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Norfolk Southern Steam Freights on DVD by Greg Scholl
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Norfolk Southern Steam Freights on DVD by Greg Scholl Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-39
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As the third DVD in our Norfolk Southern Steam collection we have a very unique video showing some of the NS engines on freight trips. Many times the engines would be sent to the next city for a trip, and the excursion coaches would already be there from another trip, and the engines would need a train for braking purposes. Over a 3 year period (1987-1989) we collected scenes of a few such trips. N&W 4-8-4 class J #611 pulls a freight from Birmingham to Chattanooga, and along the way picks up a diesel that is not operating properly on a southbound train, making for an interesting situation. Also you'll see shots of 611 at the Birmingham shops and yard. Louisville and Nashville 4-6-2 #152 is seen with a caboose after switching with 611 in Kentucky(that is on volume 2). Nickel Plate Road 2-8-2 #587 is seen pulling a short train of Bricks on the Southern Mainline in Virginia. Norfolk and Western 2-6-6-4 number 1218 is seen pulling a mixed freight from the Portsmouth, Ohio yard and heading north on the Columbus line in 1988, and on an empty coal train from Roanoke westbound in 1987. Again, these scenes are not likely to be repeated. The action is very good.

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DVD Item#:GSVP-39
Runtime:45 Mins ($0.60/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Norfolk Southern Steam Freights on DVD by Greg Scholl
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-10-15 19:58:02.

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In this third & final volume of the recently turned 30 year old series from 1990, the program starts with 611 leaving the Birmingham Alabama shops on May 15, 1987 which includes a scene that was later used in reflections from 2002. The destination for the 1950 Roanoke built 4-8-4 is Chattanooga. Moments later, the J is going backwards while passing by a southern Geep & also going under a pair of NS switchers 2387 2388 & a slug unit at Norris yard. This segment was recorded about a month after 1218 was restored & about 9 days before Greg traveled to Cheyenne for union pacific challenger 3985 on Sherman hill to Laramie. Afterwards, 611 is going to be heading for the wye while crossing over one of the bridges at the yard. Once 611 is coupled to the mixed freight to Chattanooga, the first scene is at Trussville Alabama while Highballing on the mainline. A coach & a southern bay window caboose is on the rear. Next, a dog is barking offscreen as 611 whistles through Springville. Moments later, 611 is still whistling under the highway bridge at Whitney. Note the logs in the going away shot. At porterville Alabama, 611 must pick up SD60 number 6614 which is having some mechanical issues due to the fact that the diesel was built in February of 1986. 6518 pushes the 6614 to the siding so that the J could couple up to the broken locomotive. While 611 takes 6614 to Chattanooga, 6518 must handle its own freight alone. As 6518 stops in the siding, 611 is finally underway again. Note the red flag on the top of the knuckle coupler from the rear of the caboose. Picking up speed once again, 611 is whistling through Collinsville. Moments after crossing the state line, 611 is climbing uphill near sulphur springs. Shortly thereafter, the J has already entered the Tennessee state line as it whistles through wauhatchie which is not far from the assigned destination. This scene concludes the May 1987 segment.

Moving on to Louisville & Nashville 152, it starts with the 1905 built Pacific meeting 611 at Stearns Kentucky. The northbound trip was in volume 2, While this volume features the once oldest operating Pacific on a caboose hop to Knoxville Tennessee. Our first scene shows 152 meeting with a 3 unit piggyback that 2 are from NS while one unit is still wearing it's N&W logo at revelo Kentucky. Shortly after crossing the Tennessee state line, the Rogers locomotive works engine itself is at Oneida. Some years after it operated on mainline tracks between 1985-1988, 152 operates on the new haven to Boston line which is owned by the Kentucky railway museum. Sadly since 2010/2011, 152 is still in pieces. This short segment concludes 152 on the NS.

In 1988, 1218 was operating a northbound mixed freight from Portsmouth to Columbus. Our first scene with the 1943 Roanoke built 2-6-6-4 shows the engine leaving the yard with some auto carriers. Next, the 1218 whistles for a salute to the now closed/demolished yard tower, While a small boy is covering his ears to avoid listening to the loud whistle of a steam locomotive. As 1218 is still whistling through multiple crossings, there are more people in their automobiles to avoid the rules & regulations of railroad safety. On the rear of 1218's mixed freight train is little red caboose 555048 that is still wearing it's N&W logo. North of Portsmouth, 1218 is south of piketon, followed by an empty siding which is south of Chillicothe. Moments later, 1218 is still whistling by the Kingston grain elevators. Note the wooden ties in the going away shot. The engineer tugs down on the whistle as 1218 passes by Ashville. Again, note the wooden ties. This scene concludes the 1988 trip to Columbus, but 1218 has other assignments to haul.

In volume 1, 1218 & 611 were at The 1987 NRHS convention in Roanoke. For this volume, 1218 would be leading a westbound empty coal train. Our first scene shows the class A leaving the shaffers crossing turntable in Roanoke on August 4. The destination is Bluefield while heading for Portsmouth. After coupling up to a really long line of empty hoppers, 1218 is leaving Roanoke with various diesels that are parked on a storage siding. Look carefully for the Volvo sign on the left as 1218 is passing by the diesels, as well as the water that is overflowing from the auxiliary water tender. West of Roanoke, 1218 is near Elliston Virginia. Moments later, a minor mechanical issue was solved at shawsville, While 1218 gets underway once again. Our final shot of This empty coal train is West of Montgomery. This concludes the 1218 segment in 1987. The class A was operated for only 5 years: April 1987 to November of 1991. Nowadays, it's still standing silent at the Virginia museum of transportation.

The final NS freight in this volume of the 30 year old trilogy shows nickel plate road 2-8-2 number 587 hauling 4 boxcars of bricks in 1989. First we see the 1918 Baldwin built Mikado leaving Lynchburg after operating on a tripleheader with 611 & 1218 which was covered in volume 2. The date is July 16 1989 which is about less than a week before Greg traveled to union pacific territory once again. This time to record the first runs of 844 in its original number back. Afterwards, 587 is whistling through hurt which is south of AltaVista, followed by a scene from the overpass near sycamore. The program comes to a close as 587 is entering the North Carolina state line. After operating on NS, 587 operates multiple trips on the Indiana transportation until the end of the 2002 season. While the Mikado is still in pieces, it is recently moved to its new restoration site in Ravenna Kentucky.

This is a great trip back in time to Greg's JVC/umatic era, as these rare scenes of vintage steam locomotives can still prove that freight is important especially on the Norfolk southern.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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