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Jerry Joe Jacobson A Tribute DVD
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Jerry Joe Jacobson A Tribute DVD Revelation Video RVQ-JJJ
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Jerry's most visible legacies are represented by a beautiful array of steam locomotives together with the well-designed home in which they are displayed and maintained, but it is the people whose lives he changed in whom his true spirit resides. Military and rail historians, doctors and nurses, students, members of the Amish community near his home in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and families as far away as Russia and China were among the many who came to know Jerry. Certainly many others have known - and will continue to know - of him.

Through interviews and personal recollections, this short video tribute presents the Ohio Central chapter of his life. After sale of the Railroad in September 2008, Jerry devoted much attention to construction of an authentic roundhouse complete with working back shop, in order that future generations might appreciate "the most beautiful creation man has ever made"

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Jerry Joe Jacobson A Tribute DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2019-06-11 11:23:56.

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In this Ohio Central Memoir from 2017, the program starts with Nickel plate road 765 on the cuyahoga valley line. Next a flashback of the Ohio Central�s Regular steam powered passenger trains with Canadian National 1551 is shown with diesel 3002 behind it. A look at Jerry himself is included, followed by a doubleheader with 1551 and buffalo creek and gauley 13 both from trackside and inside number 13�s cab. A photo runby is performed at Fresno which is 14 miles south of sugar creek as 1551 and Canadian pacific 1293 performing a whistle show for the fans. Afterwards more clips of Jerry is shown which includes a look at a WWII aircraft, then comes an unknown steam locomotive going backwards whether the sun is rising up or setting down. A banner for welcome home Jerry joe is shown as 1293 is pulling the train tender first at night. Next 1551 blows down to create the rainbow effect as well as smashing the coins on the tracks. A look inside the cab is shown followed by an extreme close up look at the coaches. Next Jerry waves the train with an unidentified female maid, then 1551 heads down the line with a different whistle. While this program was made by revelation video, stock footages from Berkshire Productions, Dave Goodheart productions, and Mike Noonsketter Of Main line motion pictures are used. The first interview with Jerry himself Courtesy of Berkshire productions are included which contains a film clip of the articulated engine. In the winter, Grand Trunk Western 6325 is scheduled to perform a special. Next a different interview clip this time from revelation is shown as Jerry is at Dresden where a diesel powered freight is doing some street running. A map of the OC system is shown, as well as the sugar creek plaque, then comes some riding footage as we are passing a derailed car. Next 1551 makes a meet with a horse buggy while running light, then the H6G class 10 wheeler pulls a passenger train in the wider shot, followed by a close up look at 1551�s wheels. Next a look at the headlight is shown in the morning sun, then people came from far and near to see 1551 getting ready for the day. Later more riding footage is shown as 1551 heads down the line. During Jerry�s interviews, some of the vintage film clips are included which contains an unidentified kid waving at the engineer on a Norfolk and western J class 4-8-4, followed by a look at the Baltimore and ohio�s Articulated engine on a coal train that was taken from B&O in transition, as well as a diesel, and a doubleheader at cuyahoga falls which is at the top of the grade at Akron. Another articulated engine is at highball mode, as the diesel has been cut off. A 1954 color clip was shown as the brakeman is throwing the switch to let the engine go by. Back in modern times, more cab ride footage of BC&G 13 is shown on a doubleheader with 1551. More vintage clips are shown such as a black and white cab ride, and a colorized meet. More scenes of the town of sugar creek is shown, which includes a horse buggy passing 1551 alongside the road, as well as an overhead look of the coal train, plus 1551 arriving at sugar creek on the day before Halloween 1993 as snow is still falling from the sky. Moving onto the diesels, a portrait