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Steam Memories of Ontario DVD
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Steam Memories of Ontario DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-STMEM
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This video has nearly an hour of great steam action on CN and CP during the steam era. There is just about every class of engine imaginable that was running near the end of the steam era.

First we see Canadian National power including smaller engines, then moving all the way through the other medium size engines to the larger 2-8-2's, 4-8-2's, and 4-8-4's. In addition to these we also see the 4-6-4 Hudsons which had a distinctive tender. There were only a few of these racehorse engines built. In the 4-8-2 and 4-8-4's you will see the regular ones as well as the shrouded(streamlined)ones. These would be the 6060 series 4-8-2's and the 6400 series 4-8-4's. Its quite a nice variety with good action scenes of most all the classes

Next we see CPR engines with smaller ones and work our way through 4-6-0's, 2-8-0's, 2-8-2's, 4-6-2's, and 4-6-4 Hudsons. As I recall there is even one 4-4-4 Jubilee. There are a variety of the 4-6-2 pacifics, including the G3 types and G5's, and several of the early Hudsons, and of course the Royal Hudsons. Here again we get to see a great variety of steam including some doubleheaders, and are entertained by some of the accounts on certain runs by some of the men who were there.

This is all from good clean original 16mm color film, and well transferred to video. No steam sounds were ever recorded on these, as was the case with 95% of old train films. The producers did a great job with some background music and letting the folks narrate with their interesting background information.

This show goes well with our regular stock of vintage Canadian shows since we had very little from eastern Canada. This one is highly recommended as are all the vintage Canadian Shows we have available

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Runtime:55 Mins ($0.41/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
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Steam Memories of Ontario DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-04 10:21:34.

