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Narrow Gauge Steam in the 90s DVD
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Narrow Gauge Steam in the 90s DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-402
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This show has some unique features that are normally not seen in videos. Besides all the 1994 Durango and Silverton runby action we also get a tour inside the yard and roundhouse at Durango, to see some things not normally available. We also see a couple of engines where the hostler shovels some coal, as well as other equipment inside. All this was shot during our 1994 shoot for the "America By Rail-The Heartland" and while some of the runby's are seen in the America By Rail show, they are not shown in their entirety, and some where never seen, including the roundhouse tour. But they are seen fully in this show. We see all 3 of the class K-28's in action, plus some K-36's. There is no riding, just trackside views with some great locations and scenery.

Our next segment features the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad in California near the entrance to the National Park with the same name. The steam engine is Shay #15 formerly from the nearby West Side Lumber company. We were shooting this for the 1995 "America By Rail-The West Coast Route", but we only used 5 minutes including riding footage in that show. In this segment we see longer scenes, and more scenes that were never used. One of the big highlights was riding ahead of the engine whereby Greg was riding on a trailer pulled by a speeder car. With the tripod and camera on the trailer we get some great and unusual views ahead of the train. We show some of the downgrade portion, as well as the upgrade portion, and several runbys too. The Shay puts on a good show. This was early April and there was even a dusting of snow on the ground.

Moving to Chama, New Mexico in 1997 we see some views of K-37 number 497 bringing a photo freight down the hill and into Chama. Then on a different day, we see some lovely switching scenes of 497 bathed in lovely late afternoon sunlight switching the Chama yard with freight cars. 497 has not run on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad in many years. Next we ride ahead of 484 starting at Hamilton's Point. This segment is somewhat similar to the riding ahead of the Shay #15. This footage was used in our "Chased By A Steam Train-Volume 2" with the freight train behind us, as we run ahead and shoot from the platform of a coach. We show only some highlights here, and the main purpose is to show a special runby along Windy Point as the train travels through the cuts of snow that the Rotary had plowed a few days earlier. After our special runby we show the same trackage from ahead of the train to end our segment, and our video.

There is a lot of unique flavor seen and heard in this presentation. If you enjoy Narrow Gauge, or just good steam action then this is for you.

Color scenes with live audio and minimal narration.

78 Minutes + additional previews

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DVD Item#:GSVP-402
Runtime:1 Hour, 18 Mins ($0.29/min)
Producer:Greg Scholl Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC
Narrow Gauge Steam in the 90s DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2018-12-26 07:57:17.

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In this program, there is a look at Durango station, followed by 482 at Hermosa heading back. The date is Thursday June 30, 1994 about 5 years that day before the Union Pacific 618 trip at the heber valley railroad in Utah. 2 Days later on Saturday July 2, Engine 473 powers the first trip to silverton leaving Durango. Next 473 passes through home ranch siding. As we wait, an unexpected on duty dog is barking at Greg, as 473 passes by. This was the opening clip to the heartland video, but on this program it has 473 chugging, while the 1994 videotape had music by the late Mike Lynch. After that, 473 passes by the Hermosa water tower, and whistles through the final crossing before climbing up the high line. East of rockwood, 473 rolls through the rte 250 crossing, which was originally highway 550. Afterwards, a second train pulled by 480 whistles through the RTE 250 crossing and makes a dramatic climb at Elbert creek canyon over lake Shalona. If you don�t know when 480 came back to operational condition, the date was July 13, 1985. 480�s train for the day had a little red caboose behind the regular coaches. The next scene is at Rockwood siding, starting with 482 making a stop, followed by 473 turning on the wye at silverton, and see 480 getting close to its destination, with a nice look at the engine alongside the animas river. Back at Durango, there is more than just a train ride. At the roundhouse and yard, 481 is idling between the roundhouse and the turntable. Next, everyone looks inside from the doors of the car repair shop, and 481 is being put into storage for the night. Inside the workshop, workmen are servicing and making new parts, followed by a brief look outside the maintenance shop. At the time of filming for the first ABR video, 499 was in Durango and had since been swapped with 486 from the royal gorge display in 1999. Sadly 498 no longer has its own tender, due to the big move to the gorge with 499. 493 however still owns its own tender. Looking inside 493�s cab, all the knobs and levers are still there. Next we see a brief look at the 3 different engines inside, and see Flanger OF before the rebuild and restoration. The controls for the operation of the flanger is inside caboose 0505. Next to the caboose and flanger, is Rio Grande southern 42. A look at a diagram of how a steam engine operates is included. Next, a workman is doing some work fixing parts. And another worker is cleaning out the firebox and release the water on 481. Afterwards, 476 is getting its own coal in the firebox, as a worker has to do the shoveling movement. A look at the machine shop is included, and we bid farewell to the D&S with 478 rolling through rockwood cut. This clip was shown as a closing epilogue on the Rio Grande steam in the 1960s program from 2005.

