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MARC Railroading Summer 1994 DVD
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MARC Railroading Summer 1994 DVD Pentrex MARC-DVD
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Get ready to visit MARC, one of the most unique commuter railroads in America. The summer of 1994 was a great time to visit MARC territory between Baltimore, Maryland; Washington, D.C.; and Hagerstown, Maryland. The railroad's locomotive roster still included an aging fleet of cab units, soon to be replaced by newer diesels.First we visit the shops in Brunswick and Baltimore to see the MARC locomotives.

Then we take a fast-paced cab ride down the Northeast Corridor to Washington, D.C. After an exciting session of train watching on the platform of Union Station, we hop into the cab of ex-Burlington Northern E-unit number 68 and ride to Baltimore on the CSX Camden Line. Finally we travel the MARC system to enjoy the action at many well known locations. For an exciting look at great passenger railroading, here's MARC in the Summer of 1994!

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MARC Railroading Summer 1994 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-10-20 08:32:02.

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In this recently turned 25 year old program from 1995, it starts with a cab ride on one of the former Burlington northern E units as the logo pops out, then we cut to F unit 82 at The yard. Afterwards, a look at the map of the commuter rail routes are shown, followed by a visit to Brunswick yard where we see old & new diesels on the storage tracks as well as the retired Baltimore & Ohio rdc budd cars on the left. F unit 7100 doesn't have a generator inside, but it carries the old school logo paint scheme. From left to right, there is F unit number 85, Geeps 72 & 74, & another Burlington northern E unit number 66. Meanwhile, a look at some more BN E units are shown, as well as some more Gp35s & GP40 units. There is some action going on as number 85 leaves the yard with number 84 trailing as the second unit. Cab car 7759 is on the rear. Once the brakeman throws the switch, the diesels move onto the track where it will be stored next to number 71.

Moving on to riverside yard in Baltimore, number 83 is being inspected in the shops as well as number 70, BN 65, GP40WH-2 number 57, 52, & 58, & outside in the rain is BN 64 & 51. Cab car 7757 is being pushed by f unit 82. Afterwards, different sides of BN 64 are shown, followed by GP39 number 75, & GP40WH-2 number 51.

With a tour of both yards finished, a visit to the Baltimore line is shown beginning at the Baltimore airport depot known as Baltimore Washington international or BWI for short. An Amtrak AEM7 roars through the depot with 6 coaches, followed by another AEM7 with 6 coaches as it zooms through the opposite direction. At last, Marc train 425 arrives with cab car 7757 in charge while a northbound is waiting. In the cab now, the train is racing through new concrete ties on welded rails. At last, the cab car is preparing to stop at Odenton Maryland while a northbound AEM7 with 4 coaches highballs at 120 miles per hour. Note that the station sign is in the colors of the Pennsylvania railroad as well as the driver's Dunkin donuts reusable coffee mug. Leaving Odenton behind, the train picks up speed at 99 miles per hour. The next stop on the Baltimore to D.C.line is probably Bowie, followed by new Carrollton. Note the wooden ties on the switches along the way. From New Carrollton to Washington D.C., The speed limit is at 108 miles per hour, as our train makes a meet with a local subway system. Before arriving at our nation's capital, the train would have to take several slow orders as it parallels the Camden line to the right. Although D.C. is The headquarters for Amtrak, there is also a service & coach storage yard for Marc & The Virginia railway express commuter train. The crew that's taking control of the 7757 are working for Amtrak. Before arriving at the station, the commuter makes a meet with AEM7 951 & 7 coaches while a gray painted switcher pushes a coach into the depot. The first cab ride of this program ends as the 7757 passes by number 74 as it leaves for the Camden line, followed by an on time arrival at union station as a Conrail switcher moves a pair of boxcars while we pull into platform 15 at D.C. Union station as well as K tower, & a rebuilt Alco number 104.

Filming from platform 16, E60 number 601 departs Washington D.C. As it heads for New York city, followed by twin AEM7 toaster units 920 & 918 backing from the coach yard with some help from switcher 560, the same Marc commuter train with number 74 from the Brunswick line which would be heading for the Perryville bridge line, a Marc AEM7 leaving with 5 coaches as it heads for Perryville on the northeast corridor, Amtrak AEM7 949 arriving from Philadelphia while a southbound commuter arrives in the background, Virginia railway express commuter train V21 arriving from the coach yard with a subway system leaving on the left as well as a departure of a northbound Amtrak AEM7 to Philadelphia, blue switcher 738 running light, cab car 7752 arriving from the Brunswick line with E unit 67, & F unit 81 upfront, While the coaches were originally Built for the Pennsylvania & Norfolk & Western, AEM7 4902 leaving the depot bound for Perryville while passing by K tower, & racing train 275 to Brunswick, Geep 72 meeting the subway, Amtrak AEM7 922 leaving for Philadelphia with another subway in the background, & sw1 742 leading a lone coach to the yard.

