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Rails Through the Hudson Highlands DVD
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Rails Through the Hudson Highlands DVD Highball Productions RTTHH-DVD
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We begin our run in Ossining, heading north to Poughkeepsie, pausing at many intermediate points along the way. Some locations visited are Croton North, Peekskill, Cold Spring and Roa Hook. FL9's in Metro-North's tasteful red, blue and silver scheme abound. Several Metro-North trains are even powered by ConnDOT New Haven painted FL9's. Amtrak's FL9's are seen in charge of numerous trains and of course the Amtrak Turboliner is a great addition to the mix.A number of Conrail freights with B23-7's providing the muscle put in appearances. Conrail also provides a treat for us on the opposite side of the Hudson with several northbound movements, including a hopper train featuring run through Norfolk Southern units on the River Line. Mix in some Rohr turbos and MNCR SPV2000's and you have the recipe for a very entertaining program.

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TVD Price:$ 26.96
List Price:$ 29.95
Live Stock Status: IN STOCK!
Ships Today! if ordered now. (PST)
When will I receive it?

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Blu-ray Item#:RTTHH-BLU
Runtime:55 Mins ($0.49/min)
Producer:Highball Productions
Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD or BLU-RAY
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Rails Through the Hudson Highlands DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-02 11:16:45.

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In this recently turned 30 year old program, it starts with a look at a metro north FL9 number 2022 using a whistle instead of a horn, followed by Former New Haven FL9 number 491 in Amtrak colors at ossining. Moments later, a turbo train goes in the opposite direction. Ossining is located 3 miles south of croton-harmon. At the same location, a quartet of metro north commuter cars last by the depot while another set goes into the opposite direction. Another turbo train follows behind the motorized commuter cars. Next up is a pair of conrail B23-7s carrying boxcars of auto parts from Tarrytown. It's led by engines 2010 & 1952. With the freight gone, FL9 number 2012 passes by the depot. Moments later, another Ex-New haven FL9 number 485 leads the long line of Amtrak coaches on its way to New York city. From here we moved to Croton-on-Hudson as a pair of conrail B23-7s leads a mixed freight with some full of sand that will be used for the locomotive yard. They are led by engines 2004 & 2021. One of the crew members on 2004 waves at the cameraman. The Croton-North tower is to the right. The station has since been turned into a yard office. At tower 27, Amtrak F40 number 217 performs a horn show. The coaches for the metro north are parked on the right while the f40 heads for the camera crew. At the same time, 217 makes a meet with a pair of FL9s number 2033 & 2005 as 2033 activates the whistle. Following behind the metro north FL9s is Amtrak F40 number 216 as it is way north of New York city on its way to Albany. Not long after that, cab car 6107 activated the horn as it heads for the big Apple while 2 more FL9s numbers 2003 & 2007 pushed the coaches into the station while switching tracks. Moving Onto Crugers known as oscawana island, the signal blinks as 2032 highballs into the tunnel. Moments later, cab car 6103 leaves the tunnel as it heads for New York city with 2 more FL9S pushing followed by a pair of diesel powered commuter cars known as the SPV 2000s while a squirrel quickly crosses the double track mainline. Afterwards, the SPV2000s are heading south under the out of service signal bridge at crugers. With another stop finished, they continued to the mainline. From here we moved to peakskill as the southbound commuter train leaves the modified station with cab car 6119 in charge that is being pushed by FL9S 2017 & 2020. Moments later, 2029 & 2032 are leaving the station while heading for New York city. A lone passenger crosses the tracks. The camera crew moves to the riverside park as a metro north FL9 heads North with 4 coaches, While there is activity going on at sea. From a mountain, a pair of FL9S heads north with 5 coaches. Note the 2 people crossing the tracks. Back on water level, another FL9 with 4 coaches continues north as the camera zooms out showing multiple boats at sea, then we witnessed a 5 car southbound with FL9 2012 pushing the coaches as it heads for grand cemtral. While the camera pans, look carefully for the domes of the nuclear power plant. North of peakskill, cab car 6111 blares it's horn while rolling between the signals at roa hook. This train is being pushed by FL9 number 2015 on its way to grand central station. Moments later, the northbound turbo train makes a horn show. From across the river, the sun is setting as a maintenance of way machine known as a rail grinder is on the Conrail river line. 6111 & 2015 are seen again as they highball through a bend. Following behind is cab car 6109 with a pair of FL9s pushing. As the sun continues to set, a northbound with FL9s 2007 & 2028 took charge, then we see cab car 6113 on an S curve with 2 FL9s pushing. At the same location, the turbo train