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Steam in the 90s Volume 1 DVD
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Steam in the 90s Volume 1 DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-403
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In 1994 we did our first America By Rail video, which included Strasburg 475 and Ohio Central 1551. This is footage from that trip, but we show you the whole scenes, and much more than what you may have seen in the previous 1994 video. Ex-Norfolk and Western 4-8-0 number 475 operates from East Strasburg to Leaman Place (Paradise) Pennsylvania. We see shots at the station, plus several trackside runby's. There are also servicing scenes of 475, and running around the train at Leaman Place. There is a nice little grade on the return trip which we cover 2 or 3 times. There is also a little music video of Amish at work and in buggies. This railroad has some of the largest ridership in the country.

Our next stop is in Sugar Creek, Ohio, for the Ohio Central Railroad. They operated a tourist train 5 miles to Baltic and back. Ex-Canadian National 4-6-0 number 1551 is the power. Some of this footage was also used in the America By Rail video, but some is also new, including the 1551 switching a freight car in the late afternoon the day before we shot the tourist train. That was a rare sight for the 1990's. In addition to the 1994 trackside views, we added some footage we shot on a later visit around 2001 of 1551 on the same line. That is all new footage. Ohio Central was sold to a shortline operator and 1551 has not operated since about 2001 or 2002. So this is somewhat historic today.

Our next stop is the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad with engine number 734, operating from Cumberland, Maryland to Frostburg which is mostly upgrade. This was all new footage shot during October 1995 in fall colors. We got a couple of shots along the old service road, which today is all fenced in and is a bike/hiking trail along the railroad tracks. There is a shot at Brush Tunnel, one in the valley, some at Cumberland, and we end with the famous Helmstetter's Curve in the afternoon. 734 is out of service since 2016, and a new engine is being restored to operate on the line. Thus this 734 is something you may not see anytime soon. There are some nice fall colors in this segment.

The final stop on this video is a 1995 visit to the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Kentucky. Our star is former Louisville and Nashville 4-6-2 number 152. This was our first visit to the museum, but we had seen this engine several times when it ran mainline excursions between 1985 and 1988, including a special charter we did in 1988. In this video we will first ride the train departing New Haven toward Boston, with only a few views from the coach vestibule. All this footage was shot with a professional Betacam-SP camera, which was heavy and difficult to shoulder hold in a train vestibule. It's why we use a tripod 99% of the time shooting trackside views. We chased the last trip in the afternoon, after getting some close-up shots at Boston when we rode the train. There are two really nice scenes, including a departure shot in New Haven, and a fast-moving shot closer to Boston. 152 is out of service and hopefully someday will be restored to operation once again. It last operated in 2011. By the way we have two additional videos on this engine from the 1980's. See Eastern steam (Scroll down).

We think you will enjoy this look at 4 different operations in the eastern portions of the United States. Live audio and minimal narration

73 Minutes Plus Previews.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-403
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Steam in the 90s Volume 1 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-12-25 07:28:07.

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In volume 1 which in my own words I called it �Eastern Steam in the 90s�, we start with N&W 475 leaving groffs grove, Louisville & Nashville 152 leaving new haven Kentucky, CN 1551 Going backwards, and LS&I 734 in the Maryland mountain side. Then Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) introduces all 4 of the engines staring with 475 at the Strasburg railroad in Lancaster county Pennsylvania to have some preparations ready for the day�s run on one of the most popular tourist attractions in America. Next 475 couples up to the coaches at the main platform and after that everyone got ready to board the coaches for the run to the electrified mainline at Leaman Place junction in paradise. At the NS & Amtrak interchange, 475 uncouples the coaches and runs around them to couple up to the opposite end of the consist. Everyone onboard cheers at 475�s crew for a job well done. All too soon all of the passengers mostly children waved and Greg. And all too soon, we are back at the main station. Over the years, The Strasburg railroad has been changed many times over the years such as the run around at paradise, the bridge between the ghost whistle crossing and the electrified interchange, and also new tracks were added for their own freight yard. Not to mention some of the coaches painted yellow. 475 comes to a complete stop, and in the next scene, the engine whistles at carpenters crossing plus it passes by the groff�s grove picnic area at cherry hill. This footage was shot way before the corn maze county fair. On a different trip, 475 makes a stop at the picnic area. and after that, the engine departs. On another different trip, 475 whistles through carpenters crossing. Afterwards, a musical segment with horses, cows, and Amish farmers are included. Interestingly enough, this song was shown on Montana Rails from 2000. This was one of the very first gene Michael productions songs ever made. The name of that song was Ina�s song from the album: memoirs. Our final shot on the Strasburg railroad shows 475 passing by the red caboose motel. This clip as well as the engine leaving the picnic area was shown in N&W steam freights from 2004.