The next cab ride on Marc commuter rail is on the Camden line with Burlington northern E unit 68 in charge while waiting on track 12. The second cab ride is underway as the BN unit passes by K tower while switching tracks, & meeting with another subway system with AEM7 947 arriving from Philadelphia or new york city. Leaving D.C. Behind, number 68 would be entering the CSX metropolitan & capital subdivisions. At milepost 37, the train meets a 3 coach southbound from Perryville with a geep pushing. Leaving the electrified northeast corridor behind, there are forestry themed spots along the way, as well as going under highway bridges near Brentwood at milepost 35. At milepost 30, the BN E unit meets with the subway system, then it would be switching tracks for the arrival at greenbelt which is one of the new stations on Marc commuter that was constructed in December of 1993. The next station stop is laurel. Before leaving greenbelt, a 3 coach southbound arrives with an F unit pushing upfront as well as a subway system waiting for a new crew. The North end of greenbelt station is at milepost 29. Along the way, the new Washington metro storage facility is under construction at Sunnyside with is at milepost 28. The BN E unit is picking up speed at milepost 23, until it slows down for a stop at the Baltimore & Ohio depot in laurel as the weather was prepared for the worst. Away from the storm now, the BN E unit is passing by a local CSX freight in Jessup at milepost 16, then it takes some slow orders while passing by HX tower at milepost 5.8. At last, the E unit is passing by some freight cars while approaching Bailey wye in Baltimore. The brick built building on the left is located next to the Orioles baseball field, which is adjacent to the Camden yard station. It took 74 minutes to travel by train from Washington D.C. To the baseball field in Camden yards. The second cab ride is finished as number 68 switched directions while heading back to Washington D.C.

Returning to the northeast corridor, we're at milepost 100 which is north of Baltimore. First comes a race between an Amtrak AEM7 carrying 5 coaches & a Marc commuter doubleheader with a GP39 & a GP40WH-2 with 4 coaches. Next up is a 6 car commuter as the diesel is having trouble with its own horn, While making a meet with a southbound AEM7 carrying 5 coaches.

Back at Bailey wye, there is some action going on as cab car 7753 leaves Camden station first with number 68 pushing up front, the same Marc doubleheader that we saw at milepost 100 with 71 & 51 as the sun is starting to go down, the CSX Tropicana juice train from Florida with a pair of B40-8s 5883 & 5912 carrying 86 hi cube boxcars, cab car 7748 heading for Washington D.C. With number 70 up front, GP40WH-2 number 53 in the heavy rain during its inaugural run while carrying number 68, another D.C. Bound train with number 72 pushing, CSX SD50 number 8578 leading an empty grain train while going under the mta electric light rail system, a 3 unit piggyback with 6241, 6210, & B40-8 number 5930, While meeting a D.C. Bound doubleheader, and number 68 arriving once again.

From Bailey wye in Baltimore, a visit to the Thomas viaduct in relay is shown as Gp39 number 75 leads 3 coaches, followed by F unit 82 with 3 coaches, a 4 unit CSX piggyback with a trio of B40-8 units number 5825, 5880, & 5936 plus Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac SD50 number 6860 up front. At the 1835 stone built viaduct in relay, number 75 pushes on the rear, followed by The same GP40WH-2 with number 68 that we saw at Bailey wye in the rain, number 68 operating on a different day, a 2 unit CSX piggyback with engines 6231 & 6236 in charge, and BN 67 leading 6 coaches.

Returning to greenbelt station, a subway passes by the tracks while cab car 7753 arrives number 68 pushes up front as it heads for Washington D.C.

It's early morning as we're at the junction of both the Camden & northeast corridor near Washington D.C. First comes a 5 car Marc train with an AEM7 leading, followed by another AEM7 with 5 coaches this time in Amtrak paint, a D.C.Bound Marc train as an AEM7 pushes 7 coaches, F unit 82 leading 3 coaches on the Camden line, another Marc AEM7 with 7 coaches, a horn show from an Amtrak AEM7 carrying 9 coaches & a boxcar on the rear, and number 68 leaving D.C. With a horn show for the Camden line.

On a clear day, a GP40WH-2 leads 5 cars, followed by A northbound CSX mixed freight on the capital subdivision, that is led by SD50 number 8503 with chessie system 2021. Number 70 follows right behind the freight as it heads for Camden.

Moving on to the Brunswick line, the action begins at milepost 2.1 in silver spring as F unit number 81 leaves Washington D.C. With BN E unit 69 as it passes by QN tower. At the elevated station itself, a subway system passes by on the middle track as cab car 7745 arrives on train 284, then it heads for Washington D.C.as 69 & 81 pushes the train. Kensington station built in 1891 is located at milepost 11 as the station is under restoration. Here the passengers are waiting for cab car 7759 to arrive with number 75 pushing 3 coaches while heading for D.C. At the same time, numbers 81 & 69 arrived on time where it can pick up passengers on train 271. The next location is at Gaithersburg where we see the passenger depot & freight house as number 74 arrives with 6 coaches including the parlor car. With the commuter train leaving the station, it makes a meet with a 5 unit CSX mixed train. Following behind is number 72 pushing 3 coaches while at the same time, number 68 arrives as well. Each of them are on trains 279 & 286. At Germantown, numbers 81 & 69 are leading the express known as the blue ridge on train 277. At the hot spot of point of rocks, number 75 arrives in the late afternoon sun. This is a station stop for Marc, but not for Amtrak's capital limited. In pouring rain, a D.C.Bound commuter makes a short flag stop, then it resumes it's short journey as number 75 pushes the train. As the sky is clearing up, an eastbound freight with CSX SD50 units 8592, & 8577 heads for our nation's capital while numbers 31 & 83 arrives with a long line of coaches as everyone goes home after another busy day at the office. From point of rocks, we reached the end of the line at Brunswick as WB tower is shown, followed by A return to the storage yard. Number 82 arrives as it passes by the tower & awaiting sets. Afterwards, number 53 pushes a BN E unit on the coach track while a CSX freight is waiting as number 82 is being moved into the yard. At Brunswick station, number 71 arrives as the horn is starting to sound well again. This on time arrival ends the 1994 visit to this interesting commuter railroad, followed by the tunnel at the hot spot of Harper's ferry West Virginia as numbers 81 & 69 are heading for Martinsburg.

Overall, Bob Taylor did an outstanding job narrating this program as well as Bill Holloway recording this brilliant footage.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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