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In this program from 1988, it starts with a look at a Canadian national northern on a passenger train followed by Canadian Pacific royal hudson 2838 in the opening titles. As Newton rossiter talks about the introduction of the program which the majority of it has narration from crew members Bruce Kearney & Bob Cole from CN, 4-8-4 number 6230 is on a passenger run, While we moved to the yard where H class 4-6-0 10 wheeler number 1576 idles with a freight followed by another H class 10 wheeler number 1336 on a branch line with passenger cars. Note the wooden ties alongside the track. Another look at 1336 is shown, then we moved to the junction with 1541 on a freight. Moments later, another freight is shown with number 1348, followed by 1532 entering the yard. We managed to get some action shots of 1576 going backwards concluding the brief look at the H class 4-6-0s. Moving Onto the N class 2-8-0 consolidations, it's winter as a freight with number 2506 passes by the semaphore signals. In warmer weather, 2602 is on a fast freight. Meanwhile, 2609 rolls through the crossing on a freight. Followed by 2659 on another freight as it rolls through another crossing. Concluding the brief look at the consolidations, we now focused on both the J & K class 4-6-2 pacifics beginning with number 5126 leaving the station with 3 baggage cars & 2 coaches. Rolling by the switch tower is 5252 on train 77. Another scene of 5252 is shown on a different day. Afterwards, a doubleheader with 5512 & 4-8-4 number 6121 negotiates a bend at a junction while hauling freight. Another doubleheader is shown with engines 5589 & 5109 on a freight in the winter. While 1576 switches cars in the yard, 5600 arrives with a passenger train. Moments later, it's follow up sister engine number 5601 arrives, then we see 5601 again with only 2 cars. Afterwards a freight train is shown with 5611 in charge. Back in the same spot where we see 5601 carrying 2 cars with a silo tower in the background, 5588 handles 2 coaches while it follows behind. Leaving the pacifics on CN behind, we now moved on to the S class 2-8-2 mikados beginning with number 3199 being serviced. Then it grabs the caboose, & switches tracks in the winter. While 3199 heads for it's train, 4-8-4 number 6151 backs up. Afterwards a fast doubleheader freight is shown with 3199 as the second engine. Another doubleheader is shown with 3456 in the lead. Next we see 3467 on a small but really fast freight. A dirty 3547 handles the mixed mail & passenger train, then it stops for water. Leaving the mikes behind, a look at the K class hudsons are shown beginning with 5700 on a passenger train in 3 scenes, One of them passing by the semaphore signals in the junction, the other in the winter. Back at the junction, 5702 negotiates the bend, While another shot of 5702 is shown followed by 5703 entering the junction. 5704 handles the mail train. CN has only made 5 of these 5700 series hudsons. Bigger power is needed as we move on to the U class mountain type 4-8-2s beginning with one of these engines backing into the junction. It turns out to be 6007 coupling up to 4-8-4 number 6300 on a long freight. Next up is number 6020 on a passenger run. Switching tracks while negotiating a bend near the tower is 6022. Moments later, 6028 is carrying coaches from the New York Central. 2 scenes were made: one at the junction near the tower, the other on the fast mainline. 6007 is parked on a siding as 6036 handles the passenger train with no problems. One of the Streamlined class U-1-F engines number 6068 leaves the station. 2 scenes were made of 6068. Back at the first scene where 6068 leaves the area, it's follow up sister engine number 6069 rolls through with a passenger train. Moments later, 6069 is seen again out on the mainline, followed by A quick scene of 6076 Highballing over the bridge. It's winter as 6077 makes a meet. In early spring, 6078 roars through the mainline. Passing by the twin semaphore signals is 6079. Leaving the mountain types behind, we now moved to the U class northerns beginning with a passenger train that is led by 6116. A freight train is led by 6148. Another freight is shown with 6163 in the lead. Moments later, 6165 passes by the junction, then it slows down in the winter. A freight is shown with number 6179, followed by 6172 on a passenger train as it passes by the tower. Meanwhile, 6200 passes by the junction, then we see the engine again as it curves off while passing by a lake. When winter came, 6200 highballs down the line. Down by the diamonds, a meet is shown as 6205 arrives, followed by 6214 on a passenger run. Back at the curved junction near the lake, 6215 passes by the red tower. A blizzard is shown as 6215 is seen again. In warmer weather, 6219 is on a passenger train, then we see 6226 leaving the area. Meanwhile, 6228 is on a fast passenger run. 2 scenes were made of 6228. In the winter, 6230 curves through the junction, then we see 6232 on a freight followed by 6234 on a passenger train. 2 scenes were made with 6234. In the winter once again, 6237 is on a fast freight. Then the blizzard is back as 6238 doubleheads with 6137. In warmer weather, 6239 is on a freight train. Winter returns as 6240 is on a passenger run, followed by another passenger train with 6240 once again in warm weather. Meanwhile, 6247 is carrying from the Pennsylvania railroad. Back in the snow we see 6248 once again on a passenger run, followed by 6253 getting some help from a GP9 at the curved junction in warm weather. 6256 leads a freight with GP9 number 4819 providing extra power. Meanwhile, 6258 is on a freight while winter returns as GP9 number 4531 assists 6304 on a freight. In warmer weather, 6305 is on a freight while rolling through the crossing. In the winter, 6311 handles the freight. Warmer months return with 6317 on a passenger train, then we are back at the junction near the tower where a streamlined northern number 6400 passes by. This engine was the inspiration to Vinnie in the 2016 Thomas the tank engine musical movie: the great race. 2 scenes of 6400 were made. Afterwards, 6402 had already crosses the bridge on a passenger run. In the late afternoon sun, 6403 is leaving the yard while making a meet with 6335 on a freight. In late winter, 6404 is on a passenger train. Back at the junction where 6007 is on a siding, a pair of GP7S numbers 4900 & 4909 handle the passenger run. Normal steam operations on CN steam in Ontario ended on April 25, 1959.