Moving on to the now gone but not forgotten Ohio Central railroad, we see Canadian National 1551 hauling a boxcar of bricks on Thursday June 9, 1994. About 2 days before my parents got married. After uncoupling the boxcar, 1551 heads back to sugar creek. Note the alco diesel powered switcher in the background. The following Friday June 10, 1551 runs light going backwards and it�ll also have to couple up to the coaches for the run to Baltic. Next the engine had to get some service ready from crewmembers. As 1551 leaves sugar creek with the first train of the day, this clip was shown in last year�s (2017) DVD: Steam Cab Rides. But with Brian Sellers narrating. Since 2008, the OC system had since been solved and operated by the Gennessee & Wyoming Freight only railroad. And like many of the steam engines on the OC that the late Jerry Jacobsen owned, 1551 is still on display at the age of steam roundhouse. At Baltic, 1551 leaves the coaches behind, and we are at an unprotected crossing where people and automobiles ignored 1551�s whistle and also the blinking red lights. This crossing at the runaround siding is located on Ohio state highway 651. After the conductor throws the switch, 1551 starts to go backwards running light, and everyone else got their right of way to cross the tracks again. On the opposite side of the siding, 1551 couples up to the coaches and heads back to Baltic tender first. Next Christopher does a little more narrating such as Jerry talking to a female Amish farmer, a still image of 1551 in October of 200, and 2 female farmers trying to load Haybales. While 1551 is the main focus of this Segment, Canadian pacific 1293 also appears on a fan trip. Back to 1551 however, we see the birds eye view of the little Switzerland of Ohio as this clip was shown in the heartland video but with the late John Edward Hingsbergen narrating. Next we fast forward to 7 years and 4 months later to October 20th 2001 as 1551 leaves sugar creek. These scenes were Made during production of Grand Trunk Western 6325 return to steam. Afterwards, 1551 whistles through Baltic, and a horse drawn buggy crosses the tracks. Next we see more horse work as 1551 whistles in the background, plus running tender first back to sugar creek. Next 1551 leaves the station for the afternoon train. Afterwards we are back in Baltic as We bid farewell to the Ohio Central, CN 1551, and also the 2 America by rail the heartland segments with the 6325 supplemental.

Moving onto October 14 1995, we see one of the most popular steam locomotives in the Allegheny mountains, but was never shown on any other GSVP titles until now. The engine is none other than Lake Superior & Ishpeming 734 on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Our first scene with the chunky consolidation is at woodcock hollow road crossing before and after the crossing. The noise gets louder and louder as 734 whistles through. Oddly enough, 734�s whistle sounds quite identical to SP 4449 between 1990-2010. Next 734 whistles through brush tunnel, as it heads back to Cumberland. Back at cumberland, 734 drops the passengers off and it crosses over the Potomac River to Ridgely West Virginia. After turning on the Wye, the engine pulls into the station for the afternoon trip up the mountain, but with only 3 coaches and a caboose. Note that former Chicago And Northwestern RSD5 1689 is sitting on display. Some changes have been made to the WMSR over the years. Our final scene on the Cumberland to frostburg line is at helmstetters curve where 734 whistles through. Sadly since 2016, the engine is still in pieces, as the crew is still focusing on the restoration of C&O 1309.

The final segment in this program was also shot in October of 1995. This time its at the Kentucky Railway Museum with Louisville & Nashville 152. A Santa Fe Blue and yellow diesel is added on the rear. As 152 stops at the platform, everyone got onboard the coaches as we are riding on one of the coaches with 152 to Boston. Fun fact alert: this segment was recorded the day after the Western Maryland scenic segment. To ride on the whole line from new haven to Boston, please check out L&N 152 Pride of Kentucky shot 15 years later in 2010. At Boston Kentucky, 152 gets some maintenance done as everyone onboard got a chance to see some close up looks of this 1905 pacific. An unexpected cameo shot of Greg�s wife Kathi and Daughter Heather is shown. From the rear of the train, AT&SF 2546 Powers the return trip. This footage was shot way before the Runaround track was installed. Back at New haven, 152 leaves the museum with the afternoon train of the day. Sadly since 2011, the official steam locomotive of Kentucky is still in pieces. Next 152 whistles through the crossing. Back at Boston, 152 is sitting still as Joe Bratcher inspects the bearings. We close the video with 3 men dressed as president Lincoln and a female resident dressed up as the president�s wife Mary.

Like many of Greg�s 2018 programs minus the original 1988 editing of cotton belt 819 Arkansas steam, and the Un-narrated return to Deshler on Blu-ray, this was narrated by Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844).

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Steam in the 90s Volume 1 DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-11-15 17:03:10.

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steam in the 90s vol.1 takes a look at four different steam locomotives operating excursion trains in the 1990s on tourist railroads the video first starts with former norfolk & western class m no.475 on the strasburg railroad in Pennsylvania in the summer of 1994 operating from east strasburg to leamon place junction with a few close ups of the engine there's also a little music video showing the amish life with horse pulling buggies plowing the fields and some cows the next segment than looks at canadian national 1551 on the ohio central railroad also in the summer of the same year as the 475 first the engine is seen pulling a boxcar for a brick factory tender first than seeing the engine on the regular excursion trains running from sugar creek to baltic there is also footage of canadian pacific 1293 running and another footage of the 1551 running train rides in october 2001 (a mouth after the 9/11 attacks) the 1551 last ran in either 2001 or 2002 and is now part of the age of steam roundhouse than the next engine is western maryland scenic 734 on the western maryland scenic railroad operating from cumberland to frostburg in the fall of 1995 with a 6 car train and a caboose with beautiful fall colors showing thier peak the 734 has been a favorite engine in this region and she last operated in 2016 a short time to celebrate her 100th birthday and to under go her fra rebuilt the wmsr is currently restoring former chesapeake & ohio mallet no.1309 which keeps getting stalled with money issues hopefully the 1309 will steam one day and the 734 will return in the future the last segment follows former louisville & nashville pacific 152 on the Kentucky railway museum running from new haven to boston kentucky (there are videos from greg scholl showing the 152 operating on the mainline which took place from 1985 to 1988) there's a ride in one of the passenger cars on the train showing this unique little pacific operating the 152 last ran in 2011 as shes down for a rebuilt and there may be a chance in the near future that she'll steam again so this is a vary settling video showing steam operations on a few tourist railroads in the eastern states (there's a second vol that covers a few operations on a few places in the western states but i was mostly interested in this one more) lots of great scenery and steam action that's sure to please anyone

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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