTHS-8 is heading east from black thunder mine to halstead Texas. It's led by C40-8 number 9181, along with sister engines 9149, and 9288.

5. At 7:00 even, train SCMET-8 is heading east from salt lake city to Memphis Tennessee. It's led by a former Chicago and northwestern SD60 number 5991 with union pacific SD40-2 number 3728 on a trailer train.

6. 8 minutes later at 7:08, train LAAP7D-7 is heading from los Angeles to Chicago on a doublestack. It's led by C&NW 8684, with union pacific 9553.

7. Just a half hour later at 7:38, this eastbound doublestack train is led by wide cab unit 9549.

8. 11 minutes later at 7:49, train SCCST-8 is heading from salt lake city to Chicago's canal street. It's led by C&NW 8648, and 8666.

9. 26 minutes later at 8:15, A westbound is rolling through gibbon from powerton Illinois to the Rochelle mine. It's led by 9538 on train CPWRM-7. Behind it is C40-8 number 9255.

10. 10 minutes later at 8:25, wide cab units 9539 and 9488 are on train CECNN-8 from the east caballo mine to sergeant bluff iowa.

11. Curving into the Kansas division is train NPKS-9 led by 9512 with CSX 8118 in the consist. It's heading from Bailey yard in North Platte to Kansas city as the clock says 8:37.

12. At 4 minutes after 9:00, the Kearney local switch job is idling. Operating the day long local is union Pacific 2331.

13. A 5 unit doublestack is heading east led by C&NW 8622, 8716, an unidentified union Pacific C40-8, and a pair of UP SD40-2s. They're on train XTACRD-6 from Tacoma to Chicago to connect with conrail at 9:10. Note the K line containers.

14. 15 minutes later at 9:25, train CEBJK-8 is heading east from Northport to Jeffery kansas. It's led by UP 3224, with a trio of Burlington northern units 5095, 5510, and 5502.

15. 11 minutes later at 9:36, A westbound is rolling through town. It's led by AC4400CWU number 7047, as it's heading from Wisconsin to the black thunder is on train CROBT-7. Behind it is C40-8 number 9186.

16. Just 4 minutes before 10:00, train FWNP-7 is heading from fort worth Texas to Bailey yard. It's led by a trio of SD40-2s numbers 3436, 3756, and 3943.

17. Just 9 minutes after 10:00, train 2 CSACD-6 is heading from San Antonio Texas to the cordero mine. It's led by a C40-8 number 9320 with an unidentified C&Nw wide cab unit. On the rear is C40-8 number 9316.

18. 11 minutes after 10:30, train LAG27D-7 is heading from low Angeles to Chicago for global 2. It's led by C&NW 8626, and union Pacific 6058.

19. 2 minutes before 11:00, train CMBNN-7 is heading from the medicine bow Wyoming mine to sergeant bluff iowa. It's led by dash 8-40CW number 9498. Behind it is sister engine 9454.

20. 9 minutes after 11:00, train NPHO-9 is heading from Bailey yard to Houston Texas. It's led by SD40-2 number 3342. The fourth unit on this train is painted blue.

21. At 11:18, A westbound local is on the Nebraska division. This is LND-73, led by 3715.The middle is 171, and the third is C&NW 8609.

22. 6 minutes later at 11:24, A life engine move is following behind. It consists of 3492, C&NW 6854, and up 3583.

23. 3 minutes after 11:30, train CNACY-7 is heading from the north antelope mine to Clinton iowa. It's led by 9529, and C&NW C40-8 number 8525.

24. 6 minutes later, train CAERM-8 is heading west from New Madrid Missouri to the Rochelle mine. It's led by 6763, & 6852.

25. 5 minutes later at 11:44, an eastbound is on GSKANCP-7. It's led by 5055, C40-8 number 9350, and 6009.

26. 6358 and 6304 along with C40-8 number 9124 is on a westbound known as CSSCZ-8 from Chicago's canal street to salt lake city at 10 minutes before noon.

27. 2 minutes before noon, train CHLAX-8 is heading from Chicago to low Angeles on The Nebraska division. It's led by C&NW 8661, and sister engine 8695.

28. 4 minutes after noon, train GSSTNYP-6 is eastbound that is led by 9720. Behind it is SD40-2 number 3714.

29. Over an hour later at 1:10, a local known as LND-74 is heading east. It's led by 2322 and 2305.

30. 3 minutes later at 1:13, train NPFW-9 is heading from Bailey yard to fort worth Texas. It's led by 5078 and 2505.

31. Lead unit 7040 has been involved in an accident as evidenced by the damaged front. It's on train CWLNA-7 from.West labadie Missouri to the north antelope mine at 1:16.

32. 21 minutes later at 1:37, train NPHO-9 is heading from Bailey yard to Houston Texas. The lead unit is 3515. The second unit number 818 is from general motors, and the third is C&NW 5520.

33. 3 minutes later at 1:40, A trio of standard cab C40-8s numbers 9206, 9265, and 9306 are on train CLURM-8 in the Kansas division.

34. 7 minutes after 2:00, train CBTFG-9 is heading from the black thunder mine to fort Gibson Oklahoma. It's led by 6780, 6803 and C40-8 number 9312.

