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Lightning Stripers
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Lightning Stripers Sunday River Productions DVD-LS
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The Lighting Stripers-they are all here. All the first diesels: DES-2, FT, F3, E-8, the largest fleet of Alco PSs and FAs in the world, even Baldwin Sharks and an FM C-liner, all of them covered wagons. You'll see A-B-B-A lash ups on ore trains, solid refrigerator and Pacemaker freight.

Passenger Operations feature the Putnam branch, 125th St station, Mott Haven Yard. More then half the tape is devoted to the world renowned New York Central fleet of long haul streamliners: The New England States, The Empire State Express, The Pacemaker, The Commodore Vanderbilt, plus dozens more and featuring, of course, the train of legend, the Twentieth Century Limited. All of them are shown rocketing down the four track, 90 MPH raceway of the famed "water level" route. Includes the Aerotrain and the jet propelled RDC doing 184 MPH. Transferred from original 16 mm footage shot by the railroad itself, most never previously shown.

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Runtime:42 Mins ($0.75/min)
Producer:Sunday River Productions
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:NO!
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:1 US & Canada NTSC

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Lightning Stripers
Locolad (Sterling, VA) on 2014-09-17 20:00:49.

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Enjoyable, informative and wonderful film footage. My only regret that the DVD was too short.

Additional remarks by Locolad:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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Lightning Stripers
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-04-04 11:10:59.

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In this program from 1989, it starts with a look at an overhead shot and a close up look of the 4 track mainline, followed by A close up look at the red and gray boxcars. The first early diesel in this program is DES-1 number 508 switching gondolas at a refrigerator & air conditioner plant, while DES-3 number 549 is moving one boxcar as well as an overhead look at Selkirk yard. A couple of steam engines are in the background. Pushing the boxcars is Alco units 8531, an unknown booster unit, and 8510. One by one the boxcars head for their assigned consists. Sitting near the hump track is 9343. A man inspects the orders as 154 rolls away. Moving Onto the EMD & GM, a workman goes underneath to inspect an FT, while another workman installs the lanterns on the caboose. F3 1617 leaves the yard, followed by a cab ride. Back on the ground, a train of boxcars with some mixed cars roll by in the going away shot, then it's back to the cab, and zig zags outside as always. Afterwards, 1635 leads an ABA mixed train with a passenger car and a bay window caboose on the rear. Next we see a boxcar train led by An F unit with a booster unit. With the hudson river behind the cameraman, an ABA set leads an all boxcar train. From across the river, Another freight enters and exits one of The tunnels, then it's back to the cab, followed by a look at a going away scene of a mixed freight going under the bridges with steam leading. Next up is an F unit leading a refrigerated train, then it's back to the cab, and it zig zags as always. Meanwhile, an ABA set or a Baldwin shark nosed unit leads a long string of red and gray boxcars. In the service yard, one of the shark nosed units are having some maintenance. Then we see 3811 having a washdown. A workman leaves the cab and inspects the trucks. While another crewmember inspects the parts, and another workman refueling 1103. Meanwhile a mixed freight arrives at the junction. An alco FPA4 waits for a clear signal as another set of Alcos arrive. Down the line we see a coal train led by An ABA set of Alcos, followed by an overhead shot of an empty coal train, then we are back at the junction as an all boxcar train arrives. One man goes into the shanty. A fast mixed freight train is on the triple track mainline, then we see an ABBA lash up on a mostly boxcar consist with 2 gondolas. Back on the hudson river, an ABA lash up passes by the cameraman with boxcars and a gondola, then we see another mixed freight arriving at the yard, while 1656 leads the train as it arrives as well. Note the scrap materials on the gondola as a crewmember uncouples the bay window caboose on the rear. Back on The mainline, a mixed freight crosses over the water, then we see 2 F's on a mixed train in the 4 track mainline while another one heads for the tunnels with the river behind us. An ABA set goes over the bridge while the camera cuts to the rear of the freight. This scene concludes the freight action.

