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Steam in the 90s Volume 2 DVD
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Steam in the 90s Volume 2 DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-404
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This Steam In The 90's-Volume 2 is the Western version with 5 different engines at various locations. We begin in Iowa at the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad which operated a new engine built in China, a JS Class 2-8-2. This has a number plate of JS8419. We were shooting for the America By Rail video in 1994, but that was a short segment. Here we give you more than what you saw in that video. They took us out to the High Bridge in the morning before the regular trains started so we could get two nice shots on the bridge. I think we only showed one in the America By Rail video. We also see a little bit of riding in the caboose, plus the engine making the runaround at the end of the line. We also see one shot of the Interurban Car operating. This engine no longer operates so this is rare footage now.

Next we move to South Dakota to see the Black Hills Central railroad with their 2-6-2T number 104 in action. This is not far from Mount Rushmore so its a no-brainer combination. There are steep hills in both directions, but we concentrate on the return from Keystone since the engine is not running backwards. We didn't get many shots but what we got was very nice with the engine working hard. There are nice rocky hills, some small bridges, and even some horses are seen in one runby. The engine really talks so this is a nice little segment. This engine is no longer the featured engine on this line. This segment is all new and was shot in 1996.

We move now to Nevada and see Virginia and Truckee 2-8-0 number 29 in operation between Virginia City and Gold Hill. The return from Gold Hill is the focus with a mostly upgrade climb and the engine is facing Virginia City. This was shot for the 1994 America By Rail, but here we see all the good runbys, and more than what was in that 1994 show. There is also a nice tunnel. This is all trackside views except one tender-first shot onboard looking at the front of the engine. These folks were quite helpful, and even dropped me off at the tunnel and picked me up after powering through the tunnel putting on a nice show.

Now we move to Sacramento, California for a segment along the Sacramento River featuring ex-Union Pacific 0-6-0 number 4466. This is the Sacramento Southern Railroad, which is operated in conjunction with the California State Railroad Museum. The train goes tender first south of town, then runs smoke-box first back to the station in Old Sacramento. We see parts of 2 or 3 runs as the engine is seen with the Delta King Steamboat anchored on the adjacent Sacramento River. Some of this footage was used in the America By Rail video, but shorter scenes.

Our final segment is the Heber Valley Railroad in Heber City, Utah. The power is former Union Pacific 2-8-0 number 618. We get to see close-ups of the engine then the morning test run and switching to head to the depot and the waiting train. The operation goes tender-first to Vivian Park then pulls forward with a steep grade out of the river valley to the Deer Creek dam and reservoir. We enjoy first the morning trip which goes about have way(To the edge of the Deer Creek reservoir), then the engine runs around the train and returns to Heber City. We get a couple of really nice shots here, plus some scenes of the brakeman throwing switches. The afternoon trip is the longer one to Vivian Park and return. We had nice clear weather for this 1999 visit, and this footage is all new, never seen on any other videos. The 618 puts on a good show and the cooperation of the engineer was fabulous for our visit. There are some really scenic shots along the reservoir, mountain backgrounds, and some open fields as well. This engine put on a good show on the grades, and unfortunately it no longer operates on the railroad. Thus this footage is also historic.

This video should please the folks who like steam action, and scenic locations. Live audio and limited narration.

79 Minutes Plus Previews.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-404
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Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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Steam in the 90s Volume 2 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-12-25 18:17:13.

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In volume 2, which in my own words I called it �Western steam in the 90s�, we start with Chinese mikado number 8419 on the bass point creek high bridge performing some decent photo shots which includes the blow down effect. Next we are riding on the caboose from the rear of photo train heading back to Boone Iowa, as a Chicago & Northwestern freight passes by on the high speed mainline. Afterwards, we get an extreme close up look at 8419 as it pulls the train tender first to Fraser. Shortly after leaving the main station area, we are on the cupola part of the caboose as 8419 whistles through the countryside. Sure enough, the engine performs the blow down effect as it crosses the bridge. Next we are passing by the Des Moines YMCA camp. Afterwards, 8419 crosses the Des Moines River. The Chinese writing on 8419 translates to: �we are friends in the world. Even though are 2 countries are far apart, we feel like close neighbors.� Arriving at Fraser spring, 8419 uncouples the consist, and would perform a runaround move for the return trip to Boone. Leaving the runaround track, the footage on the caboose is included: on the rear, looking up ahead from the cupola, and also see through the frost coach Ahead. While the railroad operates 8419, the shorter trips are operated by an electric inter urban going into downtown Boone. From an overpass west of Boone, 8419 starts to build some smoke as it passes underneath the cameraman. The final shot of 8419 is shown as it performs another runby at the bass point creek high bridge. Sadly as of today, 8419 is still undergoing an FRA inspection.

