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Milwaukee Road No. 261 The Best of the Rest Vol 1 DVD
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Milwaukee Road No. 261 The Best of the Rest Vol 1 DVD Goodheart Productions 261-BEST1-DVD
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Over the years Goodheart Productions has video taped many of the 261's movements that were one or two day affairs. Most were too small to be a stand alone program and got passed by when bigger events came along. This video then is a collection of those smaller trips, but as you'll see, small doesn't mean insignificant. Witness passenger and one-time-only freight runs some arty photography as well.

Running time 67 minutes

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DVD Item#:261-BEST1-DVD
Runtime:1 Hour, 07 Mins ($0.40/min)
Producer:Goodheart Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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Milwaukee Road No. 261 The Best of the Rest Vol 1 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-12-30 15:59:18.

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In this 16 year old program from 2004, We begin with some service shots of 261 at its home base in the Minnesota twin cities. Then we are at Green Bay Wisconsin as 261 prepares for an excursion to Neenah on Saturday June 11 1994 (Which was the exact day that my parents got Married). Leaving Green Bay, 261 performs a whistle show, then it passes by a Wig Wag Crossing signal on the Former Chicago & Northwestern line. Beyond Green Bay, 261 performs a photo Runby. Afterwards, the engine is whistling for the pedestrian bridge, then the 261 performs its second Runby location at Appleton WI which is named after the Founder of the Town: Samuel Appleton. Once the excursion ends at Neenah, 261 would be turned on the Wye, then we are back in Green Bay as 261 turns the entire consist on a loop track concluding our 6-11-94 segment.

3 Months later on September 24, & 25 1994 prior to the final run of steam on the New River Gorge between Huntington & Hinton West Virginia, 261 is operating an excursion on the Twin Cities & Western in foggy weather out of Montevideo. Next, there is some pacing included, followed by a scene at an unknown location where the engine whistles for the crossing in the going away shot. At the same location, GP10 number 402 is pulling the excursion with 261 on the return trip since there isn't a turning facility at Millan. The diesel was built in April of 1951 which was 7 years younger than 261. On another trip, 261 creates a neat reflection shot, then we later get to hear the rarely used diesel horn on a steam engine. Arriving at Montevideo Station, 261 arrives for a stop as more passengers are waiting for their turn to ride behind a steamer. Next, we get a brief shot of the Grain Elevator in Millan as 261 passes by the location with some happy passengers onboard, then we get to hear the rare horn again as 261 passes by a small river. Afterwards, the engine is picking up some speed as the sun is starting to pop out. On the return trip, 402 handles the power once again. In South Dakota, 261 is being turned on the wye while the 402 tows the locomotive for the preparation of the trip back to Montevideo. The date is 9-26-94. With turning finished, 261 passes by the grain elevator as the diesel is sandwiched between 261 & the coaches, Then we get to see a highlight reel of the return trip in clear crisp weather. Meanwhile, A John Deere & Case Frontloader are loading the coal into 261's tender, then we are back in Montevideo. After 261 drops the coaches off, the engine would have to handle a TC&W coal train while heading east as the diesels handle the coaches. Already coupled up to the Hoppers, Engineer Steve Sandberg Takes the Throttle to the cab roof, but all of a sudden, Nothing happened, as 261 is stuck for the first time, tried to back up, switched the Johnson bar to forward mode, & makes a wheelslip which means that the engine is still stranded. No matter how many times that 261 tried to start uphill with a 60 car consist of coal, the crew decided that they have no choice but to call in for some help: A trio of GP10s. One behind 261 (TC&W 402) & the other two for pushing on the rear. At sunset, the first diesel helper was set to neutral as 261 manages to handle the heavy coal train even at a slow speed. Moments later, 261 creates a reflection show as the sun continues to set, while the engine scares away the deer, then a special speed up effect is used to save the program time. Some of the hoppers came from Burlington Northern, while the 2 diesels are sandwiched between the coal train & the coaches. Darkness is getting closer & closer as 261 makes a nice head on shot which this scene was later shown in Steam Dream: The Ohio Central Story. After dropping the heavy coal train off, 261 is recoupled to the coaches as night begins to fall.

The Following day September 27, 1994, 261 is leading the Campaign train on its way back to the twin cities. Again note the horn during the departure. At Bird Island Minnesota, there are obviously birds near the grain elevators as a stop was made for Congressman Revier where he makes a speech for the local news as well as Steve being interviewed by the news crew. With 2 toots of the whistle, 261 heads for its next location on the list, then we get to experience the interior of the coaches from onboard the campaign train. Meanwhile, Steve makes a friendly greeting to the local towns people which includes a speech.

