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Soo Line 2719 Steamin Highlights DVD
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Soo Line 2719 Steamin Highlights DVD Plets Express 0412719H
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The Soo Line 2719 is a H-23 Class 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive that was built by Alco in 1923. The Soo Line Railroad use the steam locomotive in passenger train service until its retirement in 1959. This action packed DVD features a brief look at two restorations, and then exciting operational highlights, including excursions with trackside run-bys, cabrides & pace scenes.

The Steamin'' Highlights include:
• Restoration Work • Osceola Steam Fest • Test & Break-In Runs
• Steamin'' on the GB&W • Photographers Special • Ferry Moves
• Double & Triple Headers • Cabride & Pace Scenes • Steamarama II • St. Croix Highbridge Trip • Chippewa Valley Trips • Steamin'' on the WGN
This fascinating program was shot over a 5 year period ranging from 1996 to 2001
67 Minutes

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DVD Item#:0412719H
Runtime:1 Hour, 07 Mins ($0.40/min)
Producer:Plets Express
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
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Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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Soo Line 2719 Steamin Highlights DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2021-01-15 20:53:07.

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In this nearly 20 year old program from 2003, it starts with 2719 at Carson park in Eau Claire while being on display in the winter as it was officially the Final Steam engine to operate for the SOO line. Here we see the preparations of the first steps of the restoration for 2719 where it would heading to Altoona Wisconsin. Many of the parts have to be removed as 2719's boiler was placed on a heavy duty truck during December of 1996. Arriving in Altoona, the C&NW SD18 pushes the un-assembled pacific right into the turntable which was once owned by the Chicago & Northwestern while the roundhouse was built in 1882. With the smokebox facing the door, a front loader tows 2719 right into the shops. Already in the roundhouse, the restoration is underway now as the workmen are working at almost each & every part of the locomotive, as well as welding, repainting the tender, & also building a new cab from scratch. One of the cylinders took a day & a half to complete. It took 202 tubes & 32 flues to fire the 2719 in action. After lining the cylinder up despite its at 100 degress below zero at first, the tender is being pushed to the turntable by a mobile crane. Here it carries 18 tons of coal & 12,000 gallons of water. Before rejoining the tender, the new cab was carefully installed over the boiler. On the first week of September 1997, the whistle made an air test at first, then the door to the smokebox is re-assembled. In late November of 1997, the first fire-up was in session which mark the first time that 2719 operated since the end of its regular service in 1959. Winter came to Wisconsin once again as the test firing turned out to be a huge success. Meanwhile, the boiler shell is being insulated before 2719 could make a test run, while mikado 1003 makes a cameo appearance. After the wheels are wrapped up as the primer paint comes first with orange at first, then the next day was painted back to black. With the piping & appliances re-installed, especially the turbo generator known as a dynamo, it's already July 27, 1998 as 2719 makes a test run from the roundhouse where it was stored since December of 1996, to the turntable under its own power for the first time where it'll take a spin & also be doubleheading with 1003 for additional weight & breaking concerns. 1003 was built 10 years before 2719.

The following day July 28, 1998 finds a handful of volunteers painting the smokebox, then we get to hear the bell for the first time as 2719 moves to the turntable & takes a spin once again, before backing onto the service track for the preparations of its inagural run to Osceola Wisconsin for a Weekend steamfest as it handled a freight with 1003 & a C&NW 5501 upfront as it rolls through the crossing at Halley north of Eau Claire. At Osceola, 2719 makes a break in run with a Chippewa valley coach & Northern Pacific 105 on the other end. Another break in run finds 105 carrying a boxcar, a coach & 2719 pushing on the rear. At last the very first excursion for 2719 is underway as it & 1003 are on a doubleheader while carrying some happy passengers on the first day of August 1998. Ironically enough, Pentrex was also on the same trip as these specials were shown in Steam '98 along with a tripleheader that features Northern Pacific 4-6-0 number 328 which was built in 1905. Meanwhile, 2719 & 1003 are making an almost perfect reflection shot near New Richmond, WI while heading for Chippewa falls on the Wisconsin Central.