Moving west we are at the Yosemite mountain sugar pine railroad in California starting with the Jenny rail cars which was also the first clip used for that segment on the west coast route video during april of 1995. NOT LONG AFTER I WAS BORN! Afterwards, west side lumber company shay number 15 leaves the engine shed, and see the workmen oiling the engine�s gears. Next the shay heads to pick up it�s coaches, as it whistles through the parking lot crossing. After picking up the coaches and stopped at the station, the number 15 must wait for the passengers to arrive and to board. Ready to leave for the grade, a flatbed was coupled up behind the Jenny railcar as Greg was sitting on a milk crate with the tripod on the trailer ahead of the makeshift seat. All to soon, the proposed chased by a steam train: a passenger train in the Yosemite valley had officially begun, as some snow dusting is still on the ground while we are leaving the main station for the downward grade to the balloon loop. Next the shay whistles at one the couple of crossings down the line, and the engine itself puts on a good show making its own sounds with the unique mechanism. On a next shot, the shay blows some steam down. Approaching the dead end, a requested runby was performed. Listen to that incredible whistle which is since been replaced by the peanut type. Next the engine makes another runby at a different location. Back on the Jenny railcar, it is time to go back to the station with some required uphill climbing. Listen to that incredible whistle., and the sounds of the shay working hard. At the top of the grade, one final requested runby of the day is performed as the engine passes by Greg. On a different run, the shay makes another requested runby at the balloon loop. This was the final clip in that segment for the west coast route video but with the late John Edward Hingsbergen narrating. On the trip back, another requested runby was performed. Listen to that incredible whistle and the sounds of the shay. Arriving back at the platform, everyone got off the train and heads home to their automobiles or enjoy a short ride on the Jenny railcar as number 15 heads back to the shed, this time facing the opposite direction.

On the Cumbres & Toltec scenic during the opening of the 1997 season, there are a few scenes that took place during production of these 4 titles: such as Rocky Mountain Snowplow, First Train to Toltec, and both of the chased by a steam train videos. The first scene is at Chama as 497 is doing some work in the yard. Rotary snowplow OM makes a cameo appearance. Next 497 performs a runby at dalton, followed by lobato trestle over wolf creek. Only one engine is allowed on the bridge due to weight constrictions. All to soon, 497 arrives back in Chama. On the day before the 497 trip, some scenes with 484 on a freight from Hamilton�s point to windy point. These were originally shown in the chased by a steam train volume 2 a freight train in the Rockies, but with the late John Edward Hingsbergen narrating, and that one along with the passenger train version was from 1998, despite it was filmed after the snowplow video. We close the program with 484 making a requested runby at windy point, and also riding on the same tracks as the engine approaches the top of the mountain, which is the 10,015 ft Cumbres pass.

Like many of Greg�s 2018 programs minus the original editing of cotton belt 819 Arkansas steam in 1988, and the unnarrated return to deshler on blu ray, this was narrated by Christopher Kovacs (Trainmaster844).

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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