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Steamed! Everything About A Steam Locomotive DVD
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Steamed! Everything About A Steam Locomotive DVD OGR Publishing STEAMEDD 850541006432
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Get All STEAMED Up in this great video!
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About
a Steam Locomotive But Never Asked!
Ride in the cab of the 765 through the New River Gorge!
Steam Locomotive Appliances
How The Baker Valve Gear Works
Steam Loco Servicing and Maintenance
Inside a Steam Locomotive Boiler
Steam vs Diesel Horsepower
Retired NKP 765 Engineer Rich Melvin is your host in this fascinating video!
57 minutes

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Blu-ray Item#:STEAMEDB
Runtime:57 Mins ($0.16/min)
Producer:OGR Publishing
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DVD UPC:850541006432
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Disc Type:DVD or BLU-RAY
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Steamed! Everything About A Steam Locomotive DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-04-12 16:31:10.

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In this 2017 dvd, this program has 6 10 minute segments.

On chapter 1: A cab ride in Nickel plate 765, there is a flashback showing the engine crossing the new river over the bridge at the Hawk�s nest overlook. Some clips from Runnin� that new river train in 1990 or 1991 are shown. Of course we all know that 765 operated throughout the gorge from 1985-1993. Not only is Richard Melvin taking the throttle of the now 75 year old Berkshire, but there are some trackside scenes which includes a meet with a westbound CSX freight in Montgomery which features a pair of C40-8�s in front, a sd40-2 in the middle and chessie system #6510 on the rear. The 3 CSX units are painted in the G1 (Grey ghost) scheme. Some subtitles are included showing what rich and fireman Kim Besecker are saying, as 765 is making some noise. Next Rich shows us what an approach medium signal means as he shows us a behind the scenes look at the control room with almost each and every editing machine shown. Which includes the Umatic, 9 tv monitors, as well as a computer keyboard. Afterwards, rich pushes the control level as we are back in 765�s cab.

On chapter 2: steam locomotive appliances, the camera records 765�s undercarriage, followed by rich introducing the segment. With some assistance by Tom Stephens, this segment was recorded in either September or October of 1993. Next Tom shows us the controls on how the locomotive stops and goes. From the footplates next to the boiler, Rich shows us the multiple valve throttle. Then Tom shows us the reverse lever. Afterwards, rich is back on ground lever as he shows us the valve gear next to the driving wheels. Note the videotape buzzing audio in the background, as rich explains the tilt of the lever. In the cab, Tom shows us the injector lever where water is flowed into the boiler. Outside the cab, rich shows us the injector pipes, and climbs back up on the footplate to show us the check valve. Back in the cab, Tom is on the fireman�s side of the locomotive cab, as he shows us the feed water pump, using knobs and levers. Outside the cab, rich explains 3 main parts: the cold water pump, the hot water pump, and the heater section. The cold water pump is a rotary type pump. The heater is located in the smokestack next to the whistle. The hot water pump is on the left side of the engine. In the cab Tom shows us the cylinder cocks. Outside, Rich shows us the piston valve and the steam cylinder. In the cab, Tom shows us the different brakes. Finally Rich shows us why the locomotive needs separate brakes.

On chapter 3: the baker valve gear, Rich is visiting the Conneaut railroad museum in northeast Ohio as he shows us a display of how it works, some clips of 765 are shown. An animated diagram of the BVG is also included. The parts are the Gear reach rod, reverse yoke, bell crank, Radius bar, gear frame, gear connecting rod, eccentric rod, valve rod, valve stem, combination lever and Union link. Afterwards rich talks about Cut off, lap, lead, compression, admission, and exhaust. The wooden diagram gives us a demonstration movement on how the engine moves back and forth. Stock footage from the applicants segment is included. Afterwards Rich tells us about the time that one of the crew members doesn�t use the cutoff supply correctly on a 30 car freight train, as well as what happened on the first day September 1991 when 765 heads to the Cincinnati baseball game.

On chapter 4: Steam locomotive servicing, Rich is hosting the segment in the control room. As some clips from wheeling in the rathole is shown as rich opens 765�s front door. Note the top base above 765�s main lamp where the red mars light was located. Then the crew would have to go all over the engine for inspection. Grant Geist is working on a plug sander. A random crew member is cleaning the grease and running gear. Tom Stephens is on top of 765�s boiler doing some welding, while John Snyder uses the torch to cut off some stubborn bolts. Later, Anthony M. picone is removing the turbo generators for maintenance. Inside The firebox, some heavier repairs are being made. Once completed, 765 is back together, some fire up must be done, both in the cab, and also outside as well. Note some tape markings on 765�s cab. On the top of the engine, a new cab roof vent bracket is being welded into place. Bob Keller does some touch ups while Rick Hoothe uses the spray gun to repaint the trailing trucks. 765 looks splendid in A new coat of paint. This segment was shot in 1984 during the NRHS convention in Cincinnati. Heavy repairs must be done even if it�s on the road. Especially some service stops. You can see more of 765 in 1984 such as Bridges to Buffalo with 611, and life begins at forty. Of course Greg Scholl was there, but 35 years later, he refused to release his own footages out of the vault due to the lousy picture quality on the Panasonic supertube. Oh yes, 0-6-0 number 3 is shown as well as 611 Doubleheading with 765.

On chapter 5: inside a steam locomotive boiler, Rich is at the Ft. Wayne shops with C&O 2716. He briefly talks about the boiler explosion at the Gettysburg railroad in June of 1995. Then comes the photograph explanation with 750 in it. Inside the boiler, there is the entire look at what a steam locomotive looks inside without any big pipes, flues, the firebox, and the crown sheet. A look at 765 on the new river train is shown. Where it is shown in the 1991 video: runnin� that new river train. Here�s an important tip: when the steam locomotive boiling point of water is at 212 Degrees Fahrenheit, it is at normal atmospheric pressure. If it�s at 200 PSI, the water would be at 388 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally on chapter 6: comparison of steam and diesels, rich is at the Ohio Central railroad as former Pennsylvania/Conrail once a GP9, now a GP10 7574 is shown. As well as a look at 4449 in 1984. Rich walks over to sw1500 #2590. A random freight is shown on the Delaware and Hudson. Then rich Gave us the difference of the speed of the locomotive with 765 on the 1991 video. The D&H freight leaves the tunnel. On the footplates of 2590, rich is explaining some pulling force, with a 3 unit CSX freight train. An animated chart is shown on the diesel�s horsepower. Afterwards a Lehigh valley 5 unit lash up is shown. Then the chart shows the miles per hour. Followed by a repeated scene of 765 passing by the tower, as well as some fast pacing, plus a meet with a CSX freight in Montgomery. Then the chart shows the steam locomotive�s horsepower, followed by the pulling force. Next 765 whistles by the crossing. Back in 1993, 765 needed some help from a diesel as it travels from Cincinnati to Indianapolis.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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