From Boone, we head to the Mount Rushmore area in South Dakota. The date is June 14, 1996. And 2-6-2 tank engine number 104 is operating the black hills central railroad between hill city and keystone on former CB&Q tracks. First the engine leaves hill city bunker first. Next it is on the return trip west of keystone. Afterwards, 104 is slowly climbing up the grade. Next some horses are making noise offscreen as 104 curves at a bend and also whistled through the crossing. Then it climbs uphill. Descending the grade, 104 approaches at another crossing, this time with people on horses waiting for the engine to go by. The final scene shows 104 arriving back at hill city station. Since then, articulated 2-6-6-2 number 110 took charge.

Moving west, we are at the Virginia and truckee in Nevada. The date is Friday June 24, 1994. First number 29 pulls the train tender first on the downward grade to gold hill. At gold hill, number 29 powers the return trip. The scene where Greg was at the same spot seeing the 29 tender first was shown In last year�s (2017) DVD: Steam cab rides, but with Brian Sellers narrating. Next the engine passes by some abandoned buildings, as it arrives back in Virginia city. Afterwards the engine leaves tunnel number 4 as it approaches Virginia city on a different trip. Riding aboard the bay window caboose, we see some close up shots of the 29 as it pulls the train tender first. At gold hill, the engine runs around the train for the trip back to Virginia city. At tunnel number 4, a requested runby was performed as the engine whistles through. At gold hill on a different run, the engine couples up to the train back to Virginia city. Note the young child in the cab of the locomotive. 15 years after the American by rail heartland footage was filmed, the line has been extended to Carson city. The final scene on the V&T shows the engine picking up speed heading back to Virginia city, after leaving tunnel number 4.

In May of 1995, the 3 engines are on display at the California state railroad museum. Which includes The lone southern pacific cab forward 4294, AT&SF 1010, and Virginia and truckee 13. At the Sacramento southern railroad, Union Pacific 0-6-0 number 4466 operates one of the trains slopeback tender first down the line. Afterwards 4466 heads back to the old Sacramento depot. Amazingly some scenes of 4466 in 1995 was shown in the Union Pacific steam classics volume 1 dvd from 2005. At the Sacramento River, we see some boats and 4466 is seen from the other side of the river. Next the engine does some street running back to Sacramento. Listen to the lovely SP 6 chime whistle. At the vintage district of California�s capital city, we see a horse drawn carriage, and 4466 arrives back at the former central pacific freight depot. The delta king steam riverboat looks splendid as so too are the Santa Fe F-unit on display. Finally 4466 uncouples the coaches and would have to make a runaround move. Sadly the engine is still on display at the museum, and granite rock 6 wheeled tank engine number 10 powers the Sacramento southern.

The final segment in this program is another Union Pacific steam engine. This time its 618 on the Heber valley railroad in Utah on Wednesday June 30, 1999. The engine leaves the maintenance shed. As the brakeman throws the switch, 618 whistles 3 times, as a Rhodesian ridgeback must wait for the locomotive to roll its wheels. As 618 continues to do some preparations, military jets are roaring through the sky offscreen. Sure enough, the engine arrives at the main station. The dog can�t stand a chance of the smoking beast. Leaving heber city, 618 pulls the train tender first. Listen to the high pitched peanut whistle. Arriving at one of the sidings, 618 runs around the train, and it backs up to the reservoir to perform a special runby for the cameraman. Some scenes of the brakeman are included. Next 618 is smoking up hard as it passes by a dirt road. The 1899 route is sometimes covered in weeds and dirt. After 618 leaves the crossing, the children are crossing the tracks on their bicycles. Next the engine is almost arriving back at heber city as it whistles through some of the crossings. The afternoon trips to Vivian park and back took at only 3 hours, and 618 is pulling the train tender first alongside the deer creek reservoir. Next, 618 whistles for the arrival at Vivian park, and after that the engine runs around the train for the return trip. After coupling to the consist, 618 leaves Vivian park along the Provo river canyon. In a really long shot, 618 would have to make a really big climb to the deer creek dam and lake. Some performances of the peanut whistle are shown. Next, 618 looks really good as it glides along the deer creek reservoir. Unexpected fact alert: Greg�s wife Kathi and Daughter Heather are onboard the train, while he tried to chase it. The final shot of the program shows 618 getting closer and closer to heber city as it rolls through the heber valley. Note the sprinklers watering the crops. Sadly 618 is still awaiting repairs.

Like many of Greg�s 2018 programs minus 819 in 1988, and the un-narrated CSX in Deshler during summer break of 2014, this was narrated by Christopher Kovacs AKA Trainmaster844.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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