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Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD
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Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD Pentrex SUN2-DVD 748268005145
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Trains rattle across the diamonds at Rochelle, Illinois, where the double tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad and the double tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks intersect. Pentrex cameras set up before dawn at Rochelle on this busy day in 1999 to record every passing train from sunup to sundown, over eleven hours. An unending parade of intermodal, coal, and manifest trains flow past our cameras, headed by a vast array of motive power representing most modern locomotive types. Train symbols and destinations are shown for all movements across these former Chicago & North Western and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy diamonds.

This busy spot draws railfans from around the world like a magnet. To cope with the growing numbers of eager fans, the community of Rochelle constructed a unique railroad park complete with covered pavilion. It was an instant success, but not without obstacles, as you ll hear from the crusader who fought great odds to make it a reality. Join us for a day at Rochelle where trains just keep on rolling past the pavilion. It'sa fascinating location and an amazing story that'sturned Rochelle into a railfan hot spot on the Midwestern prairie!

DVD Special Feature:

* Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-231-X
UPC: 7-48268-00514-5
Produced by Pentrex 1999.
Released on DVD by Pentrex 2008

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Runtime:1 Hour, 00 Mins ($0.40/min)
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
DVD UPC:748268005145
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD
rrvideoman (Delisle Saskatchewan) on 2020-03-31 11:17:06.

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I love Rochelle Illinois and the Rail Fan Park. So much that I purchase all the videos on it that can be found, and I have made the 2,100 km (1,300 mile) trip to be there in person for a few days. Pentrex tells the story leading to the Rail fan Park, and shows all the trains over 11 hours. Screen graphics are used to give the time of day, train #, and other info along with narration. It's a good video, but not the best one I own of the Rochelle Rail Fan Park.

Additional remarks by rrvideoman:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD
Charley Mann (Little Mountain SC US) on 2017-07-30 12:40:03.

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I have just watched, all three Rochelle, Illinois Programs I have, and this Pentrex program is the best , as compared to the Greg Scholl and Highball Productions. In this program, shot in October, 1998, you see nearly brand new UP SD90Mac's on the point of many trains. Also SD60M's along with GE Widecabs are seen along with Southern Pacific and Chicago & Northwestern Units in original paint and road numbers. The real gem, is a Southern Pacific SDP45, still in Espee Paint. On the BNSF, many Cascade Green EMD's are seen, along with GE Widecabs. The real gem here, is an excellent action shot of an ex. Santa Fe B23-7 on the point of a local freight. Many Warbonnets are seen as well. A total of 38 trains are seen. A fun show to watch, just before the UP was inundated by 1000 SD70M's and the BNSF recevied many more GE Widecabs. A great time period for these two Railroads. Do wish this program would have been longer than one hour, otherwise, great.

Additional remarks by Charley Mann:
Narration: A little bit too much.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD
Hueycrewman (Dulacca Qld Australia) on 2011-11-06 00:16:25.

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I enjoyed the variety of camera angles used in this DVD, as well as the historical background account given by one of the founders of the park. Very enjoyable indeed.

Additional remarks by Hueycrewman:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Sunrise Sunset 2 A Day at Rochelle Illinois DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-01-04 20:02:33.

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In volume 2, the date is October 15 1998. The first year of the new and improved Railfan park. Here�s the list of the trains in this program:

1. Train CBTSH at 7:22 from the black thunder mine to Sheboygan. It�s led by 8084, and 8184.

2. Train R-MIN4221 is on the Rochelle Rockford turn at 7:29. It�s led by Burlington Northern 2107, with a caboose on the rear. Afterwards an interview with Ken wise is included. Ken is the director of economic development in the greater Rochelle area. He talks about the Railfans before the new park was built.

3. Train ZSSECHC-9 is heading from Seattle to Chicago about 3 minutes before 8:00. It�s led by 4759 in the prototype G1 paint, and 4881 in the brand new G2 paint. G1 is for great northern colors, and G2 is the resemblance of the Santa Fe warbonet.

4. At 8:10, train CATLL is heading from the antelope mine to Lansing Michigan. It�s led by 6844, and 9069. Afterwards another interview with Ken is included. He talks about the hobo jungle playground for kids, as well as a white Plymouth switcher known as the whitcomb sitting on display. Not to mention the gift shop.

5. 12 minutes later at 8:22, train Z-STPCHC6 is heading from the Minnesota twin cities to Chicago. It�s led by a pair of BN SD40-2s Numbers 7025 and 7081.

6. 5 minutes later at 8:27, an auto carrier is crossing the diamond known as train ADVPR As it is heading from Denver to proviso. The lead units are dash 8-40CW 9519 and SD40-2 number 3449.

7. Next up is a westbound doublestack with southern pacific 7480 in the third unit, as UP 6232, 6314, and 6284 are on train ISPLA from Chicago to Los Angeles at approximately 8 minutes after 9:00.

8. BN 2161 and an unidentified Blue and yellow Santa Fe unit are on a westbound local freight known as R-MIN4281 at 9:12. After that another interview with Ken is included. Which contains the signatures from visiting Railfans on October 14, 1997.

