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Mainline Steam Spectacular DVD
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Mainline Steam Spectacular DVD Greg Scholl Video Productions GSVP-201 604435020192
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Mainline steam is just a shadow of its former self. Its hard to find mainline trips today that aren't run with diesel helpers for security, if you can find a mainline steam trip that is. In this show we have assembled some exciting steam action with 3 engines running on the mainline without diesel helpers. In some cases these were the last time, or last year they ran on the mainline period? Our coverage spans 2011 to 2017. This is all on Norfolk Southern trackage. In November 2011 we see southern 2-8-0 running from Chattanooga to Knoxville and return. During the stay in Knoxville we see 630 on the Knoxville to Alco trips plus a trip on the same line with Southern 2-8-0 number 154, which is an added engine to our 3-engine show. During July 2012 630 is back in Knoxville to handle a Norfolk Southern employee trip to Alco. 630 stars on one more weekend in September of 2013 as it runs 2 trips a day from Chattanooga to Cleveland, Tennessee. Thats 4 trips total which were the last time 630 ran without diesel help on mainline trackage. This is great steam action as 630 storms along trying to keep the schedule of 2 trips in one day. These trains were a nice 8 and 6 car consists, so they looked and sounded great.

Southern 2-8-2 number 4501 is seen in September of 2015 repeating the trips done by 630 the previous year. Two trips were made to Cleveland on Saturday, and only one on Sunday, due to some bad coal for 4501. The engine looks and sounds great with a 7-coach train, and a round-end obs car on the rear. After each trip we caught it at Citico junction where it was turned near Chattanooga. This line to Cleveland features some nice grades, and spirited running for both 630 the year before and 4501 on these 2015 trips. We had 2 camera coverage for this 4501 weekend and there are some really nice views as we covered the action pretty well. You will enjoy this steam for sure.

Last but surely not least is Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 number 611. The class J operates a weekend of trips from Greensboro, NC to Roanoke, VA in April of 2017. While the weather wasn't great 611 still put on a nice show with a long consist of passenger cars each day. We get it climbing the grade from Danville each day, along the ex-Southern mainline, and on the former Virginian line into Roanoke. There are some favorites here that are sure to please those hard-core steam fans. We even show a couple of scenes after dark, including one working up the grade from Danville towards Greensboro. 611 is always a crowd pleaser and always gets the job done. 611 did not run any mainline excursions in 2018 or 2019.

This video is quite rare considering the options for steam today. None of these engines has run any mainline trips since 2017 and who knows when they might operate on a mainline once again. If they do, they might have diesel helpers, but not in this show. Get true steam enjoyment of only the engine working, and knowing it is doing all the work. Savor the experience!

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Mainline Steam Spectacular DVD
chris collins (fletcher north carolina) on 2019-11-28 15:58:45.

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one word for this video amazing mainline steam spectacular is one of the new videos from greg scholl i really liked a lot this video covers the three still operating steam locomotives that ran in the old ns steam program (as well as a forth engine) operating in the states of tennesssee north carolina and virginia first the video starts off with southern consolidation 630 in November 2011 making a trip from Chattanooga to Knoxville Tennessee (in edition southern consolidation 154 is also featured making a run for a charter) than the 630 makes a run from knoxville to alco and footage of the 630 once again running from knoxville to alco in july 2012 than the last segment for the 630 is a run from Chattanooga to Cleveland in September 2013 the next engine is southern mikado 4501 operating on the mainline during the Tennessee valley railroad museum's annul rail fest in September 2015 the 4501 would operate two day trips running from Chattanooga to Cleveland like the 630 made in 2013 the last segment is on norfolk & western northern 611 operating the roanoker from Greensboro north carolina to roanoke virginia in late apirl 2017 with rain making it a little difficult and a shot with 611 climbing the hill in danville virginia at night with a light inside the passenger cars giving the train a look like it was the 50s overall this is an amazing video showing three (and a fourth steam engine) working hard on the mainline which they were intended to work like they were during the years of the n&w and the southern lots of amazing sight and sounds and action

Additional remarks by chris collins:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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Mainline Steam Spectacular DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-12-26 08:42:51.

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In this installment of the 4501 revival collection, the program starts with a clip montage in the opening titles. The majority of these journeys throughout the program were pulled by 630 beginning with a November 8 2011 trip from the Tennessee valley railroad museum in Chattanooga to Knoxville. First 630 is going backwards and running light as it crosses the south chickamauga creek bridge. The rear of the water tender is number WT51. Throughout the Knoxville trip, 630 is wearing a deep toned steamboat whistle. A map of the route is shown. The first location is at ooltewah junction. The Norfolk southern line to Atlanta is on the left. 630 is carrying 5 coaches. The entire trip was recorded by Ronald burkhard. Next 630 whistles at riceville, followed by Loudon as it crosses the bridge over watts bar lake. 5 days later on November 13, 154 is heading to Alcoa Tennessee. Diesel 1123 is on the rear. A map of the Knoxville area is shown followed by 154 whistling at different crossings. Leaving 154 behind, 630 is heading back to Knoxville. Listen to that lovely deep toned steamboat whistle. Afterwards, it squeezes through a cut at mt. Olive, then it arrives in Knoxville as it crosses the Tennessee river. The following day November 14, 630 had some mechanical issues on the bearing at the number 1 axle. Only one scene was made at niota as 630 negotiates An S curve, carrying only 3 coaches. This concludes the 2011 trip with 630.

