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Six Motor Alcos on DVD
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Six Motor Alcos on DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions SIXMOTOR
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This dvd is a must for the ALCO diesel fan. The first show captures the CP 4500's and 4700's working container trains and general freight between Montreal and Detroit. We see behind the scenes, aboard the trains, and trackside views. There is good coverage inside the cabs of these big Alcos on the CPR. There are some meets and a scene exiting the Detroit River tunnel in Windsor, among other things. This show has a lot to offer.

The other program is "Alco's in the Highlands, which takes you to Nova Scotia with spectacular east coast scenery. You will see hard working 6 motor Alcos hauling 100 car trains and are captured trackside as well is in the cab of the trains along the various portions of the Cape Britain, and Centrai Nova Scotia line. Most of the ALCOS are ex CN power.

This is a nice variety of scenes and places which was probably one of the last strongholds of ALCO power in CANADA.

Narration and live train sounds, with quality camera work and equipment.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 30 Mins ($0.25/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Six Motor Alcos on DVD
rrvideoman on 2007-11-02 22:54:56.

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We watch trains. Some people enjoy GE's, while other's enjoy EMD's. But there nothing quite like the Alco's. Every rail fan seems to enjoy seeing an Alco. The sound alone is captivating. Canadian Pacific Railways was one of the last mainline railroads to say farewell to these magestic giants.
Rail Innovations presents this exciting program of the CPR and their Alco's. See the workings in Montreal Quebec around the yards and to the Montreal Wharf, Then on for a quick trip aross Southern Ontario with stops near Winchester, and in Smiths Falls, and Port Hope Ontario then on to Toronto, Woodstock, Thamseford and Windsor, with a stop in Detriot Michigan. Footage is both from the cab and the ground. There is plenty of open farm land, followed by bush and lakes, then after the city back to the farm land. A fine tribute to the last days of mainline Alco's.
Then it's on to Nova Scotia and Shortline action on the Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railroad. The Alco's live on, working up grades through this picturest country side, pulling loads of coal and general merchandize. Watch as the trains weave around lakes and Atantic inlets, over bridges and on from Sidney N.S. to the change point with the CNR at Truro N.S. Like the 1st part, see views from the cab, and from the ground. There is no video quite like Six Motor Alcos.
Rail Innovations has done a fine job bringing us this excellent video production. Well Done.

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Six Motor Alcos on DVD
rick.schonfelder (Melbourne Australia) on 2014-04-25 18:07:00.

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This is a good video of an area of North America not necessarily thought of. The interesting feature is the part where the CPR goes through the now famous Lac-Megantic. Of course no mention is made of the fact as the video is from the late 1980s. The video footage of CB&CNS is historical and worthy of viewing. Conversion from Video does not impair the DVD version so I recommend the purchase for those interested in the area and time period.

Additional remarks by rick.schonfelder:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Six Motor Alcos on DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-02-08 18:45:53.

