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New England Steam Six Main Lines DVD
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New England Steam Six Main Lines DVD Sunday River Productions DVD-NE6ML
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Back in the 1930s when steam was the way to travel, an intertwined system of lines carried freight and passengers through the hills and hinterlands of New England. Six main lines of New England steam are shown here in rare archival film, from the largest locomotives-Central Vermont 2-10-4 Texans-to the sleek, streamlined I-5 New Haven Hudsons.

(1) The Canadian Pacific and Quebec Central cross the U.S. Canadian border at least twice to traverse the state of Maine and deliver goods from Montreal to the Maritimes.

(2) The Bangor and Aroostook Railway takes a winter trip through Millinocket, a town created by the Great Northern Paper Company.

(3) The Rutland snakes through Bennington and Bellows Falls, Vermont. Ever-practical New Englanders hitched the humble milk car to the back of the Green Mountain Flyer, the crack passenger train from New York to Montreal.

(4) The Central Vermont Railway, shepherded by three generations of the Smith family, is covered in depth, including consolidations on the way freights Palmer to Brattleboro, mammoth Texas type 2-10-4s wheeling the Chicago-East Coast manifest freights, and the high-drivered 600 Mountain Class on the premier name trains between Montreal, New York and Boston.

(5) The Grand Trunk Railway, appears, using monster 6100 class Northerns on the through passengers and smaller power on the way freights.

(6) The New Haven is shown with some of the very last three-cylindered 3500 class, as well as magnificent streamlined I-5 Hudsons.

Filmed by Albert G. Hale.

Additional film from the collection of John Trolley and Charlie Brown.

Sound by Preston S. Johnson & Sunday River.

Black and White, 47 minutes

A inside look at 6 terrific lines that linked NE.

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New England Steam Six Main Lines DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-12 15:34:48.

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In this recently turned 30 year old program from 1990, it starts with a still image of caboose 435748 on the Canadian Pacific, followed by a map, then comes 4-4-0 number 136 which is still with us today at the South simcoe railway. The engine appeared in shining time station during 1995. On this trip, 136 is at Norton carrying a combine car, then it makes a photo stop at the bridge. Next we see ten wheeler 429 waiting on a freight, followed by a doubleheader on the Quebec central as they head between saint johnsbury and Montreal crossing the border 3 times. Afterwards, 2-6-0 number 43 is backing up with a passenger train, followed by sister engine 41 on a freight. One Pacific is on A freight while the other is pulling passengers. At Greenville, the CP interchanges with the Bangor and Aroostook. The switching is done by Pacific 2596. Next we see a mixed train arriving at the siding, followed by another Pacific stopping for water. Another mixed train negotiates an S curve, makes a stop, and later departs the area. This train is led by a Pacific. Another mixed train is led by another Pacific. Note the combine car behind the caboose. At.moosehead, a kid walks out of the station, and we see a freight that is led by 5406. In Frederick junction, 5406 continues to the border, then it makes a service stop with a departure. Between Montreal and Quebec, a streamlined 4-4-4 negotiates a bend. This concludes the Canadian Pacific.

In Maine there is winter on the Bangor and aroostook. First we see a freight in searsport. At northern Maine junction, there is some onboard footage from the rear of the train. Then we see a passenger stop, and it's back to mainline speed. A split second scene from the ground is shown, and it's back onboard again. The locomotive passes by the station and leaves the area at a slow speed. Some split second scenes are shown like the station, and 2 meets with other engines are included, then it's back to normal as there is an engine swap in oakfield. In carribou, the train is arriving from van buren. The approaching shot was from the top of the freight. A split second scene shows the engine crossing one bridge with a flatbed, then it's back to normal as a passenger train goes over it. A split second scene from onboard the train is shown, and it's time for a meet. The ten wheeler gets the right of way. The next day a 4-4-0 leaves the roundhouse, and later makes a wheel skid. A large locomotive does some switching, and the passenger train arrives. Followed by some onboard footage once again. A split second scene from the ground is shown and there is also a cab ride. 2-8-0 number 183 leaves the service area. Note the traction rods on the tender. Next a northbound freight arrives in the yard, followed by a 1950s themed musical montage around the station, and the horses concluding this segment.

Moving onto the Rutland, a look at the map with a mistake is shown as number 81 passes by the cameraman in the town which the railroad was named after, then it comes to the service yard. Note the 0-6-0 in the middle of the freight cars. A 2-8-2 leaves with a freight, followed by a fast one. Number 81 makes a nice arrival and departure in North bennington. Another sets of freight passes by the cameraman, and we see a doubleheader on a freight. In bellows falls, a 2-8-0 leaves the tunnel. Note the boxcar on the rear of the passenger train. Today bellows falls is the headquarters of the green mountain tourist railroad. This scene concludes the Rutland.