9. At 9:36, train CWINA Is operating from the Wisconsin electric to the north antelope mine. It�s led by 8148 and southern pacific 3180.

10. 5 minutes later at 9:41, train CBTMQ is heading from the black thunder mine to Michigan city Indiana. It�s led by 8216 and 8016.

11. A pair of cotton belt diesels one third and one fifth are on a westbound auto train led by 9555, SD40-2 number 3530, and SD40-2 number 3419. This is known as train APRNPB From proviso to Bailey yard. The time on the clock is 6 minutes after 10:00.

12. At 11:23, another train CBTMQ is shown. This time it�s led by 8146, and 6589.

13. Nearly 25 minutes later at 11:47, Chicago & northwestern 8729 And sister engine 8613 are on train MNPPR from bailey yard to proviso.

14. With the inspection vehicle on BNSF tracks finished, it�s 11:52 as train V-CHCPTL Is heading from Chicago to Portland. This train is led by 1038 in the G1 paint with Burlington Northern 6384 in the consist.

15. Locomotive leasing partners 2805 with BN 2831 and 2823 are on train Z-CHCSTP from Chicago to the twin cities at less than a minute before noon. A chalkboard with radio scanner codes are included, and also radio frequencies. Not to mention the back up switching move with the twin C&NW units. Later, the C&NW units continued the eastbound trip to proviso yard. Note the first generation auto carrier car from CN.

16. At 12:36, train ITAG-19 is heading from Tacoma to the global 1 intermodal. The lead unit is 8244 along with SD40-2 number 3349 and 3405.

17. 6654 and 8098 are on train CPPRO from pleasant prairie to Caballo rojo at 1:15 heading west.

18. 11 minutes later at 1:26, train ANPPRX Is heading from bailey yard to proviso. It�s led by 6233 and 6086.

19. 9527, 9540, SD40-2 Numbers 3264 and 3539 are on an eastbound doublestack from Los Angeles to the Jersey intermodal on train ILAAP1. The time is 1:38.

20. 5 minutes later at 1:43, another train Z-STPCHC7 is shown. This time it�s led by BN 6844 and 2896.

21. A 4 unit doublestack is shown. This time it�s led by 9491, C40-8 numbers 9166 and 9209 and SP 8498. They�re on train ZSEG1 from Seattle to Chicago�s global 1 at a minute after 2:00.

22. Santa Fe red and silver warbonet 771 leads a pair of the G1 BNSF units on train Z-PTLCHC9 from Portland to Chicago. At 2:09. Some children couldn�t help themselves.

23. BN 3500 and HLCX 6512 are on Z-CHCSTP5 from Chicago to the twin cities at about 10 minutes later (2:19).

24. 8 minutes later at 2:27, train CWFAT is heading from Wheatfield Indiana to the antelope mine. It�s led by 6608 and 7081.

25. At the same time but 3 minutes later at 2:30, C&NW 8716 are on train MBVPRX from buena vista Utah to proviso. Behind it is number 5884.

26. C&NW C40-8 number 8501 is on train MEUPR from Eugene Oregon to proviso yard at 2:55. Again, some children can�t help themselves. Behind 8501 is 9439, C40-8 number 9258, and C&NW C40-8 number 8571.

27. A blue and yellow Santa Fe unit number 6379 leads BN 2161 on the eastbound local. The time is 3:12, and it�s none other than the Minnesota division local freight known as MIN4281.

28. G1 unit 974 leads a Santa Fe red and silver warbonet number 874 and BN 7076 on train Z-CHCPTL1 from Chicago to Portland at 3:16.

29. At 3:50, train Z-CHCSSE1 is on the Chicago to Seattle line. It�s led by 4881 in its new G2 paint. Behind it is G1 4759, and an unknown BN unit. Meanwhile, the commentaries from the radio communications are heard from the scanners.

30. At 4:10, train ZCSPD is heading from Canal street to Portland. It�s led by C&NW 8695, and Union Pacific C40-8 number 9277.

31. 40 minutes later at 4:50, train MPRDM is heading from proviso yard to Des Moines Iowa. It�s led by 5949 with some help from unknown units on both the C&NW & southern pacific.

32. At 5:06 train MPRCB is heading from proviso yard to council bluffs. It�s led by 5969 and sister engine 5952.

33. 4 minutes before 5:30 train ZCSOA is heading from canal street to Oakland. It�s led by 6354, 5310, and SP 8696.

34. BN 7155 and 7813 are on Doublestack train P-BPATAC1 from Bedford park to Tacoma. It�s a minute after 5:30. A final interview with Ken is shown.

35. At 5:39, train CWKBT from Waukegan to the black thunder mine is shown. It�s led by 6853, and 7037.

36. 6270 and 9011 are on train APRNP from proviso yard to Bailey yard at 5:49.

37. 2 minutes before 6:30, train M-NTWBRC is heading from north town to the city�s own belt railway. It�s led by BN 7153, 8024, and boosted unit 7501.

And finally: 38. Train CATTO is heading from the antelope mine to Toledo Ohio. It�s led by C&NW 8805 & SP 367. The time is 6:35.

Overall, good sequel to see an interesting hotspot of the Midwest

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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