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RailScenes 1.0 3-Rail O-Gauge Modeling DVD
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RailScenes 1.0 3-Rail O-Gauge Modeling DVD TM Books and Video SCENE
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In 45 years of business publishing books and producing videos in the 3-rail O gauge hobby, we've said a lot about trains. Perhaps we've said enough. So for this video, we're going to shut up for a change and let the trains do the talking...literally.

With the amazing electronic advancements made throughout the modern era of toy train production, there has been a kind of revolution in the hobby where scale sized trains with realistic sounds and robust controllability using wireless handheld devices has brought in new generations of operators.

There are over 20 1/48th scale locomotives including GG1s, F3s, Hudsons, modern passenger trains like the Acela, models of vintage Pennsylvania steam switchers, a circus train, Big Boy, Triplex and many more. Passenger trains are seen making stops at the station to pick up and drop off passengers, and switchers move freight cars around in a small yard.

Many of the locomotives, including Lionel's "VISION Line", include realistic features like whistle steam and synchronized ringing bell. And you can see and hear them in true stereo as if you're operating them on a layout yourself.

Runtime: 51 minutes

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Producer:TM Books and Video
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RailScenes 1.0 3-Rail O-Gauge Modeling DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-11-02 19:19:26.

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Many of these locomotives and consists were shown in other TMBV titles, such as Lionel nation, and a couple of others. The locomotives that are shown in this 50 minute video are:

1. Lionel�s model of the Norfolk & western J class 4-8-4 number 611 from 2005 carrying coaches by MTH

2. The Pennsylvania railroad�s torpedo by MTH as it is carrying Lionel coaches. Which of course most of the MTH steamers have the same bell sound that was recorded by none other than Southern Pacific daylight 4449.

3. The Pennsylvania railroad�s 0-8-8-0 number 8183 which was one of Lionel�s very first vision line steam locomotives as it was not only shown in Lionel nation 5 from almost 10 years ago, but the title cards incorrectly listed the 8183 as a 2-8-8-2.

4. Multiple steam switchers from MTH and Atlas. Which includes a Pennsylvania railroad 4-6-0 10 wheeler, and a Pennsylvania B6 class 0-6-0 with a square tender. Not to mention a Pennsylvania railroad 0-4-0 with a slopeback tender.

5. Union Pacific F3 numbers 900 & 901 by Lionel with its own coaches

6. A quartet of New York Central steam powered streamliners. Which includes the Lionel commodore Vanderbilt from 1999, and the electric S1. As the CV leaves, the 4-6-2 mercury, the Dreyfus Hudson, and the Empire State express (which we�ll see later), are parked on different sidings.

7. Lionel�s model of the Amtrak Acela from 2005

8. Lionel�s model of the MTA New York transit subway set in dark military green.

9. The Virginian railroad�s 2-8-8-8-2 triplex number 700 by MTH.

10. Lionel�s model of the Union Pacific heritage unit 1988 in red Missouri Kansas Texas paint hauling 9 hopper cars with coal, complete with a caboose that�s compatible for the diesel. As the coal train is almost out of the screen, the UP F3 900 arrives at the same time.

11. The New York Central�s Empire State express Hudson by MTH as it is carrying coaches by K-Line. Again note the SP 4449 bell.

12. A pair of variations of the Milwaukee road�s Bi-Polar electrics: one from Lionel, the other from MTH as they are carrying K-Line coaches. In one scene, the Lionel Milwaukee road Bi-polar, the MTH NYC Empire State express, and the MTH Virginian triplex have a race.

13. A Union Pacific freight led by Number 4979 from Lionel. In one scene note the subliminal accessory as the 4979 passes by a couple of snow covered trees. In another scene, the freight passes by one of the mainline accessories from 1999 with real crossing bells added.

14. Lionel�s model of the western pacific GS class 4-8-4 number 485 which was nearly identical to the 4400 series southern pacific northerns which once served the daylight. 485 is doing the honors of pulling the circus train by K-Line.

15. An all Atlas O gauge mixed freight train led by Santa Fe Dash 8-40BW number 502 in the red and silver warbonet colors. There�s another mixed freight: this time it�s led by BNSF standard cab B40-8 number 8607 which was shown in I Love toy trains part 11 from 2002 during the merger segment. Again like the UP 4979, real sounds of crossing bells were added.

16. A Lionel logging train with a model of cass scenic railroad Heisler 6, which like ILTT ticket to ride from 2013, had the word Climax instead of Heisler. A Heisler is a logging loco with 2 or 3 sets of driving wheels, while a climax has a piston crank in the middle.

17. Lionel�s Trainmaster command control and railsounds version of one of the most popular diesels during the postwar years is the Santa Fe F3 number 16 from 2002, as it hauls coaches from K-line.

18. Lionel�s model of one of the strongest steam locomotives in the world: Union Pacific big boy. The real 4024 was scrapped, but at least Lionel made different models of these monsters over the years. Here 4024 hauls a coal train. Speaking of big boys, 4004 is at Cheyenne along with the operational return of 4014, 4005 is in Denver, 4006 is in Kirkwood Missouri in the St. Louis area, 4012 is at Scranton Pennsylvania but was once on display in Vermont, 4017 is in Green Bay Wisconsin, 4018 is in Texas, and 4023 is at Omaha. Again, like the UP 4979 and Atlas freights, the real crossing bells were added as 4024 goes by them, as well as F3 901.

And 19. Are one of Lionel�s most popular locomotives: the Pennsylvania railroad GG1 number 4916 from Lionel, and a P5 number 4744 by MTH. Like the other 3 segments, real crossing bells were added at railroad crossings. Before the program comes to a close, the 4916 is put in storage.

Also before the closing credits, Jeff McComas talks about the relocation of the bigger and better I love Toy Trains store, which was shown on the TMBV YouTube channel.

In the closing credits, there is one more rail scene to look at: one of Lionel�s very first vision line diesels: the EMD Hybrid number 2010.

Overall, great action from a variety of these present century O gauge model locomotives.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: There was no narration.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Yes.

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