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Southwest Big Boy 4014 Sunset Route Cajon Pass DVD
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Southwest Big Boy 4014 Sunset Route Cajon Pass DVD Pentrex SWBB-DVD
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It's nothing short of amazing, 5 years ago Big Boy 4014 was a static display in Pomona, California. Less than 1 year ago, she was in pieces in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Now we see 4014 under her own power in California and along the former Southern Pacific Sunset Route! When the 1.2 million pound, 7,000 horsepower Big Boy climbs Cajon Pass, you know it! We catch her at Mormon Rocks and other location on Cajon Pass. We then follow her into New Mexico and Arizona, ending with her layover at El Paso, Texas.

This is truly some amazing footage, including drone footage and the song, "Ballad of the Big Boy (Titan of the Wasatch)"! Pentrex has truly outdone themselves with this coverage!

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TVD Price:$ 23.95
List Price:$ 29.95
Live Stock Status: IN STOCK!
Ships Today! if ordered now. (PST)
When will I receive it?

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Southwest Big Boy 4014 Sunset Route Cajon Pass DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-13 08:12:12.

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In this 90 minute program which in my own words I called it "Big Boy 4014's southwest journey", it starts with drone footage of 4014 with a sample of the song which the full version was performed as an added 5 minute bonus by the Altar billies from their own album: head'n out west. Next it features clips both in color and also in black and white from the best selling big boy collection in 2001 during the history segment. Afterwards, stock footage of a silent 4014 from last of the giants part 3, and big boy 4014 update is included. These 2013 clips were also shown on the railway productions version of the big boy revival. A mention of 4014's replacement locomotive: an operating SD40-2 with a boxcar and a former rock island bay window caboose is heard. Back to present day territory, the action begins with the beast in Nevada on the caliente subdivision. First we see drone footage at rainbow canyon on October 6, then the big boy leaves the tunnel and bridge over the meadow valley wash. 2 days later on October 8, 4014 leaves the city of gambling, and it's also known for history channel's American restoration. Next we pace the beast near Sloan. Afterwards, the big boy passes by an RV at Jean, followed by a repeat of the previous scene, but it's a going away shot instead. Moments later, 4014 crosses over the state line at nipton California. Back in the sky, the beast crosses over the Mojave river as it goes through the namesake dessert at Cima. Next, the big boy crosses the Mojave river again, this time it's in Afton. There are 2 scenes, one from the ground, and one from the sky. In the going away shot, you can barely see the railfans on the top of the hill. Back in the sky, the big boy song by the Altar billies is heard. As the song plays, 4014 is on the cima subdivision. The following day October 9, the beast is in daggett. The wind is trying to be the loudest as the big boy blows its own whistle. A mention of hot spots part 8 by highball productions is shown. At one time, Daggett used to have a mine that's operated by narrow gauge. More pacing of 4014 is shown, this time it's near Hesperia, as it heads to West Colton. Some bystanders are shown during the pacing sequence as well as their own cars and trucks. Back in the sky, the beast is on southern Pacific tracks as it meets an eastbound BNSF doublestack near the summit of cajon pass. Then it cuts back and forth to the ground as the big boy is approaching silverwood. Silverwood is at milepost CPSP465. From route 66, 4014 is at cleghorn canyon. A repeat from the sky is shown. Back on the ground, we fast forward to 3 days later on October 12 as the beast itself added another diesel and more coaches. Our first scene is east of West Colton as the big boy is on an excursion that was organized by the Railgiants museum at Fairplex in Pomona where 4014 stood silent from 1961/2 to 2013/14. During the panning shot, it crosses over the Lytle creek bridge in San Bernardino, followed by an interstate highway. You won't believe how many coaches the beast is hauling, despite the 2 diesel helpers. People are chatting as the big boy is on cajon pass from Cleghorn road. Not to mention A local news helicopter. 4014 whistles at one of the crossings of the pass. From the sky, the beast is leaving the southern Pacific line at Silverwood, as the remainder of the line is triple tracked. A tiny siding is shown on one of the scenes. Back on a dirt road which was originally route 66, the big boy is approaching the camera crew. As mentioned from the longest running railroad video narrator Dave Drui, the 4014 trips were from West Colton to Barstow and return. At Barstow, the special is turned around, then it's put away for storage at Yermo. Drone footage of Barstow yard on the BNSF side is included as the beast is squeezing between the doublestack containers. While everyone got a good look at the big boy, the tail of a westbound doublestack arrives. The next day October 13, finds 4014 making a meet with an eastbound BNSF freight that had a Citirail unit. Barstow is one of The busiest yards on BNSF. From the sky, another eastbound leaves the yard. The beast comes to a stop, then picks up passengers at the depot after sleeping under the stars in yermo. The tail of a westbound is shown as the big boy is being serviced. A mention of Amtrak's southwest cheif is used. With everyone onboard, 4014 leaves Barstow for the trip back to West Colton. With the mountains in the background, and some railfans on the right, the beast is approaching the camera crew at hodge. Next, the big boy is approaching the twin bridges at east Victorville. The sound picks up the wind as 4014 is taking some slow orders, crawls to a stop, and the journey resumes. One diesel has been removed, as well as most of the coaches. Note the solar powered windmills in the going away shot, as well as a local cement plant. At frost, the beast is at the crossovers on BNSF's cajon subdivision. Here it makes a meet with a mixed freight, as well as going under it. The diesel and coaches are rejoined again as the big boy is near Hesperia. 4014 negotiates a bend at the Mormon rocks. Some children are heard offscreen. With the 2 day trip over Cajon pass completed, the beast bids farewell to West Colton on October 15, as it heads for the sunset route as well as Beaumont hill. Between this program and the greetings from Kansas city version, the big boy pulls engine 4141 to the H. W. Bush library and museum which was used for the 41st President's funeral train in December of 2018. After climbing over Beaumont hill, 4014 is in banning. Some children are heard off screen. The summit of the hill is at 2600 feet. Tons of solar powered windmills are in the background as the beast passes by them at West Palm springs. Moments later, the big boy is east of West Palm springs. More pacing of 4014 is shown at the salton sea area. Afterwards, the beast is in winterhaven. The next day October 16, finds the big boy in the grand canyon state of Arizona. More drone footage is shown. Many people ask "why do diesels ran behind the big boy?" Well, Drui has the exact response. Back on the ground, 4014 is at Ligurta as more people are chatting off screen. Next, the beast passes by a plant in Weston. More big boy pacing is seen again. This time it's near dateland. Afterwards, 4014 is at Aztec as it whistles by an abandoned water tower from the southern Pacific days, then it's back to the pacing sequence. On October 19, the beast is at Cienaga creek as it is east of Tucson. More people are chatting off screen. Here The eastbound trains are on the lower line, while westbounds use the upper track. The big boy goes under the bridge for westbound trains only. About 11 minutes left, 4014 is in Sybill as smaller planes are heard off screen. Everyone got there in perfect timing as the beast is in Wilcox. No it to mention the workmen on covered hoppers. Here The big boy stops for service. Wilcox is the halfway point between Tucson and the new Mexico state line. Afterwards, it's off to New Mexico and Texas as 4014 is leaving it's service stop with tons of fans included as well as some children with their support signs. Next the beast whistles for The crossing at Raso. The big boy southwest journey comes to a close as 4014 is in Steins new Mexico. A mention of greetings from Kansas city is heard as well as the Altar billies singing the song one last time in the closing credits. During the credits, Peter Crooke from highball productions is listed as the chief camera operator.

Overall, this 90 minute program is really enjoyable to watch the beast in California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Not to mention a bonus 5 minute music video.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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