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Ozark Country Cab Ride BNSF Cuba Sub DVD
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Ozark Country Cab Ride BNSF Cuba Sub DVD Pentrex OCCR-DVD 634972958948
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BNSF in Missouri - The Cuba Sub

Ride across the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Cuba Subdivision between St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri on intermodal train Q-STLCLO. The former Frisco main is an undulating hog-back line that cuts through the rolling hills of the Ozark Plateau.

An engineer's skills are put to a test here as the terrain often causes trains to be stretched along up- and down-hill grades while simultaneously twisting through multiple curves. Experience is the engineer's best tool as he works to keep the train together and moving.

The Cuba Sub typically sees three to four trains a day in each direction. However, BNSF was rerouting traffic at the time of our visit and an additional six to eight trains each day brought traffic to unusually high levels. You'll see plenty of meets on this ride!

Ground shots supplement the on-board footage for a balanced view of the line. Highlights include the steep climb out of the Merimac River valley up Iron Hill to St. Clair and the even steeper grade up Dixon Hill from Jerome. The rolling hills and severe curves between Dixon and Sleeper provide great views of the consist as the train snakes through the Ozarks. This Cuba Sub cab ride is a thrilling experience you're sure to enjoy!

93 Minutes
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Produced by Pentrex 1998,2018

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Runtime:1 Hour, 33 Mins ($0.26/min)
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DVD UPC:634972958948
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Disc Type:DVD
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Ozark Country Cab Ride BNSF Cuba Sub DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-11-20 08:19:37.