For passenger operations, the first one shows one of them arriving at Mott haven, then we see a pair of New Haven FL9s leaving the city. Next we see a pair of trains led by electric P2B units. Following behind is a quartet of electric new haven coaches. The FL9s arrive at 125th street while the P2B negotiates a bend as well as the electric coaches. An FL9 is in the background as a P2B is on the middle track. An overhead shot of Mott haven yard is shown as lots of coaches are being stored moved and serviced. A new York central electric tows them, while one of the coaches have a wash Down, and see them coupled up. In the kitchen component of the dining car, a chef is cutting up some red meat, then we are back outside as the 7 car electric train passes by the depot on the New Haven, then we see another P2B and another FL9 arrives at the same time. A split second scene of the train entering the tunnel is shown, as we moved to the Putnam line where an alco hauls 2 coaches then it runs around the coaches as it leaves the depot with semaphore signals still intact. From the bridge, Another 2 car train arrives with an alco, and also leaves the depot as well. Yet another 2 car train departs the depot, this time it's from a safe distance. Another one passes by the cameraman as it highballs down the line, then it passes by a lake. Moving Onto some black and white action, the passenger train is along the hudson river. A pair of F units passes by the warehouse as it highballs down the line. Back to color films, a split second scene shows the F units being panned out, and we are from either a mountain side or a bridge as the other passenger train with F units are alongside the hudson river. Another passenger train has already crossed under the suspension bridge, followed by another one alongside the river, and another as it passes by the work zone. Back on the mountain side, Another passenger train passes by some workmen walking on the constructed track, followed by a going away shot of a different one as it heads for the tunnels. Roaring through the station is another passenger train. A Pullman coach is being shunted by alco 852. The brakeman does it hand signals to the driver. Moving Onto the alcos, a string of blue coaches are being hauled by a pair of diesels. Followed by another one as it follows behind. Next up is a meet with a steam powered Niagara. Following behind the Niagara is a race between an Alco RS3 & an FPA4. Heading east, we are at the Boston & Albany railroad, as an FPA4 arrives with a freight. Back on the 4 track mainline, a meet with an RS3 and an FPA4 is shown from the bridge. The RS3 handles the freight while the FPA4 is on passengers. Following behind the passenger train is a mixed freight led by F7s with alco FPA4s. Afterwards, we moved to Framingham Massachusetts as an set of FPA4s are on a freight to Boston. Note the semaphores. Following behind is Another passenger train with F3s. On the pacemaker, the driver and it's assistant climbs into the cab for another day on the job. Some passengers board the train, as we are at Chicago's La Salle street station. On the mainline, an F unit rolls by the cameraman, then we are in the cab on the 4 track mainline. People are having a splendid time onboard showing what the true meaning of riding the rails were like before the takeover of airplanes and cars, as well as the launch of Amtrak in 1971. Back on the ground, a black and white scene of an F unit passes by the cameraman along the hudson river, then another one is in Highball mode as it goes under the signal bridge. Back to color films, the passenger train with F units are rolling well with the river in the background. From the bridge, a fast one with an alco goes away, then we see another one approaching the cameraman, as well as another going away shot of another train as it glides along the hudson river. Moments later, an opposite bound consist is shown, then we see another fast one going in the opposite direction. More black and white scenes are shown as the empire state express passes by a mixed freight. Then we see another from the bridge. It's led by an F unit. Back to color films, the empire state express passes by fall colored trees. With the trench on the right another passenger train is rolling by. A going away scene shows the empire state express going under the signals, then we see another one, followed by some action from the cab. A going away shot is seen back on the ground, then the camera zig zags back and forth as the driver tugs the horn while approaching break neck point. A pair of different passenger trains took turns on the empire state express while going through bends on the 4 track mainline. Then we are back in the cab with the hudson river on the left. Back outside, we are at beacon as the tail of the empire state express goes away. Then we see a quick scene of another one as it leaves the tunnel. In the state capitol of Albany, we are onboard the coaches as the diesels negotiate a bend, and arrives at the depot, plus we are back in the cab. In Syracuse, a man moves the bags from the taxi to the cart as a man and a woman leave the taxi for their ride. The empire state express passes by the station in the going away shot. F Unit 4028 arrives at the depot with the empire state express as everyone got on and off the train with crews helping passengers for service. Back outside, 4500 leaves the station, as the sign for the streamliner brings up the rear. A shot of cars on the highway alongside the tracks are shown, followed by more passengers boarding the train, a still of coaches, a workman washing, a chef cutting meat, a brakeman doing some hand signals, a passenger train on the hudson river, a woman assembling her bed onboard the train, then we get a black and white film reel of the Aerotrain both inside and out. On July 24, 1966, the new york central built a special jet powered budd car which ran at 184 miles per hour in order to get their passengers back from planes and cars. At Bryant ohio, the driver puts on his helmet for safety purposes. While the experimental engine itself can only go forward, it has to be towed by diesels to go backwards. Back on the hudson river, the Commodore Vanderbilt is being pulled by F units, then it's back to the cab and zig zags out to the passing train. At night 2 women are preparing for a good night's rest on iron rails, then we are at the mail section of the passenger train known as the railway post office, as the men are sorting out letters & boxes. The sun is out as the engineer is still in good hands taking the controls. Back outside, there is work on the hudson river as the tracks are being reduced to 2 tracks, and removed the signal and repairs the wheels. In December of 1967, the 20th century limited made its final run as it leaves grand central terminal one last time before the NYC, the New Haven, & the Pennsylvania railroads are merged to become Penn central. The passengers are enjoying a great time while 4029 is being paced and heads for Albany one last time.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Maybe.
Image quality: A little rough around the edges.
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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