35. 20 minutes later at 2:27, train CJRWL-8 is heading from Jacobs ranch to West labadie Missouri. It's led by 9496, 6815, and 7026.

36. A pair of C&NW diesels are on train NPPR-9 from Bailey yard to proviso yard at 2:34.

37. C40-8 number 9271 is on train SEMEZ-7 from Seattle to Memphis at 2:46.

38. At the same time, C40-8 number 9295 is on train CNWNA-7 from independence Arkansas to the north antelope mine.

39. C&NW 8711 is heading east from Seattle to Chicago on train SEAPD-5 at 5 minutes before 3:00.

40. 5 minutes after 3:00, C&NW 8629 is heading to Chicago.

41. At the same time, train PRNP-8 is heading from proviso to Bailey yard. It's led by 6894.

42. At 3:18, train 2CJRWL-8 is heading from Jacobs ranch to West labadie Missouri which is led by C40-8 number 9284. Behind it is C&NW 8808.

43. At the same time but 2 minutes later, train NLNP-7 is heading from little rock Arkansas to Bailey yard. It's led by 8028.

44. At 3:33, train CJRGP-8 is heading from Jacobs ranch mine to the Georgia power plant. It's led by a pair of C40-8s: UP 9297, and C&NW 8543. Behind it is engine 9490.

45. At the same time an unidentified westbound coal train is shown.

46. 10 minutes later at 3:43, train APSE1X-8 is heading from Chicago to Seattle. It's led by 8637. With UP 9725, UP 9722, & C&NW 8660

47. 9482 is trailing Santa Fe warbonet unit 232 on train CRMED-8 from the Rochelle mine to Asbury at 3:49.

48. A pair of SD40-2s are on train XNPPR-9 from Bailey yard to proviso. It's 2 minutes after 4:00.

49. At 4:16, train CNAPP-8 is heading from north antelope to pleasant prairie. It's led by a pair of C40-8s numbers 9060 and 9174.

50. More C40-8 action continues as lead unit 9176 is on train 2CBTHS-8 from the black thunder mine to halstead texas. It's only 2 minutes before 4:30.

51. 5 minutes after 4:30, an opposite directional bound train is shown on 2CHSBT-7. It's led by 6874.

52. 6800 and an unknown C&NW unit are on train CBTFG-88 from The black thunder mine to fort Gibson Oklahoma at 4:48. 6869 is pushing from the rear.

53. At the same time, train KCNP-9 is heading from Kansas city to Bailey yard at 4:50. It's led by 6161. The middle unit is C40-8 number 9130.

54. At 5:10, an opposite bound train is shown on NPKC-9. The lead unit is 6155. The second unit is SD40-2 number 4283.

55. Engines 6753 and 8015 have stopped near the junction for a crew change. Once cleared, it'll be on train CTVAR-7 from the Tennessee valley to the arch mineral mine as The clock would stroke 6:02.

56. At 5:30, train CSPD8Z-8 from canal street to Portland Oregon is shown. It's led by 9736.

57. A westbound doublestack is shown led by 6297.

58. At 3 minutes before 6:00, train GESTFR-6 is heading from Stockton to Fremont. It's led by 9360 and 6299.

59. At 6:07, train CNANW-8 is heading from north antelope to Newark Arkansas. It's led by A trio of C40-8s numbers 9198, 9192, and 9298.

60. At 6:14 train CCJRM-8 is heading to the Rochelle mine on the Kansas division. It's led by 6871 and 6222.

61. At 6:25 train CGLBT-8 is on the Nebraska division heading for the black thunder mine. It's led by 6108 & C&NW C40-8 number 8555.

62. At the same time, 9452 is leading train CJRWB-8 at 6:27 from Jacobs ranch to white bluff Arkansas.

63. At 6:42, train 2CEBJK-8 is heading from Northport to Jeffery kansas. It's led by 3241. With BN 5029, 5062, and a blue and yellow Santa Fe 8024.

64. 4 minutes before 7:00, train CRMPL-8 is heading from the Rochelle mine to plains Illinois. It's led by C&NW 8045.

65. A trio of C40-8s one being UP 9110 is on train CRRBM-9 from red rock Oklahoma to the bells ayr mine at 7:00. Behind 9110 is 9329 and 9136.

66. 30 minutes later at 7:29, train CIMEC-7 is heading to the east caballo mine which is led by 6834 in the Kansas division.

67. A 3 unit westbound is shown on train MESEZ-7 from Memphis to Seattle. It's led by 6202 at 7:40.

68. At the same time, 9711 is on train XOACST-7 from Oakland to canal street.

69. 5 minutes before 8:00, train NPCB-9 is heading from Bailey yard to council bluffs iowa. It's led by 6179, conrail 6418, and a n unknown C&NW wide cab unit.

70. 2 minutes after 8:00, train COVAT-6 is heading from Cora Illinois to the antelope mine on the Kansas division. It's led by 6806 and 6862.

71. At 8:10, train CRMAE-8 is heading from the Rochelle mine to new Madrid. It's led by 6772 & 6773.

72. At 8:41, train CBTCJ-8 is heading from the black thunder mine to Cora Illinois. It's led by 6859 and 6791.

And finally: number 73: 6879 is on train CBMTU-8 from.The belle ayr mine as it's only 5 minutes before 9:00, and entering the Kansas division.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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