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In Canadian Pacific�s Big Alcos, the program starts with a fast intermodal, followed by a brief history on the alcos as the units idle in the yard. Some Norfolk Southern power is also included. A look inside the cab of number 4707 is shown and while the Southern Railway had its own steam locomotive number 4501, Canadian Pacific also has its own alco number 4501. Next a look at St. Luc is shown with some conrail power as well. Engines at the yard includes 69 Rebuilt RS18s, 50 C424s, and RSD17 number 8921. The yard also has a roundhouse and working turntable. A look inside the shops are also included. Next a locomotive start up is shown. Then comes a freight led by 4730, 4500, and 4229. Another freight is rolling by with mostly box cars. At Laval, 4729 crosses a bridge carrying not only a regular freight train, but also hauling a quartet of RS23s. Out of the wharf, 4730 leaves the area behind as it bounces side to side. At the junction, 4704 must wait for 5 SOO line units and an MPI diesel to clear the line. Afterwards, a short cab ride is included. At Hochelaga, a meet with 1685 and 1630 is shown. Like The frisco decapod at the Illinois railway museum, CP also had its own 1630. At Montreal Wharf, some crossings over the tracks are performed, then it rolls through an unprotected crossing. Next a meet with a yard switcher is included as the freight crosses the switches. In the early morning at St. Luc Yard, a look inside the crew shanty is shown, followed by 4713 coupling up to the freight. The cab ride action continues, as it leaves the yard. On the Winchester subdivision speedway, it rolls through beaconsfield at milepost 10.2. A meet with the local commuter train led by F-unit 1302 is shown then comes the station at Dorion, in milepost 18.9. Next a ground level shot is included with a freight led by 4720 and 4500 whistling by the speeder rail car and the crossing. Back in the cab, it crosses the diamond at De Beaujeu in milepost 35.5. Next a fast meet with a mixed train is included. Rolling at 60mph, it passes by the Dalhousie mills at milepost 41.6. A ground level shot of the mills are included. Followed by a shot from the top of the closed roof grain car. Back inside, a meet with another freight is shown, followed by a slow down both from inside and out of the cab windows. At Smiths falls, it passes by a waiting freight at milepost 123.8. Next it passes by another freight, this time it�s right next to the station depot. A crew change is performed, as an intermodal led by 5402 rolls through the platform. Next another freight passes by, this time it is led by 5409. Back on the mainline, the freight passes by a work train with a crane, next it is single tracked as it rolls through curves, cuts, and bridges. At port hope, a VIA train passes by followed by another one, this time with an F40 at milepost 143.2, from inside the alco. Next a fast one led by 4709 is shown, and after that, an unexpected white face unit led by 4569 blares its horn under the pedestrian bridge. The repeated scene from the opening of this video is also shown. At Darlington near milepost 169, a double diesel freight with 4236 and 4725 leaves the siding and onto the single track mainline. At Staines junction near milepost 195.2, 4743 curves to the left of the junction, blares its air horn, and back inside, it rolls through the crossing. A SOO line freight is waiting for us to pass by. Arriving at downtown Toronto near milepost 197, the cab ride comes to a close as it rolls by various cabooses, and makes a stop with a crew change. A soo line freight led by 6411 leaves the yard. At sunset the CP freight also leaves the yard. Next 4569 crosses the diamond and arrives at Lambton near milepost 5.8. Afterwards, another all alco freight leaves the junction, and 4569 crosses the bridge. At campbellville near milepost 38, 3046 pulls the roadrailer train, followed by an all soo line freight blaring its horns for the crossing. Next the big alco freight rolls by. And at Galt near milepost 57.2, another 5 unit freight crosses the bridge. At the crossing, 4743 blares its horn. Then another freight rolls through the countryside at Thamesford near milepost 101.2. At Zorra near milepost 94.9, there is a little bit of camera wobbling as 4719 rolls through the crossing. At the siding it must wait for 5537 to pass by. Next 4719 climbs the hill and blares its horn to the crossing. At Woodstock new milepost 87.8, it goes backwards crossing the bridge. Some S. Urge action is going on as it Rolls through the curves, then at Windsor near milepost 111.2, a 5 unit lash up led by 4710 arrives. At Norfolk Southern�s Oakwood yard in Detroit, a crew change point is happening, then it cuts to the Detroit River tunnel, as 4708 exits the double track tunnel. This concludes the CP big alcos. It ran for only 35 minutes, and it was made in 1992.

