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Rio Grande 315 DVD
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Rio Grande 315 DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-205 604435020598
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2-8-0 number 315 was originally built for the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad in 1875, and later became D&RG number 425, and eventually Denver and Rio Grande 315. It finished its service as the Durango Switcher in 1949 and was on display in Durango for many decades. Now, after a full restoration, the locomotive sees periodic duty on special trains on the Durango and Silverton. This September 2007 was the first one, and was sponsored by Trains Unlimited, under the direction of Ron Burkhard, who shot all this video. The scenery is great, and we access several spots that can only be reached by the train. Our special is seen on three different days, and each day we witness 2 trains each way on the D&S which features 3 different 2-8-2's on regular passenger trains. This is a nice added bonus, and includes some of those trains meeting the special with 315. Released in 2020, this video has aged like fine wine, and we think you will enjoy the action of this vintage Rio Grande locomotive.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-205
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Runtime:1 Hour, 23 Mins ($0.27/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
DVD UPC:604435020598
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Rio Grande 315 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-04-27 11:23:02.

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In this very first GSVP program of the 2020s decade which in my own words I called it "315 on the D&S", it starts with a look at 315 as narrator Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844) talks about the history of the consolidation. Here's a fact alert: 315 appeared in the 1949 film: Colorado territory.

Day 1 of the special begins with a caboose ride on September 26, 2007 as 315 passes by the Hermosa water tower while heading for the highline over the animas river and into Rockwood. The map of the line from an article of trains magazine is used. There are also some chasers along the way. Look carefully for a milepost sign which contains a reference to another Rio Grande steam engine on the cumbres & toltec. On the highline, train number 461 is led by 486 as it negotiates the horseshoe curve. All but 1 of the 480 series K-36 class mikados from 1925 by Baldwin survive today. As the tail of 486's consist passes by the camera crew, note the maintenance speeder that's following behind. With 486 gone, 315 makes a photo runby. Another runby was made alongside the Rocky cliffs over the animas river. Following behind is 478 that is running light after helping 481 with the second train of the day as it heads for Silverton. 478 was built by alco in 1923. Again note the maintenance speeder that is following behind the passenger train. With the traffic gone, 315 continues to Silverton as the coach for the riders who booked this special would be back onboard soon. North of the high line is the bridge over the animas river as 2 scenes were made which includes some radio communications from the scanner while 315 backs up. North of the bridge, 315 is south of needleton at milepost 483 as it makes a pair of runbys which is near elk park. The mountains of Colorado look splendidly good no matter if it's in the spring summer fall and/or winter. Afterwards, the consolidation backs up for another runby this time it's alongside the animas river, then it switched directions in full throttle mode. Moments later, 315 is at the grenadier mountain range which is located north of elk park. Note the snow covered mountains in the background. Next up is 486 on the return trip pulling train 462 as it is shown from the molas trail bridge. 478 follows behind as it makes a quick blowdown. Back to the grenadier mountain range however, 315 is still trying to pick up the pace, then we see the small freight train from the molas trail bridge as it makes a nice going away shot. Afterwards, the consolidation backs up and does a blow down. North of elk park, 481 is on train 464 (A reference to the surviving Rio Grande steam engine in flint Michigan) as it heads east in the afternoon. Back at the grenadier mountain range, 315 is in the afternoon shadows, then it crosses over the animas river on a wooden bridge as it approaches Silverton. The valley beyond Silverton is called bakers park. After turning on the wye, the consolidation makes a couple more runbys at the wooden trestle without the coach behind the caboose. Next we see 315 passing by the depot as well as a Model T touring car. These runbys conclude the day 1 special.

At the 36 minute mark, it's day 2 (September 27, 2007) as 315 makes another runby at Silverton with the station and a vintage automobile. Afterwards more runbys were made at the wooden trestle over the animas river. Brief information on bakers park is shown as 315 makes one of the runbys at the bridge. At the wye in elk park, 315 is on the south leg to let 486 leading train 461 taking the right of way. With 481 gone, the little freight train makes 3 more runbys at the wye. Afterwards, 315 is parked again as the doubleheader with 478 & 481 on train 463 heads for Silverton. With the doubleheader cleared, the little freight train is at Conners curve as the clock strikes 2:00 in the afternoon, then it crosses over the animas river on the high bridge east of Tacoma, followed by a horseshoe curve near Rockwood. At Rockwood, 315 passes by a reflecting pond, then it backs up with a wheel slip. Moments later, 486 is on train 462 as it leads the first train of the day for the return trip to Durango, then we see 478 running light as it follows behind 486. 478 was the helper engine for The second train of the day. With the traffic cleared, 315 finally gets the right of way as it makes another runby at the reflecting pond, then it backs up again. Listen to the big chuff from the little freight train. At Rockwood wye, 315 is parked on the leg to let 481 pull the second train of the day (train number 464) as it heads back to Durango. With 481 gone, 315 gets the right of way once again. This scene concludes day 2 of the special.

Near the 58 minute mark, it's day 3 (September 28, 2007) as 315 operates the final day of the inaugural trips. Here it crosses the animas river after leaving Durango. Another boxcar has been added to the consist. North of Durango, 315 is between highway 550 and the former glider field. Still alongside the highway, 315 is passing by the river as it is south of the Trimble lane crossing. Afterwards, the little freight train is crossing south of Hermosa, then it leaves highway 550 behind as it starts the 4% grade to Rockwood. As it leaves the highway, note the wheel slip. Near Rockwood, 315 negotiates the bends at Elbert creek canyon which is also nicknamed the little high line. At Rockwood, 315 is parked on the west leg of the wye as 481 leads train 461 heading to Silverton with a nice departure. Afterwards, the special makes a couple more runbys at the horseshoe curve area. The clock strikes 11:00 as the weather is not cooperating on the final day of the weekend long event. More runbys were made at the high bridge as 315 makes a blow down effect. Next the special is at the former site of the AH wilderness guest ranch which is south of tank creek, then it backs up for another runby. The coach that carries the riders who booked for The weekend long chase is rejoined once again. Afterwards, 315 crosses over tafts bridge, then it backs up for another runby. During the extreme close up shot of the bridge as 315 makes another runby, note the faded Rio Grande logo on the girder. Near the old cascade siding, we are at milepost 478.6 as the tracks are alongside the animas river. 2 runbys were made at this location. South of cascade, we are at milepost 476.8 as the special heads for Rockwood while making 2 more runbys.On the second runby, note the 2 work crews on top of the boxcars. The final runbys of the day shows 315 at tank creek in milepost 474.6, and at the reflecting pond in Rockwood concluding the September 2007 coverage of the inaugural run. A mention of the C&TS is heard.

Overall, this is a really good program to enjoy and it is a nice addition to the GSVP Rio Grande titles.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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