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Southern Doubleheaders DVD
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Southern Doubleheaders DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-199 604435019998
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This is a neat show with two engines doubleheading, and there are no diesels to be seen. That is rare for this time period. The video was shot between 2014 and 2018. We begin with a doubleheaded excursion from the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga to Summerville, Georgia. 2-8-2 number 4501 leads southbound, with 2-8-0 number 630 leading going north. This is an October trip and features some fall colors.

The final climb up to the TVRM tracks in East Chattanooga is quite memorable, and we will see that once more at the end of our whole show.

Care is given to finding locations where the engines will be working up grades when possible.

Next we have a 2-day photo freight charter in March of 2018. The first day is all on TVRM grounds including the line from Grand Junction to East Chattanooga, through Missionary Ridge Tunnel. We see multiple runbys at most locations. In most scenes 630 is leading but 4501 also leads on a couple of scenes. On the second day, the duo makes a run on the 50-mile long line to Summerville, and does numerous locations in good lighting. One of the highlights is the grade south from Rossville. Motor vehicles are used as props in several locations to spice things up a bit for the photographers.

If all that weren't enough we finish up with a November 2018 excursion to Summerville with 630 leading. Again good locations are sought for hearing the engines and with good lighting. The final scene has the pair working hard in the dark on the climb at East Chattanooga at the end of the day. On one of the passenger excursions you will also see each engine being turned on the turntable at Summerville. Two engines, 4 days of doubleheading, and great action. Hard to beat this duo!

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DVD Item#:GSVP-199
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Runtime:1 Hour, 22 Mins ($0.33/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
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DVD UPC:604435019998
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Southern Doubleheaders DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-11-28 18:45:33.

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southern doubleheaders is another unique video in this video both southern 4501 and 630 are seen double heading trains operating at the tennessee valley railroad museum in Chattanooga tennessee the first part of the video begins with the two engines operating the usual train ride from the grand junction station in Chattanooga to summerville Georgia in the fall of 2014 first with the 4501 leading and the 630 leading on the return trip to Chattanooga the next segment follows both the 4501 and the 630 on a two day photo fright charter in march of 2018 the first day saw the photo charter at the museum grounds in front of grand junction there's some vintage cars making a scene for a look in the past the next day the photo special is seen heading towards summerville with the grade at rossville making a great photo spot the video then concludes with footage of the two engines double heading to summerville once again in november 2018 providing a photo run on the return to tvrm this is another excellent video covering these two engines as they provide great memorable double heading scenes this is another video for the steam fans will like

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Southern Doubleheaders DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-25 18:59:08.

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In this installment of the 4501 revival collection, The program starts with 4501 whistling while swinging it's bell followed by the duo on a freight train. After the opening titles, the action begins on Saturday November 8 2014 as 4501 & 630 are backing up for the day long trip to Summerville from the Tennessee valley railroad museum in Chattanooga. Listen to the radio chatter. During the preparation to Summerville, Christopher kovacs (trainmaster844) narrated the history of both 630 and 4501. While the 2 engines are smoking up some steam around the grand junction depot. A map of the line to Summerville is shown. This trip was recorded by Brady sanker in this segment along with the 4 year later trip later in the program. During the 2014 coverage, 4501 leads the southbound trip while 630 operates the return trip. The 2 engines departed the depot, then 4501 whistles along holtzclaw ave. Note the grand trunk western coach in the consist. Next, an extended repeat from the opening scene is shown as the engines roll through the trees at Rossville Georgia along foster ave, which is the start of the missionary ridge grade. Note the town's water tower in the background as 4501 whistles through the trees while there is some commentary from other onlookers, as well as a diesel horn offscreen. Afterwards, the doubleheader is north of the old house at rock spring, as they negotiate a bend. Again listen to 4501's whistle. Next 4501 and 630 are at noble. At Martindale, the doubleheader passes by a small grassy field, then the 2 engines took turns whistling. A slow order was made at trion as 4501 and 630 crosses the chattooga river bridge, as well as passing by other chasers. Note the 360 degree bell movement on 4501. All to soon both 630 and 4501 arrived at Summerville as they took turns on the turntable. Once turned around, 630 is leading the train for the return trip north of Summerville. The 2 engines took turns whistling at the crossing. Afterwards the doubleheader crosses the chatooga river bridge at trion. Next, the doubleheader climbs the trade at Martindale. Note the sounds of the children offscreen as 630 and 4501 whistle for the crossing together. Moments later, the special is north of Lafayette. Afterwards, the sun is glowing as 630 and 4501 are near rock spring. Next, the special is south of Rossville as it heads back to the state line. Note the 11 automobiles alongside the rails. Another look at the map is shown. As night falls, 4501 and 630 are climbing up the grade as they are back at the museum tracks on the belt line. This concludes the November 2014 coverage.