Fast forward to 8 months later on July 15, 2012, Brady sanker was also In Knoxville. As 630 is pulling a series of trips for the NS employees on the Alcoa branch. A trio of maps are shown: the tvrm, the Summerville line, and the Knoxville area. First 630 crosses over the Tennessee river with the sound of church bells offscreen, then it curves at a bend. Like the November 2011 trips, 630 is still wearing the steamboat whistle. A trio of NS diesels are on the rear. Which includes 2250, 5519, and 3295. Next the special is at Mt. Olive. Afterwards it slowly climbs uphill as it squeezes between the rock barriers, and through the forest. Again listen to the lovely deep toned steamboat whistle. The final scene of 630 in 2012 shows the special crossing over the little river as it approaches alcoa.

In September of 2013, Brady went to the TVRM for the annual railfest event.The Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th trips features 630 hauling 2 trips per day to Cleveland. The first scene is at hickory valley road, as multiple automobiles are crossing the tracks. Throughout the weekend, 630 is using her own original whistle. Next the engine is eastbound at pine hill road. Afterwards, 630 highballs down the line on the return trip West of Cleveland. Back at pine hill road, 630 is on the Saturday afternoon trip to Cleveland. Near Cleveland, 630 whistles for the old Chattanooga pike. At Cleveland, 630 is turned on the wye at south Bradley junction. The wye itself also has a leg for the NS to Atlanta. The following Sunday September 8, 630 is rolling through hickory valley road. Next, the engine is approaching Cleveland. On the westbound morning trip back to the museum, 630 is whistling at the old Chattanooga pike. At an unidentified location, 630 is pulling the Sunday afternoon trip to Cleveland. Note the voices of the local residents and their own children off screen as 630 whistles for the crossing. The final scene of the September weekend, shows 630 east of Ooltewah as it rolls through the cut. This concludes 630 in the program.

On the weekend of September 12-13, 2015, 4501 is operating on the Cleveland trips for railfest. First the engine is turning on the wye at the museum grounds. The entire weekend was recorded by both Brady and Greg. Another look at the maps are shown. With everyone onboard, 4501 whistles for the NS mainline, then it goes backwards for a signal on the double track mainline. A regular freight is in the background as 4501 whistles off for Cleveland. As 4501 leaves the museum, note the wooden ties alongside the rails. More wooden ties are shown as 4501 is approaching Noah Reid road. Note the NS freight in the background as 4501 makes a going away shot. Afterwards, 4501 is whistling through dance hall road near McDonald. Note the different cameraman shown in the panning sequence. On the return trip, 4501 is blasting up the short grade as it heads back to Chattanooga. Next, 4501 is at the old Chattanooga pike as a dog is shown at the crossing.Another look at the map is shown as 4501 is on the afternoon trip as it passes by an auto carrier train, after turning on the wye at Citico junction, then it crosses over a bridge. The rear of a tank train is shown as 4501 is at hickory valley road. Note the voices from other onlookers off screen. Moments later, 4501 is at ooltewah junction. Next, the engine is West of Cleveland, then heads back to Chattanooga After turning on the wye. This whistle sounds great as 4501 is passing by Ooltewah. Back at Citico junction, 4501 must be turned on the wye before heading back to the museum grounds. The last shot of the day shows the engine facing east.

The following Sunday September 13, 4501 is on The museum wye once again. On the Sunday trip, the locomotive is going slow At Noah Reid road as it passes by a freight. Next the engine picks up speed at summit, then it approaches dance hall road West of McDonald. At Cleveland, 4501 is turned on the wye at south Bradley junction. There were no trips to Cleveland on the 2014 trips. On the return trip, 4501 passes by a doublestack freight. This view is from the road bridge. A similar scene happens again, this time at ooltewah as it goes at A slow speed due to mechanical issues. The final scene of 4501 shows the engine arriving back at the museum grounds. To finish the Cleveland trips, diesel 6920 powers the trips.

While all of the steam locomotives in this program were from the southern, there is one more engine to look at, the queen of steam, the thoroughbred of steam, and every railfans favorite mainline giant of today: N&W 611. On the weekend of April 22 and 23rd, 2017, 611 is operating a series of trips from Greensboro NC, to its birthplace in Roanoke VA. This first scene shows the J at the greenview cemetery in reidsville. The sun is glowing south of pelham, moments later, the sun is gone as 611 rolls by. Next, 611 is north of Danville. This is at the top of the grade near dan river valley. Moments later, 611 whistles through Gretna. After turning left at hurt, 611 uses the Virginian railway line to Roanoke, as it is approaching near moneta. Note the sounds of bird calls off screen as 611 chugs louder. Next, the soon to be 70 year old northern is going backwards at downtown Roanoke. While 611 did return to operational condition in 2015, the second mainline career was extremely short due to Amtrak's worst president: Dick Anderson of delta airlines created the no steam specials and private cars policy on all of their lines affecting all of the mainline steam giants, especially 611. Leaving roanoke, 611 is on the junction of both the N&W and Virginian. The weather wasn't cooperating, as There is An electrical issue at hurt causing the excursion to delay. 611 is making a mad dash at the southern railway line. Next, 611 is whistling at dry fork. Night falls as 611 is on the grade departing Danville, then it whistles for reidsville creating a beautiful going away shot.

On Sunday April 23, 611 is at Browns summit NC. Next, the special is south of Pelham, with a different Ns freight in the background that has a different union Pacific unit in the consist. Moments later, the J is on the grade at Blairs which is north of Danville, as it goes under the pedestrian bridge. The program comes to a close as 611 is being viewed from the bridge at motley.

Overall, Christopher kovacs (trainmaster844) did an outstanding job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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