heads north on its way to Albany. From here we moved to manitou which is located 3 miles north of the Bear mountain bridge. First comes 6111 on a different train, followed by New Haven FL9 number 2023 heading north with 4 coaches. Afterwards, a southbound arrives with cab car 6101 rolling by the cliffs with 2 units as they head under the purple heart memorial bridge while going to New York city. Following behind is Amtrak 485 once again, then comes the turbo train on the opposite track While heading for the same direction. From ground level, 2015 & 6111 arrives with the Bear mountain bridge in the background. Moments later, the turbo train is at cold spring. Afterwards, a southbound auto carrier with B23-7s 2016 & 2015 comes into view. Next up is metro north FL9s 2007 with an unknown locomotive carried 7 coaches. Afterwards, the turbo train is at the causeway, While a southbound commuter train with a pair of FL9s follow behind as they head for New York city. FL9 2004 goes under the pedestrian bridge with 6 coaches, While the turbo train heads for the opposite direction. Amtrak F40 number 203 followed behind the FL9s. Then another set of FL9s heads for New York city with some wooden ties alongside the track. 2 miles north of cold spring is breakneck tunnel, as a 3 unit freight with 1 brand new conrail Dash 8-40CW in the lead & 2 more from Norfolk southern rolls from the south portal across the river. Conrail had since been owned by both Norfolk southern & CSX in 1998 & 1999. In phillipstown Amtrak FL9 491 leaves the tunnel as it heads for New York city. Moments later, a northbound pair of metro north FL9s 2022 & 2003 highballs through the tunnel. On the north end of the twin tunnels, a trio of conrail units head north On a piggyback while a barge heads south as it makes a meet with the freight train. Cab car 6119 heads for New York city while they're being shoved by a pair of FL9s. Afterwards, a trio of SPV2000s followed behind. 2012 leaves the twin tunnels with 4 coaches. The building on the right side of the tunnel houses the pumping station bringing water from the Catskills to New York city. With one diesel on each end, 491 leads a 4 car train with F40 number 208 on the rear. The same conrail freight rolls alongside the river. Moments later, Amtrak FL9 number 489 heads for the tunnel. From 2004 to 2015, 489 along with sister engine 488 operates on the short lived Maine eastern railroad between the Amtrak downeaster Connection at Brunswick to the dead end at Rockland. Nowadays, they're at the Morristown & Erie in New Jersey. 2015 enters & exits the tunnel on a doubleheader. Just a few hundred yards from the tunnel is breakneck ridge, which is used as a flag stop for hikers. Here we see another doubleheaded pair of FL9s heading for the beacon-newburg bridge. More types of boats are shown on the river as Bannerman castle is seen in the background. Back on breakneck ridge, a 6 car commuter with a pair of FL9s heads for New York city. From here here we moved to the tunnel & deep cut at garrison. Here we see a southbound 5 car train with FL9S 2029 & 2032 making a passenger stop while heading for New York city after leaving the tunnel. A lone trackmobile is stored on a small siding. More wooden ties are alongside the tracks. From the ground, cab car 6113 makes a stop at the station with new haven 2023 in charge. Meanwhile 2032 leaves the depot as it faces north through the deep cut with 2029 providing extra power. 489 highballs at the same location while following behind the metro north FL9s. Some hikers are waiting for 2032 & 2029 to make a flag stop. Once they're onboard, the early diesels leave the depot at milepost 50. Cab car 6111 brings up the rear. Moments later, FL9s 2017 & 2021 heads south for New York city as they make a meet with the turbo train heading for Albany. Afterwards, 2012 arrives at the new beacon station with 4 coaches. While passengers are entering & exiting the waiting train at the depot with the Newburgh bridge in the background, a southbound with 2 more FL9s make a meet as they head for New York city. At New Hamburg, Amtrak 489 roars through the drawbridge & tower 54. The tower has since been out of service due to vandalism. The south bound commuter train follows behind while taking slow orders. It's led by cab car 6113 with 2 FL9s pushing. From the other side of the bridge, 2019 & 2028 faced north while the camera crew moves to the destination of Poughkeepsie New York as Amtrak FL9 number 487 passes by the depot. Next up is new haven FL9 number 2019 pushing the southbound train to New York city. Today the diesel is at the Naugatuck railroad in Thomaston Connecticut. Amtrak's turbo train arrives & departs the station on its way to grand central. 6111 is seen again for the final time as it heads for New York city with 2015 pushing the coaches. While Poughkeepsie is the northern terminal of the metro north hudson river line, it's still considered to be an extra stop for Amtrak trains on their way to Albany. 491 is leaving the station with 2029 & 2032 being parked on a siding for preparations back to New York city. In the going away scene, 491 passes by the tail of a conrail freight. This shot concludes the look at these early diesels on the hudson river line.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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