The date is September 19, 1998 as 2719 makes another inagural trip. This time from Chippewa Falls to Cadott after a ceremony was shown. Underway now, 2719 is crossing the bridge over the Chippewa river. Due to no turning spots on the Chippewa Falls to Cadott line, a WC SD50 number 3026 is placed on the rear. Next we see 2719 whistling for the crossing at Cadott during a photo runby. On the return trip, the diesel is in charge as it is painted in the colors of the State's 150th birthday. This location is at Lake Wissota. Next, we are in the cab of 2719 as we are heading west to Colfax. With the cab ride finished, an overhead shot from a bridge is shown. The coaches were built for the Canadian Pacific in 1949 & later used on the Algoma Central in the 70s. Moments later, 2719 whistles at a crossing before the camera cuts to the cab once again as 2719 arrives at Colfax, & vice versa while passing by the grain elevator. For the next 2 weekends, the engine made a total of 17 photo runbys for the passengers. Next, we get to see some pacing on highway 170 near wheeler as well as a passenger pick-up before crossing the Chippewa river bridge. We're back at Lake Wissota as 2719 does a whistle show nearby, then it whistles for the crossing as well as turning at a bend near Cadott. The diesel on the rear is number 3014. More chasers join in as 2719 whistles through the brick built depot in Stanley, then the diesel tows the train back into the platform. Underway once again, 2719 has no sign of mechanical problems until there is a mishap at the Yard.

Due to post-midnight Vandals, 2719 was badly damaged from a freight in really foggy weather. The driving wheels are removed due to the first axle being damaged as well as some cracks in the left rear driver. Even though 2719 returned to service in 1998, there are still lots of problems to deal with after what went wrong with the sidelined incident. Thus the 1999 trips were cancelled. Thankfully, there are also some of 2719's sister engines that are with us today as 2713 is used for storing back up parts for 2719's emergency repairs. 2713 is at Stevens Point. With the Driving wheels re-installed for the second time in November of 1999, there are still lots of inspecting to be done for every part at every inch at every angle. As the clock counts down to the transition of the New Decade, New Millenium, & a new century, the Nearly Half a Million dollar rebuild was officially over.

In May of 2000, the 2719 makes its second inagural run after a year long rebuild. This trip was also shown in the Pentrex title: the best of 2000. Here it crosses over the Chippewa river brige in Chippewa falls on the Wisconsin Central. At the yard, the WC freight arrives as it is led by 6588, 6629, & General motors 6041. From the highway N bridge, the engine performed like a star as it handles the excursion Much easier than expected. Moments later, the special passes by the Land O Lakes feeding plant as it rings its own bell, then also highballs to St. Croix near the state line. At Boyceville, 2719 whistles by some wooden ties along the track, then it Crosses the High bridge after turning on the wye as evidenced by the GP30 number 2055 on the rear. The bridge spans 180 feet above the river, & measures 2680 feet long. Next, we get to see the same runby but its on top of the bridge. On the return trip, 2719 performs a photo runby at New Richmond, then it whistles for the crossing as well as passing by the countryside east of New Richmond.

A few weeks later we are at Owen Wisconsin as 2719 whistles for the Wisconsin Great Northern Railway at Spooner. Moments later, the engine was serviced at Ladysmith junction, then it makes a nice departure with no sign of a diesel helper in sight.

At Springbrook, 2719 is on the WGN for a weekend of trips in July of 2000. During the departure, note the wheelslip as well as a speeder on the rear. Next, we are on top of the cab roof for a return trip to spooner. With the cab ride finished, 2719 is whistling for the crossing where another camera crew is shown with its own angles, then we are on another trip but unfortunately, the engine had to be stopped by the sounds of bandits approaching. In the late afternoon, 2719 whistles for a bend, as well as a cab ride to spooner. Followed by a Great Northern Diesel operating on a regular trip. its number 862 as it rolls through treego. In the early 90's, the C&NW operates a northbound freight with 2 SD60s, an SD40-2 & a GP25. Meanwhile 2719 operates on another WGN trip, but its in lovely fall weather.

Returning to Owen, 2719 is back on WC rails, but its heading to Hixton on the Green Bay & Western. At Hixton, we see a trio of alco diesels operating on a freight, followed by a publicity special with a C-424 & an RS-2.

October 7, 2000 finds 2719 on the GBW while leading the Fall Foliage special as a diesel number 3022 is placed on the rear. Next we get to see 2719 at Taylor, followed by another passenger train which is led by a pair of Alco C-420s while heading east in 1993. Back to 2719 however, we're at the same spot where the diesels were, but the trees are fully grown in the background. At Whitehall station, the engine whistles through the depot, then it passes by a small yard, & also rolling through the countryside before stopping at Dodge. With everyone back onboard, the engine heads east.

June 16 2001 finds 2719 rolling by the Solon Springs depot & Crossing Shanty. The trip was operated from Ladysmith to South Itasca. The diesel is between the 2 freight cars & the coaches. Next it crosses over the bridge at Rock mount, followed by an arrival at South Itasca as the credits roll which means the program is officially over.

Nowadays since 2719’s second of third retirement near the end of the Lake Superior railroad museum’s 2013 season, 1003 is the only SOO line steamer which still operates on special occasions only.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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