of a man that said alco parts donor is shown, followed by S1 number 12 departing sugar creek. Next nickname plate road GP-9 number 99 running light. More riding footage is included, as the train is Beijing led by SW1 number 52. On a different trip, the Easter bunny costume is handing out goodies to kids. Next 1551 is on an excursion with an unknown engine. The interview continues as Jerry-Joe-Jacobson�s wife Laura is included while Jerry does the talking. Later on, some morning preparations of 1551 are included, as well as some scenes of the wheels, kids looking at the window, and 1551 passing through the little Switzerland of the buckeye state. On April 9, 1988, the Ohio Central opened for operations, as a couple of GP9s one being 6499, later NKP 99, the other being chessie system 6594 as they are on a caboose hop, then it couples to its freight train. Riding footage from one of the diesels or the caboose is shown. A couple years later in March of 1990, the chessie system unit was renumbered to 94, got a different paint, and pulls the freight with a B unit. This freight has 2 boxcars, a flatbed, and open hoppers with mostly coal. On November 25, 1990 according to the camera set up, a look at RJ Corman GP9 number 9004 is shown. Next, 99 pulls the passenger train with a B unit. The connotton valley special is being held as a person is playing our national anthem, on a trumpet in the footplates of GP7 1500. Afterwards, the diesel breaks the barier open, the. Comes the former Pennsylvania railroad F units on a special. Clips from Steam Dreams by Goodheart productions are shown as BC&G 13 and CP 1293 are doubleheading. Next 6325 is at milepost 126 as the diesel powered freight is passing by. A different map of the OC system is shown. As well as Jerry�s interviews from the Goodheart productions coverage. Later on, 6325 is passing by the Grain towers on a freight. On a different day, 6325 is on a passenger special as it is waiting for a diesel powered freight to pass by. Back at sugar creek, preparations for The hourly trips to Baltic is shown, as 1551�s cab footage is shown, plus there is a strange shot. 1551 is pushing coaches, and also pulling freight at the same time. The white lettering on 1551 only lasted from 1990-1993. From 1994 onwards, the lettering was changed to yellow. Onboard the train it passes by a trio of diesels. Back then, Tim Sposato is at the throttle, and Bill Goslin is adding water and coal. More preparations at sugar creek are shown, as well as a brief montage of chores on the OC system. Next 1551 is on a 5 car train with yellow lettering. Later, the H6G is on a tripleheader with 13, and 1293 in September of 1997. The 1997 steamfest held for 2 days on the 21 and 22. Alco RS3 numbed 1077 is pushing the coaches, then comes Conrail 7562 on a freight. South of Morgan run, there is some pacing going on with 1551 and 13 on a freight special. The filming footage was recorded onboard 1293�s coaches, as the trio is having an epic steam and whistle show. Next, number 13 is on an empty coal train with a little red caboose behind it. On the 1998 festival, a look at the sugar creek depot itself is included, as well as 1551 pulling the train tender first with some help from SW1200 number 1327. The following October, a 3 hour special is operated, as the train is making a meet with 1551 and 1293. The first runby in the low lighting sun is at Fresno, as 1551 and 1293 puts on a fine show for all of the Railfans. Next it is October of 1999 as 1293 is on a passenger special from Dennison to Morgan run. The first runby is gray and rainy. Afterwards, a look at the Morgan run shops is shown as the tender for 6325 is included. Plus there are some diesels, and 1551 on display. Not to mention a custom made Lionel layout inside the workshop. The boiler of 6325 is included, as well as the debut of f units 1000 and 1001 from the now gone Gettysburg railroad in Pennsylvania. With the workshop tour completed, it is time to head back to Dennison. Afterwards, a ceremony is held for Jerry-Joe-Jacobson�s career as well as the final runs of 1551. On the winter trips, 6325 is operating a passenger special out of Dennison. There are some streetcars included, as well as more shots of 765 at cuyahoga. All in all, this is a great memoir and a perfect Ed for Ohio Central Steam fans to enjoy again and again, as well as saying goodbye to Jerry himself.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Definitely!
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value:: Fair.
Recommend to others? Definitely.

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