A Month later on October 29 & 30 1994 after participating in the final run of steam on the New river Train especially doing movie work as Lackawanna 1661 earlier in the month, 261 is operating on another TC&W trip, this time from Chanhassen to Bird Island. first we get to see some service from a safe distance followed by 261 whistling for the crossing. Moments later, the special makes a photo runby at an unknown location. Like the 9-25 & 9-26-94 trips, 402 is placed on the rear to tow 261 & the coaches back to Chanhassen. Most of the coaches on this trip are still in their Yellow & green colors of the C&NW. On another journey to Bird Island, 261 passes by a coal train while making a reflection shot, then it heads for the pedestrian bridge at an unknown location, before we see a man removing some tall weeds for the creation of a perfect photo shoot. A flock of Canadian Geese are Squawking in the sky as 261 passes by a small shanty, then it later passes by some Case & Farmall Farming equipment. At Buffalo Lake, the farmers are busy sorting their grain on a hill, then we get to see 261 passing by a lot of farm like scenery along the way. Meanwhile, another man is painting over the graffiti on the bridge before 261 crosses over the bridge. Arriving at Bird island, there is a celebration going on for the Alco Built Northern's own Golden Birthday as the engine rips through the banner while blowing its own whistle & blaring its rarely used horn at the same time.

9 months have passed, & its already July 22 1995 which earlier in the Month the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton Pennsylvania held its ultimate Grand Opening Weekend which was also part of the highlights of the 1995 NRHS Convention that was Headquartered in Lancaster. Here we see the crew dressing 261 up as 1661 for the second time. At the Yard 261/1661 is backing for its departure to Binghamton New York. During the Masquerade, 261/1661 is wearing a legit DL&W Whistle, while the red mars light had to be removed for the occasion. Since 2000, the 261 was wearing a Front Nosecone over the headlamp. While leaving the Junction, 261/1661 tackles the 1.7% grade. An MKT Observation car is placed on the rear. In Agway, 261/1661 whistles through the crossing while passing by a small station & grain elevator, then it tackles the grade while rolling through the Poconos. Arriving at Binghamton NY, 261/1661 would be serviced & turned for the trip back to Scranton. On the Return trip, the air horn is activated as some kids are covering their ears from the really loud locomotive, then it crosses the state line while rolling over the concrete carved Viaduct. Again there are no diesel helpers on this train. Back in Scranton, Mike Del Vecchio interviews with Husband & Wife passenger members Henry Peterson & his wife Prudence along with Crewmember Bill Frederickson. A mention of Hooters on the Blue Ridge from 1998 is heard.

More than 2 weeks later on August 12, 1995, 261/1661 is operating an excursion from Scranton to Cresco PA. Again, the MKT observation car brings up the rear. Next we get to hear the engine whistle for the crossing during a photo runby. Meanwhile CP 2317 & GM&N 425 are taking passengers back to Scranton on a doubleheader.

A week later on August 19, 1995, 261 is on the Syracuse NY Line which happens again the next day. Here we see the northern on the Canadian Pacific line for its one day trip to Syracuse, & return to Scranton the Following day. At the Nickelson Viaduct which is at 2375 feet long, 261 whistles over the beautiful monument. On the return trip the following day, 261 doubleheads with Susquehanna 142 that was built in China during 1989 & worked at the Valley Railroad company in Essex Connecticut during 1990 & 1991 only. Here we see the doubleheader at a bend as 261 whistles for the bridge, then we get to see 142 all by itself while heading for the other highway bridge as E unit number 2400 is between the 142 7 the coaches, followed by 261 following behind at the same location as the northern whistles for the same chasers. Moments later 261 teams up with 2400 for a photo runby, then we are heading back to Scranton as some kids are chatting offscreen on one scene, then we get to hear 261's whistle in the following scene. Afterwards, a father teaches his Daughter how to photograph safe along the rails as 261 whistles out of the tunnel.

A Month later on October 14, 1995, 261 is backing out of the roundhouse, passes by one of the silent tank engines that is standing on display, & later leads an excursion to Cresco once again as it rolls out of the tunnel. Next we get to hear 261 whistling through the lovely fall colors in the Pocono Mountain region, especially going under a signal bridge while the camera zooms out. Afterwards, the engine is racing on the 1.7% grade for a photo runby as 261 whistles through a lake, followed by a long shot with a house on the right side of the screen as the diesel is placed on the rear of the train. This segment Ends 261's visit to Scranton in 1995 before participating in a Snowy Week of Specials in February of 1996 before heading home to the twin cities. At the Exact same day, Noteworthy America By Rail Producer Greg Scholl was spending a day in Cumberland Maryland with his wife & Daughter as his scenes were shown in CSX in the 90s from 2016, & Eastern Steam in the 90s (Steam in the 90s volume 1) from 2018.

2 years later in late June of 1997, 261 heads to Galesburg Illinois for its railroad days weekend. Here we see the engine at Hoffman Ave on June 24 of that year, followed by a lovely shot of the Mississippi river as 261 activates the air horn on the early years of the BNSF. At Pepin, 261 passes by several sailboats on the left. There are no diesel helpers along the way. Afterwards, 261 whistles through fountain city, then it makes a unique shot alongside the river at Trempealeau the following day, then it highballs north of Savanna, passes by the Erie Grain Elevator, & continues to Galesburg

The final 5 minutes of this 16 year old program finds 261 operating the BNSF Employee Special out of Metropolitan Chicago as we get to see some Metra Commuter trains in action. The weekend was in Late August of 1998.

Sadly there is no second or any future volumes of this compilation.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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