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Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range 1989-2019 DVD
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Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range 1989-2019 DVD Pentrex MICH-DVD 634972958771
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Hover over an ore dock as a laker is filled with taconite. Be in the cab with an ore train stretched out behind you. Chase ore jennies through the northwoods in 2019. All that and more awaits you in "Michigan Ore Lines, 30 Years on the Marquette Range". The core of this program is a 1989 look at the Lake Superior & Ishpeming, The Chicago & Northwestern and the Escanaba & Lake Superior railroads covering the Marquette Iron Range in the Upper Peninsula during a busy time for the ore industry.

In action shots the LS&I fleet of ALCo road switchers is seen smoking it up on ore drags along with the last operating U25C anywhere. A short visit to E&LS shows Baldwin action and finds newly acquired "Reserve Mining" SD-9s in operation. The C&NW gets into the act with first generation power working the Escanaba ore dock and modern C&NW units are seen on ore drags.

But we don't leave you in the "way back machine"! Take to the sky and see current LS&I, including dock, operations and we chase an LS&I train in 2019. The new footage is incorporated into the main show, however, you can also watch in original wide screen as a separate chapter. A bonus is the 1952 industry film "Iron Country". This vintage film features information on ore facility operations in the early 1950s.

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Runtime:1 Hour, 54 Mins ($0.21/min)
Aspect Ratio:Wide Screen
DVD UPC:634972958771
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Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range 1989-2019 DVD
dmacleo (Etna ME US) on 2019-10-18 14:58:59.

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  •  4 of 5

This was very interesting and the updates were nice . I also enjoyed the old promotional films about the mining/taconite systems

Additional remarks by dmacleo:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Excellent Value!
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range 1989-2019 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-10-29 20:15:00.

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  •  5 of 5

In this recently turned 30 year old videotape, it starts with a ore train led by a trio of alcos on the Lake Superior & Ishpeming with 2 in green, and engine 1801 in maroon red as they arrived at the crossing. Next another ore train is shown, this time it is led by a trio of red with yellow striped diesels. Afterwards, a look at the eagle mills yard and workshop is included. Next the 2403 in old paint, and the 2401 and 2405 in new paint leave the yard. A pan of the yard is included, followed by engines 1804, 1852, and 1850 coupling up to the empty cars for the mill. The trio of Alco RS-12s are seen again as they squeeze through the rocky cliffs, with 1850 in the lead. Next, the empire mine is located in Palmer Michigan. Which includes towers, and industrial buildings. The 1804 makes a meet with a big rig at a railroad crossing. The same trio arrives and passes by the mine, then comes the other one at the Palmer mine junction, which is about to take some slow orders. With the dispatcher giving them the green signal, the diesels blare it�s horns for the crossing as number 1853 does an example. The 1801 is in the middle of the consist, and between the lead units and the ore cars is 1851. At the east end of the eagle mills yard, another trio led ore train is shown, this time its led by engine 2301 as trailing units 2300 and 2501 does an unexpected smoke show while 2301 blares its horn for the crossing and also through the junction. The same trio is seen once again as they�re about to be coupled up to a string of jennies. The 2501 leads the train. As the all U-Boat powered freight train leaves the yard with a smoke show. Of course the 2300 is in green paint while 2501 and 2301 are painted red with yellow stripes. The U-Boats are seen again at the west yard as they pass by multiple electric wires and poles. There is some switching done at the yard, as the U-Boats head back to eagle mills with 2301 in charge. The trio crosses over Morgan trestle as the sun is starting to set in the late afternoon. Back at the service yard and workshop, the LS&I owned a pair of RS3s numbers 1604 and 1608. 1608 is dead, but 1604 is still operating several times a week at the Kimberly Clark paper plant which is 40 miles to the east. Of course the KC plant where the diesel operates is home to one of the many noteworthy babies to preschoolers parenting products. The plant also connects to the Wisconsin central, which is 3.5 miles south. There is some switching performed, as the 1604 demonstrates what an all Alco built diesel can do before today�s generations. The 1604 blares its own horn at a crossing in municing junction. Note the 2 workmen on the front of the diesel as it heads long hood forward. In the going away shot, the 1604 heads under the bridge. Meanwhile, engines 1851, 1801, and an unknown unit is running light, followed by a look at the storage shops. During this segment, a different narrator talks about the power of the LS&I in 1989 from Alcos to U-boats. Back at the ore dock, it extends at 1200 feet. It is located at the Lake Superior itself. There is lots of unloading to be done, as various booms and conveyor belts are used to transfer the coal and ore from the trains to the boats. The trio of Alcos are crossing the bridge, then comes 2403 arriving at the yard. With 2401 and 2405 in the consist. There is some switching to be done. With the empty cars coupled up the RS-15 units head for eagle mills. During the departure sequence, the trio does a fine smoke show. Next, a cab ride on 2405 is included. The engineer for the Alco is Lee countoy. Over one of the bridges, are the tracks that are owned by Wisconsin central. The maximum speed on the LS&I is 20 MPH. A runaround sequence is shown. Then comes the ground level shot of 2403, 2401 and 2405 smoking up a storm. The brakeman throws the switch as the train assembles it�s consist, then it heads for the ore docks over the road and into the lake. Back at eagle mills, a trio of RSD-12s are on a regular freight run with 1804 in the lead, 1852 in the middle, and 1850 in the rear. The Alcos are crossing state highway 35. Listen to 1804�s horn. This concludes the lake Superior & Ishpeming portion of this program.

Moving onto the Chicago & Northwestern (which has since been merged with Union Pacific in April of 1995 not long after I was born), a trio of SD40-2s are crossing the twin lakes on a freight. Next a northbound freight with GP7 number 4194, and SD40-2 number 6933 on LS&I tracks hauling only 15 cars complete with a bay window caboose on the rear. Afterwards, a wig wag signal is shown as engine 4329 is pushing ore cars up the incline as they arrive at the mill. In wells, another trio of SD40-2s are at wells Michigan, hauling jennies as they cross the bridge over the water, and a single track line. This concludes the C&NW segment.

At escanaba, a look at the yard and shops are shown on the E&LS which contains no trespassing signs. In Channing, there is also a yard and the center of operations. At the Wisconsin central interchange, Conrail GP38 number 402 is hauling 2 boxcars. Next a 6 axle SD9 is hauling hopper cars long hood forward. Listen to the horn on number 1220. Afterwards, former Oregon California and eastern Baldwin diesel 209 is running light. Listen to that generator. Minutes later the gravel train arrives with the sister engine of 209 in the lead, and SD9 number 1224 is included.

The original 1989 editing comes to a close as LS&I is hauling ore at empire junction. It�s led by 1804, 1851, and 1853.

Overall, Dan Hadley does an outstanding job filming this program, not to mention the drone footage of the LS&I in present times. It is unknown who narrates the original 1989 program of this one. But one clue that we do know is that Dave Drui didn�t narrate the 1989 editing of the Michigan ore lines.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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