As we say goodbye to Canadian national, we moved into Canadian Pacific territory as Newton does some informative details on the railroad itself. First we see a doubleheader with engines 2228 & 2410 on a freight train. Then we move onto the F class 4-4-4 jubliee beginning with 3000 being stored next to diesel 8700. Then we see 3000 switching tracks. One of its sister engines number 2929 is at the Steamtown national historic site in Scranton Pennsylvania. With 2 coaches coupled up, 3000 rolls through the yard. For the remainder of the CP segment, Frank Bunker, & Mac Allen who worked with Donald Atkinson on CPR steam the final chapter from 1990, does the narration business as D class 4-6-0 10 wheeler number 445 handles the single coach & caboose on a branch line, then we move forward to the mainline as 963 handles the freight business. Moments later, 851 is on a freight, followed by 1081 going in the opposite direction. Down by the yard, we focused on the M & N class 2-8-0 consolidations beginning with 3504 switching boxcars tender first. Meanwhile, 3954 is on a caboose hop, then we see 3632 on a freight train. A strange doubleheader is shown with 2333 up front facing smokebox first, with 3632 going tender first. Winter came to CP territory once again as we move on to the G class 4-6-2s beginning with a doubleheader led by 1221 & 2409. 2 scenes were made of this unique lash up. In warmer weather 1222 negotiates a bend, then we see 1224 on a freight train. 1224 is seen again on a passenger run. Meanwhile, a small freight with 1266 is included. Followed by 1271 on a long freight. Another passenger train is shown with 1271 once again. At a double track S curve, we see a doubleheader with engines 2203 & 5154 taking some slow orders While it hauls freight. At.Guelph junction, we see 2220 & 2454 crawling by the yard, then we see 2228 & 2410 on a freight. An alco FPA4 number 4020 (reference to the scrapped union pacific big boy) is behind 2233 on a freight. A doubleheader with engines 2235 & 5370 took charge of the freight businesses, then we see 2238 & 2400 doubleheading on a freight. Another freight is shown with 2330 in charge. Meanwhile, 2332 took some water, then it rolls for the mainline again. At a bend, we see 2398 on a freight. 2 scenes were shown of this engine. Winter strikes again as 2399 leaves the yard. Back at the bend in warm weather, 2405 is on a coal train, then from the same location, we see 2407 going in the opposite direction. Autumn came to Canada as 2421 handles the passenger run. Afterwards, Alco RS-3 number 8450 assists 2461 on a freight. Then we see 2461 running all by itself after getting some help from the diesel. 2463 highballs down the mainline at a bend, then we see 2464 on a really long freight train. Moments later, 2466 handles the freight businesses. Then we see another freight train, this time with 2525 in charge. Afterwards, a doubleheader is shown with 2664 & 5396 in charge leading the freight train. We bid farewell to the 4-6-2s as We move on to the P class Mikes beginning with 5118 being assisted by GP9 number 8684 on a freight. Winter came as 5135 is on a freight train, then we see 5153 arriving at the depot. Autumn arrives as 5178 handles the freight business. Following behind is 5191 as it heads for the S curve. Another long freight is shown with 5356 in charge. Then we see 5368 picking up speed. Winter came as 5370 is on a caboose hop. Back to warmer weather, 5371 is on a freight train, followed by 5375 carrying a string of gondolas. 5394 swings the bell as it highballs with a freight. Back at the tower where we usually see CN power, 5396 passes by the tower, then we are back on the double track S curve as 5402 passes by some lovely fall colors. Meanwhile, 5403 is on a mixed freight. Afterwards, 5405 is getting some help from GP9 number 8683, then we see the same engine Highballing down the line, as well as 5414 passing by the yard. Winter came back as a doubleheader with 2233 & 5417 handle the freight business. Spring came back as 5425 passes by the curved junction. Moments later, 5460 is on a freight train as this scene concludes the mikes. The final engines of the program is the H class hudsons beginning with 2803 on a freight with some help from diesel 8742. Moments later, 2806 is on a freight, followed by alco RS3 8456 helping 2814 on a freight followed by 2814 going alone. Back to fall colors, another doubleheader is shown with 2235 & 2817 on a freight train as they arrive at the depot. At the lake royal hudson 2825 is on a passenger train, followed by 2838 passing by the station & semaphore signals. In the junction we see 2838 once again, followed by 2840 passing the electric towers. Down by the station, 2851 arrives with a passenger train. At a bend, we see 2856 heading for the S curve. Meanwhile, a doubleheader with engines 2398 & 2857 on a freight. 2857 was the final steam locomotive to pull excursions during its final days of Canadian Pacific. One shot of 2857 on a passenger train concludes the program followed by a pair of F units on the Streamlined Canadian. Regular steam service on Canadian Pacific in Ontario ended on April 30, 1960. In the closing credits, the crew takes a break from the controls of 2851.

The synthesized music in this program was also used in Manitoba steam in the 50s from 1987.

This was one of the 10 RI titles that were acquired by Greg Scholl in 2011.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Yes.

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