On the weekend of March 12 & 13 of 2018, 4501 and 630 are on a Pete lerro productions photo charter, as they operate different freights. Ronald burkhard recorded these trips as some scenes with the engines alone are also in another video: southern steam variety. The first day was on the museum tracks. There are plenty of runbys at the grand junction depot which connects with the Norfolk southern mainline. 630 is in the lead for both days. Note the 2 freight cars with wooden ties. On the third scene, snow is fallen from the sky as the duo passes by the depot for another runby. On the fourth scene, a trio of vintage automobiles are shown. Next the engines are on the wye. With some other locomotives and rolling stock on display. Afterwards, they make a runby at the main entrance. Next the duo makes several runbys on the south chickamauga creek bridge. They are still facing east towards the main depot and wye. This last runbys for the March 12th trip, are at the missionary ridge tunnel. The sun is shining in this location. The tunnel is measured at 986 feet long. The train is facing west. The first scene shows 630 in the lead. The second scene shows 4501 in the lead. And the third shows 4501 once again in the lead.

At the 40 minute mark of The program, it's the following day: March 13. As 4501 and 630 are on the Summerville line. The action begins in Roseville. With the once 114 year old peerless woolen mill. 630 is the lead engine for the event. The duplicate scenes from that day were also shown in southern steam variety. Next the special is negotiating An S curve at missionary ridge grade for a few more runbys. This is one of the best photographed spots on the Summerville line. On the second run by at this bend, the duo took turns whistling. They did it again on the third run by at the bend. Next, the special is near chickamauga. A vintage automobile is alongside the track for the first runby. A couple more are next on the second runby. Afterwards, 630 and 4501 are at the old house at rock spring. A green car waits on the driveway to let the special pass. More runbys are included at the same location. The final runbys of the March 2018 trip is at trion over the chattooga river bridge.

Fast forward to 8 months later on November 11, both 630 and 4501 are on the Summerville steam special. Like the 2014 trip, this was recorded by Brady sanker. Unlike the 2014 trip, the Summerville excursion will be led by 630 in both directions. While 4501 waits for 630, an eastbound freight is shown, with a union Pacific unit in the consist. Afterwards, 630 arrives to be coupled up to 4501 and the coaches. After departure time, the duo is crossing a bridge over tunnel boulevard. Next, they are crossing sides at holtzclaw ave. Next, they're climbing uphill at the start of the missionary ridge grade at Rossville alongside foster ave. Moments later, the duo is near chickamauga as 630 whistles down the line as always. This scene was recorded from the Oakwood church grounds. Next, the special is at an S curve near the rock spring house. Afterwards, they are at noble Georgia, followed by Martindale. Lots of American flags are laid out at trion due to the fact that it's veteran's day weekend. In no time at all, 630 and 4501 arrived at Summerville where they'll be taking turns on the turntable. The turntable was built by The American bridge and iron company in 1916, and was moved to Summerville in November of 1999. Before 630 leaves the turntable, 4501 is running light. As 630 faces north, note the commentary by some nearby onlookers. Now it's 4501's turn to take a spin. Note the Christmas wreath on top of the turntable. With 4501 and 630 facing north, the duo recouples the coaches and heads back to Chattanooga. The first scene is north of Summerville. Next, the special is at an S curve in Martindale. Near Lafayette, note the bird calls off screen as 630 whistles for the crossing. Afterwards, 630 & 4501 are stopping for a photo runby at the Georgia northwestern technical college near rock spring. With everyone off, the special backs up, then it roars and whistles down the line for the cameras, and handheld devices. With everyone back onboard, the engines are at the battlefield area in chickamauga during the civil war many decades ago. All to soon, the late sunset has already fallen as both 630 & 4501 are quickly climbing up the grade as they are heading for the missionary ridge tunnel. heading

Overall, This is a great addition to what doubleheading steam powered locomotives are all about.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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