In alcos in the highlands, this 55 minute video starts with a really long train curing around the water. Next a short musical montage is included. An animated map of Nova Scotia is shown. The date is early October of 1993, and we are at the cape Breton and central Nova Scotia railway. A look at CN 3842 is shown then comes a freight, followed by some extreme close up looks at MF-30B number 2015 the Robert Burns. The eastern terminus is at Sydney. A 4 unit lash up led by 2035 arrives at Sydney in the early afternoon. Next a meet with 2039, 2015, and 2032 is shown as it arrives at the yard. Next 2039 leaves the yard which includes a cab ride. Note the Great Britain made Double decker bus. Some assembly of the coal train is shown. At ground level, CN 2016 passes by the station, then it blares through the crossing with a meet. A look inside the yard office is shown, followed by some work and more views from the cab window. At Ganon siding, it must wait for 2032 to pass by. Next some switching chores have to be made, and all too soon, the locomotive is down the line again as the weather changed to raindrops, and the 3 unit Freight crosses the bridge over the water. The same freight is shown alongside the water. Next the one with 2039 passes by in the opposite direction. Back in the cab, some fast speed is shown as it rolls by the water, then comes the ground shot of CN 2016 passing by. Next, 2039 makes a bend. And the CN led train passes by the water, then it blares it horn for the crossing. At the grand narrows, which is located near milepost 58.1, the steel bridge is shown measuring at 1697ft. The speed limit over the bridge is at 10mph. 2039 gives us an example on how it crosses at a really slow speed. Once on the other side of the bridge, it passes by the crossing. Back inside, it passes by a boat, then it continues on its was. Another freight with CN 2016 passes by. The scenery of the water from the locomotive is breathtaking, not to mention some rocky cuts. The same scene reused from the opening of this program is included. Next the CN train blares its horn for the dirt road. Afterwards some switching chores have to be performed. Back on the mainline, it crosses the curved bridge at milepost 50.5, and another crosses at milepost 49.4. From the ground, the CB&CNSRR passes by the bridge, followed by more cab action. Next it passes by Orangedale station at milepost 41.2, which contains the snowplow, and an unused order signal. Afterwards, the climb uphill has begun. Then it blares through the crossing at an unknown town. Back inside, the alcos are performing well, followed by the CN train blaring for the crossing and also see 2035 doing some of its own switching chores at Tupper. At Port Hawkesbury, CN 3842 is idling at the yard. Then a look inside the yard office is included. Back in the cab, some mail prepared are performed, as 2039 arrives. Outside the station, CN 2016 makes a brief stop. Next the 2039, passes by the boating dock. Afterwards, the local led by 3842 climbs the hill with a loaded coal train. Inside the coal loading and unloading location, the coal is removed from the hoppers underneath. Next 2032 makes a brief stop. Back inside, it�s time to ride on the rails again the next morning. Before the fast action, more switching needs to be performed. At port Hastings, the 3 unit train blares its horn for the crossing. Next 2039 passes by the border bridge, which includes the roadway lights and a barely faded welcome sign on the bridge. From the roadway, 2039 is billowing up some smoke. Afterwards, CN 2016 crosses the water and over the rocks. At the fishing village, it�s marked at the end of the Sydney subdivision, but it is the starting point of the hopewell subdivision. Next the black diesels roll through various locations, as well as CN 2016 crossing through the cottage. Next 2039 blares for the crossing. Afterwards, CN 2016 makes an S curve. Next the black trio passes by a pond, then at the quiet zone. Afterwards, CN 2016 climbs a short hill as it blares for the crossing near milepost 100. Next 2039, blares its own horn at a different crossing. Afterwards, it glides across the watery bogs. At Antigonish, 2039 passes by the crossing, as it uncouples the freight. Next it picks up a log car with the loaded logs. Then it couples up to a single tank car, and it moves backwards and forwards for the switching chores through the crossing. Once the chores are finished, 2039 heads for the S curve. Afterwards, 2039, slows down for the crossing at a cottage. Next it rolls through the forest, the shanty�s, and also an interesting look from the ground. Next CN 2016 passes by. Afterwards 2039 blares for the crossing at Marshy Hope, where mosquitoes are trying to block the camera. Some short pacing is included, and CN 2016 blares its own horn. Under the wooden automobile bridge, 2039 climbs uphill and heads for the crossing. At New Glasgow, 2039 blares its horn for the crossing this time with engine 2003 in the middle and 2032 on the rear. Next it passes by some buildings and heads for the random crossings on the line. Afterwards, a freight is seen crossing the bridge over the water. Followed by 2039 crawling through the stalks. At Stellarton, 2039 is arriving at the yard this time with 2015 in the middle. At the yard locomotive 3627, and CN alco 1765 makes some back and forth switching moves both inside and out of the yard. Next 3627 blares its horn at the crossing hauling only 2 tankers. After picking up more cars, both 3627 and 1765 heads on back to stellarton. Next the 2 engines carried mostly auto racks, and then it�ll have to shunt some loaded coal cars heading backwards. Back at the yard, the diesels switched onto the different track as it heads for the coaling plant. After uncoupling the cars, the 2 diesels leave the plant heading for a well earned rest. Truro is the halfway point between Halifax and Moncton. As night falls 3577 is idling at the yard. Then comes the train arriving at the station with a crew change. The program ends with 2032 waiting for its assignment in the dark, followed by a musical montage. This unique program, was made on its own separate VHS in 1994

Both of these programs on this combo DVD was acquired by Greg Scholl in 2011.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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