Moving onto the central Vermont which is since been renamed to the New England central in 1995, the southern terminal is at New London Connecticut. The northern terminal is at.Montpellier. First we see 0-8-0 number 507 idling with a caboose, followed by 504 on a freight. Again 1950s themed music is played. An engine is idling in the roundhouse, followed by 2-8-0 number 468 on a freight from Brattleboro. Another freight is led by 469. Back in the roundhouse, another engine is at the roundhouse, followed by some yard scenes. A consolation is running light, and another one is on a freight to the hot spot of Palmer Massachusetts. Today the Palmer station is now a restaurant, and the east West tracks are owned by CSX and Amtrak lake shore limited. The freight makes a stop in the depot, and it resumes it's journey to the diamond. Amherst Massachusetts was once a passenger stop until the very end of 2014 when Amtrak Vermonter makes a stop there as well as making a switchback in Palmer. The freight goes under the tell tale pole, and passes by a boxcar on the siding. At Palmer Massachusetts, 471 takes on water, and ran the train tender first, then it's uncoupled and ran light. On the Connecticut river line, a freight isles as another freight roars down the line as it rolls alongside the river. Another freight goes under the bridge. At Miller's falls, another freight arrives. 471 ran light once again. Which includes a reflection scene. Engine 703 is a 2-10-4 Texan type. Here we see it idling at white river junction. Another 2-10-4 backs up to fill coal in the tender, and we see 704 on a freight. They were the smallest Texan type engines to be built. A quartet of the 600 series mountain class 4-8-2s were built in 1926. Here we see one of the locomotives running light for service. Then we see 603 backing into the turntable. And later couples to the train known as the ambassador as it leaves white river junction. At Montpellier junction, the engine leaves the area and resumes it's journey down the line. 603 has been turned around, and the trip resumes. Snow is falling at South Royalton as the locomotive arrives for a passenger stop. This time it's led by 601. 602 is in highball mode. This concludes the central Vermont.

Moving onto the grand trunk, 0-6-0 number 7475 runs light, followed by a the wheeler. 7475 was built in lima ohio. A 6100 series 4-8-4 arrives with a passenger train. At north Stratford, a look at the station is shown as a northern backs up with passengers, followed by a freight on the colebrook line. It's led by a 10 wheeler. A northern clears the junction. Another northern makes an arrival and departure at a small station, followed by another station stop, and later makes a meet in North Stratford. A locomotive is running light. Next, we see another engine departing with a long freight, but before that happens, it must wait for the other freight to pass. This long freight is led by 3445, as a small boy with his big brother watches the locomotive leave. Next, a doubleheader is shown on a freight. At Gorham New Hampshire, 2-8-0 number 2576 makes some back and forth movements in order to be put away for storage. An alco RS3 is on the left side or the screen as a steam powered passenger train passes by. Next we see the same train departing the depot. It's led by 4-8-4 number 6029. This concludes the grand trunk.

Our final railroad is the new haven. 1952 was the final year of steam on this southern New England railroad. First we a freight crawling for slow orders, that is led by 3506. Next up is 2-6-0 number 351 doing some switching. With 351 gone, mountain class 4-8-2 number 3552 is on a freight as it picks up it's other load of cars. The 1950s music is played again. Down the line, a giant is on a fast freight with a helper on the rear, and a quick shot of a passenger train is shown followed by another freight. Next up is a diesel powered streamliner. Another quickie of a freight is shown, and it's already winter as mountain class 4-8-2 number 3561 is on a freight. At cedar hill yard, a boxcar rolls down the hill, followed by another pair of boxcars, and a look at the switch tower. More riding footage is included. As a doubleheader is pushing from the rear. A hopper train is shown, and it concludes with a steam powered mixed freight. Back onboard, I-5 hudson number 1407 backs up to its assigned consist. Everyone got a look at this beauty which unfortunately it has since been scrapped like all the other new haven steamers. At least we got models by MTH. 1405 is on the bridge, and the program comes to a close with 1407 passing by the cameraman.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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New England Steam Six Main Lines DVD
Robert W. Brunner, M.D. (Urbana, Illinois) on 2014-03-01 12:26:07.

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This is a "good" DVD on some of the more important railroads in the New England area during the great years of railroading----in the 1920s & 1930s. I expected a little more indepth views of each railroad for the price of the DVD. But, overall it was and is a good DVD to watch on a casual weekend afternoon!

Additional remarks by Robert W. Brunner, M.D.:
Narration: Could have used more.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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