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Niagaras & Mohawks DVD
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Niagaras & Mohawks DVD Sunday River Productions DVD-NYC3
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This one will give you goose bumps! A feast of steam hard at work across the length of the New York Central System includes streamliners like The Commodore Vanderbilt and the Chicagoan that scream across the Ohio heartland at speeds over 90 miles per hour. One of the wonders of the steam locomotive world, The New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara-a locomotive so good it was an embarrassment to a railroad management that chose to embrace diesel power-is featured along with the Mohawk, the workhorse of steam that ruled the New York Central Mainline for almost 20 years before the advent of the Hudson. An early morning parade of steam-commuters, mail and crack luxury trains-head down the shore of the Hudson River to New York City, transporting you trackside to an era few can remember! The DVD also dwells on the famous division point at Elkhart, Indiana where roller bearing Niagaras drifted though the yard with 5000 tons and exhaled barely a sigh, only to awake like bull elephants when they felt the mainline beneath their feet. The finale features "Gotham Steam" on the Erie and the Jersey Central in the 1940s and early '50s.

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Runtime:30 Mins ($0.67/min)
Producer:Sunday River Productions
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Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:1 US & Canada NTSC

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Niagaras & Mohawks DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-09 18:52:09.

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In this program from 1984, it starts with a ride in the dark, followed by a go away shot of a freight. In the daylight, a 2-8-0 hauls a short freight with 2 dead engines. Afterwards a doubleheader is shown. In Bryan Ohio, a hudson passes by with a passenger train. Next, a diesel powered passenger train rolls by, followed by another one with a union pacific coach, and a brief look at a doubleheader. Next, a diesel hauls freight, followed by hudson 5309 crossing the diamond, and 0-8-0 7363 on a freight. At wauseon, hudson 5295 arrives at the depot. Next another diesel powered passenger train rolls by with a union pacific coach on the rear. At sunset, a hudson with a centipede tender passes by, followed by hudson 5454 on a mixed passenger train. Afterwards a doubleheader with 2 Hudson's lead a freight, which includes pacing. This is led by hudson 5204. The real NYC Hudsons have since been scrapped but at least there are models by Lionel. Moving to the mohawk class, a look around the yard area is shown. There are several engines waiting for their assignments while others are facing scrap. Mohawk 3053 moves around. On the mainline, a hudson is on a passenger train, followed by a diesel powered freight train. With the freight cleared, 0-8-0 7912 moves a boxcar, followed by Mohawk 3105 blowing down. Next another diesel powered freight rolls by followed by A quickie of 7912 and a Mohawk on a freight. Moments later, another Mohawk is on a passenger train, then comes the mail train with a pair of Geeps. At Columbus Ohio, a Mohawk crosses the diamond carrying coaches. Next a hudson is on a mail run, followed by another hudson with a pair of union Pacific coaches on the rear. Next, we see 3105 again, followed by another Mohawk on a freight. This concludes the Mohawk portion. Moving onto the Niagara section, it starts with a look at the ore docks in Sandusky Ohio. Nearby is Niagara 6014 running light, followed by Niagara 6008 on a passenger train. Afterwards a doubleheader is shown with 6018 in the lead. Smoke billows as the same train picks up speed. Next, a Niagara is on a passenger run, followed by another mail train, and another passenger train with another Niagara in Milan Michigan. This time it's led by 6007. A Niagara roads by with a passenger train, followed by another Niagara as it departs Stryker Ohio. A meet with Hudson 5454 and 6018 is shown. Next another diesel powered passenger train is shown, followed by 6009 on a passenger train. A look at the Elkhart Indiana shops and yard is included. Today all the NYC tracks are owned by Norfolk southern. But at least there are several NYC steam engines on display. Mohawk 3029 is being serviced then it leaves with a freight. Leaving the Elkhart yard is hudson 5430. Passing by the depot with hopper cars is 2-8-2 number 1361, which is a reference to the Pennsylvania K4 Pacific. Hudson 5426 leaves Elkhart with a passenger train that includes some familiar fallen flag colors. Hudson 5222 passes by the tower and crosses the roadways. 2-8-2 number 6371 is on a mixed freight, followed by A Niagara on a passenger train. This over 35 year old program comes to a close with A hudson goes under the pedestrian bridge, followed by a Mohawk on a mixed freight. This concludes the Niagaras and mohawk portion. It can for only 16 minutes.

In the Gotham steam portion of this combo, it starts with Jersey central 4-6-2 number 810 backing up to pick up its train for a fan trip in Jersey city. In fanwood NJ, 3 commuter trains are going under 3 bridges. Next, we see camelback 10 wheeler number 763 to pick up its own inbound commuter train. It has to wait for the diesel to pass before it gets the right of way. Did you know that the camelbacks were one of the fastest steam engines ever built? Not all trains have to be 100% Jersey central. Here a B&O diesel powered limited with an E unit in the lead heads for Chicago. At Erie, riding footage is shown as it passes by the steam service yard. Moving onto the Erie, a close up look at Berkshires 2516 and 2925 are shown, followed by a light engine move in port jervis. Next up is Pacific number 3510 leaving pearl river NY. Note the Vanderbilt tender on the second engine as it negotiates a bend at a junction. A Lackawanna Pacific is on A commuter run, followed by an Erie Berkshire on a local freight. Another locomotive is on a passenger run, then comes Erie Pacific 2741 taking water from a stand pipe, and leaves the area in spring valley. Departing spark hill New York is another Pacific on a passenger train. A Lackawanna Pacific is at Toaco. Erie 2829 is departing Walwick on a commuter train. Another Erie Pacific passes by the semaphore. Moving onto the New York central, we are in Harmon New York, as the Hudson's and Niagara are waiting for electric units from downtown NYC and grand central station. Niagara 5413 is taking on some coal. Followed by hudson 5271 going backwards for some sand. 5413 and hudson 5227 are backing through the loop. Hudson 5274 is turning around with a wheel slip as it goes backwards. Finally there is a parade of inbound trains with a Mohawk near peakskill on a freight, a Pacific on a passenger run, another engine on the water, a fast doubleheader making a meet with a freight led by a Baldwin shark Nosed diesel, an F unit set on a passenger train, followed by another one, another steam locomotive on the water, and a Niagara on the Commodore Vanderbilt. This portion of the combo ran for 9 minutes.

With a great variety of hudsons, Mohawks, Niagaras, and pacifics on the NYC, JC, Erie, & the Lackawanna railroads, this is a really nice trip back in time to steam in the 40s & 50s.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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