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PRR Doubleheaded Steam PRR Main Line Steam DVD
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PRR Doubleheaded Steam PRR Main Line Steam DVD Railroad Video Productions RVP16-16BD
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An action packed video opening at the Strasburg Rail Road engine house in February of l984. See ex-Canadian National Baldwin 0-6-0 plowing snow outside as the mechanical forces inside are busy restoring the P.R.R. 4-4-0 D-16b and the ex-Erie-Lackawanna coaches to be used on this N.R.H.S. sponsored excursion from Strasburg to Enola and return. Run-bys at Strasburg, Bird-ln-Hand, Lancaster, Columbia, Rockville Bridge, Steelton, Smoketown, and returning to Strasburg. Other action includes Amtrak and Conrail trains passing the special on the Rockville Bridge, a station stop at Lancaster (taking water), arrival at Strasburg, shifting equipment, and fans leaving.

60 Minutes - Color - Sound

An action packed video opening at Strasburg and following the double headed steam special to 30th. Street Station, Philadelphia and return on the former P.R.R. "Main Line". Featuring P.R.R. engines No. 7002 and 1223 pulling P.R.R. and ex-Erie-Lackawanna coaches on many high speed run-bys, as well as stops at Thorndale and Amtrak's 30th. Street Station and engine pit. Other Amtrak trains are seen along the way. 60 Minutes - Color - Sound

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DVD Item#:RVP16-16BD
Runtime:1 Hour, 00 Mins ($0.45/min)
Producer:Railroad Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
PRR Doubleheaded Steam PRR Main Line Steam DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-21 17:59:14.

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The program starts with great western 90 pulling a snowplow for the preparation of the railroad's 1985 season. Meanwhile in the workshop, the workers are refurbishing the Erie Lackawanna coaches and also engine 1223. Listen carefully to the radio off screen as they are working on one of the coaches and 1223 which is on display across the street inside the railroad museum of Pennsylvania along with 7002. Note the Plymouth diesel switcher behind the tenderless 1223. Today only one legit Pennsylvania railroad steam locomotive operates in the present century: 0-6-0 number 643 built in 1901 is at the Williams grove. Back outside, the Erie Lackawanna coach is sandblasted. The weather is lousy as 1223 and 7002 are waiting for the passengers to be onboard the coaches for the Saturday June 8, 1985 excursion. The Strasburg railroad has been overhauled multiple times over the years since its start of the tourist era in 1958 or 1959. With everyone onboard, the doubleheader leaves the depot for its 122 mile roundtrip, then it passes by an Amish field between Fairview at the red caboose motel, and Esbenshade crossing. At Lehman place junction in paradise, the special was held for an hour to let multiple Amtrak and conrail trains go by, and also due to the fact that there is track work. Here we see train number 603: a trio of the since retired electric coaches. With the signal switching to all clear, 1223 and 7002 are whistling through the fog, as birds are chirping off screen. Moments later, the doubleheader is at Dillersville, which is located West of Lancaster station. It's also the starting point for Conrail (later Norfolk southern) Columbia secondary. The slow speed is due to a bridge Runaround on the Harrisburg pike. As the camera zooms out, note the long line of freight cars on a siding. Also note the flatbed on the right in the going away shot, as well as the sign saying: the Pennsylvania limited on the rear of the train. Afterwards, 7002 and 1223 are rolling through Columbia after a water stop. Note the sounds of automobiles as the cameraman is located under The highway bridge, as well as the gondola on a siding in the going away shot. Next, the special is crossing over the Rockville bridge at the Susquehanna river in Harrisburg. The weather is turning Crystal clear. Before the doubleheader arrives, a 3 unit conrail freight with a caboose between the diesels and the freight crosses the bridge. Listen to that incredible RS5T air horn, as well as comments from other chasers off screen, or the scanner. With the freight gone, 7002 and 1223 arrives at one of the longest railroad bridges in America. The second conrail freight with 2 units are parked to let the steam locomotives pass by. Some boats are shown in the water. 7002 releases the air valve known as the Dynamo. This is truly one of the most unforgettable scenes of railroading in the 80s. As the special is stopped in the middle of the bridge, Amtrak's Pennsylvanian is shown with an F40 leading a trio of coaches as it makes a horn and whistle show with 7002 and 1223. Listen to the radio scanner during a meet as well as the special backing up for a photo runby, then switches directions and whistles across the bridge. With the segment on the Rockville bridge finished, the camera crew heads for the Bethlehem steel plant, as the doubleheader highballs for the return trip on the triple track mainline. Afterwards, 7002 and 1223 are rolling through the Lancaster station area as many people want to get a good angle of the special rolling by. Listen to the radio communication from Quart tower. Some children want to get a good look at the engines as noteworthy crew member, Linn Moedinger inspecting the condition of these 2 engines. With the conductor calling 2 common words, the people who paid for the ride are back onboard as the doubleheader makes a nice departure from the Amtrak station. On the opposite side of the bridge, the cameras are Clicking, and the sound is recording. Next, we see the special being refilled with water with some help from a local fire department. Note the 2 boxcars in the background. A few miles east of the previous scene, the doubleheader rolls under the highway bridge as people both kids and adults are making some comments off screen. A helicopter is overhead as more people can be heard off screen while 7002 and 1223 are back on Strasburg tracks between Esbenshade and Fairview. Some horses are trying to look for some food as 7002 whistles for the crossing, then not so far from here is the main depot and yard. That smoke coming from our of the chimney could be GW 90, CN 89, or CN 31 which was originally 7312. As everyone got off the train after a splendid day on the rails, note that coaches 245 and 330 have the word Gettysburg over the windows. While the passengers are thanking the Strasburg crew for organizing this trip, a Toner diesel number 33 passes between the semaphore signals and grabs the coaches. It turns out that GW 90 was the locomotive to smoke through the workshop chimney. The only diesel that operates in the present century today at Strasburg is New York Central SW-8 number 8618. The Pennsylvania limited sign is removed, and number 33 switches the entire coaches back to be put into storage. 1223 goes backwards, and so too is 7002. Again The entire tourist railroad have since been overhauled and modified multiple times over the years.

Besides Walt Berko, Mark 1 Video and Berkshire productions were also there as well.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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