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In this 1998 videotape, the program starts with a look at a westbound intermodal train led by 2 Santa fe diesels, one in the red and silver warbonet, the other in the old school blue and yellow on train Q-STLCLO. These tracks were originally owned by frisco. Next a look at the animated map is shown, as well as still images of a junction, bnsf 2797, 2 Burlington northern cascade green diesels, a Santa fe warbonet, a mixed rainbow unit lash up, and another early bnsf doublestack. Plus there is maintenance footage on the Thayer subdivision which was later used in working on the railroad. Another look at the map is shown, followed by a still from the cab, and the main power for the program is Burlington northern SD40-2 number 8006. The engineer for the cascade green unit is cliff Phillips. He talks about the controls. Then all to soon, the doublestack gets underway. Throughout the program, there is some commentary from the dispatcher. Another look at the map is shown. Lindenwood is at milepost 7.1 while at St clair, the Milepost is 52.2. Back in the cab, the train is alongside interstate 44. The train passes through Webster groves at milepost 10.3. There is a 35 MPH speed limit. Over the top, the speed is now 45 MPH, as it passes by the lumber yard. Listen to the horn of this fallen flag unit. East valley park is located at milepost 17.7 as maintenance equipment is shown. This is also the transition from double track to single track. Next it crosses the meramec river bridge, then it passes by the wye at West valley park in milepost 18.3. Automobile carriers are parked on a siding known as the nest. At the same time, it passes by the same and gravel section. Leaving milepost 23, the track speed is now 55 MPH. Next it crosses the second bridge over the meramec river. The second bridge also has times beach. This union Pacific bridge can be briefly seen in the background. Eureka siding is measured at 8150 ft. Eureka Missouri is at milepost 28. Here it runs along the union Pacific line for 6 miles. The yellow signal is activated as the train must wait for some emergency repairs further down the line. Back outside, a westbound steel train is at milepost 34 in pacific. This is led by a pair of Santa fe warbonets. Numbers 714 and 877. Back onboard the BN container train, it must operate at the restricted speed as it crosses the meramec river for the third time. At last, cliff notches the throttle up as it resumes it's normal speed. Catawissa is at milepost 38.7. Robertsville cut is at milepost 41. Next the train slows down again. East rook siding is at milepost 44. The main freight must stop to let an eastbound pass. It is led by BN 6848, EMD 6502, BN booster unit 4026, and Santa Fe 2327. These units are on train M-TULSTL meaning that it's going from Tulsa Oklahoma to st Louis. With the train cleared, the 8002 gets the green signal as cliff notches the throttle. Next it crosses the meramec river for the fourth and final time. Iron hill is at milepost 47. Later it passes by another cut. This time it's at milepost 49.1 at iron nose road. Afterwards, another ground level shot is shown with the same Santa fe warbonet units 714 and 877. This time it's on train U-BIRPIT meaning that it's traveling from Birmingham to Pittsburgh California. Back in the cab, the train is making good progress as it passes through st. Clair at milepost 52. Next it must take the siding once again. The siding is measured at 6613 ft. An eastbound with 2 BN units are included. Back on the ground, a Tulsa bound freight with Santa fe 2873 in yellow and blue paint must take the siding. The middle units are BN 2292, 4304, and 2096. Plus Santa fe warbonet 141. A fast 2 unit doublestack with BN 6041 is shown. Back in the cab, I-44 parallels again. Then comes the map from st Clair to rolla. The freight passes by more cuts, and would soon pass I-44 soon. With nothing but a straight track, the signal is green. Sullivan is at milepost 68.7. Later the 8006 is at another cut. This time it's at milepost 70.7 on state route Double F. Here cliff activates the dynamic brakes. I-44 is seen again. Moments later, the BN train rolls through bourbon at milepost 74. Outside from the ground, a prototype paint scheme for bnsf is shown, with a Santa fe warbonet. West coffeyton is at milepost 78.2 as BN 7122 is about to take the siding. It is traveling from Chicago to st Louis. Back in the cab, Cuba Missouri is at milepost 86.5. Here it contains a small yard with a trio of blue and yellow Santa fe units idling. Moments later, it traveled through the flatlands. Rosati siding is at milepost 94.5. From the ground, BN 7115 is waiting for a mixed train to Clovis. Back inside, the train is at milepost 100 in saint james. Next, there are 9 detectors on the Cuba subdivision. At Dillon siding from the ground, train M-MEMTUL with Santa Fe 2705 is working hard. It's traveling from Memphis to tulsa. Back inside, the train passes by rolla at milepost 110. Sitting silent on display is frisco 1501. The sister engine to 1522 which operated between 1988-2002. Next, cliff activates the horn on 8006, as it passes by the many crossings down the line. Then There is a cut at rolla as it passes by the national fast food signs of burger king on the right, and McDonald's straight ahead. Another look at the map is shown. From rolla to sleeper, there are multiple curves and cuts ahead. Plus there are some bridges like the one over little beaver creek. The speed is 26 MPH as it passes little piney creek. At last, the train is passing by newburg yard and the storefronts at milepost 119. Bundy junction is at milepost 121.5. Newburg is the halfway point between st Louis and Springfield. Leaving the wye, listen to the detector. Beyond the wye, the train crosses under the I-44 bridges, then it'll approach the gasconade river bridge, and under the state route D overpass. Back outside, the multi rainbow 3 unit train crosses the bridge over the river. Back inside, cliff notches the throttle. There are more cliffs and cuts along the way. Back outside, another multi-rainbow lash up is rolling through the rocks. Back inside, the 8006 is under state route D again, as it gained for higher ground. The speed limit is still 26 MPH. Leaving milepost 132, there are 2.5 miles to reach Dixon. Back outside, the same prototype BNSF unit is negotiating the curves. Back in the cab, the BN container train is at Dixon in milepost 134.5. From here, cliff activates the dynamic brakes. Next, it goes under county road 0-540. Back outside, M-TULMEM with 2 from the Santa Fe, and 2 from the BN goes under the bridge. Back in the cab, the 8006 is at West Jerry in milepost 143.2. Moments later, the train is at Crocker in milepost 146.5. Afterwards, a st Louis to tulsa bound freight is shown from the ground. Back in the cab, listen to the dispatcher. Swedeborg is at milepost 152.5. The siding is at 6443 feet. Here it must wait for the Birmingham detour train. The eastbound with another prototype bnsf is shown. All to soon, it's underway again. Richland is along.route 133. From the ground, a BN freight is at milepost 159. Back inside, the engine makes a hornblast in West Richland at milepost 160. Back outside, a Santa fe mixed train heads to Kansas city. Back in the cab, the train is at southland in milepost 167.5. The siding is at 6330 feet. Next, cliff activates the throttle. Back outside, the same mixed units are at an S curve heading for Clovis. Back in the cab, another map is shown. This time it's from sleeper to Springfield. Cliff activates the horn at Lebanon. It's at milepost 181.5. Next, there are more hills to climb, followed by I-44. Phillipsburg is at milepost 193.5. Listen to the detector. Back outside, the same tulsa bound freight is shown with a gray GP7. Back inside, the signal is green. Niangua is at milepost 207. The landscape is flat for the remainder of the trip. Marshfield is at milepost 213. Back outside, northview is at milepost 219.7. The 2 warbonets are on a doublestack. Back inside, the siding is at milepost 219.9. The final 5 minutes of this program contains, a wide bend, a look at the rear, and it arrives at Springfield, with a sign for the exotic animal paradise zoo, and a ground shot of the Denver bound train with a CN unit. Teed junction is at milepost 235. Before entering the yard, there is the broad street crossover.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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Ozark Country Cab Ride BNSF Cuba Sub DVD
rrvideoman (Delisle Saskatchewan) on 2020-03-30 16:16:08.

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Cab rides.... always interesting. No different in this video. It is an opportunity to see the rails ahead similar to the crew. This video also has ground shots to add to the interest and break up the video somewhat. The landscape of the Ozark region makes railroading here a challenge for territory that is a part of America's Midwest. Lots of hills means more grades and curves.... less straight line running. With BNSF detouring some traffic onto this line, we are treated to some meets that otherwise would not have seen much of as this is a lower traffic line. Awesome video.

Additional remarks by rrvideoman:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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