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The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
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The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs WB Video Productions WB028
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Today, only an abandoned right-of-way extends across the grassy hills and through the pine forests of Montana and Washington State. This was the domain of the Milwaukee Road Electrics.

DOUGLAS JONES, an avid fan of the Milwaukee Electric's visited these wide-open spaces in 1965. With camera in hand, he documented this unique bit of American railroad history in high quality 16mm color film. Here are some highlights of Doug's efforts:

* "Joes" in action over Pipestone Pass.
* "Box Cabs" crossing the Columbia River.
* "Steeple Cab" switches the South Butte Yard.
* The beginning of Dieselization in 1968.

DON L. HUNTER originally recorded the distinctive sound of this rugged and powerful form of motive power that is heard on the hi-fi soundtrack of this program.

REGE CORDIC, railfan-actor-announcer tells the story of this fascinating railroad. Broadcast quality film-to-video transfers makes it possible for you to enjoy these rare films in you own living room.

40 minutes

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DVD Item#:WB028
Runtime:40 Mins ($0.67/min)
Producer:WB Video Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
milw113a (Cleveland, TN.) on 2013-02-18 17:12:21.

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I have MANY films of the Milw. Road electrics , and while this DVD has its flaws, the picture quality is first rate. A tripod was wisely used and the location selections are second to none. My only gripe on this production is the incessant horn blowing over and over in the middle of nowhere ! All in all , this is one of me favorite and most played DVD,s .

Additional remarks by milw113a:
Narration: A little bit too much.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-03-23 15:53:52.

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In this 1988 program, it starts with a look at a 3 unit freight with 2 little joes 76, and 71 with GP9 324 in Martindale Montana during 1965. Here we see the freight alongside a field, and crossing over 2 bridges one for the Missouri river and one for the non-electrified line. At piedmont, the Box cab number 36 are cutting in for helper service over pipestone pass to Donald. At vendome, Little Joes 72 and 78 with GP9 263 are on a westbound mixed freight with 128 cars. Look at those lovely fallen flag road names on most of the boxcars. There is also a Norfolk and western hopper, a flat bed, and a trio of gondolas on the same consist. Box cab 36 is in the middle. After curving and climbing up the mountain, the same freight enters pipestone pass tunnel under the summit of the continental divide in Donald. The tunnel measures 2290 feet long. Over the top of the tunnel, there is US highway 10. The bay window caboose is on the rear of the freight. Moments later, 72, 78, 263, and 36 are negotiating the bends at South butte near Newcome. West of butte, another pair of little joes with a GP9 enters the yard at Roker. Listen to the interesting early diesel horn on an electric. Back on The mainline, we are at Cedric as box cab 49 with sister engine 34 in helper service leads a long freight. This location was originally the Lewis and Clark exposition in 1805. Look carefully for the S curve in the going away shot. The destination is Donald over pipestone pass. At Finlen, box cab 36 leads an eastbound mixed freight toward butte. A box cab is running light at Janney after helping a freight over pipestone passes it returns to piedmont, then we see box cab 49 on a westbound freight in Jefferson island. Deep in the Columbia river gorge, box cab 47 with a GP9 are on a mixed freight in Beverly Washington. Box cab 50 is in mid train helper service. Today it is on display in Duluth. We fast forward the clock to 1968 as little joe 74 with 4 diesels which consists of SD45 4005 (A reference to the surviving union pacific big boy), GP40 number 2020, GP35 number 1508, and GP40 number 2005 are at Harlowton. Look carefully for the number sign stop which contains a clue that leads to one of the surviving steam locomotives. Back on pipestone pass, Little Joe 21 leads a pair of SD45 units 4001 and 4003 with GP40 2053 heads for the West portal of the tunnel on a mixed freight. The second cameraman recorded the same train as it leaves the other side of the single track tunnel passing by an empty siding. At Cedric, a little joe and a quartet of GP40 units are on an eastbound freight. It's led by numbers 71, 2046, 2029, 2023, and 2054. Next up is the same train from the pipestone pass tunnel as it approaches Nathan in Montana canyon. Afterwards another freight pops out of the tunnel east of the saint Francis street depot. The little joe is unidentified, but the GP40 units 2001, 2012, 2027, and 2010 are. Meanwhile at South butte, ES2 number 80 is switching around the yard. Listen to the interesting horn on this unique electric switcher. The first 2 of these 4 were built in 1917, while the rest were constructed in 1919. All 4 of these were equipped with 500 horse power, meaning that their top speed was only 35 miles per hour. Throughout the prewar years, they were originally numbered 10050 to 10053 until they were renumbered in 1939. A box cab is sitting on a siding. ES2 number 81 is switching at Deerlodge as a freight with 2 little joes: 79 and 78 arrives. Between the little joes and ES2 number 82 is diesel switcher 635. Sadly, only one was scrapped: ES2 number 83. Above the twin tunnels West of garrison, the northern pacific north coast limited led by an F unit enters the tunnel. Look carefully for the silver coach in the consist. Around the bend on the other set of tracks, a freight is led by a little joe and 3 diesels. Looks almost similar to an HO scale layout doesn't it? Deep in silver bow canyon, little joe number 20 with a quartet of GP40 lead a mixed freight. The Clark river is located nearby. Through the forest at Foraker, Little Joe 76 with a quartet of GP40 units lead a mixed freight along the saint Regis river. Note the early auto carrier cars in the consist. Some northern pacific branch line freight trains also use the same tracks. Next we see another mixed train leaving the tunnel at Kyle idaho over saint Paul pass. The same train stops for a crew change in Alberton Montana. In Butte, an eastbound is crossing over the northern pacific. It's led by little joe 21 with a trio of diesels: 4001, 4003, & 2053. We see the same train at Janney as the wind is blowing wild. From gravity level at Bonner junction, Little Joe 76 leads a westbound with 4 diesels as the destination of Missoula Montana is only 6 miles away from the tunnel. Back at Alberton, number 76 with 2051, 2011, 1504 and 2004 arrives for a crew change and would have to do some serious switching. As the motive power backs up, note the 4 mini headlights on the little Joe during an extreme close up. Back on The mainline, another freight with a little joe and 4 diesels are crossing over the bridge at Cyr. In Lombard, another freight with 2 little joes and 3 diesels negotiate a horseshoe curve while crossing over the bridge. Deep in Jefferson canyon, a box cab lead a mixed freight before The closing credits. The final electric powered Milwaukee road freight was on June 15, 1974. The final run of the route with diesels only was on March 15, 1980. 5 years later on February 19, 1985, the tracks that are still intact, was sold to the soo line.

This 35 minute main feature with 5 minutes of previews of other WB titles is indeed an interesting add-on to the pentrex version from 1995/1996.

Overall, this is an interesting look back to the 60s on what electric railroading In Montana, idaho, and Washington state are all about.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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The Milwaukees Mighty Electrics DVD WB Joes Box Cabs
WisconsinEric (East-Central Wisconsin) on 2011-12-02 22:41:11.

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This video has valuable footage of the Milwaukee's electric engines. It is 16mm in origin, good quality for that but no sound, so they have dubbed in accurate separate recordings of these engines. The problem is that the dubbings often are crude, overhappy on airhorns, and has them blowing in spots they never would in reality. The recording is also rather short, especially given the price: the 40 minutes includes unrelated previews. But there is no question that the footage is rare, valuable, and very interesting. There are several competing recordings also of the Milwaukee's electrics, most longer, but I haven't seen them so I cannot compare this to the others.

In sum, if you're a MILW fan, you'll probably want this DVD. For everyone else, I suggest you also check out other recordings of this fascinating railroad.

Additional remarks by WisconsinEric:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? I doubt it.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Overpriced for the amount of enjoyment I got out of it.
Recommend to others? Not unless they REALLY were interested in the subject matter.

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